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prologicanyone installed crux on a macbook air successfully?01:05
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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: xine-ui: 0.99.7 -> 0.99.808:57
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dxtrI've been replying to mailing list posts today and just realized I haven't been replying to the list13:53
cruxbot[core.git/3.0]: flex: update to 2.5.3914:01
juefrinnst: ?14:04
diversehe lost his op status for one thing :P14:06
diversedxtr: you are not able to leave replies on the mailing list?14:10
frinnstjue: was replying to dxtr. dont worry, libgmp is fine :D14:14
diversewell the way he said it is kind of vague, it could either mean the mailing list is not working for him or he foolishly replied to a different list14:16
diversebut given the situation and with frinnst, I'm now leaning more towards the latter now...14:16
frinnsthe probably just replied to the sender, instead of the mailinglist14:17
frinnstive done that too14:17
frinnstand whats the situation with me?14:17
diverseOh, I see now.14:17
frinnstlack of op? im not authenticated, thats why :)14:18
dxtrdiverse: I replied to the sender and not the list14:19
diversedxtr: sorry -_-14:19
dxtrI'll let it slip... This time14:20
diversehehe :D14:20
dxtrI at least subscribe to the mailing lists of the projects I like14:21
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diversefrinnst: pm15:05
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Romsterif ya gonna use the mailing list be sure to folly all replies to the mailing list as well for all to see.15:55
dxtrdiverse: I never blamed you. I just stated what I do :P16:26
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diversesup xvee19:01
diversedid you ever get that bed where you basically float on water?19:04
diversewhat was it called?19:05
frinnstwater bed? :)19:23
diverseIt was called something else.19:26
diverseI remember xvee talking about it 4 or 5 months ago, so I was wondering if he ever got one.19:29
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torisowater beds are nice but it takes time to get use to it19:54
xveeisolation tank?20:30
diverseyeah, I think that was it20:31
xveeits not really a bed. and a nice one is about 10-20g. i wish i had that kind of money20:31
xveeyou can find a used/cheap one for about 2 grand, but they're sort of meh20:31
xveeill be right back, gotta head out20:31
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xveewhy do you ask, diverse20:52
diverseI'm bored :)20:53
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diverseit was a good way to spark activity on this channel21:03
xveesomeone had posted up details on how they built their own and i showed it to my uncle. he gets stuff at wholesale and he told me he could put one similar to it for about a 1300. maybe in the future, ill have him do it :)21:04
diversesounds like you will have it in no time21:06
joacimmy father used to have a water bed21:06
joacimhe'd get mad when i played with sharp objects in it21:06
joacimpretty inconvenient too. really heavy, and filling it up and emptying it is a chore21:07
diverseare you talking about the plastic mattress with water in it?21:09
xveethe chamber requries a ton of salts though21:18
xveegotta find out where to me some21:18
diversexvee: salt or plain sodium?22:07
jaegerepsom salts, usually22:08
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xveewhat jaeger said lol23:03
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