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nwegood morning06:03
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xveeis there anything different that needs to be done if crux is running on an ssd?06:40
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Romsterxvee add discard to options in fstab for the SSD08:11
frinnstI dont bother answering vee anymore, he just leaves after his question08:27
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Romsteryeah that is quite annoying.08:46
Romsterthat's all xvee does is ask questions as far as i can recall.08:51
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nlightnfotishello, I am having an issue building pkgutils. More specifically the linker fails to find any of the supplied libraries (e.g -larchive, -lcrypto, -lacl) when in fact the libraries are in my system, in a .so form.09:56
nlightnfotisDo I have to supply them in a .a form somehow?09:57
nlightnfotisnote: this isn't happening on a crux system, rather, on a fedora system.10:11
nlightnfotishowever the libraries seem to be there.10:12
nlightnfotis/usr/lib64 contains,, in fedora, and /lib64 in crux contains and
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deep42thoughtHi, can anyone give me a valid grub.cfg with / beeing a raid1 ... I'm currently struggling to tell grub, which device is / located on11:12
deep42thoughtfor completeness: I use grub2, a separate /boot at /dev/sda1 and / on /dev/md011:13
deep42thoughtam I right, that with "insmod ..." I simply specify kernel modules to load?11:21
deep42thoughtSo, if I compiled the nescessary modules into the kernel, I wouldn't need to specify them (again)?11:21
deep42thoughtI'm able to load mdadm in grub and look into / from within the grub-console, but when I specify root=(md/0) or anything like that, booting of the kernel fails :-/11:45
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joacimdeep42thought: is it built as a module? such features should be built into the kernel.12:31
deep42thoughtI've built it into the kernel12:32
deep42thoughtall kind of raids (to be sure ...)12:32
deep42thoughtthe kernel does some md-stuff after boot:12:32
deep42thoughtbut it also says: "md: Scanned 0 and added 0 devices."12:33
deep42thoughtwhich sounds wrong12:34
deep42thoughtwhat's the correct syntax to specify "root=" - should I write "/dev/md0" or "(md/0)"?12:34
deep42thoughtand afterwards all kinds of filesystems try to mount md0, ext4-fs (which it is) says (as anyone else, too): unable to read superblock12:36
jaegerdeep42thought: grub's insmod is for grub modules rather than kernel modules12:49
jaegercan you boot into a grub shell? you ought to be able to list partitions it can see there12:49
deep42thoughtI see everything from within grub12:49
deep42thought(hd0,msdos1) aka /boot12:49
deep42thought(md/0) aka /12:49
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deep42thoughtbut the booted kernel somehow refuses to assemble md0 correctly or something12:50
jaegerso in your grub.cfg use "set root=(hd0,msdos1)" or make linux entries like "linux (hd0,msdos1)/vmlinuz", etc.12:50
jaegerohh, so the kernel does boot?12:50
deep42thoughtsome steps12:50
deep42thoughtsry, if I've been unclear about that12:51
jaegerok, not a boot loader problem, then, something later12:51
jaegerin order for the kernel's software raid0 or raid1 auto-assembly to work the partitions in the raid array need to have the "fd" type and the array itself needs to use 0.9 metadata12:51
deep42thoughtok, that nails it12:52
deep42thoughtI used 1.2 metadata12:52
deep42thoughtany simple workaround without using 0.9 metadata?12:52
jaeger(note that my info on that is somewhat out of date but that definitely used to be the case)12:52
jaegerSimple is relative, I suppose, but initrd/initramfs is the other option12:53
deep42thoughthmm, I'll just install again with 0.9-metadata ...12:53
jaegerI wonder, though, if the kernel supports any newer metadata yet, it's been years12:53
deep42thoughtif I wanted encryption on /, but not on /boot, would that make an initrd nescessary?12:53
jaegerI don't think so12:53
deep42thoughtso I would also simply have to compile some "crypt-modules" into the kernel to be able to boot an encrypted /12:56
jaegeryes, you'd need to change /etc/rc to mount the encrypted /12:56
jaegerregarding the raid auto-assembly, I just looked in the 3.12.15 source and the documentation still says "fd" partition type and version 0.x metadata12:57
deep42thoughtok ... funny12:58
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deep42thoughtIt works!13:44
deep42thoughtThanks a lot!13:44
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jaegerwelcome. :)13:47
jaegernlightnfotis: get pkgutils building?13:47
nlightnfotisjaeger: yes. On my crux vm, it builds without any issue13:50
nlightnfotisbut on my fedora main system it fails with the symptoms I described earlier13:50
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jaegerhave you tried specifying the locations of the libarchive includes with CXXFLAGS and linker path with LDFLAGS? The common libs like zlib and acl are usually no problem but libarchive usually needs to be handheld13:51
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jaegerI did much of the multilib development on gentoo and fedora systems when I was first testing, had to do something like that to use pkgutils on those systems13:54
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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: libvpx: initial import14:32
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: [notify] virtualbox: updated to 4.3.814:32
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: subversion: fixed footprint14:42
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xveehey guys,sorry that i leave after asking questions. i'm usually on the run and turn off my computer before i go. ill try not asking so many questions though15:57
xveebut i do usually read the logs, of that accounts for anything15:57
diversexvee: it's okay to ask questions, it's just annoying that you log off before anyone get to you. It's kind of rude in a way.15:58
nogagplzonly by waxing frinnst's car and trimming Romsters beard will you regain favour in here15:58
xveei love waxing cars. i'd do it without trying to gain favor not so much the beard thing though. i dont wanna mess up a mans beard16:00
xveesorry guys, wont happen again though16:00
frinnstI wont pay for your flight though16:04
nogagplzwill you pay for mine16:04
nogagplzif I bring some of the local fauna16:04
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: subversion-perl: updated to 1.8.816:05
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: subversion-python: updated to 1.8.816:05
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: virtualbox: updated to 4.3.1016:05
xveeif you're in norway, i'd probably come regardless. just remind me to bring the wax i use. that thing is super expensive, but my god, that shine. makes your car as smooth as a baby's butt16:06
diverseI think frinnst is in Sweden?16:09
diversenogagplz is in Australia, just like Romster16:10
jaegerI'm going to need to wax my car when I get it back from the repair shop16:10
jaegerspeaking of that, I should call them and see what's up16:10
tilmandiverse: isn't he in switzerland?16:13
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diversetilman: dunno, I remember frinnst saying "we are swedes!" so I took that to mean he is in Sweden. But what do I know?16:17
jaegermaybe he meant the vegetable16:18
xveejaeger: what happened to your car?16:18
jaegerI got hit on my way to work 2 weeks ago16:19
xveethat sucks!16:19
jaegerno injuries but my rear fender and suspension were damaged16:20
xveeim glad you're alright16:20
jaegerfinally got it towed to the repair shop last friday, insurance company was slow16:20
jaegerme too, thanks :)16:20
xveesomeone hit my car too. took out the entire left side. my poor evo :(16:20
jaegersorry to hear it :(16:20
xveewell, the back left side was gone. broken axel, rim, everything. asshole did about 7k in damages16:21
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jaegerouch. get it taken care of via insurance?16:21
xveeyep. but thats the last time i park my car outside16:21
jaegerFortunately for me the guy who hit me was very nice and in fact everyone involved has been nice. It's just been a really slow process16:21
xveelucky you. the ahole who hit my car ran off before anyone could get his plates.16:23
xveei suppose there is a special kind of hell for that16:23
jaegerThat happened to me years ago when I drove my VW but the damage was pretty minimal. Just paint scratches that buffed out16:23
xveei feel like my car has it coming. it was vandalized some time ago too. they keyed the entire car, all the way around. it was another 3k to repaint the car16:25
tilmanbad neighbourhood? ;)16:25
jaegerdamn... made some enemies there? or random?16:25
xveenot really. i dont talk to a whole lot of people16:26
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xveeits a pretty decent neighborhood actualy16:29
nogagplzyou just attract the seedy element16:31
nogagplzlike people who carry keys16:31
jaegercurse you, keyhavers16:33
joacimI left my bike unlocked for one night. that was enough for someone to steal it.16:39
joacimcrazy world we live in16:39
xveeits pretty bad. :/16:45
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: nfs-utils: update to 1.3.017:28
cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: ghostscript: update to 9.1417:28
cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: mysql: update to 5.5.3717:28
cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: sqlite3: update to
cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: cups-filters: update to 1.0.5017:28
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cruxbot[core.git/3.0]: tzdata: update to 2014b18:30
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