IRC Logs for #crux Sunday, 2014-04-13

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diverseoh the Linux kernel removed zfs support from the kernel (not that it impacts me)?00:04
BitPuffinfrinnst: nah :P00:04
BitPuffindiverse: it never had it I believe00:04
BitPuffindiverse: license incompatible00:05
diverseif btrfs is pretty stable, I would recommend it00:05
BitPuffinhowever you can load it as a module00:05
BitPuffinI haven't had nice experience with btrfs00:05
BitPuffinplus zfs is more mature00:05
BitPuffina lot of things administration wise are much much more streamlined00:05
joacimI'm not offended by opinions00:11
joacimyou can come out from under your bed00:11
diversebe careful of frinnst though, he might be spitting bullets at you :P00:12
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BitPuffinI found a nice VPS that'll let me run crux without extra cost :D00:15
diversethat one you mentioned to me yesterday?00:15
BitPuffinif you guys were to approximate when 3.1 comes out what do you think00:15
BitPuffindiverse: yeah but that was in PM00:15
joacimramnode or something?00:15
BitPuffinthought I'd let everybody know :)00:15
BitPuffinjoacim: no, iniz00:16
joacimi've seen some that lets you upload your own iso00:16
diverseBitPuffin: I know, thats why I said "to me"00:16
joacimI'm thinking about giving digital ocean a try tho. don't want to spend time compiling on a VPS00:16
BitPuffindidn't notice haha00:17
BitPuffinjoacim: DO is where I have my current one00:17
BitPuffinjoacim: I'm switching because you have to use their kernel (which in itself is bad) and they don't update them very often (which is even worse)00:17
joacimseems like a lot of vps hosts can randomly kick people for using too much cpu time00:17
joacimbut that might just be complainers making a lot of noise about being kicked out00:17
BitPuffinramnode comes with crux images?00:18
BitPuffinjoacim: probably, I read that people got kicked off DO for reason though00:18
BitPuffinwhich is kinda werd00:18
joacimBitPuffin: they use openvz or something for their cheapest offerings?00:18
BitPuffinjoacim: digital ocean?00:18
BitPuffinor iniz00:19
BitPuffinall KVM I believe00:19
BitPuffinbut for some reason you have to use a custom kernel00:19
BitPuffinwhich is weird00:19
joacimlunanode lets you upload your own iso00:20
joacimmight start out with do. it seems like a nice entry point00:20
joacimcheap and i can pay by the hour00:21
joacimnot that 5 dollars is a lot for a norwegian00:21
joacimI pay more for lunch00:21
BitPuffinhmm yeah it's a pretty good deal with lunanode actually, would say that iniz beats it00:22
BitPuffinjoacim: the cheapest amsterdam kvm option on iniz gives you 2 cores and 50gb storage as opposed to 1 core and 20gb on DO00:23
joacimI don't really need that much. only need to host an irc client and some ports.00:24
BitPuffinI'll probably get the 10 dollar option though probably00:24
joacimI care more about how professional the company is00:24
joacimyou get more ram on do00:24
BitPuffinno? :o00:25
joacim256 MB on the 5 dollar plan at iniz. You get 512 MB at DO00:25
BitPuffinyou're probably looking at the budget version00:26
BitPuffinwhich has 25600:26
BitPuffinbut the kvm one for 5 dollars has 51200:26
BitPuffinso it's the same ram00:26
BitPuffinand same bandwidth00:26
joacimI was =)00:26
BitPuffinjoacim: like I said, you get 512 if you look at the KVM 5 dollar plan00:27
BitPuffinno you were looking at budget00:27
BitPuffin512mb ram00:28
BitPuffin5.02 dollars a month00:28
joacimno i was saying I was looking at the budget00:28
joacimI didn't notice they had budget and kvm as two sepparate things00:28
BitPuffinthought you meant you were looking at kvm haha00:28
BitPuffinjoacim: if you only need irc you could get the option for 1.74 dollars a month00:29
BitPuffinalso known as 20.92 a year00:29
joacimhave to pay for a whole year tho00:30
BitPuffinthought maybe you could use monthly00:30
BitPuffinbut nop00:30
BitPuffinwell still though00:30
joacimI'll have to play around with someone else before I go for a whole year deal00:30
BitPuffin20.92 bucks, that's like a cup of cofee in Oslo :P00:30
joacim120 NOK is a lot for a cup of coffee ;)00:31
BitPuffinjoacim: pretty sure they also have a 5 day money back guarantee thingy so if it sucks you get your money back :P00:31
joacimcan get a whole pizza for that kind of money00:31
joacimthought about using crissic too.00:32
joacimand ovh. 2 pounds for one month.00:33
joacim1GB of RAM00:33
BitPuffinpretty nice bandwith for that price on crissic00:33
BitPuffinoo 10 tb bandwidth00:36
BitPuffinat that point though you probably get what you pay for I'd imagine haha00:36
joacimnot sure how well they'd react if you managed to upload 10 TB in one month tho =)00:36
joacimmust be one very popular blog00:37
joacimto manage to transfer that much data00:40
BitPuffinyeah lol00:40
BitPuffincoild be kinda cool to throw like a sparkleshare on something like that though00:42
BitPuffinwell maybe not on that one because it's pretty limited storage space00:42
BitPuffinI guess iniz won there00:43
BitPuffin50 gb00:43
joacimI'd only need it for documents00:43
BitPuffineither way00:43
BitPuffinI wanna run the same OS on my server as on my desktop00:43
joacimI'd manage with 10 GB =)00:43
BitPuffinjoacim: well syncing documents you wouldn't need 10 tb transfer00:44
BitPuffinso I wanna run crux :P00:44
BitPuffinand Arch was not really fitting to run on a server00:44
BitPuffinnot because it's rolling release00:44
BitPuffinjust that some of its packaging is a bit questionable00:44
joacimevery time i tried arch, i had issues with file conflicts and broken packages00:45
BitPuffinexample! If you want to install murmur (the mumble server software) which depends on qt4-core, arch only has qt4, even though it's a modular library, so it pullis in ALL of qt, which itself depends on x11 etc etc00:45
joacimnever tried to fix any of it tho, and i always tried it when big changes happened00:45
joacimlike during the move to a modular xorg00:45
BitPuffinand if some port pisses me off in crux I could just make my own really easily00:46
joacimI feel it is easier to modify and control source based distros00:47
BitPuffinfo shizzles00:47
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BitPuffinanyway, how far away do you guys _think_ 3.1 is? would suck to get 3.0 installed on the VPS and have to upgrade the day after lol00:48
BitPuffinsinec I have to open a ticket for them to give me the crux iso00:48
joacimshould be possible to upgrade without booting the iso00:49
joacimi've done it before when I didn't have a display for my desktop00:49
BitPuffinhmm I guess, but still it would be nice to not have to upgrade at all I guess haha00:50
joacimis a document about it on the wiki, but i don't know if it'll work with 3.0 to 3.100:50
BitPuffinhmm does anything depend on bc? I've only ever used it as a calculator01:03
BitPuffinby the way how does prt-get know dependencies? I don't see any info about dependencies in Pkgfiles01:04
BitPuffinoh wait # Depends on:01:05
joacimwould be nice if prt-get could read the "Nice to have:" line that some ports have01:06
BitPuffinpatch it? :)01:08
joacimwould be nice. easier to just read the Pkgfile =)01:09
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joacimprt-get info is nice, but I usually read the Pkgfile instead.01:09
BitPuffinyeah but it's nice during installation if it would do like arch and say "Optional dependencies: "01:09
BitPuffinand then have a flag for like --include-optional01:10
BitPuffinor --include-optional-for prt1 prt301:10
BitPuffinwoa the filesystem port is kinda weird01:13
BitPuffinwould be nice if there also was # Conflicts: and/or # Provides01:16
joacimnice to have is very individual i guess. can gain a lot of extra features for every little library you have installed, but they might not be worth mentioning01:18
joacimthink it is fine the way it is@01:18
BitPuffinwell I mean with something like that you could say, proprietary driver conflicts mesa one or something.01:23
joacimeasy to mess up something simple, so i kinda don't want to add more features ;)01:25
joacimcan't say any of the new features since I first started using crux have ruined anything01:25
BitPuffinhmm fair point I guess :901:31
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diversenetsplit season I see06:34
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prologicand what a netsplit06:34
prologicI was all alone too this time :/06:34
diverseI was in your server along with a few, so you were not alone06:34
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diverseprologic: I'm living the life of just using a WM06:36
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prologichow's that going for you? :)06:39
diversepretty well06:39
prologicawesome :)06:40
diverseI need to change it's theme and find a way to put up wallpapers06:41
diversez3bra: does `meh` setup wallpapers?06:49
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Romsterfeh can do the background diverse07:37
Romsterfeh --bg-scale ~/.backgrounds/bg &07:38
Romsterin ~/.pekwm/start07:38
Romsterand i symlink what ever background i like to bg07:39
xveeso many windows updates -___-07:45
Romsterno different to linux updates07:46
xveei suppose, linux is a bit quicker in finishing though07:46
Romsterexcept windows ones have a far higher chance of effing up that bad that only a format will fix it07:46
xveei got my dad an ssd since he was complaining about his computer being slow. he still complains about it being slow lol07:48
xveei've accepted that i cannot win07:49
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diverseRomster: hehehe10:51
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diverseRomster: btw, where can I set the length of time before my monitors go to standby?11:38
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Romsterhow does xfce file type prefferences with with xdg-utils and firefox?11:50
Romstertrying to get my friends system to tell firefox when you click on a downloaded file to open a file manager11:51
Romsteri really just use a terminal myself so i never learned this aspect.11:51
Romstergoogle is not being helpful11:51
Romstermime editor hmm11:52
diverseRomster: use exo for that11:53
Romsteropen with file manager for all file types?11:54
Romsterexo is installed11:54
Romsterexo-preferred-applications ? how do i set this11:55
RomsterNo manual entry for exo-preferred-applications11:56
Romstergo figure11:56
diverseoh sorry nevermind, misread what you said. I think what you want is, go to preferences, in the "General" tab in "Download" section, select "Always ask me where to save files"11:57
RomsterFileManager      - The preferred File Manager., is set11:57
diverseperferences in Firefox11:57
Romsterxfce4 brings up a window to choose prefs. it only has those 4 options i listed11:57
Romsterespeonage64 is typing...11:57
Romsterdid that she does not want to set every mime type to open a file manager up11:58
Romstershe just wants to set it to open all files in a file manager11:58
Romsteri do not know how.11:58
diverseI'm confused11:59
Romstershe wants to set xfce to allow firefox downloads window to open any file there in a file manager.11:59
Romstershes just gonna do folder shortcuts...12:00
Romsteri never bothered all i ever do is use my terminal to open anything i want up -_- but she is very visual orientated12:00
Romster"wanted to eventually get firefox setup to download certain file types to certain folders automatically, but i can't do that reliably if i can't open up their containing folders straight from firefox"12:01
Romsterso that's what she was trying todo.12:01
diverseOkay, now I understand12:01
Romsteri don't think there is any functionality todo that12:01
Romsterwithout making something.12:02
diverseit's not the filemanager, she was to set which mimetype specifically to download at a certain file path12:02
diverseI don't think there is any functionality for that12:02
diverseShe may want to make a feature request on Mozilla12:03
Romsteri think my firefox used to when i did save as it seemed to remember the last location for that mime type to save too. but if i just did download it would go to the same directory12:05
diverseright, what I think your friend wants is for Firefox to remember which filetypes goes to certain file paths automatically when downloading12:06
Romster"i have no issues with saving to locations. it's just. opening from /those/ locations i set to without needing to fumble around and find my folder shortcuts just to work around it"12:07
Romsterso that's the issue.12:07
diverseI see, I don't think Firefox has that feature though, to popup the filemanager and open the file right there at that moment.12:10
diverseor am I still not understanding correctly?12:12
diverseRomster: ^12:13
diversedoes she want to open it from the filemanager or how firefox open it and the filemanager is displayed?12:15
diverseof course, the filemanager displayed at the right location12:16
diverse(or should I just give up? -_-)12:17
Romsteri guess she wants folder shortcuts on her xfce screen to get to them files.12:17
Romsterwhy does installing large packages make gtk apps freeze up12:18
Romsterhaven't we got past the disk io causing ice in xorg/gui stuff now?12:18
diverseI never had that problem, which distro are we talking about here?12:20
Romsteri got her on crux she was on other distros before but always had other problems with them. so i got her on crux.12:21
diversewell that makes sense, since you would know how to fix problems for her12:22
Romstermost of the problems12:22
Romstershes very visual though and i do most of my stuff though a terminal in xorg12:22
Romstershes prety smart though and knows her way around windows registry and stuff, and knows some basic stuff in linux.12:29
Romstershes the sort that will learn more12:29
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Romsterhmm now pidgin does not flash it's icon on messages in the tray on xfce12:34
diverseit doesn't flash, it should show another icon a different icon that you got a new message from somebody12:47
diverselike it should show that green circle with a yellow chat bubble12:48
Romstermy pidgin icon flashes a yellow face at me on pypanel12:57
Romsterdoesn't do that on xfce's panel12:57
diverseperhaps pypanel's systray is better?13:13
diverseyou can always replace xfce's panel with different panels13:15
Romsterya know that13:33
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BitPuffinah nice! there is a docker port in contrib!14:08
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Romsterhow do you add a user to a group again useradd does not have -a15:19
Romsteri have a mental block15:19
Romsteri thoguht it was useradd -a -G audio username15:20
Romsterbut useradd has no -a15:20
Romsterusermod -_-15:24
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z3bradiverse, just saw your message17:29
z3brano, `meh` does not setup wallpapers17:30
z3brathat's not the job of an image viewer17:30
diversez3bra: how do you set wallpapers?17:38
diverseRomster: there is also gpasswd -a <groups> <user>, which is what you are probably thinking17:38
diverseoh, hsetroot, I'll look into that17:46
Romsterforgot about that, i had one of them forgetful moments17:49
z3bradiverse, with hsetroot17:57
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diversez3bra: does hsetroot support setting different wallpapers on different screens on a multimonitor setup?19:29
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z3bradiverse, I don't think so.20:13
z3braNever tried that before20:14
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diversesup xvee20:53
xveehi diverse20:56
diversexvee: if you haven't read the logs, don't both with E in your test setup20:58
xveei did not see it. i actually did try it, and it wasn't playing nice with my nvidia drivers so i abondoned ship lol20:59
xveebut thanks for the heads up20:59
diverseyeah, avoid at all costs21:00
xveedid you have issues with it?21:01
diverseyes, multiple issues -_-21:01
xveewhat did you fall back to?21:02
xveeorangey goodness! lol21:02
xveei tried running crux with runit on my main machine, and for some reason, my temps went up lol21:03
diversewell, it's has pixmap theme support, if you look up some pekwm screenshots, you would be amazed at how sexy they are21:03
diverseI admit I don't like the original theme all that much21:03
xveethe original was quite boring21:04
xveehaven't checked out any screenshot21:04
diversejust google search pekwm21:04
diverseand go to images21:04
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xveeyea i did. man, everyones boxes are so nice21:06
xveemine has nothing in it. i dont even have a wallpaper lol21:06
diversewell you are using dwm21:06
xveeyea, people still fancy it up with conky and what not.21:07
xveethats actually really nice!21:08
diverseyeah, conky won't serve me well, since I like to maximize most windows21:08
diversexvee: how do you like the orange WM now?21:08
xveei mean...its alright....lol21:09
xveethats a really nice theme. the icon for the file manager are great too21:09
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diverseI might look at 2bwm in the future21:12
xveei'd like to see your setup once your done21:13
diverseit won't be anything special, just windows and wallpapers21:14
BitPuffinz3bra: you could use feh21:16
xveei should probably find me a wallpaper21:16
diverseBitPuffin: z3bra hates feh21:16
BitPuffindiverse: oh lol21:16
xveefeh is really easy to use to . when i checked the logs, i initially thought you wrote about feh lol21:16
BitPuffinoh so that's why it said "meh"21:16
BitPuffinwhy would anyone hate feh21:17
diversexvee: I probably did use feh a while back (since Romster helped me out) when I had to switch between E and pekwm, due to E's incompetent breakage with each major release. I could use feh or nitrogen, for wallpapers21:20
diverseBitPuffin: yeah, "meh" is another image viewer. Feh just doesn't cut it for everyday image viewing.21:21
diverseFor example, if you open up a really large image, feh doesn't understand your screen resolution and doesn't properly adjust to the screen21:24
*** jdolan has quit IRC21:24
diverseand I'm sure z3bra has other specifics21:30
xveefeh is a nightmare for regular image viewing21:31
xveeanyone here watch game of thrones?21:32
xveewhat shows do you watch?21:33
diverseoh yeah, Cosmos is coming on tonight! Fuck yeah!21:34
diverseI watch Daily Show, Colbert Report, Real Time with Maher, and The Tonight Show21:36
xveei like em' all except real time with maher. he could be a real a-hole sometimes21:37
diverseit's part of personality to be a narcissist, but he does bring up good points most of the time21:39
diverse*part of his21:39
diversethe only thing I don't like is when he brings in the ultra right-wing loudmouth idiots to his panel.21:40
cruxbot[compat-32.git/3.0]: openssl-32: updated to version 1.0.1g21:43
diverseSometimes I watch SNL too21:46
xveeyea i know what you mean21:48
xveenot sure the switch to run it was worth it. for some odd reason temps are getting really high21:48
diverseyou mean "runit"?21:48
jaegermaybe you used runithotter instead of runit :D21:48
xveeyea runit21:50
diversexvee: check which processes are running most of the CPU21:50
xveenothing is really running, thats the weird thing. the most cpu intesnive process is htop21:51
diverseman, one or more of the fans died in your case?21:51
xveeits a laptop and the fan is fine21:52
diverseprobably the cpu cooler died21:52
xveei think its a bumblebee issue21:52
xveenvidia optimus, never again.21:53
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diversexvee: did you get it to runitcooler?22:00
xveeno :(22:03
joacimtired of debian now. charset issues, and i cant figure out how to fix it. I feel old when I'm too lazy to learn different distros. rather just use crux or gentoo everywhere22:03
joacimmaybe some slackware here and there22:03
xveemight just start fromm scratch since chromium is been acting up for quite a while22:04
joacimdon't think starting from scratch will fix anything22:04
diversexvee is a do-it-from-scratcher ;)22:05
joacimhe can scratch my back if he wants22:05
joacimfeels good when someone else does it22:05
xveeask her to do it22:06
diversexvee: look into s6 while you are at it22:07
xveethe car? lol22:08
diverseno you car-nut22:08
xveeseems pretty cool22:10
xveeill read up on this22:10
diverseit's alternative to runit22:10
xveei saw a video of systemd and openrc being compared with gentoo running22:11
xveeapparently, systemd is a lot faster so i sorta kinda wanna try it22:11
xveelots of people hate it though22:11
diversego for it, no one is stoping you from jumping off the cliff22:12
jaegerSomebody made a crux port for it... horrorstruck, perhaps?22:12
jaegerI don't remember exactly22:12
diversejaeger: yes, it was horrorStruck22:12
xveei checked the portdb, it isn't ther22:13
xveejumping off a cliff? is it that bad?22:13
diversexvee: that depends on you22:13
diversewow, where the heck is horrorStruck's repo?22:15
xveeeh. im willing to play around for a bit longer. im going to wipe the system clean and start over soon anyway22:15
xveejust noticed it wasn't there too22:15
diverseI guess he must of left, so you are on your own with packaging systemd22:17
xveebummer :/22:17
diverseHave fun *cough*cuttingyourself*cough*!22:20
xveehaha i probaby wont do it22:25
xveeplus, these russian accidents are hilarious22:25
xveeim distracted22:25
diverseif you are that distracted, chances are, you are less willing to even start your system from scratch again22:30
diverseso runithotter!22:33
xveewell starting it from scratch takes a few minutes to get up and running22:33
xveeits the compiling part that takes a while22:33
jaegerthe trade for running a source-based distro22:45
diverseSigh, I don't understand why xvee just keeps throwing away installs and not cherishing it.22:47
diverse"Oh something is broken (again)! No choice but to start over again!"22:49
joacimyou talk as if he isnt here22:49
diverseThat's because he needs to hear it22:50
joacimsay it to him then22:51
diversealright, xvee, stop being a masochist!22:51
*** syncn has quit IRC22:51
xveei actually kept this install for a really long time22:53
xveeim not sure how to fix my chrome issue. im fairly sure my hard drive is ready to go22:53
jaegerIs the hard drive the problem rather than chrome itself?22:54
joacimor even ram issues22:54
xveei think so. for some reason, my profile keeps getting messed up. my tool bars all randomly reset22:54
diverseor the cpu cooler is broken22:54
joacimi've had my system completely lock up from watching movies, and usually only when watching movies. was caused by some bad ram.22:55
xveecpu cooler...lol22:55
joacimxvee: maybe you just need to reset the config for chrome22:55
xveei have multiple times. itll be fine for a day or so, then go back to hitting the shitter22:55
xveewhen i do open it, it takes forever to open a page then i get a warning that my profile is broken22:56
joacimhow bout a hdd and fs check22:57
diverseand memtest22:57
xveei did a memtest, had it on a usb stick and the ram checks out22:58
xveehaven't done a hdd test22:58
joacimran a memtest on my computer that had some bad ram. the memtest passed. ran for a day22:58
xveeoh man23:00
xveeill try swapping out the sticks and see if it still messes up23:00
joacim <- it'd look like this when it crashed. think it could've been a bad connection or something. Reseating the ram helped for a few days.23:00
xveewhat the23:03
xveemine just randomly locks up for a while, then tells me my profile is messed up23:04
joacimthis is a nice case23:06
joacimthey don't make em like they used to23:06
joacimmy lianli seems so flimsy compared to that one23:06
jaegerI need to sell my Lian-Li PC-60B23:14
joacimthinking about getting some noise dampening stuff for mine. to keep the panels from rattling23:16
jaegerI'm planning to rework my main box when the haswell refresh hits23:19
jaegerget an i5-4690k or whatever it is, move my SSDs and video card to it, put it in a Fractal Design Define Mini case23:20
joacimI'm upgrading to a Pentium 3 800 MHz23:21
joacim100 MHz FSB. Coppermine.23:22
joacimmight get me a voodoo card for that computer too. make myself a nice 1999 era computer23:24
jaegerplay some sick glquake or something23:24
joacimyeah. and unreal23:24
jaegerer, wait, it'd have to be glide :D23:24
joacimi think glquake will work23:24
jaegerMaybe. I've slept since then, can't remember for sure23:24
joacimalways wanted a voodoo card, but could never afford something like that23:25
*** jdolan has joined #crux23:57

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