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timcowchiptwas thinking of installing gentoo00:15
joacimbeen a while since I've used that one00:19
jaegerI used it as my primary system before crux00:19
jaegerfor a long time00:19
joacimMe too00:20
joacimwanted something simpler, so I switched to crux when 2.4 or 2.5 was new00:20
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timcowchipso its more complicated than crux?00:23
jaegerNot in my opinion but I've used linux since 96, have tried most00:23
timcowchipthe installation looks daunting00:24
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joacimI think it is a little complicated, but I'm not against using it00:24
joacimand I don't think using gentoo is hard00:24
timcowchipcool I'll try it :)00:25
joacimI think gentoo/portage makes it easier to remove packages that nothing depends and wasn't explicitly installed.00:27
joacimI usually do that manually on crux00:27
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Romsterthat's just weird diverse looks like i got a call from myself on linphone.01:42
Romsterdiverse, like it shows up my NAT IP not the real IP of who ever tried to call me.01:43
Romsteri'm assuming it was diverse that tried to call me01:43
Romsterand back to work01:55
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xveeany suggestions on what i can use to take notes in class? kinda dont see the need for libreoffice but cant find anything nice to use06:34
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nogagplzuse cat, like a real man06:38
xveeusually use cat for reading, hardly ever for writing06:39
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frinnstpitillo: i see you use linkedin as much as i am :)07:37
Romsteralias miow='cat'07:44
Romsterxvee why not some todo note taker program.07:44
Romsterfrinnst, is that once a year?07:45
frinnstyeah, pretty much07:48
Romsteri haven't pt one or if i do i've forgotten about it07:49
frinnstbut i got an annoying email saying some guy named victor m. had visited my profile :)07:49
Romsterhaha who could that be :P07:50
Romstersocial sites, what will we ever do...07:51
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pitillofrinnst: ummmm I've been taking a look since two weeks ago07:54
pitilloI saw you and CRUX "enterprise" there... I was investigating a bit there07:54
Romsterfrinnst, shouldn't have noticed until a year later07:55
RomsterCRUX enterprise, lol07:55
pitillofrinnst: I was curious about where you were working, but there were nothing related to your real job, only CRUX references :P07:56
frinnsthm, there should be07:59
frinnstanyways, www.valvea.se08:00
Romsterfrinnst, works in a bunker08:00
frinnstno! we have real offices now!08:00
frinnsti see sunlight!08:00
frinnstwell, its raining today, but you get the idea08:01
frinnstits a bummer having to think about physical security though08:02
Romsteroh but didn't you like the other location?08:11
frinnstsure, but its a bit tiresome after a few years08:11
pitillofrinnst: nice, I didn't see it in your profile... seems funny08:11
frinnstespecially during winter when we have +5hrs of sunlight during winter08:11
pitillopffff, that shouldn't be healthy08:14
frinnstwe are swedes! :)08:26
prologicno we're not :)08:31
prologicwe're aussies! :)08:31
diverseno, we're a mix of different countries08:43
diverseRomster: I didn't call you, it wasn't me.08:43
diverseRomster: btw, why does linphone require qt4, isn't it a gtk2 app?09:21
Romsterv4l-utils requires qt4 to build09:25
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Romsterhow is it running diverse09:59
Romstermine was running but then it now gets a segfault dunno why said something about dbus not compiled with -rdynamic so it can't provide a back trace10:00
dxtrJohn Carmack works for Facebook now10:03
nogagplzromster how come you never ring me10:04
Romsterdid you call me nogagplz ?10:07
diverseRomster: so far, no problems. I tried chatting with a friend, although no response yet, but no segfaults.10:14
diverseWhen do you get segfaults?10:21
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Romsteri left it running from a terminal10:33
Romstergot home earlier and it had segfaulted10:33
Romsterand it wont start up again...10:33
Romsteri dunno i'm not fully sysed up yet  need to reboot later.10:33
diversethat would be a good idea, I just closed and opened up it again, it still loads and works10:34
pitillohave you tried current versions in my private repo? (they are outdated but they were working right some time ago)10:41
nogagplzromster I would if I had you on skype or something10:42
nogagplzwe could talk dirty for most of the night10:42
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nweguys, any idea what I have miss, I trying to print a test page with cups, but got the following.  unable to print test page: No such file or directory12:29
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frinnsthm, running btrfs on / without a separate /boot sucks if you dont use grub13:14
frinnsthow painful is grub2 to set up i wonder13:15
jaegerIt's not bad.13:15
frinnstis freetype a hard dep?13:16
frinnstid rather not install freetype on an x-less server for example13:16
jaegerIt's only used by grub-mkfont, I believe. So most likely not a hard dep13:17
jaegerIf you need a hand with the config file just yell13:18
frinnstwell if you have one ready feel free to paste it :)13:18
frinnsti used the old grub a couple of years ago13:19
jaeger <-- few years old but the shape hasn't changed much13:20
frinnstah, thats not too bad. it should live in /boot i gather?13:20
frinnsthad a look in /etc/grub.d/ and became scared :)13:20
jaegerin /boot/grub13:21
jaegerbasically you run "grub-install /dev/sda" and copy that file to /boot/grub13:21
frinnstrunning a btrfs balance on / with syslinux fucks shit up13:22
jaegerreload , I uploaded a current one13:22
jaegerweird, wonder if that's fixed in a newer version13:22
jaegerThe UUID stuff is not required, you can use "root=/dev/sdaX" and "linux (hd0,gptX)", etc.13:23
frinnst08:52 <Ke> yes it would definitely break bootloaders using blocklists13:23
frinnst08:52 <Ke> using blocklists with btrfs is just dysfunctional even in practice13:23
frinnst08:53 <Ke> not like in ext4, where it just might break in theory13:23
jaegergrub2 tries to avoid using blocklists but there are some situations that require it. they're odd ones, though13:24
jaegerlike partition layouts with no gap after the MBR13:24
frinnstwell, lets see if this fucker will boot :D13:33
jaegernwe: perhaps the test page is missing? check the logs or strace it, perhaps13:37
nwejaeger: I forgot to installed ghostscripts. now the printer is working..13:37
frinnstnot much luck. seems to panic out on unknown block for some reason14:03
frinnstis your search --set root uuid thingy important? :)14:03
jaegerDepends. if you set the "root" var then you don't need to specify it for paths. for example:14:11
jaegerlinux (hd1,msdos2)/boot/vmlinuz vs /boot/vmlinuz14:11
jaegerthe latter only works if root is set14:11
jaegerIf you use absolute paths you don't need it14:11
pitillofrinnst: here running btrfs on / inside vbox14:40
pitillohere in the menuentry -> linux (hd0,1)/boot/linux31028 root=/dev/sda114:42
frinnststrange, pretty much what i have14:49
frinnstoh well, i'll give it a go when i get home. I'll keep lilo for now on my workbox14:49
frinnstah, i did have just /boot/vmlinuz.. but it *found* the kernel and booted it14:50
jaegerperhaps root gets set by default to the same partition as grub's config file14:51
frinnstbut i specified root= too14:52
jaegergrub's root var and the root=/dev/sdaX command line are unrelated, for what that's worth14:57
jaegersince the root=/dev/sdaX part is a linux kernel parameter14:57
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frinnstyeah but the --set root is the path to the kernel, no?15:54
frinnstor (hd0,1)/asdf15:54
jaegeryes. I just mean that the --set root part is grub-specific, the other is linux15:57
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frinnstsweet, worked at home16:37
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cruxbot[core.git/3.0]: file: updated to 5.1819:07
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xveei think we should add laptop-mode-tools into one of the ports. its really easy to maintain/install, its pretty useful, and is easy to maintain20:57
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deep42thoughtHi! Maybe I'm missing something, but how am I supposed to install grub from within the installation CD?21:02
deep42thoughtok, found it, I have to install the package "grub" first, too. sorry for the disturbance ;-)21:04
xveeyou're going to have to select grub during the setup. dont forget to get rid of lilo. i think its automatically selected21:05
deep42thoughtanother question: If I wanted / to be on an raid1, could I also put the bootloader on /dev/md0 and it would be found on /dev/sda (and /dev/sdb) by the bios?21:09
xveeim not too familiar with raids :(21:12
deep42thoughthmm, I'll just give it a shot ...21:13
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frinnstwee, my firefox crash bug will turn 3 years old this summer22:01
frinnstanybody wanna help me throw a party to celebrate?22:01
frinnstStatus: NEW22:01
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jaegerdeep42thought: usually the boot loaders support raid0 and raid1, anything more complicated you need an initrd/initramfs22:08
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deep42thoughtjaeger: the question is, if already the bios can assemble a raid1 or at least read the data from the raw devices22:36
jaegerdeep42thought: the BIOS will read the MBR of the single disk you specify as the first boot drive22:37
jaegerlinux later assembles the RAID22:37
frinnstwe had one just outside a few years ago. never got close to the servers:
deep42thoughtyes, but I thought, that maybe the MBR of md0 is identical with that of sda and sdb22:38
jaegerit is, yes22:38
jaegerSo you could boot from disk 1 or disk 2, as far as the BIOS is concerned22:38
deep42thoughtok, good22:38
jaegerfrinnst: and he was better off for it :D22:39
joacimlots of cool animals at your workplace, frinnst22:40
joacimis that frog still around?22:40
Amnesia r00t shell22:40
frinnstnah, havent seen it for over a year22:44
prologicHmmm so Gnome 3.12 has support for viewing system logs via the systemd journal23:17
prologicDoes anyone know if this is a hard dependency and tightly coupled into Gnome23:17
prologicOr does/can it support other init systems and traditional log files?23:17
deep42thoughtgrub-install complains that "Path /boot/grub is not readable by GRUB on boot." when I execute it in the chroot in /mnt with md0p1 mounted as /boot and md0p2 mounted as /23:20
deep42thoughtthis message doesn't make any sense to me23:20
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