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Romsterdeep42thought probably is missing kernel options01:24
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cruxbot[compat-32.git/3.0]: fontconfig-32: 2.11.0 -> 2.11.101:41
cruxbot[compat-32.git/3.0]: sqlite3-32: ->
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xveethe goat simulator has to be the best stupid thing ever04:25
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nwegood morning05:25
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frinnstfucking daylight savings06:58
frinnstpointless &/�"!�#e06:58
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BitPuffinnow that I no longer rely on proprietary drivers I can switch back to crux! :D07:28
Romstermight wanna wait or go on the crux 3.1 test1 image.07:32
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BitPuffinRomster: yeah I guess 3.1 is getting near huh07:51
BitPuffinwould be kind of a pain to install 3.0 and then have to compile for 203829 years :P07:51
BitPuffinor having to reinstall07:51
Romsternot really you can upgrade.07:52
BitPuffindoes that usually end well?07:52
Romsteri had a install from 2005, i only totaly redid it when i got a ssd07:52
Romsterwith crux it's not much effort.07:52
BitPuffinwell that's reassuring then07:52
Romsterunlike windows.07:52
BitPuffinis there a way to do prt-get depinst or upgrade etc but just preparing the upgrade by doing compilation as non root?07:53
Romsterhell you can break the tool cahin on crux mess the entire system up, boot off the cd chroot mount the cd and pkgadd all the core ports then prt-get sysup again.07:53
Romsterand all fixed.07:53
BitPuffinez :P07:54
frinnstI still run my original crux install on my server07:54
Romsternote i've done that a few times.07:54
frinnstfrom 2006 or something07:54
BitPuffinI wish I could run Crux on digitalocean :/07:54
BitPuffincurrently running arch07:54
BitPuffinwhich is a bit meh07:54
frinnsti *think* i've cleared it from all old slackware stuff :)07:54
frinnsti did find some binary for 2004 a few months back07:55
Romsterwhat's stopping you?07:55
BitPuffinRomster: they don't let you do custom isos and there is no image for crux07:55
Romstergrab PKGBUILD file study it make a Pkgfile of it.07:55
BitPuffinwhat's that got to do with installing the OS?07:56
Romsterif it's ports that crux is lacking07:56
Romsterthat arch has07:56
BitPuffinno it's just installing the thing07:56
Romsterand you can add them to the iso if you want too.07:56
BitPuffinthere isn't a clean way to do it07:56
Romsterworks on arch i can't see why it wont work o crux07:57
Romsteriso.git + ports build your own crux cd07:57
BitPuffinyou aren't listening07:57
BitPuffinthey don't do custom ISOs07:58
BitPuffinthe problem is not software availability at all07:58
Romsteri'm rushing i gotta head now to darts.07:58
Romsterthaa blows.07:58
BitPuffinbut otherwise the service is really good :/08:00
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BitPuffinanyone have a VPS provider to recommend that I could eventually move to? :) Which would let me run crux08:50
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diverseBitPuffin: one time I messed up pretty badly in my system where I accidently removes ncurses by doing something else and my system stop working and prevented me from working because of it. So what I did is boot off the Crux 3.0 live usb I had, cp the .so ncurses files from the live environment into my mounted system, chrooted, and pretty much rebuild everything. Lesson learned from that and I never knew how10:53
diversesuper dependent most things are with ncurses. So in the end I never had to reformat and still using the system.10:53
diversejust to give you an idea of how bad it was, I wouldn't have been able to chroot without copying those .so files11:00
frinnstpkgadd -r /broken/root/11:01
nogagplzultra kill11:01
diversefrinnst: heh, more than one way to skin a cat.11:03
diversenogagplz: the rebuilding part? Perhaps.11:03
nogagplzthat was more like creating the universe and waiting for the cat to evolve before detaching the skin one molecule at a time11:04
diversenogagplz: what's wrong with recreating the universe?11:06
nogagplzwell it's time consuming for one11:07
Romsterdiverse, you could of did pkgadd -f -u ncurses...pkg.tar.gz -r /mnt11:09
Romsteri did worse i broke my compiler and i broke pkgutils so i coulnd't pkgadd.11:10
Romsteroff the system that is.11:10
nogagplzand that's before you discovered that I renamed your /lib/
BitPuffindiverse: haha well, it just seems really awesome that it's that easy to restore it11:13
diverseRomster: I'll keep that in mind next time, but without knowing or using it, you have to give me props though.11:14
BitPuffinI guess that's the advantage of a distro that is so simplistic in it's setup11:14
Romsterthat is what makes crux good more than one way to go about it.11:15
nogagplzhey romster the core linux site finally disappeared11:31
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Romsteroh that core linux. oh well.11:49
Romsterthat was dead for awhile anyways11:49
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frinnstI need this game in my life14:33
Rotwangfrinnst: I'll be in finland for 5 months, any hints? [;14:35
RotwangI've heard finns like rotten herrings and stuff14:35
Rotwanglike to eat*14:36
frinnsti have no idea what they eat in .fi14:42
frinnstlutfisk is probably not in season, its usually only around xmas14:42
BitPuffinis lutfisk a finish thing too?14:49
BitPuffinThought it was more of a Swedish thing14:49
BitPuffinz3bra steam vs prologic steam14:50
BitPuffinwhy do they depend on nvidia-3214:51
z3brasteam uses 32 libs14:51
BitPuffinyeah but nvidia?14:52
z3brabut just use prologic one, I just copied his Pkgfile and forgot to remove it from my repos14:52
BitPuffinI run amd14:52
z3braI run nvidia, and I must admit that I did not ask myself this question14:52
z3brait must compile without though14:53
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BitPuffinit should for sure14:55
BitPuffindoes xf86-video-ati also pull in what is ati-dri in arch?14:55
jaegerThere's not really any compiling for steam itself, only deps provided by crux. so you could do without nvidia14:55
frinnstxf86-video-ati is just the ddx driver14:56
BitPuffinfrinnst: aw14:57
frinnstyou'll probably need radeon-ucode and glamor depending on what kind of gpu you have14:57
BitPuffinwell it looks like I'm conna have to make some of my own packages14:57
BitPuffinjaeger: for sure you could do with out it, I was just thinking that it seemed very incorrect to put it as a dependency14:57
frinnstcrux 3.0 is kinda broken with new'ish radeons. 3.1 will fix it all \o/14:57
BitPuffinWell I'm probably installing 3.1 test or something14:58
BitPuffinlike someone suggested14:58
BitPuffinbut my radeon is not that new really14:58
frinnstwhat chip do you have?14:58
BitPuffinit's radeon hd 485014:58
BitPuffinwhich I believe is14:58
BitPuffinRV700 or something like that14:58
frinnstah, so pre southernn islands14:58
frinnstshould run just fine with 3.014:58
BitPuffinwhen is 3.1 coming out though?14:59
frinnstwinter 201615:03
frinnstsoon'ish probably15:04
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Rotwangfrinnst: I meant this:
joacimNever had that before. I eat a lot of oven-baked falukorv tho15:41
Rotwangalthough I trully like:
Rotwangpeople not familiar with ammonium chloride might find the taste physically overwhelming and unlikeable :>15:44
Rotwanganyway I'm off for a bus, bye15:47
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