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WorksterBitPuffin> why do they depend on nvidia-32 <- only if you use nvidia if your on mesa3d use mesa3d-32 etc.00:17
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penguinfanhow is is everyone?04:22
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diversepenguinfan: bored05:47
xveepretty bored here too lol06:00
Worksterdrowsy and i wanna go home06:07
xveewhen are you off, Workster ?06:09
Workster18 minutes06:12
Worksteryou'll be gone by the time i get home :P06:23
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Romstermaybe not06:35
Romsteri hate hay feaver06:35
xveethat sucks Romster :(06:38
Romsterrunny nose all day sneeziing and drowsy and i was working on an iphone and bunch of computers not trying to drip on everything06:39
Romsteri even went to the chemist to get something06:39
diversesounds like you shouldn't have gone to work today06:40
xveehope you feel better06:40
Romsterin a day or two06:40
xveeare the managers in australia a bit more laxed  when it comes to being sick?06:41
xveehere in cali, at least of all the places where i worked, they wanted you to come in regardless06:42
diversethat's stupid, because that could infect other employees too06:44
xveei remember one time, the department manager forced me to come in even though i was really sick. i walked in, and the manager of the entire store took one look at me and sent me home for that very reason06:45
xveealright gentlemen, have yourselves a good night.06:52
nwegood morning06:52
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diverseoh wow, even reddit is taking April Fools seriously...06:56
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RomsterApril Fools is over rated07:04
diverseRomster: you wouldn't believe it:
diverseIntroducing Virtual Girl Hardware (April Fools!)07:05
Romsteronly in japan07:08
diverseDammit Google!!!
Romster hah snake07:14
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diverseRomster: no seriously, did you see how stupid that was?07:14
Romsteri realise that japan has lots of older people and not enough younger women so the guys invent there own.07:16
Romsteris't really that stupid.07:16
diverseI mean the google map thing07:16
Romsteroh hadn't looked07:17
diverseI wish pokemon would just die07:17
Romsterhah that's a april fools joke i just know it is07:18
diversethat's why I can't help but feel how stupid that was (for Google).07:20
diverseUnlike for the Japanese at "Illusion" to cleverly come up with "Virtual Girl Hardware"07:21
diversewell it's more of an iOS app on a 140cmx80cm screen. (I was it was ported to Andriod as well)07:28
diversebut April Fools anyway :P07:28
Romstermeant to be way out there07:28
diverseon reddit, they swap the skins for r/PS4 and r/WiiU, so the PS4 forum has the WiiU theme and the WiiU forum has the PS4 theme, just to piss off the user base.07:31
diverser/Vita has the MonsterHunter theme, since Sony will never get monster hunter (which is the primary reason for PSP's success)07:32
diverseso just to piss fans off as well07:33
Romsterlol bad07:33
diversefrinnst: today's the release of Crux 3.1, right? ;)07:45
diverseRomster: how are you currently feeling?07:53
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frinnstfredrik@farnsworth:~$ crux08:33
frinnstCRUX version 3.108:33
frinnstuse the test1 installmedia if youre restless08:34
frinnststuff will probably break for you though08:34
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frinnstfeels "wrong"08:51
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dxtrfrinnst: it is wrong09:10
dxtri'd feel violated09:10
joacimfrinnst: are you switching away from crux development to use xp?09:12
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dxtrhaha. Sometimes luck strikes. I have a PS2 and like two weeks ago I wanted to install netbsd on it but realized that port is dead09:15
dxtrbut then BAM
joacimmy fat ps2 died :/09:16
joacimevery time i find a decently priced replacement it is a used one too09:16
joacimi guess i should repair my old one then. think its the fuses on the logic board09:17
dxtrI bought a network-and-hdd thing for my ps2 not long ago09:17
dxtrNow i should try to find an ide disk :p09:18
joacimgot that one a long time ago. got the slimmed down linux kit too.09:18
joacimnever used it =)09:18
joacimnever had a compatible display. the display must support sync on green.09:19
dxtrnetbsd is actually really cool09:21
dxtrit's a shame it doesn't get more attention09:21
dxtrThe kernel is like... magic09:22
dxtrthey talked about it in an episode of bsdnow09:22
joacimmust be ten years since i tried netbsd09:22
dxtrone netbsd dev talked about how he got the netbsd kernel running under windows to provide nfs support09:24
dxtrI was like "wat?"09:24
dxtrmuch cool                 wow                         such potential09:24
frinnstyeah, i wiped my crux install at work for XP :>09:34
frinnstits the OS with "future potential"09:34
frinnststill have a lot of customers with xp :(10:02
Romsterwhere slowly migratingthem to either 7 or 810:39
nogagplzdxtr: get yourself an ide to sata low profile board, and use a 2.5" disk10:47
nogagplzI use a 500GB one in my fat ps2, works like a boss10:47
nogagplzer, joacim* sorry10:47
nogagplzno wait, dxtr was right... :P sorry I just woke up10:47
Romstercan still get a 2.5" IDE hdd but they are not cheap10:52
joacimthere is room for a 3.5" drive10:55
joacimguessing a 2.5" sata drive was suggested due to the adapter10:55
Romstersadly you can't get new 3.5" IDE's if that's what you are after.10:55
joacimI have a few old one laying around10:55
Romsteri'd just use a extension cable and adapt it it who cares the drive wont fit in the intended spot10:56
joacimmight be cheaper and easier to get an adapter if you dont have ide drives tho10:56
joacimthink you can use a usb drive too, but it is going to be slow11:03
joacimno USB 2.0 on the PS211:03
Romsterafaik a usb hdd on a ps will not work as intendted.11:06
Romstermy brother tried that already it'll not install games to it it'l only play movies from it.11:06
nogagplzno games will run from a usb disk with open-ps2-loader it'll just be horribly slow11:09
Romsteroh but not stock firmware?11:10
nogagplzdepending on the console you need some way to load the loader, say free mcboot for the fat ones and swapmagic for the slim ones11:12
Romsteri just tried with the stock stuff and the ps never wanted to know about it.11:13
nogagplzthis is a ps2 you're talking about isn't it11:14
Romsterps3 in my brothers case.11:15
Romsteruntil i figured out how to remove the cover to get to the hdd.11:15
Romsterbought from a shop without a hdd11:17
Romsterand the sales person told my brother you need to get a usb hdd for it as you can't put one in it so i never looked if he was right or not.11:18
Romsteryou'd think the shop salesperson would be right -_-11:18
nogagplzmust've been trying the old hard sell11:19
Romsteri guess so but i only got the details from my brother.11:20
nogagplzyou should beat your brother up for being such a wuss11:21
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cruxbot[core.git/3.0]: libarchive: prevent linking against opt/nettle17:26
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frinnstthats one of the best things ive ever seen18:40
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nwehey guys, any idea what I have miss when I got Open Watcom was not found, and also iasl (variable IASL not found! when I trying to build virtualbox..20:22
jaegerno idea about open watcom but regarding the other, is iasl installed?20:27
nweoh I havnt installed iasl.. but virtualbox doesnt have that as dep..20:30
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deep42thoughthorrorStruck: Hi, I solved my cryptsetup-problem ... the problem seemed to be, that I could not write to /dev/sda at all (or at least not with cryptsetup). On /dev/sdd and /dev/sde the action worked well and e.g. "mdadm --zero-superblock /dev/sda1" also failed :-)21:28
deep42thoughtjust FYI21:28
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