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buskErmm... need backup, hehe00:03
buskTrying to fetch upower00:03
buskThe file is actually at the given address00:07
buskSo it is no 404 or something like that00:07
jaegerI don't remember exactly how to fix that, sorry... it's a docbook issue rather than upower00:13
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jaegerI think it was something like the local version and current upstream version differing but it's been a long time00:24
buskI see it is a problem on other distros as well00:27
buskIt is run with the parameter "nonet", yet it tries to fetch a file through the network. How would that be possible?00:29
buskI could use a -doc USEFLAG right now lol...00:30
jaegermaybe -nonet is supposed to be --nonet?00:31
buskIt was my theory as well00:31
buskBut I tried running the utility manually00:31
busk-nonet has same effect00:31
buskWell, it fails. But tries to do the same00:32
buskI just do not get it why it would ever try to download a file when it is being asked not to lol00:32
jaegera bug, perhaps00:33
buskWell, it is just the documentation anyway. Any dirty trick to compile without docs?00:33
jaegersometimes you can remove the docs subdir from the Makefile, might just have to poke around in the Makefile or configure, etc.00:34
buskOr I could install CRUX in a vm and try to compile it there for me... hmm..00:36
buskI was really amazed at how swift the installation was executed00:36
jaegerwell, it's pretty simple. :)00:36
buskBut why isn't your cd UEFI compatible lol?00:37
jaegerThe updated one is and 3.1 will be00:39
buskAh, cool00:39
buskYou are going to beat gentoo there ;)00:40
buskAny (other) major changes for 3.1?00:43
jaegerpackage updates, glibc/gcc, etc.00:44
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Worksterbusk never ran rejmerge and allowed changes or merging04:45
Worksterand i fixed docbook for that issue to upower04:47
Workstersysup rejmerge04:47
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Worksterif i was fixed i would not be lethargic and drowsy still05:57
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Romsterright on07:29
frinnstand not posted on april 1st either07:30
frinnstcheck out the link at the bottom re dhcp07:30
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Romsteri saw that wtf why implement that.07:37
Romsterwhat will they do next ssh daemon?07:37
Romsterlets just repalce core with systemd + kernel07:37
frinnstfucking insane07:39
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frinnstthis sooo reminds me of one of our current customers09:24
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tilmantoo bad is down right now16:00
frinnstyeah, linus is not showing much love for kay16:01
tilmanfrinnst: got a mirror to the lkml postings?16:03
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frinnstread it earlier. doesnt work etc?16:22
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