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diverseor paint the logo on your face!00:01
joacimlike that nazi that lives in my town00:12
joacimneo nazi00:12
joacimhe has a swastika tattooed on his forehead00:13
diversethat's very creepy00:14
diverseWhat I meant was to paint his entire face like the people at American football competitions...00:16
joacimget a tattoo00:18
diverseif xvee wants one, I guess.00:20
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xveeno tattoos for me. next time ill make a sencil of it and paint it on my back or shorts lol02:54
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diversexvee: don't forget to see the Lunar Eclipse04:01
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nweGood morning05:16
diverseGood Red Moon!05:17
nwehow are you diverse ?05:26
diversedoing fine, going to watch the lunar eclipse in 30 minutes and witness how the nitrogen in our atmosphere bends and takes away the blue from the sunlight and see the red light shine on the moon05:28
nweoh okey :)05:29
nwebrb breakfast05:29
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xveediverse: i think the eclipse is at like 2 am06:01
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xveei got 2nd place today. total bs too.06:11
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diversexvee: no, it's starting now.07:23
diverseI barely can see it07:23
diversebut it's starting to go red07:23
diverseMars was pretty bright too07:31
xveei have my telescope setup outside :)07:32
diversejust hope the clouds don't block the view07:34
xveeim in LA though. ample amounts of light pollution07:34
xveeits a bit cloudy but isn't too bad07:35
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diversethe moon has a nice hue of red07:46
frinnstsky is just gray08:02
diversesince your in sweden, it's not in your view08:05
diversetechnically you are faced the other direction :P08:08
diversebut you can see it in the live youtube video08:10
Romsterhmm i probably can't see it in australia yet08:11
frinnstjaeger: did you every try vmware vsan?08:50
frinnstanybody else get spammed with "gzip: stdout: Broken pipe08:58
frinnstwhen running makewhatis?08:58
frinnstI see it on all my systems, but nobody else seems to08:59
Romsteri never knowingly use that command08:59
frinnstyeah its usually a cronjob in /daily08:59
frinnstunless you get mail from your cronjobs you probably wont notice it08:59
frinnstfeel free to run it and we will see if you get spammed by broken pipes09:01
Romsteryeah i'm spammed by gzip broken pipe09:03
frinnstseems like the latest gawk update causes it09:04
frinnstnot started to look into why, but good to know its not just me09:04
Romsternice find09:04
Romster i now have results from a spider09:05
Romsterfor version sorting09:05
Romsternow to extend it to search all Pkgfile project files.09:06
frinnstmake sure to publish that tool, looks very usefu´┐Ż09:09
Romsterwhen it's ready i'll publish it.09:42
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Romsteranyone got any ideas why adding more fonts causes horrible fonts on firefox?13:00
Romstercommented out use system cairo on firefox build no change13:01
jaegerfrinnst: I wanted to but the budget for anything like that got slashed this year13:01
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frinnsthave you tested it at all?13:17
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BitPuffintrying to get internet working in virtualbox16:22
BitPuffin(crux in the vm)16:22
BitPuffindhcpcd gives me an ip address but when I try to ping I get unknown host16:23
BitPuffinoh had to forward port 8016:26
diverseon your router or on your vm? You shouldn't have to port forward on your gateway16:59
diverseAlso you might not be using the right kernel network device modules for virtualbox17:00
BitPuffindiverse: on my vm17:03
diverseBitPuffin: sounds like you are having a driver issue, but how is it now?17:10
BitPuffindiverse: it worked after forwarding so no prob17:11
BitPuffinI'm just setting it up in virtualbox so I can do some stuff when I'm using the mac (which is most of the time). So I'm gonna start with creating a nimrod port17:11
BitPuffinwhat is the process of upgrading without using the iso?17:15
diverseyou mean just updating system regulary?17:16
joacimit is a bit old now, so it may not work the way it does there17:17
diverselooks pretty straightforward to me, just needs to be updated for 3.117:18
BitPuffina bit confused why the squashfs and chroot stuff is necessary though17:21
BitPuffinbtw, how do I know what is is the ports and what is part of the distribution?17:26
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BitPuffinhmm grub2 doesn't seem to wanna work20:23
BitPuffinI mean update20:23
BitPuffinit works20:23
BitPuffinbut updating it doesn't20:24
BitPuffingit doesn't build either20:37
jaegerIf you're asking for help, give some actual info such as error messages. "doesn't build" or "updating doesn't work" aren't helpful20:39
BitPuffinyeah I know20:40
BitPuffinI'm just waiting for the build so I can show the error20:40
BitPuffinsince I am trying again lol20:40
BitPuffinhttp-push.c doesn't find expat.h20:40
BitPuffinand the grub thing was that like grub-mkfont didn't exist20:41
BitPuffinoh wait20:41
BitPuffinI did install rather than depinst20:41
BitPuffinon git20:41
jaegeryeah, probably missing expat (git) and freetype (grub2)20:41
BitPuffinis there like a depupdate command or something?20:42
BitPuffinbecause I installed grub2 with pkgadd from the iso20:42
BitPuffinso that's probably why it didn't get freetype20:42
jaegerthere isn't currently. it's been talked about in the past20:54
dxtrSo how's this fine evening?20:57
jaegerfrustrating at the moment20:58
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: qemu-agent: 1.6.1 -> 1.7.122:43
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