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xveehows everyone's day going?05:46
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BitPuffinxvee: pretty aight!06:29
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diversegoing well enough06:40
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frinnsta lovely morning spoiled by java frustrations07:01
frinnsthow dare they call their shitty product after the most glorious elixir ever created?07:01
diversefrinnst: because when java was being developed, it was at a cafe. Also if you open up a .class file in a hexedit, you will notice the file's signature in hex is called "CAFEBABE" because the developers couldn't stop looking at the girl that comes by07:12
z3bra^ could watch this for a month without even noticing07:13
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diversez3bra: just curious, does 2bwm require using a provided config.h to configure?07:20
z3brathere is no #ifundef and such07:21
frinnstdiverse: yes i know, its still blasphemy07:33
frinnstif you are going to call something after this glorious beverage you'd best make sure its fucking brilliant07:33
diverseit's a shame07:34
diverselooks like Oracle is taking Java to the crapper afterall07:51
frinnstjava: write once, run nowhere07:52
diverseanother stupid thing I read what they are planning to do is remove primitive types (like int, long, double, char) from the language and make them class objects... -_-07:52
diverselike for java 9 or something07:53
nogagplzwell to be fair to oracle when was java not in the crapper07:53
diverseWhen Sun had Java, it was meant to be slow but run the same bytecode without recompiling to be portable and not break. Although I see the portable thing as bullshit itself, because the JVM is written in C++, so whereever you can run a C++ compiler, you can run Java essentially, but the primary point is not have to recompile for every platform aka "Write once, run everywhere" as it's original model. But since08:02
diverseOracle took over Sun, it's becoming more like what frinnst said.08:02
diverseAlso the safety model of using a VM for Java is ridiculous, because it's still susceptible to security exploits. Guess what it is written in? So trying to prevent the programmer from having any low level access features and trying to be safe with GC memory is mute. So yeah, nogagplz, you are right. When was it not in the crapper to begin with?08:14
diversefrinnst: too bad Java is a statically-typed compiled programming language like C is, right?08:17
diverse*Java isn't a08:18
diverseI really need to read what I type before I enter it08:18
diverseis there a way to make the text field in weechat 2 lines, instead of 1?08:30
Romsterjava u55 is out09:00
Romsteror is it best to goto 809:01
Romsteri should try openjdk09:01
diverseRomster: could you also bench it? frinnst thinks it's slower than original jdk.09:02
Romsteri'm not sure it's just no propriety crap in openjdk09:04
diversewell Oracle did say that openjdk is the reference model for 7 and above09:05
Romsteri would gather it wont be quite as fast yet in areas09:06
Romsternot quite as*09:06
Romsterbut hard to say without a test suite09:06
diverseit might not be as fast, but it probably (and I do say probably) is more reliable (the tradeoff of 'fast' vs 'great' remember?)09:09
Romsteryes and i just been lazy and used jdk09:12
Romsterexcept openssl defies the slow and secure09:12
frinnstopenjdk *is* slower, you can find benchmarks everywhere10:10
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diversefrinnst: people are also saying it's not as stable as oracle jdk and that openjdk tries to push out new features as fast as possible (by redhat *sigh*)11:26
diversetriple negative11:27
diverseand yet oracle jdk is a POS already?11:29
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BitPuffindiverse: errr it's not so much wherever you have a C++ compiler you can run Java12:18
BitPuffinthere is a whole lot of porting involved12:18
BitPuffinmaybe the actual language compiler itself12:18
BitPuffinbut the API needs to be ported as well12:18
diverseYeah, I was stating it in a high-level way and you added more to the point of why the "run anywhere" is bs12:20
BitPuffinah yeah12:21
BitPuffinwhen writing a package file12:22
BitPuffinHow can I achieve different behaviour the first time it is installed?12:23
BitPuffinie, when bootstrapping the git version of the nimrod compiler you download the csources, but afterwards you simply git pull and compile the compiler with the compiler12:24
diverseBitPuffin: see the git examples on portdb12:24
BitPuffinsomething like if cd blabla12:25
frinnstcool, i found another server to add to our internal vmware cluster, forgot it even existed12:32
frinnstbah, no mezzanine ergo no storage12:36
frinnstyeah hp's blade servers have an optional mezzanine card12:37
frinnstthis server lacked it, so no nics available for storage12:37
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jaegerfrinnst: I'm doing the opposite, retiring and removing my two oldest servers from the cluster :)12:54
jaegerFreeing up their licenses for 2 brand new mac pro servers12:55
jaeger <-- may need one of these12:55
BitPuffinhow do I set up a httpup repo on bitbucket?13:09
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BitPuffinhm, by adding \.git$ to my .httpup-repgen-ignore13:18
BitPuffinmy REPO file becomes empty13:18
BitPuffinalthough now it doesn't13:29
BitPuffinthe hell xD13:29
BitPuffinit was an empty line13:34
BitPuffinthat caused the emptyness13:34
BitPuffinI dunno how to write my .httpup-repgen-ignore file properly lol13:43
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frinnstjaeger: oh, gonna run osx on those? (why else would you use them?)14:13
frinnstthe osx license is so fucking stupid requiring mac hardware14:14
frinnstour internal server are ancient bl460c gen1 with a maximum of 40gb ram :)14:15
frinnstso quite memory starved14:16
frinnstheh, that rackmounting kit looks kinda awesome actually14:18
jaegerthey were bought to run OSX VMs on ESXi14:18
jaegerThey're way overkill since we only need like 3 OSX VMs14:18
jaegerbut our current mac ESXi server is an ancient xserve14:18
frinnsti saw kits for mac minis14:18
frinnstguess you could add a bunch of those too14:19
jaegerAnd we have 2 mac mini servers also... I honestly don't know why they bought the mac pros14:19
jaegermaybe because they're new and shiny14:19
frinnstoh, sonnet sold tose too14:19
BitPuffinat least the ports work14:19
BitPuffinI was sure there was a wiki article on how to use bitbucket for hosting ports about a year ago14:23
BitPuffinah seems simple14:29
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: qemu: include patch for SMART-related buffer overflow15:53
cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: qemu-all: include patch for SMART-related buffer overflow15:53
Romsterwho runs xfce4? "Failed to connect to the Trash. Operation not supported"15:54
diverseI think you need gvfs installed for trash iirc15:55
Romsteri see no gvfs anywhere in ports15:56
Romsterdoes it actually depend on thunar?15:56
Romsterthen i found this
Romsterand thought about service loading order.15:56
RomsterMake sure you have a file manager installed that15:57
Romstersupports the Xfce Trash service such as Thunar.15:57
Romsterand thunar is installed15:58
Romsterfew files in /usr/share/dbus-1/services/org.xfce.* but no mention of trashcan though org.xfce.Thunar.service16:00
Romstercat /usr/share/dbus-1/services/org.xfce.Thunar.service16:01
Romster[D-BUS Service]16:01
RomsterExec=/usr/bin/Thunar --daemon16:01
Romsterso i may have a dbus issue or ordering is incorrect16:01
diverseick, I would recommend you just go with spacefm, and download the Trash plugin for it16:01
Romsterhmm actually that spacefm is a really nice file manager16:01
Romsterdoes it support xfce though16:01
diverseit's a standalone filemanager16:02
Romsteryeah but will it make the xfce4 trash can functional.16:02
diverseand it's a hellava lot better than thunar16:02
Romsterthat's what i'm trying to get working.16:02
Romsterseen spacefm in a lice cd i use and i like that file manager so not doubting that.16:03
joacimdiverse: settled on centos16:03
joacimcould never get debian  to work right with utf-816:04
diverseRomster: spacefm won't contribute anything for thunar. What I recommend is moving away from thunar and set up spacefm since it's really easy to customize and there are plugins for it.16:05
diversejoacim: aw, for the server I take it?16:05
joacimhow hard can it be. had all the proper locales generated, and my system seemed to be properly configured16:06
Romsterand it's trash can will work similer i hope16:06
diversejoacim: cool16:08
joacimweechat and tmux are a bit outdated now, but it works well. would be even better if i could use crux on that vps. =)16:09
diversejoacim: too much work to get it set up on a VPS?16:11
Romsterwhos Maximilian Dietrich the spacefm port is .2 versions behind.16:12
Romsterah thanks diverse i had trouble looking for the plugins16:12
diverseRomster: also, if you want to support external device checking, you need to install udevil (by the same IgnorantGuru dude) which will compliment spacefm16:12
Romsteryeah i read that16:13
diverseRomster: the maintainer is doomicide on irc, I'm waiting for him to come online to tell him16:13
diversehe pops in and out randomly16:14
Romstersome of my stuff needs checking too. now that i got a somewhat operational spider version sort going i'll start on making a Pkgfile checker for ports.16:15
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Romsterthen i'll never be behind on versions again. except when prjoect pages move perhaps.16:16
Romsterdiverse, ok how to make spacefm the default file manager in xfce?16:23
diversethe exo helper again16:23
Romstera that... i really ought to setup this other laptop with xfce i'm just too content on pekwm on my desktop16:23
diverseI'm amazed at how much I still remember about xfce...16:26
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cruxbot[xorg.git/3.0]: xorg-xproto: updated to 7.0.2617:37
cruxbot[xorg.git/3.0]: xorg-fontsproto: updated to 2.1.317:37
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diversedoomicide where are you?18:51
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frinnstheh, just set up mail routing on one of my subnets at home20:22
frinnstlovely to see cronjob reports from 2012 in my inbox :D20:22
joacimI think people realised the earth is round long before the 15th century20:37
joacimthat whole Columbo thing was because the guy figured the earth was smaller than it was20:37
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