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joacimsaw the trailer for that00:04
joacimthink that was enough for me =)00:05
frinnstomg im crying from laughter00:05
joacimGuessing Rordrigues has a thing for replacing limbs with guns00:05
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joacimI think they have institutions for people like that guy00:13
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diverseahh, doing `prt-get remove gtk3` felt so good00:32
diversenow if there was a way to detect leftovers that have absolutely no deps00:36
jaegerfor P in $(prt-get listinst); do if [ -z "$(prt-get dependent ${P})" ]; then echo "${P}"; fi; done00:54
jaegermaybe something like that?00:54
jaegerof course it's not smart enough to tell if things are in core, etc.00:54
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diversejaeger: that only does `prt-get listorphans` but slower. What I am looking for is listing the installed ports that have no branches upwards as well in the dep tree. Basically ones that are isolated alone from the tree(s).01:04
diverseSo I can remove them without worrying about breakage :)01:08
jaegersorry, guess I don't understand01:09
diverseWell, doesn't listorphans only show the ports that have no dependencies on them, but they might be depended on from other ports?01:12
jaegerno idea, never actually used it before.01:15
jaegerthe dependent command lists other ports that depend on ${P}, though01:16
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diversejaeger: quick question01:27
diverseif a port has zero dependent ports, but also has a list of installed ports from `prt-get depends <ports>` does that mean it's safe to remove?01:29
jaegerI don't understand what you mean. To me that's conflicting01:31
diverseI guess a pastebin will show you01:32
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jaegerok, so that means nothing you have currently installed depends on at-spi2-atk01:38
jaegerbut at-spi2-atk depends on all of those in the list01:38
jaegerso what's the question?01:38
diversebasically is it okay to remove at-spi2-atk?'01:40
jaegershould be01:40
jaegerunless something linked against it that you don't know about, which revdep will show01:40
diversethat's what I was afraid of01:41
jaegershould be easy to fix if so01:44
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diversealright, since revdep could help me out01:44
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diversejaeger: speaking of revdep, could you make it part of pkgutils?01:48
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diversefor 3.1?01:48
jaegerit's already part of prt-utils01:49
diverseI guess I should remove the revdep port then01:51
diverseoh, I guess it got removed automatically?01:53
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diversejaeger: I remember revdep was its own port a long time ago.01:58
diverseanyway thanks for the insight02:01
diverseI removed at-spi2-atk and revdep had no problem02:01
diverse(although why does revdep keep on listing `jre` since I already repackaged it?)02:03
jaegerbecause jre has files in it that are linked against nonexistent libs02:04
jaegernothing you can do about jre02:04
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diversegotcha, thanks02:04
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diversegot rid of a few ports, yay \o/02:38
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diversenogagplz: went to Romster's place?03:16
diverseSigh, I am so bored that I am looking to nogagplz to make jokes03:31
nogagplzI just got home from Romster's place actually03:59
nogagplzhe wasn't there, so I helped myself to whatever was in his fridge03:59
diverseoh really?04:01
nogagplzwhy would I drive 12 hours there just to use a fridge04:02
nogagplzthen 12 hours back to report it here04:02
diversewell at least you delivered a good joke04:04
nogagplza better one would be04:06
nogagplza man walks into a bar. "ouch!"04:06
diverseheh, that was so-so04:07
diverseHow much wood could a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?04:14
nogagplzprobably romster04:14
diverserock, paper, ...04:17
nogagplzromster of course04:18
nogagplzhope he doesn't notice all the highlights, lol04:19
diversehe probably highlights all of your actions04:19
nogagplzwell he's my #1 bearded fan04:20
nogagplzso it only makes sense04:20
diverseso beard beats paper huh?04:21
nogagplzwell, no04:22
nogagplzpaper cuts beard04:22
diversebut beard can't beat rock either, if sharpen, it could also cut beards.04:23
nogagplzdepends on the sort of beard04:23
diversethat beard would have to be tough as steel04:24
nogagplzyou're 30, 31 aren't you?04:26
diversehow did you know?04:26
nogagplzhis beard is that old04:27
nogagplzand has taken down an ostrich at least04:27
nogagplzso I can guarantee the rock stands no chance04:27
diverseVegeta what does the scouter say about Romster's beard level!?04:29
nogagplzit's over 30' loooooooooooooooooooonnnnnnnnnnnnngggggggggggggg04:29
diverseI can't wait to see Romster's reaction to this04:47
diversenogagplz: with that much power, his beard can fire lasers!04:50
nogagplzthey're actually just the hairs from his nostrils04:50
nogagplzfeelers I think he calls them04:50
diverseI guess that makes sense, since Romster is the Monster04:52
diverseHow many programmers does it take to screw in a light bulb?05:03
diversenogagplz: ^05:11
nogagplznone it's a hardware problem05:24
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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: st: 0.4.1 -> 0.510:53
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diversesheesh, it's quiet even after throwing jokes around? Must be the weekend's fault.11:36
diverseAnyone using networkmanager or connman here?11:40
diverseoh wow, no port exists for connman, didn't expect that11:49
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Romsteri just got home12:36
diverseRomster: what's new?13:14
Romsterweekend with the family is all.13:17
penguinfandiverse: using networkmanager13:17
Romsterseems nogagplz and diverse had fun without me :D13:18
penguinfanyeah looks like13:18
diversepenguinfan: I was thinking of switching to a network manager, maybe to help with my openvpn connection issues13:19
diverseYeah, nogagplz and I rocked the channel for a bit13:19
penguinfandiverse: you can try networkmanager and networkmanager-openvpn13:19
penguinfannetworkmanager-openvpn is in my repo (shin)13:20
penguinfansince I am using KDE, I also use kdeplasma-applets-plasma-nm as the GUI13:21
nwehmm is it someone more some has problem with chromium.. I get Aw, Snap! when I starting it..13:25
nweit?s working well with my laptop (intel gfx) this workstation has an nvidia card...13:25
nweI have try rebuild it but still the same problem13:25
diversepenguinfan: were you able to connect to a openvpn server and get decent connection? I mean, I tried to manually do it by: openvpn --config site-provided-config.ovpn, as root but all it does is just lag there. It says the connection is "initialized" and running in the background, but trying to open a site is continuously loading on a loop.13:29
diversehowever on a windows machine, it works fine13:29
diversein the same LAN13:29
diverseso I was wondering if it worked out for you with networkmanager?13:31
diverseRomster: you use wicd right?13:42
diverse(well the port is maintained by Romster, so that was a bit rhetorical)13:52
diversepenguinfan: ping14:09
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: gtk3: updated to 3.10.821:24
nweI must do something specielt for the computer to go into sleep mode when I close the lid?21:36
frinnstclosing the lid is just a trigger, no?21:42
frinnsti bet you can find the trigger by running xev or something21:43
frinnsthavent touched a laptop in years, so not sure :)21:43
nwefrinnst: I will check :)21:44
frinnstor maybe its an acpi trigger21:45
frinnsttry acpi_listen from acpid21:45
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