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Romstertimcowchip, corisidence i was listening to a live show on this morning.01:32
Romsterwhich deals in c64 music.01:32
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JackLFrostHAHA OH WOW06:59
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RomsterJackLFrost, yep Linus is not amused11:07
JackLFrostRomster, oh, while you're here. How do you like the idea of configuring initscripts that need configuration separately from the scripts themselves11:08
JackLFrostLike I have /etc/watchman/init.d and I want to also have /etc/watchman/conf.d for system-specific configuration11:08
JackLFrostTake udev, for example, it needs to have its service_command to be configurable11:09
JackLFrostTo use either eudev or systemd-udevd11:09
JackLFrostBut changing the script itself on each system seems so hacky.11:09
Romsterdepends in crux it's just set in the service file itself though if they were not to be tracked with pkgadd.conf then setting it in /etc/watchman/conf.d would be an advantage.11:10
JackLFrostYeah, the point is for these files not to be tacked or not to be overwritten on updates11:10
Romsterhard to say in crux we know how to exit our files. though if you got extra files in /etc/watchman/conf.d for other things as well then it would be handy11:11
JackLFrostThen I can safely overwrite the the scripts themselves11:11
JackLFrostNot just in the context of CRUX specifically, just in general11:11
JackLFrostI fear of implementing another insserv :(11:12
Romsteroh your making this distro neutral11:12
JackLFrostYes, watchman is meant to be independent and neutral11:12
JackLFrostThe scripts — not so much11:12
JackLFrostBut making them a bit more configurable sets a nice example11:12
Romsterwell the scripts be provided by the distro11:12
Romsterpersonally if ya gonna go to the trouble why not it's own parser than bash11:13
JackLFrostIt doesn't provide any significant advantages IMO11:13
JackLFrostAnd does pose some problems11:13
JackLFrostI want the initscripts to be just that — scripts11:13
Romsterlike #!/bin/service or something and have a service program do the parsing and adding the environment variables.11:14
Romsterwell if it's just gonna be scripts i'd make it work with the popular shells ksh dash bash what ever else is common11:14
Romsterpreferably not bash it's to slow and heavy11:15
Romstereven though crux does use bash11:15
JackLFrostI've decided to only use bash though some time ago11:15
JackLFrostWriting watchman to be compatible with all popular shells would be too much of a pain11:15
Romsterthere is shell test tools to see if it's compliant.11:17
Romsterjust that not everyone likes bash so you'll limit your audience somewhat11:18
JackLFrostYeah, I'm ok with that11:18
Romsterhmm i'd like to test some of the binutils stuff i use to enable by default at some point but not before crux 3.1 is done testing.11:23
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JackLFrostBasically this:
JackLFrostJust a convenient way for a user to set a variable or overwrite a function without chenging the scripts themselves11:43
JackLFrostRomster, also I do have a mster script that sources the rc scripts.11:44
JackLFrostIt's what watchman _is_11:44
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frinnsthow the hell do you get verbose errors with ubuntus fucking upstart crap?13:52
frinnstroot@strongswan:~# service strongswan start13:52
frinnststart: Job failed to start13:52
frinnsthow informative..13:52
jaegervery helpful, heh14:35
frinnstis this what you guys do when you are bored, jaeger?
frinnst(its a banana)14:40
jaegerno but I should suggest it14:40
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frinnstlovely, ubuntu randomly renames a nic to various things during boot15:01
jaegershouldn't be random, what's it doing?15:02
frinnstits 14.14 beta2, it renames all the nics, em1, em2, p2p1, p2p215:03
frinnstbut it often fails to rename the nic to p2p2 and insteads calls it something like "rename3", "rename5" etc15:04
frinnstits a intel nic with 2 ports15:06
jaegerah, that's odd15:07
frinnsti guess its beta for a reason15:10
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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: mpv: 0.3.6 -> 0.3.717:18
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: crawl: 0.13.1 -> 0.13.217:40
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: crawl-tiles: 0.13.1 -> 0.13.217:40
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Rotwanghai from finland19:02
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timcowchip this is from my gentoo install19:42
timcowchipmy crux vice package won't do this, even though "--enable-ethernet" is in the Pkgfile19:42
timcowchipthe reason is: "libpcap libnet" need to be added to # Depends on:19:44
timcowchipthen there is a procedure for enabling the ethernet19:56
frinnstso report it to the package maintainer19:58
timcowchipand voila>>>
timcowchipthat's what I was doing via irc19:59
timcowchipnogagplz: you need to fix your vice Pkgfile20:00
frinnstnot really, you just say "this doesnt work"20:00
frinnstyeah, you need to tell the maintainer20:00
timcowchipbut it does work20:01
frinnstand since i found a couple of vice ports its a guessing-game20:01
timcowchipI'm probably the only crux user that knows how to make it work and probably the only crux user that uses the ethernet feature on vice20:02
timcowchipI should probably make my own vice port20:03
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tilmanRotwang: suomi perkele!20:27
Rotwangtilman: so you actually speak more finnish than I do :}20:33
Rotwanghowever everyone speaks english here, so communication is not a problem20:33
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timcowchipet voila>>>
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