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BitPuffinhmm, Romster is running debian, heresy!00:01
joacimI'm running centos on my server ;)00:01
joacimwill be hosting my ports there instead of on github i think. just need a good way of syncing them to my server first00:03
Romsteri used debian years ago now i run crux on everything00:19
BitPuffinRomster: well it says the server is running debian00:22
Romsterjoacim, oops that was smart of me use my system footprint than one out of a clean build environment.00:24
Romsterah yeah that host is00:24
RomsterBitPuffin, i have as well00:26
Romsterbut not so much there yet00:26
joacimthe one in opt is fine. it was just me not noticing prt-get picked the one from a private repo00:26
BitPuffinRomster: which also says it's running debian XD00:26
Romsteri remoeved itout of my personal repo00:26
Romsternot my server BitPuffin00:27
joacimtrying to think of a hostname for my server. I feel got old.00:27 was a good idea i can do any 3rd level names i want.00:27
BitPuffinRomster: oh I see00:27
BitPuffinjoacim: quite good00:27
Romsternothing wrong with that one joacim00:28 sounds great for a personal site, but i dont think subdomains look that good00:29
Romsterah that footprint is fine...00:30
Romsteryou probably had my romster repo one that would of had everything in it's footprint00:31
Romstermaybe not for sub-domains00:31
joacimcurrently use for the server00:32
Romsterit's always hard to come up with a good name00:35
BitPuffinI just have bitpuffin.com00:36
BitPuffincould probably have bitpuff.in00:36
BitPuffinbut .com's land higher in search00:36
BitPuffinofc is probably taken00:36
joacimyeah that swedish cunt00:36
joacimjoacim malin or something like that00:36
joacimhe steals all the good hostnames and usernames00:36
BitPuffinI'm swedish as well00:36
BitPuffinRomster: when I move out I'm gonna have a router running CRUX I think00:37
BitPuffinfeels like it would be badass00:37
Romsterit is00:37
Romsteri wanted but they wanted too much for it..00:40
BitPuffinyou should check r.com00:47
Romstermesses up my rom.ster bit though01:02
Romsteri forgot i could also add too but no idea what i'd use that for.01:02
joacimi like ster.so01:03
nogagplzwho did you buy the name from romster01:33
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Romsternogagplz, dynadot02:45
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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: extremetuxracer: 0.5beta -> 0.6.006:08
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: qemu: fix CVE-2014-015018:58
cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: qemu-all: fix CVE-2014-015018:58
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BitPuffinCVE in qemu?19:46
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diversehey horrorSt1uck is back!19:56
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horrorSt1uck:) i've been away for a week or so only...19:58
diversewhat happened to your repo?19:59
BitPuffinI wonder if the guy who has the SBCL port is still around19:59
BitPuffinit is pretty outdated19:59
horrorSt1uckoh this is long gone... i did not really keep it up to date so it was better to rm -rf it i guess...20:01
horrorSt1uckand well, those ports weren't really succesful here :P20:02
diverseso systemd didn't work out for you?20:04
horrorStruckstill using it... and enjoying it !20:05
diverseah, well some users came by and wanted to use it on their systems, so I pointed to you.20:05
horrorStruckah ok, i have freshest and latest ports but my migration how-to needs a serious clean-up20:06
diverseyour port helps serve that niche20:07
diverseand maybe it would get nogagplz back to using crux20:07
horrorStrucki could publish them again but without a proper README it would be painful to migrate20:08
nogagplzdon't insult me20:08
nogagplzI still use crux, just in a chroot20:08
horrorStruckyou're using IIRC so you must be a systemd guru by now20:09
horrorStruckusing arch*20:09
nogagplzhow quickly can you come to australia horrorStruck20:09
horrorStrucknowadays 24hrs20:10
BitPuffinI was using arch for years but I'm no systemdguru20:10
nogagplzgood, I need to slap you20:10
BitPuffinand that's the problem with systemd20:10
BitPuffinyou don't know how it works unless you go really deep into it20:11
BitPuffinbut with a regular init system it's obvious what it's doing20:11
nogagplzyeah, like, journalctl deep20:11
horrorStruckdiverse: do you remember who was interested in those ports?20:15
diversexvee was20:15
horrorStruckah :)20:15
diversehorrorStruck: just keep in mind, you will hear me ranting about it, but I'm for choice and won't stop anyone from using it if they choose to. ;)20:19
horrorStruckno problem, i was very much angry about it too, at first... just changed my mind after using it a bit. i'm not trying to convince anyone but i must say i'm very happy with systemd.20:23
diverseI may disagree with what you use, but I will fight to the death for your right to use it!20:23
nogagplzworks for me20:25
diversenogagplz: you have to die too, you are part of this as anyone20:25
nogagplzit is not my time yet20:26
diversetoo late20:26
nogagplzthis mortal injury has opened my eyes as to why glx won't work on my powerbook20:26
nogagplzthe reason is...20:27
frinnstwow, orphan black. what a nice surprise20:29
frinnstrecommended tv-show20:29
diversenogagplz: crappy gpu?20:31
nogagplzdunno, bled out before I could figure it out20:31
diverseoh that's right20:32
diverseI wonder how Romster is going to feel about this? Hmm... might have to bury you somewhere to hide the evidence20:34
nogagplzhe'll feel the same as he always feels20:35
nogagplzlike frank zappa20:35
diverseoh alright, that makes things easier20:35
nogagplzdid somebody say hitler
diverseI think you are the only one ;P20:36
diversehorrorStruck: good to see you back20:39
horrorStruckdiverse: thanks :)20:40
nogagplzyou rolled a 1 when you tried to cast resurrect, and blew both of your arms into next week22:03
nogagplzno more being a cleric for you22:04
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diversenogagplz: actually, it's not really a resurrect spell. It may look like one, but what it does is distort the space-time continuum in which your body went in a time reversal bringing you back to the state before I cut your throat, as if you weren't harmed. It's what I did to counter your sniping earlier. And it doesn't cost anything to do.22:10
nogagplzyou can't out run the dice22:11
diverseI don't need dice, like I said, it's not magic.22:12
nogagplzdon't let the dice hear you say that22:12
diversewhat dice?22:16
nogagplzthe almighty d2022:18
diversearen't you glad to be back alive?22:21
diversenogagplz: ^22:27
nogagplzno I'm not22:28
diversenogagplz: why not?22:30
nogagplzbecause now I'm tortured once again by that mysterious glx problem22:30
diversewell I can't cut your throat again, that would be out of style, hmm...22:32
diversenogagplz: can have your sniper?22:35
diverseoh, this looks like it would do22:41
diverseproblem solved, in a new style22:41
diversesorry Romster, he wanted to die afterall22:44
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