IRC Logs for #crux Wednesday, 2014-04-23

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prologicThis isn't too bad an article :)00:52
BitPuffinthe crux installation is so nice :D01:00
prologicYeah I have to update it actually01:01
prologicthe ports are now in contrib01:01
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BitPuffinprologic: the docker ports?01:11
prologicthey're in contrib01:17
prologicprt-get depinst docker01:17
prologicprt-get readme docker01:17
prologicfollow kernel instructions01:17
BitPuffindidn't know about prt-get readme01:18
BitPuffinthere is a readme file in the port right01:18
BitPuffinso I can just read that on my local system and do the stuff on the server01:18
BitPuffinah, or I guess I could just tmux01:19
prologicwhichever :)01:19
prologicbut yes read the README instructions carefully01:19
prologicand use the script provided01:19
prologicand you'll have a full working Docker env01:19
BitPuffinI guess it's important to have containers enabled XD01:26
BitPuffinman grub-script-check is sllooooww01:26
prologicwell if you do use CRUX on the Desktop01:29
prologicwhich I do01:29
prologicit's all kinda of useful and handy01:29
prologicespecially with a nice setup like mine with skydock+skydns+hipache and a wildcard A record on some domain you own pointed at your Desktop's skydns name server :)01:30
BitPuffinyou mean docker on desktop?01:30
prologicI mean CRUX+Docker (as a Desktop)01:31
prologicOr CRUX+Docker as a Server somewhere :)01:31
prologicwhichever :) or both :)01:31
BitPuffintrying to add windows to my grub.cfg01:33
BitPuffinbut all I get is cannot find command `chainloader+1´01:33
prologicWindows? serious? :)01:34
prologicWho needs that? :P01:34
BitPuffinI do01:34
prologicStream for Linux ftw :)01:34
prologicWindows in VirtualBox01:34
BitPuffinwell :P01:34
BitPuffinThat's not really gonna work well with games01:34
prologicI can find no real good reason to boot "into" Windows :)01:34
BurnZeZWhat the heck01:34
prologicHave you tried? :)01:34
BitPuffinand steam for linux doesn't have everything yet01:34
prologicNo this is True01:35
BitPuffinprologic: well my hardware is pretty shitty so I can't have the additional overhead of a vm :P01:35
prologicWindows as a Docker container :)01:35
prologicIt's possible :)01:35
BurnZeZWhat's up with /lib and /usr/lib ?01:35
BitPuffinbut yeah I have a very small windows partition :P I try to do errthin in linux01:35
prologicGood question01:35
BurnZeZWhy these two locations?01:35
BitPuffinbut are you gonna help me rather than argue lol01:35
prologicShort answer; I don't know01:35
prologicI believe /lib is for system libraries01:36
prologicwhilst /usr/lib is user installed libraries01:36
prologicyou may find glibc lives in /lib?01:36
BurnZeZ% ldd Dwarf_Fortress01:36
BurnZeZ./Dwarf_Fortress: error while loading shared libraries: /usr/lib32/ invalid ELF header01:36
prologicsorry don't know01:37
BurnZeZSo I looked at that file01:37
BitPuffinbug mebe?01:38
BurnZeZfug, one sec01:38
BitPuffinstupid internet01:40
BitPuffinit's chainloader +1 not chainloader+101:40
BurnZeZSo I really have no idea what that file is, or how it's supposed to be used01:41
BitPuffinBurnZeZ: so you have 32 bit libc installed?01:42
BitPuffinperhaps it is corrupt or something, try recompiling it01:42
BurnZeZThat's the file01:42
BurnZeZIt's not a binary file01:43
BurnZeZIt's some sort of GNU thing01:43
BitPuffinjust because it is GNU doesn't mean it is immune to corruption01:43
BurnZeZNo, I mean, it's some sort of script01:44
BitPuffinthat's weird01:44
BitPuffinit's not supposed to be a script xD01:44
BitPuffinyour system has been compromised01:44
BurnZeZ/* GNU ld script01:45
BurnZeZ   Use the shared library, but some functions are only in01:45
BurnZeZ   the static library, so try that secondarily.  */01:45
BurnZeZGROUP ( /lib32/ /usr/lib32/libc_nonshared.a  AS_NEEDED ( /lib32/ ) )01:45
BurnZeZThat's the file01:45
BitPuffinyay (or nay) I can now boot windows!01:45
BitPuffinwell google it I guess01:45
jaegeryes, that's normal, you can relax01:51
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BitPuffinsysup is running01:57
BitPuffintime to goto work XD01:58
BitPuffinyay I'm happy, I now have crux on all my computers ;_; except the mac01:59
BitPuffinofc they need configuration, still running kernel 3.6 and haven't added a user, right now I'm just updating as root02:00
BitPuffinI know it's bad, but to just do a prt-get sysup after a fresh install I think it's ok02:00
BitPuffinbecause I am only updating things from CRUX core tam02:00
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BurnZeZOh god02:09
BurnZeZI just threw musl into dwarf fortress libs folder and it all works now02:09
BurnZeZSo the problem looks like it's something related to SDL libs not understanding how to interpret those files02:11
jaegerI used to play DF fairly frequently... crazy game02:13
BurnZeZI tried it a couple times before but didn't get anywhere02:14
BurnZeZThe UI was too difficult02:14
jaegerIt's hard to get far, easy to lose early02:14
BurnZeZI found someone that remapped some of the keys to make it less insanity and guesswork02:15
jaegerAnd no matter what kind of computer you have it'll lag badly once you have a lot of migrants :)02:15
BurnZeZWe'll see about that02:15
BurnZeZ( ¬‿¬)02:15
jaegerI have a 2600k as well and had it clocked at 4.5GHz02:15
jaegerThe game just isn't well enough optimized02:16
jaegernot to worry, though, that takes a while02:16
jaegerI think I had probably upwards of 250 dwarves at that point02:16
jaegerlast time I played was over a year ago, though. I wonder how much it's changed since then02:18
BitPuffinwtf you need that much CPU for df?02:18
jaegerheh, the download link is the same one I played02:18
jaegerthe game running slower can actually help you manage things at times02:19
BitPuffinthey should make it use delta time ;)02:20
jaegerdwarftherapist is also really handy once you have a lot02:20
BurnZeZNo, that would not work at all02:20
jaegerIf you want some decent tutorial help for getting started with DF, cptnduck did one:
BurnZeZWill check him out02:26
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BitPuffinRomster: how's the steam port going? :)04:05
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BitPuffinokay so04:56
BitPuffinwhat's the preferred command for shutting down04:56
BitPuffinis it poweroff?04:56
BitPuffinthat's what I tend to use04:56
BitPuffinbut then there is shutdown and halt, I don't think one should use halt at least lol04:56
jaegershutdown -h == halt, shutdown -P == poweroff (I believe)05:01
BitPuffinwell why would you use shutdown instead of calling poweroff or halt respectively05:03
jaegerno idea05:04
jaegerI use poweroff and reboot often05:05
BitPuffinyeah those are the ones I use05:06
BitPuffinapparently halt returns control to a ROM monitor05:06
BitPuffinwhereas poweroff just turns of the power05:06
BitPuffindon't even know what's better -_-05:06
BitPuffinapparently poweroff calls shutdown05:07
joacimI use shutdown05:11
BitPuffinI wonder if asking this in any other linux channel would start a swap/noswap kind of war05:12
joacimi use swapd ;)05:12
BitPuffinI use a partition05:13
diversehmm, swapd would seem more versatile05:31
BitPuffinwell not really05:31
BitPuffinsince a partition will be there guaranteed05:32
BitPuffinhowever there is no guarantee that there is disk space for swapd05:32
BitPuffinhowever maybe a combination of both could be interesting05:32
BitPuffinso if the partition runs out of space it uses a file instead, but that's very overkill05:32
BurnZeZI use this novel stuff called RAM05:49
nogagplzwhy? it's so slow next to l1 cache05:57
nogagplzwhich I have 16TB of05:57
BitPuffinBurnZeZ: well if you run out of RAM the kernel needs somewhere to put stuff in order to not panic. Plus inactive applications can be put in swap in order to free up resources for software that is actively being used05:58
BitPuffinnogagplz: dayum :P well I just like to keep it all in the registers man05:58
nogagplzyou're part of that damn powerpc cult, aren't you!05:59
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xveehi guys06:33
BitPuffinhey xvee06:33
xveei found a lesbian in my class who uses linux mint. she was bragging about how smooth it is. i couldn't help but giggle inside06:44
diversethe fact you found out she was a lesbian, meant you tried to hit on her huh? ;)06:46
xveeno...her girlfriend is in class. its pretty hard to miss06:46
xveethey're cute. they have matching desktops lol06:47
prologicthat is kinda cute06:47
prologicin a weird about sort of way06:47
xveeit was nice to see though. they were telling me all the benefits of the linux...i secretly wanted to introduce them to rsm06:55
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diversexvee: so that way, they can monitor each other with the same setup?07:03
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diverseoh wait, so it's to help with parallel processing?07:11
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diversexvee: what's the joke here?07:13
xveediverse: what do you mean07:20
diversethe rsm thing07:20
xveerichard stallman?07:20
diverseoh you mean RMS07:21
xveethought it would be funny if i introduced them to the whole gnu linux thing07:21
xveeoh woops. my bad, rms07:21
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xveeanyways, i think im going to bed. goodnight everyone07:24
diversehave a good one07:24
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frinnstwtf: dm-0: WRITE SAME failed. Manually zeroing.07:34
frinnstubuntu 14.04 lts :)07:35
frinnstsilly controller07:36
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Romsterdrijen, :D08:12
RomsterBitPuffin, got sidetracked on other stuff i'll try and do more tonight08:14
BitPuffinRomster: cool!08:14
BitPuffinI'm gonna see if I can get a working port for ati-dri08:14
BitPuffinso that I can get jiggy with some open sauce hardware acceleration :D08:15
Romsteryou might wanny try out xorg 3.1 then08:19
Romstermesa changes for ati08:20
BitPuffinis that released?08:20
Romsternot yet but cant hurt to use the newer xorg08:20
BitPuffinI'm not sure that's a sane thing to say, it's xorg we are talking about after all08:20
Romsterjust bump /etc/ports/xorg.rsync file08:20
Romsterit'll be a few ports rebuilding08:21
BitPuffinbump it?08:21
Romsterwhat could go wrong break X and have to revert :D08:21
Romstersudo vim /etc/ports/xorg.rsync08:21
BitPuffinyeah true reverting should be trivial08:21
Romsteredit 3.0 to 3.108:21
BitPuffinso core, opt and xorg are not rolling?08:22
frinnstwhat gpu are you using?08:22
Romsterjust xorg side of it don't do core or you will break08:22
BitPuffinradeon hd 485008:22
frinnstBitPuffin: no that would break stuff08:22
Romsteroh unless the ati video card your using is old08:22
frinnstis that a si card?08:22
frinnstsouthern island08:22
BitPuffinthink so08:22
BitPuffinnot sure08:22
BitPuffinit's RV700 iirc08:22
Romsterlspci -k08:22
frinnstim not so sure it is08:22
frinnstyou should have plenty of accelleration with 3.008:23
BitPuffinI'm at work08:23
BitPuffinfrinnst: yeah but the crux ports don't include the gallium driver I believe, only the ddx driver08:23
frinnsti think mesa3d does support it fully08:24
frinnstin 3.008:24
BitPuffinfrinnst: so you think it also includes gallium stuff?08:24
BitPuffinand not just ddx08:25
BitPuffinI guess ddx is xorg-video-ati08:25
frinnstyeah ddx is just xorg-xf86-video-ati08:25
frinnstmesa3d does the fun stuff08:25
BitPuffinbut does the mesa port include drivers as well?08:25
frinnstit ships its drivers in the package08:25
BitPuffinI thought it was only the thing08:25
BitPuffinthe tools08:25
BitPuffinand libraries :p08:25
prologicwhat's this rolling update thing08:25
prologici don't get it :)08:25
prologicdo we or do we not do rolling updates?08:26
frinnstnot between major versions08:26
BitPuffincan't one just upgrade the system by switching the ports version?08:26
prologicas far as I'm concerned any updates on any ports08:26
prologicare updated on that branch/version of crux08:26
BitPuffinor does that break08:26
prologicand tested (hopefully) against that version of crux08:26
prologicso wtf is a rolling update?08:26
frinnstBitPuffin: yes you can, but it might fuck your shit up :)08:26
prologicit's not like we willy nilly update ports08:26
BitPuffinfrinnst: ah, why ;_; haha08:26
prologicBitPuffin, yes08:26
prologicyou're most than welcome to update your own local copy of your ports08:27
Romstergallium is in 3.108:27
prologicand a lot of us do08:27
BitPuffinRomster: well I'll try only having xorg in 3.108:27
prologicespecially if you're a core dev or contrib maintainer08:27
BitPuffincouldn't hurt08:27
frinnstradeon hd 5000-series is supported with xorg/3.008:27
prologiccrux is so easy :)08:27
prologicprt-get edit foobar08:27
prologicprt-get update -fr foobar08:27
prologicall the power is in your hands ;)08:28
BitPuffinprologic: what does that do :P08:28
prologicif it doesn't work rollback to a previous package08:28
prologici.e: don't nuke/delete your old packages08:28
prologicvim /etc/pkgmk.conf08:28
prologicand put your packages/sources in a central location08:28
Romsterthe only serious trouble you can get is updating core on a live system. just don't do that other repos are generally ok though08:28
frinnst<3 btrfs snapshots08:28
prologicrsync it off somewhere :)08:28
Romsteryeah or even do as prologic said i do that too.08:28
prologicRomster, not quite accurate08:28
BitPuffinthere is a command I like08:28
BitPuffindon't know if you've heard of it08:29
prologicyou're referring to upgrading the toolchain on a remote host08:29
BitPuffinit's called cp08:29
prologicyes that can be dangerous if you don't know what you're doing08:29
prologicthat is glibc/gcc/binutils08:29
Romsterprologic, i'm refering not doing core as it's not simple.08:29
prologicit's still as simple as everything else08:29
BitPuffinoh so opt and xorg is fine to bump no prob?08:29
prologicjust that core ports don't have or track deps in the Depends On lines in the Pkgfiles08:29
prologicso prt-get can't pick up on any deps08:30
prologicbut it's not hard to figure out in any case08:30
prologicBitPuffin, anything is08:30
RomsterBitPuffin, usually just watch out for missing dependencies.08:30
BitPuffinwell here's an idea08:30
BitPuffinwhy not add them?08:30
prologicbump anything you damn well like :)08:30
Romsterprt-get deptree xorg08:30
prologicyou'll quickly find out what you break08:30
Romsteretc after changing trees08:30
prologicusually broken libraries, etc08:30
Romsterand use revdep to find anything that's broken08:30
prologicfoobar wants whizbanb library08:30
prologicwhizbang library no longer exists08:30
BitPuffinRomster: ah so editing the rsync file, doing ports -u and then check deptree?08:30
prologicor the exact version is missing08:30
Romsteryep BitPuffin and install anything missing manually.08:31
BitPuffinwell I'll be in here when I get home08:31
prologicI'm not terribly sure why we don't add Depends On in core/opt ports08:31
prologicwe've histrocailyl never done so08:31
prologicbut it would be trivial to add them08:31
Romsterthen prt-get sysup. be sure to rebuild input drivers like evdev keyboard mouse and video drivers after xorg-server is done08:31
prologicand it's not like they'd change that often08:31
BitPuffinif it would make it possible to update a live system I don't see why we wouldn't do it08:31
Romsterelse you'll have no keyboard or right video driver loading.08:32
prologici.e: bash depends on glibc, readline and ncurses08:32
Romsterthat's a quirk of X itself.08:32
prologicBitPuffin, historically we do major upgrades via an ISO or CD08:32
RomsterBitPuffin, it's core that needs specal care.08:32
prologicso when 3.1 comes out most of us that aren't on 3.1 yet (me and others)08:32
prologicwill pkgadd all the core/opt ports off the ISO08:33
BitPuffinRomster: yeah I know, but would it require less special care if we added the Depends on ?08:33
prologicedit the port .rsync files in /etc/ports08:33
prologicand do a prt-get sysup -fr -if -im08:33
prologicand wait08:33
Romsterupdate one library like libarchive and break stuff like pkgadd then it's fun.08:33
prologicand do it again if there are still more broken things08:33
Romsteror even worse break gcc08:33
prologicand use revdep to find other broken things and rebuild those08:33
frinnstit would be nice if more contrib maintainers could do some 3.1 work. contrib/3.1 is probably pretty broken due to perl changes (footprints)08:33
prologicuntil we're back to a working complete system08:33
Romsterno need to ignore footprints with -if -_-08:33
Romsteri've made sure xorg does compile without that crap08:34
prologiceven breaking libarchive is not the end of the world08:34
prologicyou can still untar the package yourself manually08:34
prologicusing tar08:34
Romsteryeah i've recovered before form that and broken gcc prologic08:34
BitPuffinI like how the conversation disappeared into like 3 subthreads :P08:34
prologicit's fun right :)08:34
Romsterif all fails mount the iso and pkgadd old versions.08:35
prologicpoint is08:35
prologicdon't worry :)08:35
prologicgo forth and do :)08:35
BitPuffinwell if you bork gcc all you gotta do is insert cd and restore system08:35
prologicyou can't ruin your system too badly08:35
Romsterbut i usually keep my last build packages jsut in case.08:35
prologicnot as bad as a chown blah -R /08:35
prologicor rm -rf /08:35
BitPuffinprologic: dd if=/dev/nul of=/dev/sda08:35
prologicthat'll do it too08:35
prologicso as long as you don't do any of those08:35
prologicyou'll be fine :)08:35
BitPuffinyep :)08:35
prologicbreaking gcc isn't even that bad08:36
prologicas long as you don't break glibc too08:36
BitPuffinwell it's not horrible, but it does make it kinda hard to install ports08:36
BitPuffinclang is the wang08:36
openfbtdSo. I've set up a VM sith sinit, my rc and watchman.08:36
openfbtdWorks nicely (as expected)08:36
prologica crux vm?08:36
prologicahh nicely done08:36
prologicpublish the sinit and rc ports somewhere08:37
prologicI woudln't mind having a play08:37
openfbtdI'll do that in a few days probably08:37
prologicfrinnst, re contrib/3.1 ports I could probably lend a hand there I think08:37
prologicopenfbtd, sounds nice08:37
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BitPuffinopenfbtd: see, you should ditch arch :P09:07
openfbtdDoesn't fix the numerous things I don't like about CRUX.09:07
openfbtdAnd I've already been sure my setup would work nicely on CRUX09:08
openfbtdAs my setup is very simple09:08
BitPuffinwhat is it you don't like? no signed pkgfiles?09:08
openfbtdI'm prettu sure that until CRUX has binary packages I won't bother with it on my desktop machines :)09:10
openfbtdUnless I'm out of options completely09:10
openfbtdI still like CRUX more than Gentoo09:10
BitPuffinbinary packages are pretty lame though :P on a desktop compiling doesn't take that much time either way09:10
openfbtdThat's a matter of opinion09:11
BitPuffinthe first part perhaps09:11
openfbtdI like having binary packages and an easy way to rebuild09:11
Romster some packages09:15
Romstereasy way to rebuld is in crux already09:15
Romsterand really desktops are fast thesedays and xorg is binary off the iso.09:16
Romsterso is a few other packages of common stuff.09:16
Romsteropenfbtd, list the numerous things wrong in crux please.09:16
openfbtdNot necessarily wrong09:17
openfbtdNot to my liking09:17
openfbtdThe mess with ports being hosted all over the place, unsigned ports, very old base install, being source-based09:18
Romsteropenfbtd, also for more than one machine on the same arch use one to build and distribute the packages to the others.09:18
Romsterwell crux is one of the easiest to modify to your own liking.09:18
openfbtdYes, and that is pretty cool09:18
Romsteropenfbtd, we are nearly ready on crux 3.109:18
openfbtdBut still not to my liking.09:18
BitPuffin"very old base install" not really09:18
openfbtdI'm not here to harp on CRUX though09:19
Romsteralso i'm working on other issues in my own time with versonsort.com09:19
BitPuffinit's little over a year old09:19
Romsterothers do there own stuff.09:19
openfbtdI'm playing with it and planning to use it as a base for my personal distro09:19
Romsterjaeger,  has a updated iso
openfbtdJust need to do a lot of things first09:20
BitPuffinmaybe kwort would be for you09:20
Romsteras for file signing i'm working on something for that but i don't know if crux will accept it ti's part of my own pet project.09:20
Romsterports hosted all over the place in what way?09:20
BitPuffinRomster: I was also considering working on it, weren't you one of those who was opposed to it yesterday?09:21
Romsterthe official ones are on crux.nu09:21
BitPuffinor maybe that was prologic09:21
Romsterso where is this all over the place thing?09:21
Romsteronly personal repos of other users are.09:21
Romsterand then a few use my host too.09:21
BitPuffinRomster: btw do you know if there is a tool for searching the ports? I mean the ones that aren't on your system09:22
Romsterothers have forked crux to there own needs. good luck it's alot of work.09:22
BitPuffinlike as if you searched on the website09:22
Romstersepen did make a tool for that to use
Romsternot sure where it's probably in sepens repo09:22
BitPuffinI thought about it, but crux is so easy to tailor to be exactly how you want anyway so it's not worth forkign I think09:23
Romsteri had forked it but too hard for one to maintain.09:23
Romsterbut i am working on other projects related to crux.09:23
BitPuffinI can't see his repo09:23
BitPuffinI might write my own09:24
BitPuffinand call it "prutt"09:24
openfbtdRomster, I'm not planning to completely fork a distro09:24
Romsteroh dunno where it went.09:24
openfbtdBe it arch or crux (the current candidates)09:24
Romsteropenfbtd, so other than what you said ^ what else is not to your liking?09:24
openfbtdI just want to mantain a modified version of it09:24
openfbtdRomster, that was pretty much all09:25
BitPuffinlast time I checked that's what forking means09:25
Romsterthose things are being worked on.09:25
openfbtdBitPuffin, doesn't mean I have to mantain my own ports, for example09:25
Romsterrsync the packages go for it.09:25
Romsteri'd be keen to see your work \09:25
BitPuffinopenfbtd: well what you mean then is maintaining kind of a preconfigured thing then?09:25
openfbtdBitPuffin, pretty much09:26
BitPuffinRomster: basically all prutt would do is to let you search the portdb and download the rsync/httpup files09:27
BitPuffinin a CLI09:27
RomsterBitPuffin, it'll let you search the portbd on CLI09:28
BitPuffinRomster: what will?09:28
Romsterbut download the rsync/http files not aware of that.09:28
Romsterspenes portdb command linetool to searh for ports.09:29
BitPuffinwell that's kind of the main attraction really09:29
BitPuffinwell I couldn't find his repo09:29
Romster seems dead09:29
BitPuffindo you know how he implemented it? Is there an API or did he just pretend to be a browser and stripped away the html stuff09:30
Romstersepen since he got married no time :/09:30
Romsterthere is a API09:30
Romsteri can't remember how he did it.09:30
Romsterah i have it09:32
BitPuffinwill be a useful referenc09:35
BitPuffindoesn't look like it let's you download the rsync files09:35
Romsterno but it should do the CLI port listing.09:36
BitPuffinbut it ain't no prutt :D09:37
Romstermaybe it could be expaned to do the fetching as well09:37
BitPuffinit could09:37
BitPuffinbut I don't write perl09:37
Romsteroh then rewrite it in python or something09:37
BitPuffinand I don't really write GPL09:37
Romsterheck C++ if you can09:37
BitPuffinalthough if that's what the project is I don't mind09:37
BitPuffinRomster: I'm probably gonna write it in CL haha09:37
BitPuffinjust because I'm trying to brush up on that09:38
Romsterit's what ever you make the licence to be.09:38
BitPuffincommon lisp09:38
Romstergo for it09:38
BitPuffinotherwise I'd probably write it in nimrod09:38
BitPuffinyep! just need to make a SBCL port09:39
BitPuffinwhich should be easy since someone already has one, just that it's outdated09:39
Romsterdon't know half the ports i have anymore.09:42
BitPuffinRomster: no it was some other person who didn't seem to be in irc09:44
BitPuffinprobably someone who left I assume09:44
Romsterah maybe09:45
BitPuffinwell no not maybe, I checked :P09:45
Romstersome let there stuff rot.09:46
BitPuffinyeah :(09:46
*** jue has joined #crux09:59
Romsterlike that so you know the structure10:00
Romsteri'll be doing something similar on versionsort.com10:00
Romsterhmm that has a downloadcommand10:01
*** jdolan has joined #crux10:01
BitPuffinis there by any chance an open source tracker somewhere where you can track projects and get emails when they release new versions?10:03
cruxbot[core.git/3.0]: libmpfr: update to 3.1.2-p810:04
cruxbot[core.git/3.0]: man-pages: update to 3.6510:04
*** jdolan has quit IRC10:06
prologicBitPuffin, opposed to what?10:17
BitPuffinprologic: to signed pkgfiles10:21
prologicno not as such10:22
prologicI just don't see the value it buys for the effort required10:22
RomsterBitPuffin, i am working on that exact thing10:34
Romsterto eventually sign up and track interested projects.10:34
BitPuffinRomster: lol :P10:36
BitPuffinRomster: I was thinking it would be useful when you are a port maintainer10:36
Romsteryes like myself :D10:36
BitPuffinyep :)10:37
Romster like that only it'll be databased and searchabe and subscribe to said projects.10:39
BitPuffinRomster: how will it be kept up to date?10:39
Romstera spider will crawl each project daily10:45
Romsterjust one such project site.10:46
Romsterthat's a buggy test run though not the final command line or how it'll be ran.10:46
Romsterbut the result is the most recent tarball from that url
Romsterfor that test.10:47
jueBitPuffin: maybe ck4up is doing what you want10:47
Romsterck4up does a diff of the page and says if a new version is out.10:48
Romsterfar easier than my way but lots more rules.10:48
Romsteri'm doing something different i'm also testing source files for signatures and hashes and other such things.10:49
Romsterwhat i'm doing is way over complex for a simple result.10:49
Romsterhence i'll host it on a site.10:49
Romsternormal users can just search for there results.10:49
BitPuffinpretty sweet10:53
Romsterck4up will work for now for you what i'm doing is a site + API for a CLI tool to use.10:54
Romstersince it's too complex to just give the pile of code to a person and it's a ton of regex and sorting work.10:55
*** z3bra has quit IRC11:02
*** jdolan has joined #crux11:02
Romsterso BitPuffin yeah ck4up is still a nice tool that jue wrote, i'm just being insane writing something even bigger.11:04
Romsterbut will work on lots of sites though a spider11:04
BitPuffinnice! :)11:06
*** z3bra has joined #crux11:06
*** jdolan has quit IRC11:07
*** BitPuffin has quit IRC11:13
*** Pingax has quit IRC11:23
cruxbot[compat-32.git/3.0]: libdrm-32: 2.4.52 -> 2.4.5311:30
cruxbot[compat-32.git/3.0]: libpcre-32: 8.34 -> 8.3511:30
cruxbot[compat-32.git/3.0]: libpng-32: 1.5.17 -> 1.5.1811:30
cruxbot[compat-32.git/3.0]: sqlite3-32: ->
cruxbot[compat-32.git/3.0]: xorg-xproto-32: 7.0.25 -> 7.0.2611:30
cruxbot[compat-32.git/3.0]: xorg-xtrans-32: 1.3.3 -> 1.3.411:30
cruxbot[xorg.git/3.0]: xorg-server: update to 1.14.611:35
*** jdolan has joined #crux12:03
*** BitPuffin has joined #crux12:06
*** jdolan_ has joined #crux12:07
BitPuffinhey guys12:07
BitPuffinthe mutt port seems to be broken12:07
BitPuffinit can't connect to the server12:07
frinnstergo the mutt site is broken12:08
frinnstjust google the tarball and you'll find a mirror12:09
*** jdolan has quit IRC12:10
*** pitillo has quit IRC12:11
BitPuffinyeah I will be trying to use an emacs email client anyway, just thought I'd point it out :)12:12
*** pitillo has joined #crux12:13
cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: apr: update to 1.5.112:36
cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: dar: update to 2.4.1312:36
*** alancio has joined #crux12:43
cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: bluez: Removed duplicated utility programs12:46
cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: Merge branch '3.0' of crux:/home/crux/scm/ports/opt into 3.012:46
*** jdolan_ has quit IRC12:50
*** dkoby has joined #crux12:52
*** jdolan has joined #crux13:12
*** pitillo has quit IRC13:14
*** pitillo has joined #crux13:15
*** z3bra has quit IRC13:26
*** z3bra has joined #crux13:27
*** syncn has joined #crux13:34
*** toriso has joined #crux13:38
*** penguinfan has quit IRC15:07
BitPuffinRomster: ?15:23
*** novak has joined #crux15:25
Romsteryes BitPuffin ?15:26
BitPuffinRomster: the link? :)15:28
Romsterfor mutt15:28
BitPuffinwell I simply uninstalled it15:29
*** dkoby has quit IRC15:39
diverseRomster: could you add the compton port in your repo?15:57
Romsteri will but i haven't bothered to add the conf file for it yet.15:58
Romster pretty easy to build in the mean time.16:06
Romsterheading to bed16:06
*** TLH has quit IRC16:31
*** TLH has joined #crux16:31
*** alancio has quit IRC16:38
*** jdolan has quit IRC17:06
nogagplzI've been using compton for a few weeks now, it's pretty small and swish17:13
nogagplznever crashed either17:14
BitPuffincompton is nice17:14
BitPuffinooh z3bra has some nice ports17:29
*** jdolan has joined #crux17:37
*** jdolan has quit IRC17:41
*** jdolan has joined #crux17:51
BitPuffinweird, the kernel depended on bc :s17:56
*** diverse has quit IRC18:18
BitPuffinhmm, I get really slow booting because it stops after saying "kwatchdog used greatest stack depth"18:18
*** darfo has quit IRC18:47
*** jdolan has quit IRC18:50
*** jdolan has joined #crux18:50
*** jdolan has quit IRC18:54
BitPuffinping z3bra19:11
*** jdolan has joined #crux19:28
*** BitPuffin has quit IRC20:10
*** BitPuffin has joined #crux20:12
BitPuffinRomster: think your ardour port might be out of date20:21
BitPuffinI believe it's up to 3 now20:22
BitPuffinhowever keeping 2 is a good idea since it's not backwards compatible20:22
BitPuffinhowever guess probably nobody in crux community uses ardour except for me :P20:22
nogagplzwhich is ardour I forget, the midi synthesiser thing?20:23
*** AlexKraken has joined #crux20:30
drijennogagplz: ardour is a full digital sound board20:41
drijenlike what dj's use20:41
drijenits not as complete as the windows ones though20:41
*** horrorStruck has joined #crux21:02
BitPuffinit's a DAW21:06
BitPuffinlike pro tools etc21:06
BitPuffinhonestly do you guys have any idea why I'm getting the stack depth thing?21:07
jaegernever seen that. tried google?21:08
BitPuffinI did21:08
BitPuffinall I found was this
BitPuffinshould ask in linux21:10
jaegerworth a try21:10
*** darfo has joined #crux21:18
*** horrorStruck has quit IRC21:32
prologicBitPuffin, hmmm what's up?21:38
prologicbtw how do you get a paste like this? vm? :)21:38
BitPuffinI fixed it21:39
BitPuffinhad to add RV770_smc.bin to my kernel21:39
prologicfixed what?21:39
prologicyou have/had a proprietary NIC?21:39
BitPuffinI guess I could have put it somewhere on the file system or something but I don't know where it goes21:39
BitPuffindon't know if it would find them in /usr/firmware21:40
BitPuffinprologic: nah gpu firmware21:40
prologicnormally in /lib/firmware I believe21:42
prologiclemme check21:43
prologicyeah /lib/firmware normally I believe21:43
BitPuffinyeah the directory exists21:43
BitPuffinbut when I put firmware there it didn't react21:43
BitPuffinmaybe it was because I didn't put it in the radeon subfolder21:43
BitPuffinbut it didn't say that's what it was trying to load21:43
BitPuffinit just said the filename21:44
prologicmy media box has some proprietary crap (Intel graphics, and HDTV Tuners)21:44
jaegerI had to do that for a radeon video card in a laptop as well. The machine would boot without it but not display anything at all21:44
prologicyeah firmware loading problems are not very helpful at best :)21:44
jaegerIt had to be built into the kernel, not just on the filesystem21:44
prologicgo file a bug report with upstream :)21:44
prologicyeah but you still need the firmware blobs right?21:45
prologicas well as the associated driver helpers21:45
prologicI tried Radeon recently but in the end diteched it for an nvidia21:45
prologicstill have the card here sitting in my cupboard :/21:45
prologicsouthern chipset21:45
*** diverse has joined #crux21:46
BitPuffinwe should probably have a wiki page about getting the firmware21:47
BitPuffinor even a port21:47
BitPuffinI got them from the git21:47
*** toriso has quit IRC21:49
jaegerhah, found it: 13:34 <@jaeger> CONFIG_EXTRA_FIRMWARE="radeon/BTC_rlc.bin radeon/CAICOS_mc.bin radeon/CAICOS_me.bin radeon/CAICOS_pfp.bin"21:52
jaegerfrom august 2012 :)21:52
jaegerIf radeon was built as a module putting the files into /lib/firmware was sufficient; if builtin, CONFIG_EXTRA_FIRMWARE had to be specified21:54
BitPuffinjaeger: yeah now that you say it I think I saw something mentioning something of the like21:56
BitPuffinhowever it's not a bad idea to build it in to the kernel21:56
BitPuffinit skips the overhead of loading a file21:56
jaegerI've only seen that for radeon microcode, for what that's worth, no other devices21:56
BitPuffinand I'm trying to squeeze as much perf as possible out of my hardware :P21:57
jaegerThe problem I had was that I got no console output whatsoever without that21:57
BitPuffinah I didn't have that problem21:57
prologicI agree21:58
prologiclet's build ports for this crap :)21:58
prologicand a firmware collection to house the ports in21:58
BitPuffinmost distros have linux-firmware21:58
prologicadd firmware.rsync to /etc/ports21:58
BitPuffinhowever it would be nice to be able to choose21:58
prologicand prt-get depinst <your_firmware>21:58
BitPuffinhow do I see which network card I have?21:59
BitPuffinI don't think my wifi was detected21:59
prologicyeah there's no sense in throwing all available firmware blobs into your system if you only need one or two blobs :)21:59
BitPuffinprologic: exactly, seems very cruxy21:59
BitPuffinto cherrypick21:59
prologicyou start it :)22:00
BitPuffinFirst we gotta know which mirror to use22:00
prologicdoesn't matter22:00
prologicjust setup a repo on github or bitbucekt22:00
BitPuffinsince fetching the full firmware git repo for every port doesn't make much sense22:00
prologiccall it crux-firmware-ports or something22:00
prologicor just firmware-ports22:01
prologicthrow in one for your radeon22:01
BitPuffinwell I meant for downloading the actual blobs22:01
prologicand I'll throw in one for my Happauge firmware22:01
prologicHauppauge HVR-2200 firmware*22:01
jaegerusually you can figure out exactly which firmware you need from dmesg. 'dmesg | grep firmware' or similar22:01
prologicyou can also reference git raw URI(s) in your source()22:01
prologicfrom a git repo22:01
*** AlexKraken has quit IRC22:04
BitPuffinprologic: ah that could work maybe22:05
BitPuffinalthough I think we should have the firmware thing be controlled by core crux devs22:09
BitPuffinyou are right, for example
*** horrorStruck has joined #crux22:15
BitPuffinthought more of the driver stuff was open sauce22:16
diverseopen sauce huh?22:20
BitPuffinhmm the wireless card is intel22:20
BitPuffinPRO/Wireless 5100 AGN22:21
diverseyou probably need sweet & sour for that :P22:22
prologicI disagree re the core crux devs22:23
prologiccrux boots just fine without proprietary firmware22:23
prologicI think this should be community driven22:23
BitPuffinwell okay kind of like contrib then22:23
prologicmost of the time when you buy a regular desktop for example you hardly need any firmware22:23
prologic*nods* exactly22:23
BitPuffinwhere it's included in the core distro as a .inactive file22:23
prologica contrib maintained set of firmware ports22:24
prologicwe should not be more burden on the core devs22:24
prologicof which there are very few :)22:24
BitPuffinwell can probably get started a little bit tomorrow22:24
BitPuffinnow I need to get the wifi on my laptop working22:24
prologicsounds awesome :)22:24
BitPuffinis what I need22:25
BitPuffinprologic: btw there is a firmware for like one wireless card in some repo lol22:25
prologicwouldn't surprise me22:31
diversewhy not have a dedicated repo for drivers?22:34
BitPuffinexactly what we've been discussing22:35
BitPuffindiverse: I tried 2bwm22:35
BitPuffindidn't get a cursor lol22:35
diverseI tried it a few hours ago, its not dual-monitor friendly yet22:35
joacimBitPuffin: think you need to define a cursor font/icon/whatever22:36
joacimXcursor.theme in .Xdefaults22:37
diverseand it's weird you have to run it like an app in .xinitrc like "2bwm &" and have some random app executed like "exec xterm" just to get the session going22:37
BitPuffinwell that's odd22:37
diverseit truly is, but this WM is still considered experimental, so they are working on it still22:38
BitPuffinI installed the firmware22:38
BitPuffinbut it didn't detect the wireless card22:38
BitPuffindiverse: ah :/ I wonder what I should use instead then22:38
diverseWell, whatever you want that makes you happy22:39
BitPuffinI just want something that works that has the lowest possible footprint22:39
diverseTry cwm then22:40
diverseor evilwm22:40
BitPuffinhow do they compare?22:41
BitPuffindo they use xcb?22:41
diverseno, they don't22:41
diverseyou are a tiler person right?22:42
diverseor that22:43
BitPuffindiverse: yes but I'm gonna try living in emacs22:43
BitPuffinfor most things22:43
BitPuffinand tilers can get pretty annoying with certain applicatinos22:43
diverse^that I agree22:44
BitPuffinso if I can be happy in emacs and only run a couple applications maybe I won't need tiling22:44
diversetiling works best with terminals for me22:45
BitPuffinmcwm seems to have multihead support22:55
BitPuffinso it's good22:55
jaegeri3 has decent multimonitor support as well22:55
BitPuffinjaeger: I know, have been using i3 for a long while22:57
BitPuffinproblem is it sucks at detecting floating windows22:57
diverseyou mean apps that need floating windows22:57
jaegeris there one that DOESN'T suck at that? I've yet to see it22:58
BitPuffinjaeger: awesome did a pretty good job when I was using it22:59
BitPuffinI honestly don't know if putting stuff in /usr/firmware works on crux23:02
jaegeruse /lib/firmware23:03
BitPuffinthat's what I meant23:03
BitPuffinit dun diddely wurk23:03
BitPuffinI downloaded the intel blob23:03
BitPuffinput it there23:03
BitPuffinand then ran ip addr23:04
BitPuffinno difference23:04
jaegerwhat does dmesg say?23:04
BitPuffinwhat should I look for?23:04
BitPuffinI tried grepping for firmware23:04
BitPuffinand 500023:04
BitPuffinor 50023:04
BitPuffingonna have to try to build it in to the kernel23:05
BitPuffinsee if it's the right firmware even23:05
jaegerfirst did you identify which driver you need? what's the lspci output of that device?23:06
jaegersecond, did you uncompress the firmware you downloaded? should be something like iwlwifi-5150-2.ucode rather than the .gz archive23:06
BitPuffinit said it was PRO/Wireless 5100 AGN23:07
BitPuffinyes I uncompressed nad copied the ucode file23:08
jaegerwhich should be supported by iwlwifi23:08
jaegermodinfo -F firmware iwlwifi23:08
BitPuffinI grabbed the one called iwlwifi-5000-ucode-5.4.A.11.tar.gz23:08
jaeger'dmesg | grep iwlwifi' might also help23:09
BitPuffinjaeger: didn't find that module23:09
BitPuffinhowever I didn't build it as a module23:09
jaegerIf you built it builtin instead of as a module you might have to use CONFIG_EXTRA_FIRMWARE23:10
jaegerI'd suggest building it as a module, no need to mess with it that way23:10
BitPuffinjaeger: well the driver isn't in the kernel23:11
BitPuffinI'm not sure what I should enable23:11
jaegerunless you've got a REALLY old kernel it is23:11
BitPuffinI looked at what they said on that website23:11
jaegertry searching using '/' in menuconfig23:11
jaegerhit / and then type iwlwifi23:11
BitPuffinwhat should be on there23:12
jaegerit'll show you where in the kernel config to find/enable the module23:13
jaegeras well as what other kernel config options it requires to be enabled23:13
BitPuffinoh wait23:13
BitPuffinit wasnt on xd23:13
BitPuffinI had enabled other intel ones23:14
jaegerindeed. :)23:14
BitPuffinbut not the right one23:14
BitPuffinlet's pray to the laud that this works23:14
diverseand that laud is "Linus"? :P23:15
BitPuffinbtw is it possbile to set xorg to follow master istead of 3.0 or 3.1?23:15
BitPuffindiverse: pretty much yeah23:15
BitPuffinI will slap his testicles if it doesn't work23:15
*** Lukc_ has quit IRC23:20
BitPuffinalright so the card has been detected23:25
BitPuffinand I have wicd runnning23:25
BitPuffinI set the link for wlan0 up23:25
BitPuffinbut I don't see any networks23:25
BitPuffinit stays with state down23:36
diverseprobably the hardware switch is off?23:36
diversefor the wireless card23:37
BitPuffingood guess though23:37
diverseeh, it's usually the problem23:37
diverseBitPuffin: btw, Crux devs don't bother with the master branch23:39
*** Lukc has joined #crux23:40
BitPuffinah it is up23:43
BitPuffinI'm reading it wrong23:43
BitPuffinwell weird23:52
BitPuffinwhen I do iwlist wlan0 s23:52
BitPuffinit says it doesn't support scanning23:53
BitPuffinit was built into the kernel23:57
BitPuffinbut then it probably doesn't load the firmware23:57
BitPuffinwhy do I keep derping23:57
diverseyour tired, take a break23:58

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