IRC Logs for #crux Saturday, 2014-04-26

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xveeyea i suppose. so long as its not flash or silver light, its coolio by me00:04
diverseyeah, and since netflix is big, especially with their "House of Cards" series, html5 would get an even faster adoption rate.00:05
xveei really hope it does00:06
BitPuffinreally? no clang port? that's surprising00:14
diversehmm, I thought there was going to be some inclusion of llvm in 3.1? Let me check.00:14
diverseokay, yeah, for mesa3d, it needs llvm00:15
BitPuffinwell I don't see any clang port but maybe it's in 3.1 then00:16
diverseyeah, it's just the llvm backend00:19
diverseno clang00:19
diverseBitPuffin: you are going to have to provide your own00:23
diverseand it's not that surprising either, since OSS projects rely on gcc more than clang00:26
diversethus not a need to include it00:26
BitPuffindiverse: yeah00:27
BitPuffindiverse: well it's just that it's nice to have as a dev00:27
BitPuffinnot so important for building ports :P00:27
BitPuffinhowever I DO put clang in my makefiles00:28
diverseit could probably go into opt/contrib00:28
diversejaeger: how do you feel about including clang and co into opt/contrib since llvm is in core for 3.1?00:29
diverseBitPuffin: show your puppy eyes00:32
nogagplzthat's actually a feature slated for crux 3.1.1, replace gcc with clang00:34
BitPuffinbsdmocker are we00:34
nogagplzand all credit goes to BitPuffin for thinking of it00:34
diverseBitPuffin: he is just playing around with you00:35
diverseBitPuffin: actually why do you want clang? Are you happy with nimrod?01:11
BitPuffindiverse: I am :)01:12
BitPuffinbut it's not the only language I use01:12
BitPuffinhowever you can use clang as a backend for nimrod01:12
BitPuffinso wanting clang doesn't exclude nimrod01:12
BitPuffinin fact on mac it uses clang01:12
diverseI see01:12
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prologic :)01:30
diverseyou got a shell going in a browser I see01:31
jaegerdiverse: personally I don't care where clang goes as long as it's not in llvm :)01:32
diverseprologic: > commands help01:33
diverseERROR: 'tuple' object has no attribute 'replace': ('commands help')01:33
nogagplzyou have to use the australian spelling for commands, c'mmands01:34
diversenogagplz: you don't give up, do you?01:35
nogagplzhey I don't make the news, I just report it01:36
prologicnice find diverse01:36
prologicI'll fix that later :)01:36
diverseprologic: np01:36
diversenogagplz: I never said anything about news01:37
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nogagplzit was moreso distancing myself from accountability01:37
nogagplzif you wanted clarity don't use english01:37
diverseyou're bored aren't you?01:39
nogagplzyeah actually I am01:42
nogagplzto the point of trying freebsd on a powerbook01:43
nogagplzso far it's ahead of linux because the sound works out of the box01:43
prologicI could make the sound work out of te box with CRUX :)01:49
diversenogagplz: so does that mean you will switch to FreeBSD completely?01:49
nogagplzgod no01:50
diversedarn -_-01:50
nogagplzprologic there's supposedly some regression with the snd-aoa stuff causing it01:50
nogagplznot wasting my life building kernels until I find the one that works :P01:51
prologicbut you're basically testing out BSD01:51
prologicso you may as well waste your life building kernsl :)01:51
prologicaren't powerbooks dead anyway? :)01:51
nogagplzwell it's my only working laptop for a while now01:52
nogagplzos x 10.5 is too slow (!),  10.4 too ancient01:53
nogagplz1.67GHz g4 and 2gb ram for reference01:53
diverse10.5 is too ancient -_-01:53
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diversewell at least you made your powerbook more useful01:56
prologicjust stick crux on it already :)01:56
prologicthere's bound to be an audio driver for it somewhere :)01:56
diverseprologic: he loves his precious arch more than crux -_-01:58
nogagplzno I really like crux01:58
nogagplzbut for the sake of keeping stuff working without effort arch on top crux in a chroot01:58
nogagplzthere's nothing wrong with arch :P01:58
diverseprologic: see?01:59
prologictraitor :)01:59
prologicI will never use Arch02:00
prologicor Debian or Ubuntu02:00
prologicfor one simple reason02:00
prologicI'm a control freak :)02:00
prologicplus you gotta realize too02:00
prologiconce you setup your laptop/desktop02:00
prologicit's not like you set it up again for years02:00
prologicI think I went nearly 8 years between my last desktop and my new/current desktop when the old one finally blew up02:01
prologic8 years between rebuilds is pretty damn good :)02:01
nogagplzwell I was only using crux regularly from 2007 until 2013 or w/e it was02:01
nogagplzwith a bit of fiddling prior02:01
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openfbtdnogagplz, there is a bit wrong with arch02:19
openfbtdDepending on your tastes, obviously02:20
nogagplzavoid the community does it for me, distro works for my needs02:20
openfbtdBut most of the things that are wrong with the distro are avoidable/fixable02:20
openfbtdActually, all of them are02:21
openfbtdSo how does systemd work for you, you being a control freak? :D02:23
nogagplzwell for the most part it just goes02:24
nogagplzbut journald could really stand to be less annoying02:24
openfbtdDo you understand everything that is does?02:24
nogagplznope, don't know jack squat about systemd besides working services and floundering through the log02:25
nogagplzif it wins me any points I've been tempted to change back to runit at some point, just chronic laziness :P02:26
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openfbtdMy point is being ok with systemd “just working” without knowing anything about its internals is weird for a control freak02:31
openfbtdThen again, I'm ok with firefox jjust working02:31
openfbtdBecause hell if I can be asked to learn the internals of gecko02:31
nogagplzI think that's the mistake02:32
nogagplzI'm not a control freak anymore, preferring to just have stuff going instead of the endless fiddling02:32
openfbtdAnd simpler browsers are annoying to use02:32
nogagplzI got everything I wanted out of crux, became too much effort imo, moved on02:33
openfbtdI can appreciate something simple ideologically, but actually using surf? NO. NO NO NO.02:33
openfbtdMaybe later when I become lazy enough to write my own framework around it02:33
openfbtdTo make it an actual browser02:33
openfbtdAnd even then uzbl might be a better choice02:34
openfbtdAnd even then I still don't give a fuck about how the renderer actually works02:34
openfbtdsystemd is a bit of a different story though. Understanding the boot/configuration process of a linux OS is not in any way hard02:35
prologicopenfbtd, were you talking to me? :)02:35
prologicI detest systemd :)02:35
openfbtdprologic, nope.02:35
prologicI'd rather write my own init :)02:35
openfbtdI was talking to nogagplz02:35
openfbtdHehe. I did.02:35
prologiccary on then :)02:36
openfbtd(write my own init)02:36
openfbtdBut sinit is even better (ideologically, not in practice), so I use that now.02:36
openfbtdIn practice my init does the same things as sinit.02:36
nogagplzdid you ever end up making a Pkgfile for your init? :P02:38
openfbtdNope. No motivation to do that right now02:38
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openfbtdAnd I can't recommend my init honestly. I mean, it works and it's simple.02:40
openfbtdBut if bash breaks, your init will break02:40
openfbtdThen again, if bash breaks somehow, my whole system will collapse02:40
openfbtdSo who cares02:40
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prologicopenfbtd, I want your crux ports of sinit and rc porting to sinit please :)02:59
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prologicI'd like to try it out for myself :)02:59
prologicbut I"m lazy :)02:59
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xveei really hope it does?03:10
xveewoops accidently hit the up botton03:10
xveeany movie suggestions before pizza arrives?03:10
xveethe hindi movie?03:22
nogagplzthe arnold schwarzenegger film03:25
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openfbtdThe thing with the stuff03:45
xveethe best stuff04:04
openfbtdThe best thing04:25
openfbtdWith the awesome stuff04:25
nogagplzI wonder what init system arnold uses04:39
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openfbtdnogagplz, probably the one windows has04:42
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openfbtdYay I'm at work05:30
openfbtdTime to do shit05:30
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frinnstbtw jaeger, are you running vsphere 5.5 at work?16:29
frinnstwith update1 ?16:29
frinnstnot been bit yet, touch wood16:30
jaegerI'm running it on one of the clusters, no issues so far16:41
jaegerI can fall back to another if needed so I haven't worried too much about it16:41
joacimfrinnst: touch wood... do you have a similar expression in sweden?16:47
joacimwe have "bank i bordet" here in norway16:47
tilmanso i'm setting up netbsd currently16:58
tilmanand now i know where pli got his inspiration for crux' configs. (i think)16:58
frinnstjoacim: only a literal translation: "ta i tr�". its not really used much17:00
frinnsttilman: i dont think i've ever used netbsd. sounds fun :)17:00
joacimyou guys are missing out then17:00
tilmanfrinnst: i'm putting it on the guruplug17:01
tilmanit's _so_ easy to build netbsd17:01
tilmaneven with a crosscompiler17:01
tilmanreally really nicely set up17:01
frinnstive thrown out my guruplug. took its psu for my sheevaplug, but I dont use it anymore17:02
frinnstgot a rpi instead17:02
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jaegerI have netbsd and openbsd installed on some old-ass sparc hardware, heh17:27
jaegerIt's holding down the carpet in the corner of a closet rather nicely17:27
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