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xveeso putin wants finland too07:30
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: [notify] fontconfig: 2.11.0 -> 2.11.112:06
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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: go: Unset CC/CXX in case users are using a ccache which fails the buidl13:29
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: docker: Unset CC/CXX in case users are using a ccache which fails the buidl13:29
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nogagplzthose gif people are worrisome17:06
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diverseSigh, just because she is a Japanese skater, doesn't mean she is a mahou shoujo. None the less, pretty funny though.17:43
diversenogagplz: they got nother better to do17:44
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diversexvee: anymore countries putin wants to take over? (assuming they are non-NATO)18:27
nogagplzI hear he wants alaska back18:38
diverseheh, yeah, he can take alaska, that state is a lost cause. US can then adopt puerto rico as the 50th state18:39
nogagplzwasn't alaska supposed to be a goldmine of oil18:40
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deep42thoughtHi, I'm currently trying to setup an encrypted disk, but cryptsetup tells me
diversenogagplz: who cares, we should be looking into alternative sources for energy, like natural gas, or just making more electric powered vehicles.18:47
deep42thoughtI guess I forgot to compile something into my kernel, but I can't imagine, what it is ...18:47
jaegermaybe that crypto cipher it mentions?18:48
deep42thoughtI can't find an option named something like that18:48
nogagplzwell that's a great sentiment, but currently oil is a giant crutch...18:49
nogagplzwouldn't be pretty to just remove it without having an adequate replacement already in place18:49
deep42thoughtor more precise: all options with "aes" or "xts" in it are compiled in18:49
deep42thoughtand there's nothing with "plain" in it ...18:49
deep42thoughtmy attempt might be a little mechanic, but I can't figure out, where I might be wrong :-/18:50
diversenogagplz: yeah sadly. It would be like trying force the US to remove the imperial measurement system like inches and feet, in place for the metric system for everything.18:51
deep42thoughtdo I need "CONFIG_BLK_DEV_CRYPTOLOOP"?18:51
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xveewell, i read somewhere that tesla is making an affordable electric car (not sure if 40k is affordable), but i'll most likely get one.18:59
xveea lot of people i think will switch to electric, which in turn "should" drive the price of oil down. but those greedy phuckers probably will still keep it high18:59
diversexvee: they name the prices, it's not based on anything. When they feel like wanting more money, they just raise the price.19:04
diversethe greedy phuckers I mean19:07
xveeyea i know. its pretty ridiculous. its a 130 dollars per barrel in the stock market, gas prices here are around 4.10. its drops to a 100 dollars per, and the price at the pump is 4.09 :/19:13
frinnst$4.10 for how much?19:18
diversefrinnst: a gallon19:18
frinnstand how much is a gallon? :)19:18
joacim4.10 dollars19:19
frinnstthe price of one litre 95 oct petrol is ~14:50 sek19:19
diverse1 gallon = ~3.8 liters19:19
joacimaren't taxes on these things pretty high?19:19
diversejoacim: depends on the state19:20
frinnsthow the fuck are you able to whine about that?19:20
frinnstits half of what I pay19:20
horrorStruckdeep42thought: CONFIG_CRYPTO_XTS=y19:23
horrorStruckdeep42thought: zgrep -i xts /proc/config.gz19:24
joacimdiverse: wasnt asking about america19:24
joacimor the united states19:24
horrorStruckdeep42thought: use cryptsetup -v --debug for more info19:25
deep42thoughtCONFIG_CRYPTO_XTS=y is enabled19:25
diversealright, don't mind me19:25
deep42thoughtupdated pastebin:
horrorStruckdeep42thought: zgrep -i dm_crypt /proc/config.gz19:28
deep42thoughthorrorStruck: /proc/config.gz is not available, but I have the original .config ...19:28
horrorStruckdeep42thought: grep -i dm_crypt .config :P19:28
xveefrinnst: i know its a lot higher in europe, im just pointing out how the prices are made up is all19:29
horrorStruckdeep42thought: can you paste your .config?19:30
deep42thoughtxvee: the formula is $price_consumer'(t) = max{0;price_market'(t)}$, where ' denotes derivative with respect to time t ...19:30
deep42thought"Paste too large."19:32
xveei remember when i first came to america, it was 99 cents lol19:34
horrorStruckdeep42thought: dmesg please19:37
deep42thoughtmom, currently rebooting19:38
deep42thoughtsomething's strange19:40
deep42thoughtI thought, I had just compiled /prog/config.gz-support into the kernel19:40
deep42thoughtbut it's still not compatible :-/19:40
deep42thoughti meant available19:40
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deep42thoughthmm, ok, now it's there, but I still can't cryptsetup my device19:47
horrorStruckdeep42thought: can you try with CRYPTO_SHA256_SSSE3 [=y] and CRYPTO_SHA512_SSSE3 [=y]19:48
horrorStruckdeep42thought: full dmesg would be welcome19:49
deep42thoughtshould I add them first to my .config?19:49
horrorStrucki'd use menuconfig19:50
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deep42thoughtthe algorithms are under "crypto api"?19:53
horrorStruckdeep42thought: yes19:55
deep42thoughti can't identify them, I'm just going to select everything :-/19:55
horrorStruckdeep42thought: please make sure you have /proc/config.gz support enabled19:58
deep42thoughtI have now19:58
deep42thoughtcryptsetup still doesn't work19:59
deep42thoughtmaybe I should specify a different encryption??19:59
horrorStruckyour deep42thought i never used raid but is this normal: [    2.117852] md: invalid raid superblock magic on sda120:02
horrorStruck[    2.118715] md: sda1 does not have a valid v0.90 superblock, not importing!20:02
deep42thoughtits a disk from an old raid20:02
deep42thoughton which i want to setup a cryptdevice20:02
deep42thoughtthe metadata is 1.2, so not automatically recognized by the kernel20:02
deep42thought(the raid was assembled later on)20:02
deep42thoughtits the same with sdd and sde20:03
deep42thoughtah, well, apparrently it doesn't scan sdd and sde, because they have no partiton tables ... ok20:05
deep42thoughtoh, I'm compiling an out-of-date-kernel O.o20:13
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deep42thoughtok, in the config of the recent kernel, there are the options you asked for ...20:36
deep42thoughtok, new kernel, CRYPTO_SHA256_SSSE3 and CRYPTO_SHA512_SSSE3 are in, but it still doesn't work ...20:52
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deep42thoughtand .config:
horrorStruckdeep42thought: see compiled-in ciphers in cryptsetup --help (bottom) and try with one from the list21:08
deep42thought"aes-xts-plain64" is available according to the list O.o21:08
horrorStruckwhat is in /lib/udev/rules.d/21:11
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horrorStruckhmmm... well last resort (on my side at least), please paste lspci -n, /etc/fstab and /proc/cpuinfo21:14
horrorStrucki'll make a config for you based on mine21:14
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deep42thoughtthe only customization from my side is for my raid and the sata-controllers21:16
deep42thoughtthe rest is the vanilla-kernel from the installation iso21:17
horrorStruckwhat is the kernel version you'd like to build?21:24
deep42thoughtbut if you prefer another, I can live with something else, too21:25
horrorStruckOK give me a few minutes21:26
deep42thoughtthanks, np21:27
horrorStruckwhat kind of raid are yo uusing?21:32
deep42thoughtraid1 so far21:32
deep42thoughtand I want to set up a raid6 additionally21:33
deep42thoughtbut I also need raid521:33
deep42thoughtso, basically just enable every raid-mode (maybe except striping)21:34
deep42thoughtbut don't bother too much, I can easily adjust for this stuff afterwards21:34
horrorStrucknp but not sure it will solve your issue :)21:45
deep42thoughtI'll give it a shot :-)21:45
deep42thought/bin/sh: lz4c: command not found21:54
deep42thoughti just switch the kernel compression mode to gzip, then ...21:55
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horrorStruckdeep42thought: oops sorry, forgot that one22:05
deep42thoughtand my network card ;-)22:05
horrorStrucksunday night is extra beer night22:05
horrorStruckah and you have wireless driver, how awesome is that22:06
deep42thoughtyou mean I owe you one? Or just that you had one extra?22:06
horrorStrucki had a few extras, like every day :P22:06
deep42thoughttook them out already22:06
deep42thoughtok, despite the fact, that my network card still doesn't work (must have picked the wrong driver), cryptsetup also doesnt work ...22:09
deep42thoughtmaybe it's not the kernels fault at all?22:09
jaegerhorrorStruck: that invalid raid metadata message comes from the kernel trying to autoassemble raids, I think22:09
jaegerif the partition type is "fd"22:09
deep42thoughtMaybe I need to install some specific packages?22:10
horrorStrucki know nothing about raid, never used it as stated before :(22:11
deep42thoughtno, I mean for cryptsetup22:11
jaegerare you trying to set up raid or dmcrypt? I've been AFK22:11
deep42thoughtraid is fine with me22:11
deep42thoughtthe raid is some artifact22:11
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deep42thoughti give up (for now) ...22:43
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