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frinnstcool, vmware e1000 oom bug06:29
teK__qemu <307:27
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BitPuffin"Turned out one of our systemd service files had an empty line at the end of it, and systemd does not put up with that. It just simply skipped over this offending file and a critical service was not being started." lol ._.08:42
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Romsteromg seriously systemd can't handle white space.09:17
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frinnstreminds me of strongswan09:27
frinnsttheir configfiles are sooo fucking sensitive its not even funny09:27
BitPuffincould possibly be a bug that's been fixed as well10:10
BitPuffinbut on the other hand who knows with systemd lol10:11
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: [notify] jre: update to 1.7.0_5510:23
cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: mupdf: update to 1.410:23
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BitPuffinlooks like it's close to done then? lol11:43
BitPuffinokay so what do you guys think11:48
BitPuffinI think I'm planning to run 3 kernels on my crux installation11:49
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BitPuffinthe one that I run the most: always bleeding edge RC version, so that I can help test linux and report bugs etc11:49
BitPuffinthe one I'll fall back on when RC doesn't work: latest release version11:50
BitPuffinthe one I'll fall back on when release doesn't work: the one that came with crux11:50
BitPuffinnot on server ofc11:54
BitPuffinbut on desktop/laptop11:54
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: samba: update to 4.1.712:37
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dxtrDoes it come a kernel with crux?13:13
BitPuffindxtr: not pre-built but it comes pre-configured and stuff for compilation13:13
teK__there are inofficial ports and the installation medium has a standard configuration13:13
dxtrI never realized that. I have my own configs :P13:15
BitPuffinBtw, what's the main differences with how Gentoo, Slackware and CRUX does things13:16
BitPuffinI've only ever used CRUX13:16
BitPuffinbecause it seems to be the "simplest"13:16
teK__we dont have USE flags..13:17
dxtrSlackware is kinda cool, but there's something itching me every time I use it13:19
BitPuffinteK__: you mean when we wanna customize bulids we modify the Pkgfile instead?13:20
dxtr <- These are my kernel configs :13:20
teK__BitPuffin: that's right.13:21
dxtrBitPuffin: Yeah, Gentoo is more like freebsd in that there are "options" to configure13:21
joacimBitPuffin: modifying the Pkgfile usually means you have to maintain your own version of it13:21
teK__yet I never had to do that13:21
dxtrI have modified sshd to include pam support13:21
joacimdont have to maintain your own ebuild to build certain packages without x11 or gtk13:22
dxtrFreeBSD ports <313:22
dxtrI like all the BSDs, actually :P13:23
dxtropenbsd-current as my laptop OS (When I don't have the MBP), openbsd-release as my firewall, freebsd-release as my server and netbsd when I'm feeling adventurous13:24
teK__laptop OS? brave. Drivers? Who needs drivers?13:24
dxtrHaven't tried dfly but I'm meaning to. I mean, it has LVM support13:24
dxtrteK__: I'm not missing any drivers..13:24
teK__lucky you13:25
dxtrBut I'm actually running CRUX on my ARM hardware. And on my mini-itx server13:26
dxtrAnd right now I'm not running openbsd on my firewall. Work bought me an edgerouter lite13:27
dxtrOfcourse I could install openbsd on it, but the devs tell me performance won't be the same (The compilers that optimize for octeon and use hardware acceleration are commercial) so I don't feel like trying right now13:28
dxtrI usually don't care much about performance but when I'm shuffling >=100Mbps in both directions I don't want the firewall to decide it's too much and give up :P13:30
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BitPuffinjoacim: ah, but that's not really all that nice is it?14:32
BitPuffininstead of having options14:32
BitPuffinwhat we could do is have a flag on what to set to a variable14:33
BitPuffinso in the pkgfile someone couldjust define a variable called say CUSTOM_FLAGS or something14:33
BitPuffinand they would put it in the build command14:33
BitPuffinhmm, but I guess that wouldn't work well if that output extra binaries that we wanted etc if they were installed manually14:33
joacimit is simple tho14:53
joacimebuilds are rather complicated compared to Pkgbuilds14:53
joacimmost software is able to pick up optional features during the configure stage anyways14:54
joacimif you want to enable the optional lua support in something, just install lua and rebuild the package14:55
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BitPuffinjoacim: ebuilds is the gentoo packages?16:34
BitPuffinI doubt I'll have an issue doing that16:35
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cruxbot[core.git/3.0]: man: new source URL17:58
diversedxtr: which out of the BSDs is your most favorite?18:02
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xveeMan, this schools WiFi and crux refuse to play nice lol18:42
diversein what way?18:43
xveeEvery time I dhcp, it gets deauthed18:44
xveeEven the open WiFi gets deauthed18:44
tilmanthe what gets whatted?18:44
xveeIt refuses to connect to the open WiFi. Dmesg says it couldn't connect because of reason 318:45
xveeIt authenticated but still doesn't assign an ip18:47
xveeI tried unhooking wpa-supplicant to dhcp like last time, still no go18:48
diversecampus wifi usually requires that you log into something before you can have access18:49
xveeWell, they have one that has a password and one that doesn't. Using WPA supplicant gets deauthed every time and the one without a password doesn't really connect18:50
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diverseah fuck, I missed my chance18:52
xveeI'll play around it a bit more18:54
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xveewoot. got it!18:56
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xveethe first couple acess points dont assign ips. had to change the access point19:05
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BitPuffinis it possible to use NSS or GNUTLS as a drop in replacement for openssl or is it kinda application specific? As a developer I'm guessing the latter19:48
tilmananyone know why theo uses comic sans in his slides btw?19:51
tilmannot sure if he's trolling :)19:51
teK__asked myself before..19:51
joacimI don't see any comic sans19:56
frinnstits the corporate font of choice19:57
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joacimif you own a small business, you also need a picture of your dog19:58
tilmandunno where i found hem19:59
diversenice site20:02
diverseI got Romster yesterday to switch from openssl to gnutls on his aria2 port20:02
BitPuffindiverse: aha, but they probably let you do that with a flag right?20:06
diverseYeah they let you, but actually if you had both gnutls and openssl installed, without using any flags, gnutls has precedence over openssl by default during the build20:08
diversein aria2 I mean20:08
diverseSo developers know how to pick favorites ;P20:08
diverseall Romster had to do was remove the --with-openssl flag20:09
BitPuffinbut yeah so there is no generic ssl library that can have a backend of either20:09
BitPuffinthat's a damn shame actually20:09
BitPuffinbecause if we did that20:09
BitPuffinthen when one was less secure than the others20:09
BitPuffinyou could swap backend20:09
diverseyou mean, if there was a consistent API between all ssl/tls implementations?20:12
diversein a perfect world, yeah.20:17
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: qemu: 1.7.1 -> 2.0.021:50
cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: qemu-agent: 1.7.1 -> 2.0.021:57
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: qemu-all: 1.7.1 -> 2.0.022:28
jaegerAnyone still messing with steam in CRUX? Mine's refusing to produce any sound, very annoying22:49
jaegerI used to at least get navigation sounds in big picture mode but now there's nothing22:49
BitPuffinjaeger: I will be doing it22:52
tilmanexport SDL_AUDIODRIVER=alsa23:08
tilmanthe former might help with that23:08
teK__worked ootb for me, iirc23:09
teK__yep. no export needed23:11
teK__I'm using a generic ALSA setup with a intel hd something chip23:11
diverseyou can see the chip in alsamixer23:13
teK__IbexPeak fwiw23:13
BitPuffincan someone who maintains a steam port ples remove nvidia dep so I don't have to have my own port?23:18
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BitPuffinjust add like an echo "Optional dependency: nvidia-bla"23:19
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diverseit would be labeled as "Nice to have:"23:45
Romsterhonestly i'd prefer "Optional:" but it seems to be set as "Nice to have:"23:50
RomsterBitPuffin, whos steam port?23:50
Romsterprt-get info steam23:50
BitPuffinRomster: all of them have it23:52
diverseyeah, "Optional:" would be more accurate23:54
BitPuffinI'd echo it as well so that it's printed in the build process23:54
BitPuffinconsidering not everyone reads the pkgfile I guess23:54
RomsterBitPuffin, well i wanna get steam running and i'd never list nvidia23:55
Romsteras it's considered an optional dep23:55
Romsterand depends on who has a nvidia video card23:55
BitPuffinand I don't have one23:55
Romsteryou can do prt-get depinst steam --ignore=nvidia23:55
Romsterbut i wanna work on my steam port and publish that at some point it's not working correctly yet23:56
Romsterdo you actually have a working steam port?23:57
Romsterso many of them23:57

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