IRC Logs for #crux Friday, 2014-03-28

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diversejue: ping03:10
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diverseinb4 xvee asks question05:20
xveeno, no questions05:24
diversejust hanging out?05:24
xveefinally got done with midterms and all my reading. i have a night to myself05:25
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xveegoodnight everyone06:44
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diverseso much for hanging out...06:48
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diverseRomster: btw, still no problems with linphone08:05
Romsteri was replying to your so much for hanging out statement.08:19
diversexvee just leaves after joining for an hour or 2, and when I said, "just hanging out" I was expecting he would be on longer, but he probably doesn't leave his computer on all the time, so I thought "so much for that"08:23
diverse"hanging out" for him probably means, "Hi, then kthxbye!"08:27
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diverseRomster: btw, I appreciate all the work to get linphone up and working, thanks again :)08:41
Romsterdiverse, np08:42
Romsteri tried to thin the ports out, but it uses so much that those other ports have there own dependencies. over all it makes linphone pretty heavy if you don't already use them other ports already.08:43
diverseyeah, I agree, getting that qt4 dep is more motivation for me to get the qt version of transmission08:44
diverseso I can get more use out of it08:44
diverseand I want to wipe the existence of gtk3 off my machine08:45
Romsteri've been thinking of killing off gtk3 off my pc.08:45
Romsterbut that would mean editing some ports and i'm stuck with gtk3 for webkit's api208:46
Romsterhonestly can not win.08:46
nogagplzmay as well use gnome 3 too then09:18
Romsteri could just forget linux and use nogagplz :D09:33
diverseRomster: what do you mean by "use" ...?09:36
Romsterwouldn't you like to know, it's a long running joke09:37
diverseI guess that means I should back out of this.09:38
Romsteryou want in diverse09:39
Romsterdoing more crux 3.1 testing this weekend.09:41
diversewhat's going to be new in 3.1?09:42
Romsterpretty much new tool chain and port versions stuff that would break ones system all rolled into one.09:43
Romsteryou'd have to read the change log when it's ready09:44
Romstertodo 3.1 on the wiki09:45
Romsteroh baby09:46
nogagplztwiddle those bits, faster09:46
Romsteri think we just scared the entire channel lol09:47
frinnstyeah i just threw up in my mouth09:47
nogagplzof course I was talking about bit manipulation, nothing else09:47
diverseYou certainly accomplished that here09:47
diversenogagplz: sure...09:47
frinnsti think ive just OD'd on coffee09:47
Romsteri'm giggling09:47
nogagplzyeah but what's new with you09:48
nogagplzyou're probably grinning like a cheshire cat too09:48
Romsterprobably. ah just work and relaxation09:48
Romsterbeen pretty quiet on irc until lately.09:49
Romsteri'm still around i just go though different phases.09:49
diverseah, the switch to eudev, nice!09:50
Romsteryeah that too.09:51
nogagplzthen 3.2 comes with systemd by default09:51
Romsterthat's a sick joke09:52
diversepthead became useless?09:53
Romsterseems that's staying i wanted to nuke it... it's not the glibc phread it's a pthread stub for xorg.09:54
Romsterthat makes no sense on linux09:54
diverseah I gotcha09:54
Romsterfor x86 x86+6409:54
diversethe networking stuff, yeah I should start learning to use the ip command, too use to ifconfig09:56
Romsteri'll submit bug reports upstream for that pthead-stubs and hopefully get it removed for crux 3.209:58
diverseRomster: for the init system, has there been consideration for runit or s6?10:01
diversetoo much work?10:02
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Romsterrunit has been ported to crux by a few people mine is out dated and i haven't touched it in ages.10:29
Romsterportsdb probably has someone with a recent runit port.10:29
Romsterand socklog10:29
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diverseit would be nice to be able to list the services in rc.conf for runit as well10:36
Romstereh rewrite it to do the symlink from SERVICES=10:37
Romsterto enable said service.10:37
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diverseI wondered what would be involved in upgrading from 3.0 to 3.1?10:59
sepensee TODO31 and setup-helper script11:00
sepenor wait to final releasenotes ;D11:00
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joacimnot sure if subscribing to the mailing list should be a requirements. at least not the main mailing list.11:25
joacimmaybe if updates are announced on their own list11:25
joacimdon't think people should have to see 10 new emails from roelof every time they wake up in the morning11:26
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Romsterroelof has been quiet lately hope it stays that way12:10
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jaegeralso there's no way to actually enforce such a requirement (and it's a silly requirement anyway)13:04
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tilmandidnt reloef leave for greener distros?13:35
joacimHe did that once before13:36
joacimcame back after 6-9 months13:36
joacimhe'll come back in a couple of months.13:36
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diversewow, although I haven't seen that person here, he is still been bitching at you guys on the mailing list?13:43
diverse*seen that person here in a while13:43
jaegerhe hasn't in a while13:44
joacimJust make all new users watch this13:45
diverse*mandatory watching*13:47
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frinnst_screen -r16:26
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: mysql-python: fix file permissions17:48
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cruxbot[xorg.git/3.0]: xorg-util-macros: updated to 1.19.018:14
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cruxbot[xorg.git/3.0]: xorg-xrandr: updated to 1.4.219:20
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xveegame of thrones is starting soon21:44
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