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BitPuffinI am currently in the process of moving all my data on arch to  my desktop so I can install crux on it00:00
Romsterah is it working on arch?00:01
Romsteri can go troll there buildfile.00:01
BitPuffinyeah it worked on arch00:06
Romstercool i'll use that as a base.00:06
diversewhen in doubt, raid a pkgbuild ;)00:08
Romsteror gentoo or slackware or anyhting else findable.00:08
Romsterthey raided ours so it's only fair in the GNU spirit :D00:09
diverseTrue :)00:09
BitPuffinarch is not much like crux anymore unfortunately00:12
Romsterthey have diverged lots.00:13
diversebut we can still take what they have taken from ours00:13
Romstercrux is probably a bit more effort being more minimal the cost of being less abstraction is flexibility and more effort to maintain00:13
BitPuffinwell their PKGBUILDS used to be similar00:15
BitPuffinbut now they are bloated up00:15
BitPuffinand their init system used to be like identical00:15
BitPuffinbut now that is systemd00:16
BitPuffinand we all know the perils of systemd00:16
BitPuffinRomster: yeah but what you get with the extra effort is a nicer system00:16
diverseBitPuffin: it's still easy to raid them, they just made it more abstract, is all.00:17
BitPuffindiverse: yeah00:17
BitPuffinhowever their package format is nearly binary compatible00:17
BitPuffinIn fact a year ago I tried installing an arch package on crux and it worked00:17
BitPuffinnot a good idea00:18
BitPuffinbut it worked00:18
RomsterBitPuffin, that is so true. like i got crux on 6 machines so far ones a firewall 2 desktops and 3 servers all with different requirement's.00:19
BitPuffinRomster: and they work good? :) what do you use for firewall?00:21
Romsteryeah they work as intended.00:26
Romsteryes iptables00:26
Romsterand tc for QoS00:26
BitPuffinRomster: My plan is no run crux and have a docker image for all services on the system00:28
BitPuffinso that they are securely isolated00:28
Romsterit's nearlt time i rebuild my firewall with a better system and clean out the junk but it's doing it's intended job00:28
BitPuffinso for example I can run my email server and website side by side without worrying about someone getting access to my email by compromising the website00:28
Romsteri have a box purely for firewall with 2 nicks in it to my internal network00:28
BitPuffinit also makes it flexible so that what I can do to move the website to a better server is that I can just move the container haha00:28
BitPuffinand point it to the new ip00:29
BitPuffinRomster: would be interesting to see how crux would perform as a router00:29
BitPuffinI was thinking it would also be possible to perhaps squeeze my last DO credits out by using it to spin up a temporary server to put the website and stuff on as I do maintainence (such as upgrading kernel) but I would most likely already be done when before the DNS would update lol00:33
Romsteras long as they don't get into the box itself00:42
BitPuffinRomster: yeah00:43
BitPuffinRomster: but it does give some extra security :)00:43
Romsterdocker didn't exist when i did my setup VM's were all the rage.00:44
Romsteri may do things differently now when i redo stuff.00:44
diverseyou also got boinc to try out00:53
BitPuffinUse the idle time on your computer (Windows, Mac, Linux, or Android) to cure diseases, study global warming, discover pulsars, and do many other types of scientific research. It's safe, secure, and easy00:53
BitPuffinseems cool but how does it relate at all to docker lol00:55
diverseit's network parallel process computing, which he could use00:55
diverseit's something else00:56
BitPuffintoo bad cancer research wasn't computing intensive00:57
BitPuffinwell I don't have cancer haha00:58
diversebut others do00:58
BitPuffina collegue survived it and a neighbor didn't00:58
diverseanyway this isn't about medical research, it's a tool he could use to enhance his computing performance, since he uses distcc00:59
diversesometimes which he can use to contribute to Crux01:00
BitPuffinby the way, does anyone here know an appropriate tiny power efficient cheap computer thing to build a router with?01:00
BitPuffinWould kick ass to make a crux router :D01:01
BitPuffinmaybe a cubox01:06
BitPuffinhowever I wonder how much work it would be to get crux running on ARM01:06
Romsteri'll be using moosefs or something similar soon too.01:45
BitPuffinI feel like CRUX and its tinyness would be awesome for embedded platforms01:53
jaegerI ran crux on a WRAP for a while, worked fine01:54
jaegerPC Engines thing01:54
jaegeryou might want to go look at the supported ARM devices, too01:56
BitPuffindo you guys think CRUX would cross compile to arm?01:56 appears to be down at the moment01:56
BitPuffindidn't know that existed01:57
Romsterwell there is crux for arm too01:57
Romsterand i'm a bit late01:57
BitPuffinit's pretty impossible though to find a board with gigabit ethernet ._.01:57
BitPuffinI don't even have gigabit here01:57
BitPuffinso maybe it's not a biggo :P01:57
Romsternot unless you wanna move lots of data i got gigabit 8 port switch01:58
Romsterrunning out of ports01:58
Romsteri should of went for a 16 port switch01:58
BitPuffinI really want the LAN to be fast01:58
BitPuffinI was only thinking about my connection speed01:59
BitPuffinbut it would be sweet if it could push a lot of traffic on the LAN as well01:59
Romsterwont matter for net speed but i transfer files across my n01:59
BitPuffinyeah exactly02:00
joacimI'm only using two out of 4 ports on my AP02:00
BitPuffinis Per Lidén Swedish?02:01
joacimsomeone stole my switch a few years ago, but i'm not really missing it02:01
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BitPuffin1gb ethernet02:04
*** tilman has joined #crux02:05
BitPuffinI might actually get this02:09
BitPuffinfucken sweet02:09
Romsterthat's going back a bit though02:34
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jaegertilman: forgot to answer earlier, I've tried SDL_AUDIODRIVER, no luck there05:12
jaegerah, had to use my own openal-32 instead of the lib that ships with steam05:29
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Romster may not be work safe.06:28
diverseRomster... WTF am I watching?06:47
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diversedid you meant to paste 2 separate links? because you pasted it twice06:49
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tilmanjaeger: ah. these days the only dependency you need to install manually is mesa3d-32. everything else ships with steam afaik07:13
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Romsteroops same 107:40
diverseafter watching the first half, I stopped, went to the bathroom and vomit my guts out.07:49
diverseAlright, I am being facetious. Although I wasn't expecting that for a NSFW.08:05
diversenote to self: stop being sarcastic or facetious08:08
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nogagplzdamnit Romster, now I need to make jelly beans08:33
diversejelly beans nogagplz-style08:35
diversenogagplz: check out the twinkie recipe one08:36
diverseif you are not satisfied with jelly beans08:37
nogagplzwere twinkies the things that were discontinued08:37
diverseyeah, they were, but I think they got picked back up by another company, although the memory fuzzy on that08:38
diversebut you can learn to make some twinkies yourself, nogagplz-style08:41
nogagplznah there aren't enough eggs locally08:43
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Romsterlol nogagplz08:53
Romsterdiverse, i said not safe for work08:53
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diverseRomster: more like "not safe for stomach" after eating a meal08:58
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diversedoomicide: you need to update spacefm, it's 2 versions behind12:35
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: spacefm: 0.9.2 -> 0.9.412:39
doomicideDone, thank you for the tip.12:39
doomicideI recently moved and only have internet when I'm home over the weekend :/12:40
diverseAh, good thing I caught you in time12:41
doomicideYep, thanks again. The first thing I do is to check for updates on github etc, but I must've missed spacefm.12:43
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jaegertilman: I found some reports online that the bundled openal lib was broken. Replaced it with my own and sure enough, got sound. Only in native games and big picture mode, though, it doesn't work in streaming still14:01
tilmanjaeger: ok, i have no idea about steam streaming14:04
jaegerthe performance is fine, just can't hear anything :)14:05
jaegerIn big picture mode the sound stuff is inconsistent as hell, though, so I'm sure that's why it's a problem14:05
jaegersometimes the device is "built-in audio" and "analog stereo mix"14:06
jaegerother times it's "HDMI Audio" and then I have stereo and 5.1 options14:06
jaegerSometimes it says "no device is plugged into the output you're trying to send sound to"14:06
jaegerSometimes all 3 of these happen in the same session! none of them produce any sound14:06
jaegerI think I might just dedicate a different drive to SteamOS and remove Steam from the CRUX side, leaving that as my XBMC install14:07
tilmansteam's alsa support seems lackluster in general14:08
tilmaneg when it comes to their device selection dialog14:08
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jaegeryeah, extremely odd. It's annoying that it can change mid-session14:08
joacimMy PSU (not the fan) is making ticking noises. Is that bad?14:22
rexichhello all! joacim, change it, don't risk ;)14:50
diversedo it before it explodes!14:52
joacimexplosions are kinda fun14:52
jaegerI don't trust electronic devices that tick unless they're meant to, like a clock14:57
jaegerand since your PSU is basically the only component that can destroy all your other components, I'd suggest replacement14:58
joacimthink psus from this maker is known to make ticking noises14:58
joacimmine didnt start ticking until recently. not too bad for a 10 year old PSU14:58
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joacimIs a 450W PSU with a 36A 12V rail good enough for a GTX ?60 and i5?15:15
joacimThe CM v450s is on sale15:15
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jaegerdepends on what the ? in ?60 is, probably15:38
jaeger460 or 560, I'd guess maybe... higher than that, I doubt it15:39
jaegeryou could put your parts into something like pcpartpicker and see what it estimates15:40
joacimGTX 260 currently, but would like to upgrade in the future15:41
joacimthinking i might as well get a PSU capable of my future system too15:41
dxtrjoacim: 36A? Wut?15:48
dxtrAre you sure about this+15:48
joacimI see the steam box has a 450W PSU for a rather high end card15:49
dxtrWhere does it say 36A?15:51
dxtrBecause that's a lot of electricity :P15:51
joacimAC INPUT / DC OUTPUT section15:51
joacimI see most graphics card makers put 36A as the requirement for their GTX 76015:52
dxtrOh right15:52
dxtrNow I see15:53
dxtrSilly me15:53
dxtrI somehow thought you meant 36A input15:53
dxtrI was like "I don't even have fuses for >10A"15:53
joacim5V rail is a lot weaker on these new psus. my current one has a 45A 5V rail15:54
joacimGTX 780 + 450 PSU15:56
joacimthink i'll be ok15:56
dxtrSo TIL I shoudn't lick GPUs while they're on15:59
dxtrThis kills the human16:00
joacimworse than licking a 9V battery?16:00
dxtrjoacim: :D16:05
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joacimyo homes21:54
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