IRC Logs for #crux Friday, 2014-04-25

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BitPuffintrying to figure out why it even depends on giflib00:00
BitPuffinseems a little absurd00:01
prologicit kinda does00:01
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BitPuffinprologic: apparently it can view images lol00:08
BitPuffinand PDFs00:09
BitPuffinooh, so you can do previews when editing latex00:11
BitPuffinthat's actually pretty badass00:11
BitPuffinprologic: any idea why I am getting that it can't create <pathtomyprtdir>/work/pkg/usr/bin/00:39
BitPuffinuh no slash after bin00:39
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BitPuffindo I need to manually create $PKG/usr/bin?00:48
BitPuffinguess I'll use the -D flag00:49
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BitPuffinthink I did it01:02
BitPuffindiverse: apparently mcwm does the same thing where you start a terminal and x will die once that terminal dies :s01:05
kremlin-BitPuffin: i might if crux doesn't release by the time i manage to get my openbsd'd macbook to boot multiple kernel/OSs (unlikely), but i kinda like having a fresh-release 'zen' approach to new distros01:18
BitPuffinkremlin-: well that's alright :)01:19
BitPuffinz3bra: your footprint for xbindkeys is wrong01:31
BitPuffinit has set the owner of usr, usr/bin etc to be z3bra01:32
prologicsometimes in your Pkgfile's build() you have to do:01:47
prologicmkdir -p $PKG/usr/bin01:48
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RomsterBitPuffin> how do I rebuild everything in xorg then, prt-get update -fr `prt-get quickdep xorg`02:28
BitPuffinyay fixed my man pages, it was NROFF that had the latin thing, then I also set the -c flags because gentoo forum told somebody to do that02:31
BitPuffinRomster: yeah jaeger told me to cd /usr/ports/xorg && prt-get update -fr *02:32
BitPuffinRomster: are you gonna update the ardour port? :) I plan to install ardour today02:35
Romstermaybe i just woke up02:37
BitPuffinok :)02:45
BitPuffinwell no rush I'm going to work now anyway02:45
BitPuffininstalling ntp failed, because it couldn't chown ntp:ntp02:47
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jaegerBitPuffin: run the pre-install script or use --install-scripts (prt-get option)02:58
Romstercompiling now BitPuffin02:59
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RomsterBitPuffin, --install-scripts02:59
Romsteror set it in prt.get.conf02:59
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BitPuffinah thanks guy, I'll try it when I get home from work03:40
BitPuffinwell I am leaving for work now03:40
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BitPuffinRomster: how did the build go? :)04:31
Romsterstill working on it04:32
BitPuffinok :D04:33
Romsteri'm going though a ton of dependencies fixing stuff for that and for another port i'm also working on.04:37
Romsterthis stuff is really heavy on dependencies.04:43
BitPuffinprobably is04:45
BitPuffinjack is one at least I think :P04:45
BitPuffinhaven't used ardour without jack ever04:45
BitPuffinplus ardour is made by the guy who made jack04:45
jaegerRomster: do you make it a point to specifically repeat things I've typed? :P04:46
jaegeror is it just a coincidence?04:46
Romsterwhen and where? i'm not paying much attention04:46
Romsteroh that i didn't even see that line... i skimmed over it, sorry jaeger04:47
jaegerI just wondered because you do it a LOt and I haven't noticed you doing it to anyone else04:47
BitPuffinjaeger: he obviously hates you04:47
Romsteri should remove the join/part/quit lines igot to that and then i stopped reading04:48
RomsterBitPuffin> installing ntp failed, because it couldn't chown ntp:ntp04:48
Romster* _92AAAQLBQ has quit (Remote host closed the connection)04:48
Romsterthen i stopped...04:48
jaegerhe's australian... everything in AU wants to kill you/me/everyone04:48
BitPuffinespecially at the airports04:48
Romsteri don't hate jaeger04:48
BitPuffinthat's what you would say if you did hate him in secret though04:48
BitPuffinguess we'll never know :P04:48
jaegerheh. no, I didn't feel that way, just seemed oddly specific04:49
Romsteri'm more against sepen atm where is he he has a ton of stuff i need to sort out with him.04:49
BitPuffinlike what?04:49
Romstersorry jaeger i need to read more and get rid of them noise lines.04:49
Romsterbunch of xfce stuff is brokn and been finding fixes for it since i got my friend into crux.04:52
Romsteri'll just make patches and submit them to the bug tracker.04:52
BitPuffinhe probably has his email address in the files if he's the maintainer04:52
Romstersepens site seems gone to, a bit concerned as to why.04:52
BitPuffinCIA perhaps?04:53
Romsteryeah i haven't bothered to email him yet he is usually inhere at least once a week04:53
Romster@seen sepen04:53
Romsterwhere is our clb bot gone too?04:53
RomsterLast seen  : Mar 15 19:18:37 2014 (5 weeks, 5 days, 09:35:30 ago)04:54
Romster5 weeks...04:54
BitPuffinmore than a month04:54
BitPuffinwhen do you start to worry?04:54
BitPuffinI mean if he was switching distro he'd probably mention it?04:55
Romsteryeah but he does cruxppc too afak04:55
jaegerpitillo has been in contact with him, he's not dead04:55
Romsternot likely to hop distros.04:55
jaegerjust too busy04:55
Romsterwell that is a good sign that he is alive.04:55
Romsterthat busy he can't even come on for 5 minutes a week or something though?04:56
BitPuffinyeah kinda04:56
Romstermeanwhile i'll fork xfce fix stuff then send him a diff when he returns.04:56
BitPuffinsounds like a good idea04:57
BitPuffinespecially since he's busy04:57
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BitPuffinease some stress :)04:57
Romsteronly reason someone should be off irc that long is there somewhere with no internet access.04:58
Romsterheck my phone irc...04:58
BitPuffinwell I'm gonna write a headless chat thing in lisp that I'll spin up on a VPS so I can be on irc 24/704:58
Romsterhow many places has no coverage?04:58
Romstereh just use znc04:59
Romsteror irssi in screen04:59
Romsterdon't have to be on 24/7 though your on quite ofen enough.04:59
BitPuffinwell I am currently a weechat user04:59
Romsterprt-get info znc04:59
BitPuffinI'm on mac atm :P04:59
BitPuffinat work04:59
BitPuffinwell I also want it to support xmpp and the like05:00
BitPuffinyeah I went there05:00
BitPuffinbut it's just an irc bouncer05:00
BitPuffinplus I can make it say funny stuff when I'm away and stuff05:00
Romsteruse your fave irc client on it.05:00
BitPuffinI'll write something more generic05:01
BitPuffinand then I'll write an elisp front end to it05:01
Romsteras long as it's secure so no one can abuse it.05:01
BitPuffinthat's very important05:01
BitPuffinI'll use openssl, should be fine, right guys? right??05:03
Romsterreckon we should go libressl but it's early days atm05:12
Romsterhow can anyone write code that damn messy in a critical infrastructure library.05:13
BitPuffindoesn't even run on linux05:13
Romsterand where are all the tests05:13
BitPuffinthey are starting with openbsd05:13
BitPuffinprobably difficult to test something that is so stateful05:13
Romsterdunno but buffer overflows come on, can't some code testing frameworks detect that already05:14
BitPuffinit wasn't really a buffer overflow05:15
BitPuffinit should have been05:16
BitPuffinbut it wasn't, thanks to iditotic malloc wrapper05:16
Romsteroh yeah that. lets bypass all security checks.05:21
Romsterbecause its problematic05:22
BitPuffinno because it was too slow on some platforms xD05:22
Romsterjust as bad05:22
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nogagplznow kiss06:29
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diverseBitPuffin: ah, so 2bwm kept the way mcwm launches... that was not a new thing for 2bwm, what a shame :/07:38
diverseBitPuffin: if you want a really really really basic WM, probably look no further than to TinyWM07:39
RomsterBitPuffin, ardour is done but be warned it's got a ton of deps and some you may need to sysup if oyu have them already07:39
Romsteris twm not tiny enough diverse :D07:40
BitPuffindiverse: perhaps07:40
diverseRomster: you tell me:
BitPuffindiverse: probably does the same thing though :P07:40
BitPuffinRomster: awesome!07:41
BitPuffinRomster: I haven't addded your repo yet so I won't need to sysup :)07:41
BitPuffinI will still sysup07:41
nogagplzromster are you still using X without a window manager and keep reopening things until they don't cover something important?07:41
BitPuffinbut I haven't seen any log messages about contrib or whateva07:41
diverseRomster: 50 lines of C code07:41
Romsterit's in my romster repo.07:41
BitPuffinI tried using just X without a window manager, it couldn't handle shit07:41
Romsterokay that is tiny...07:41
Romsteryeah done that just to run 1 program before07:42
BitPuffindiverse: it doesn't use xcb though, but there is an xcb version07:42
nogagplzthe 3D file manager to save jurassic park?07:42
diverseBitPuffin: someone already made a port of it to xcb, heck you can do it yourself07:42
BitPuffindiverse: "but there is an xcb version" :P07:43
BitPuffindiverse: can it do multiple desktops and multiple heads? probably not07:44
diverseBitPuffin: read the page07:44
diverse"It lets you do four basic things"07:44
diversebesides, can't you just use emacs buffers for workspaces?07:45
Romsterah i forgot sord07:45
BitPuffindiverse: yeah iirc it can only move and resize windows07:46
BitPuffindiverse: well I'd like to have firefox on its own workspace fore example07:47
diverseRomster: I'm going to use the pekwm card07:47
diverseBitPuffin: then how about trying pekwm?07:47
RomsterBitPuffin, added missing sord07:48
Romstererr serd sorry07:48
Romsterdamn these port names07:48
Romsteri was right the first time sord.... sigh07:49
Romsteryeah pekwm all the way07:50
BitPuffinthat's the weird looking one07:53
BitPuffinseems too big for my taste07:53
BitPuffinwith its themes and stuff07:53
diverseyou have the option to remove it's decorators with autoproperties07:55
BitPuffinyeah but still07:56
Romsterand the default themes are horrible but you can change that.07:56
BitPuffinit's not really a strong contender07:57
diverseAlright, then, I want you to make a list right here of the features you only want in a WM.07:57
diversethat way it will make it easier for us to read your mind07:58
BitPuffin1. multiple desktops 2. multiple heads 3. keyboard friendly navigation 4. configurable hotkeys 5. having a good way to quit rather than closing a terminal window. No more than that07:59
BitPuffinoh and as low footprint as possible07:59
Romsterpekwm does al that not sure about 508:00
diverseRomster: by number 5 he means a way to exit the session without having to rely on keep a terminal open because you can't exec WMs like 2bwm anc mcwm in xinitrc08:02
diverseSo it has all of them, expect probably to much of a footprint and he probably might not like the configuration08:02
BitPuffinRomster: low foot print as possible does not include window decorations :P whether or not they are optional08:03
Romsteroh you don't even need a terminal open for pekwm what century did you come from08:03
diverseRomster: you need to play with 2bwm to understand that century08:03
BitPuffinI have been planning to write a plugin wm for weston08:04
BitPuffinI should not spend my time on that right now08:04
diverseSounds like you want to use Wayland more :)08:04
BitPuffinI do08:05
frinnstmodel mmmmmmmmmmmmm08:05
BitPuffinfrinnst: I are am gonna buy one08:05
BitPuffinUnicomp, however08:05
BitPuffingotta have that usb08:05
BitPuffineven though PS/2 is way superior08:06
frinnstit belongs to Feigr08:06
frinnstusb adaptor08:06
BitPuffinthey don't do the jerb08:06
frinnstthey do if you dont have any ps2 ports08:06
frinnsti can still hear the clicks through my headphones08:07
frinnsthopefully my ducky mx blue will be a litte more quiet :)08:07
frinnstbut probably not08:07
diverseBitPuffin: why not go for wayland/western then?08:07
Romsterthe whole gtk glib stack needs a version bump again.08:08
diverseagain -_-08:09
BitPuffindiverse: because its window manager sucks balls and I haven't fixed that yet08:09
Romsteryweah our gt3 and glib my gobject-instrospection is out of date.08:09
Romsterbumped in a chroot atm and i'm using them for another port i'm trying to port.08:10
diverseBitPuffin: how about evilwm?08:11
Romster <- nice site i found too.08:11
diversethat's a really cool site!08:12
BitPuffindiverse: is it xcb?08:12
frinnst2.38.2 is still the latest in that branch as far as i can see08:13
diverseno, and stop worrying about xcb, it's only there to serve developers, unless you plan on modifying the source08:13
BitPuffindiverse: does it support multiple heads?08:13
diverseyou mean multimonitor support?08:14
diverseI think it does, I recall reading about it somewhere08:14
BitPuffinif so it should be golden08:14
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Romsternew branch08:34
*** jdolan has quit IRC08:36
frinnstyeah but i'd like to avoid .0 releases of the gnome stuff08:38
frinnstis there an issue because of it? something that need 2.40 ?08:39
frinnstotherwise id rather wait a bit more08:39
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diverseBitPuffin: how is evilwm working for you?09:01
BitPuffindiverse: I'm at work09:01
BitPuffinoh nice evilwm is in opt09:01
BitPuffinthat'll help09:01
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: [notify] enchant: added dependency hunspell09:05
teK__notify with contrib won't work. afaik.09:10
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BitPuffinoh btw there was like a footprint error or something yesterday09:16
BitPuffinwhat was it again09:16
BitPuffinit was a dependency of extremetuxracer09:17
cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: gobject-introspection: 1.38.0 -> 1.40.009:40
RomsterteK__, oh i should know that.09:41
RomsterteK__, your glade3 port is really behind it's not at 3.18.309:48
Romstererr 3.18.2 sorry09:48
Romsterif your not usig that port i can take it over i need it for gedit.09:49
diverseCollecting more good stuff for your repo Romster?10:03
Romstermade gedit for a friend.10:05
diversethe one you are helping with Xfce?10:24
Romsterlets hope it was sparse and not actually consuming 2TB10:59
frinnstonly about 1TB11:04
frinnststill removing..11:15
Romsterwho left that behind11:19
frinnstI did, when i upgraded the server a few weeks back11:21
Romsternice one11:21
frinnstwe dont have any monitoring on that cluster for those kinds of things11:21
Romsternow would be the time to set one up11:21
frinnst$$$ :(11:21
Romsterreally nofree software?11:22
frinnstanyways, its not anything really important on there11:22
frinnstthere are but im very lazy :D11:22
Romsterlike most sysadmins11:22
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frinnststill removing..11:59
frinnstand still12:21
frinnstomg 100%12:21
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cruxbot[core.git/3.0]: gawk: fix for the 'gzip: stdout: broken pipe' error, FS#100913:07
cruxbot[core.git/3.0]: util-linux: update to 2.24.213:07
cruxbot[core.git/3.0]: ca-certificates: update to 2014042213:07
*** jdolan has quit IRC13:14
cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: dnsmasq: update to 2.7013:44
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Romsterjaeger, you work on mate desktop? seen your nick in the ports this is really dumb.14:30
Romsterprt-get info p5-xml-simple14:30
RomsterName:         p5-xml-simple14:30
RomsterPath:         /usr/ports/mate14:30
RomsterVersion:      2.2014:30
RomsterRelease:      114:30
RomsterDescription:  Perl/CPAN XML::Simple module14:30
RomsterMaintainer:   Chris Kruger14:30
RomsterDependencies: p5-xml-simple14:30
Romsterit depends on itself and made prt-get go into a cyclic dependency loop14:30
diversethat's gotta hurt14:51
joacimidle cycles are wasted cycles14:55
Romster < gedit on crux that hurt.14:56
diverseSigh, gnome...14:56
Romsterisn't my choice, friend wanted it14:59
diverseI know15:00
Romsterit was painful to get working15:00
nogagplzhow's work on mate coming along romster? I need it up and running by yesterday damnit15:00
Romster-_- you ass15:00
joacimlazy bum. finish those ports yourself.15:01
nogagplzbut it isn't me that wants it15:01
diverse"I need it up and running by yesterday damnit" --nogagplz15:02
nogagplzI know how that must look15:02
joacimneed and want is two different things15:02
nogagplzbut I was framed15:02
diversejoacim: yeah, but a "need" is stronger than a "want"15:03
joacimpeople dont get me when i tell them easy and simple are two different things :/15:03
diversejoacim: that's because those terms have many many many meanings15:04
Romstereasy is not always simple. could be easy to one person but difficult to another15:04
Romsterneed more context15:05
prologicactually... :)15:12
prologiceasy and simple are terms you should not intermix :)15:12
prologicthey are different root words15:12
prologiceasy/hard means a reach-ability, understand-ability, etc15:13
prologicsimple/complex are best described as the presence of intertwined features or concepts vs straight forward more linear things15:14
Romstertrust prologic to say that and he is right,15:15
prologicwe almost always confuse and mix the terms up :)15:15
prologiceasy/hard is about reach and understanding15:15
prologicsimple/complex about the architecture/concepts and how intertwined they are15:16
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diverseI guess easy can be thought of as quality, while simple is thought of as quantity.15:25
nogagplzeasier still to just write english off as a creaky, bloated heap of shit15:25
joacimI just write what feels right15:27
prologicI agree15:27
prologicEnglish is rubbish :)15:27
prologictoo many roots15:27
Romstereasy is not a quality...15:28
Romstereasy is a measure of how difficult for someone to do a task15:28
diversebut it makes sense to think of it that way. Think of Ubuntu for example, it's a bloated POS (not simple) but for newbs it's easy. While Crux is simplistic, it is not easy for newbs to use, in general. Difficulty is like the quality of the challenge.15:30
prologicthat's kind of right :)15:31
prologicand a good example of the difference15:31
prologicunfortuantely easy/hard is also a subjective thing15:31
prologicwhen it shouldn't be15:31
prologicto be precise15:31
diverse"easy" is also subjective too15:32
Romstereasy/hard depends on the skill set15:32
prologicif I had to run 10km, take a bus, hop onto a plane, etc15:32
prologicjust to talk to some of you15:32
prologicthat would be considered "hard"15:32
prologicwhereas irc is "easy"15:32
prologictechnically easy/hard has nothing to do with experience or skill set15:32
prologicit has to do with reach15:33
joacimIRC is not easy for a norwegian15:33
joacimtoo much bullshit about charsets =)15:33
prologichow "easy" (is it to reach) this task/goal?15:33
diverselike I said, quality of the challenge15:33
Romsterif you had todo a task and you find it easy then your either a) really skillful and it's easy to you or b) a child could do it...15:34
Romstereasy for some hard for others on irc if they have to drive to get to the internet...15:34
prologicyou're still thinking about it subjectively15:35
prologicit's more like diverse said15:35
prologicif your documentation is well defined for example15:35
Romsteri clearly think wrongly.15:35
prologicthen the tools the documentation describes15:35
prologiccan be consdiered "easy"15:36
*** Amnesia has quit IRC15:36
*** linXea has quit IRC15:36
prologicif the documentation is poor OTOH15:36
Romsteroh lovely netsplit15:36
prologicyou could think of the tool(s) as "hard"15:36
prologicAnother example:15:36
prologicPython is easy because it only contains 26 keywords15:37
prologicC# is hard because is contains over 230 keywords15:37
diverseuh, that just makes Python simplier, while C# more complex with keywords.15:44
diverseLike, C is simple because it has fewer features than C++, while C++ is complex because it has more features than C.15:46
diverseby comparison15:47
z3braHi guys15:47
diversehey z3bra15:47
z3brahow are you doing ?15:47
diversedoing good15:47
z3braI'll probably update my kernel15:48
z3bradoes any of you use 3.14 with nvidia drivers ?15:48
diverseI was thinking of doing that for a while too15:48
*** linXea has joined #crux15:49
*** jdolan has quit IRC15:49
Romsterz3bra, it works15:50
z3braout-of the box ?15:50
Romsteron 4.14.1 at least out of the box15:50
z3braOr I need to patch the kernel ?15:50
z3braah okay15:50
Romstercan't type :/15:50
z3brano prob ;)15:50
z3braSo I can safely upgrade to 3.14 ?15:50
Romster# uname -r15:51
Romster# pkginfo -i |grep nvidia15:51
Romsternvidia 331.67-115:51
z3bragood :)15:51
z3brathank you15:51
z3brayou use pkginfo as root ?15:51
Romsteri was just as root todo something else...15:52
z3bragot it ^^15:52
Romsternot normally.15:52
Romstersometimes get sick of sudo this and sudo that.15:52
Romsterwhen working on root related stuff.15:52
z3braoh btw, what's the command to export my .config of the previous kernel, and use it as a base for the new one ?15:53
*** Amnesia has joined #crux15:53
Romsteri always exit when done though15:53
drijenhey rommie15:53
diverseRomster: yeah I find it being in root is a lot easier. Sudo is only good if you have multiple users in your system and want to give them limited and specific priviledges to each.15:53
Romsterzcat /proc/config.gz > ./.config15:53
Romsterhey drijen15:54
Romsteri use sudo for one off commands.15:54
z3brathen cp .config /usr/src/linux-newkernel/.config ?15:54
Romstercd /usr/src/linux-newkernel/15:54
Romsterzcat /proc/config.gz > ./.config15:54
z3braoh, my bad15:54
Romstermake silentoldconfig15:55
diversedrijen: good to see you again :)15:55
Romsteror something.15:55
joacimnever really use sudo here. su - and su -c is usually enough for my needs15:55
Romsterhe lurks in my channel more than here.15:55
Romsteryou doing much drijen ?15:55
joacimsudo is nice sometimes tho. don't have to re-type the same password every time i rerun the same commands15:55
z3braah, I don't have a /proc/config.gz15:55
*** jdolan has joined #crux15:56
tilmanonly newbs and old people build linux kernels in /usr/src15:56
z3brateach me your ways :)15:57
z3braI don't do this often enough to think about improving the process15:57
tilmanbuild it in ~/wherever15:57
Romsterz3bra, then copy the old .config off your older kernel.15:57
Romsteri must be a noob because i still use /usr/src/ -_-15:58
Romsterand that's where the nvidia kernel also looks for the kernel.15:58
Romsterso that must be a noob too15:58
joacimI'm just old15:58
diversejoacim: no you are not15:59
tilmani bet the "nvidia kernel" (what?) looks in /lib/modules/`uname -r`/source15:59
joacimyou saying i'm a noob?15:59
diversejoacim: nope15:59
tilmanit they hardcode "/usr/src/linux-newkernel" they are indeed fucking newbs16:00
diversebecause I'm a noob too16:00
Romsteryeah but it has some stupid thing where it needs the built kernel source in "/usr/src/linux-`uname -r`16:00
Romsterelse it fails16:00
z3bra"Sony PS2/3 accessories (HID_SONY) [Y/n/m/?] y"16:01
diversez3bra: do you plan on using the dualshock controllers?16:02
z3brawho knows16:02
z3braI'll probably, one day, try to use a PS1 emulator ^^16:02
diverseyeah, then add it in, if you want.16:03
z3brathe strange thing is:  Sony MemoryStick card support16:03
diverseWait wtf?16:03
z3brawhere would you plug it ? oO16:03
jaegerin a card reader with that slot16:03
z3braisn't that protected by patents and such ?16:04
diverseoh yeah, that ps3 adapter16:04
jaegerdon't know what you mean, there are card readers available for it16:04
jaegerI've got one sitting in a machine behind me right now16:05
z3brathat you plug on a PC ?16:05
z3braand you can read the memory card from your OS ?16:05
diversejaeger: there is a usb adapter for the ps2 memory cards which you can plug into your ps3 and store the save data in the virtual memory cards on the ps316:05
jaegerdiverse: we're talking about sony memorystick, not playstation stuff16:06
z3bradidn't know there was such a thing16:06
z3braAaaaaah !16:06
diversemy bad16:06
z3braI was thinking the same16:06
jaegerIt's one of the many camera flash things, was made back in like 199816:06
z3braPlaystation MemoryCard16:06
diversez3bra: great minds think alike...16:06
z3brainstead of memory stick16:06
jaegerRomster: funny you should mention mate, I just built mate 1.8 on 3.1 yesterday16:08
Romsterwell i got gedit working without the entire gnome stuff.16:08
jaegerprobably should clean up the 1.6/3.0 repo, though, now that things like gobject-introspection don't need to be overridden16:09
Romsterbut who made that dependency on itself. -_-16:09
diverseyeah, do as many --disable-crap flags as possible16:09
jaegerwell, chris and I are the only people who have access to that repo so it was probably him16:09
Romsteri went with the bare essentials. diverse16:09
diversethat's the way to do it16:09
Romstermost likely.16:09
diverseRomster: does your friend program a lot?16:11
Romsterjust likes to edit themes and stuff.16:11
Romsterand finds it easier with a visual editor like how gedit does it's highlighting.16:12
diversegotcha gotcha16:12
Romsterlooks ok but i'll stick to (g)vim16:12
diverseI was going to suggest you teach her vim, but then it's a steep learning curve for someone not used to the modal way of thinking16:13
Romsterprt-get deptree ardour |wgetpaste16:14
Romsterthat's the other thing i cleaned up16:14
Romstershes used vim but she hates the append mode thing.16:14
*** doomicide has joined #crux16:14
diverse... it's just insert mode where it goes after one character, she doesn't need to hit 'a' all the time...16:16
Romsteri know.16:16
Romstergave her the editor she wanted that one16:17
Romstershe had sued it in ubuntu before.16:17
diversewhatever makes your friend happy16:18
Romsteri'm gonna head to bed soon. i'm buggered.16:19
diversehave a good night16:19
Feigrdrive to Täby and pick this up for me :D16:43
*** jdolan has quit IRC16:49
tilmanRomster: "A new version of Livestreamer (1.8) is available!" :)16:52
*** vlnx has quit IRC17:05
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: livestreamer: 1.7.5 -> 1.8.017:12
diverseyou are still awake Romster?17:12
*** shadow2701 has quit IRC17:12
Romsterno i'm doing this in my sleep :D17:14
Romstertilman, ^17:14
*** vlnx has joined #crux17:14
*** vlnx_ has joined #crux17:14
Romstercan't sleep yet :/17:14
*** vlnx_ has quit IRC17:15
tilmanthank you17:15
*** vlnx has quit IRC17:15
Romsterno problem.17:15
*** vlnx has joined #crux17:15
*** jdolan has joined #crux17:47
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: vala: 0.20.1 -> 0.24.017:51
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: glade3: 3.8.2 -> 3.8.417:53
Romster3.8.4 it's got a so much higher branch teK__ why are we so behind?17:59
Romsterthansk for vala though that older version had a issue.17:59
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*** hbekel has joined #crux20:17
frinnsthm, how strange. crond seems to refuse to run my @daily job20:22
frinnstlike it doesnt exist20:23
frinnsthasnt run since feb 820:23
frinnstremoving the timestamp file *probably* resolved it. cron detects the job again atleast20:28
*** toriso has quit IRC20:30
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frinnstyay, daily cronjob just ran. dunno wtf happened22:00
*** jdolan has joined #crux22:06
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xveehey jaeger, i know you have openelec running. i was wondering if you tested out the newish netflix addon22:19
*** pitillo has joined #crux22:20
jaegerI run openelec on my raspberry pi, it's ARM... so no pipelight/wine for netflix22:44
frinnstyou can get it working by using a windowsmachine as sort of a proxy, that reencodes it for you22:46
frinnstnot very elegant..22:46
*** diverse has joined #crux23:18
xveei read osmewhere that an addon came out. hm.23:26
xveereally think the world should switch to html5. its so much easier on resources and less nsa bullshit23:30
diversewhat's preventing html5?23:30
xveenetflix doesn't want to use html523:49
xveecopy right issues or something regarding the videos23:49
xveejust read up that they are in fact switching to html5 but itll have some drm on it23:51
*** jdolan has quit IRC23:52
xveei think they already have html5 out on win823:53
diversewell drm'ing their video UI should be expected anyway?23:55

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