IRC Logs for #crux Wednesday, 2014-04-30

abyxcosDoes anyone have the link offhand to do a chroot install? Can never find it on the wiki when I need it.00:33
vlnxMaybe this?
abyxcosYea, that looks to be it, thanks.00:35
abyxcosgrub2 in /opt isn't EFI/GPT, is it?00:49
vlnxI don't know but I see '--disable-efiemu' in it's Pkgfile00:54
abyxcosEvery time I use crux's pkg-tools, it makes me happier inside.01:05
vlnxI haven't installed crux yet. I just got pkgutils to build in my current env though.01:07
abyxcosHaving a sane distro for your package manager is just icing on the metaphorical cake.01:08
jaegerabyxcos: opt/grub2 does not support efi. There's a grub2-efi in my repo if you want it, though01:12
abyxcosAye, I noticed that in the efi wiki page.01:12
abyxcosjaeger: Pkgfile: line 35: x86_64/grub-mkfont: No such file or directory01:13
jaegerinstall freetype01:14
abyxcosErr, does that #depends at the top not work?01:14
abyxcos(I just saw that now.)01:14
jaegerpkgmk doesn't understand depends, prt-get does if you use "prt-get depinst"01:14
abyxcosI think I need to install ports :P01:15
abyxcosvlnx: By any chance, are you porting prt-utils to another system?01:22
vlnxabyxcos: Not really, just playing around with creating a custom 32bit iso.01:23
abyxcosIf I still had a mac, I'd probably port it to OSX.01:24
abyxcosMight even fire up an OSX VM at some point...01:25
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timcowchiperror while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory06:31
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frinnstthat's nice06:44
timcowchipit may be nice but it seriously broke a lot of things06:45
timcowchipI get the same error for weechat, uzbl, surf, jumanji, wmbiff06:46
frinnstjust upgraded with sysup or what?06:46
frinnst*details* dude, *details* :)06:46
timcowchipyes just "prt-get sysup"06:47
timcowchipthen "prt-get update -fr `revdep`"06:47
timcowchipbut, -- Packages updated06:48
diverseevas, yuck...06:48
frinnstsilly tek, breaking systems willy nilly06:48
diversetimcowchip: I feel sorry for you now ;)06:49
timcowchipthank you diverse :)06:49
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diversetimcowchip: could I persuade you to use a better, I mean, a different WM? :)06:50
frinnstim using the 3.1 branch, seems like the update has not been pushed to it yet06:50
timcowchipI'm using openbox06:52
timcowchipI have ports for enlightenment, so I need to have it installed, but I don't use it06:53
diversetimcowchip: good good, now remove anything E related, it's just cancer on your system. Yes, get rid of the ports too. :)06:53
timcowchipI actually do use E sometimes06:55
diverseaww D:06:55
pitillodo E affect anything on your system diverse?06:56
diversepitillo: long long story06:56
pitillobut does it break anything (does it link with anything extra)?06:56
pitillobetter said... does anything link with anything related to E?06:57
diversepitillo: to keep it short, no it doesn't break anything other than itself (many times) and I have (personal) issues with the project and its developers. I'm not going to say anything negative to flame the project and I won't discourage you. I was just teasing timcowchip earlier.07:03
diversepitillo: if you are still happy using it, keep on doing so. I had enough of the problems it gave me.07:09
diversehey z3bra07:13
diversetimcowchip: have you tried rebuilding weechat, uzbl, etc?07:20
timcowchipI just rebuilt libsecret07:20
timcowchipnow I'm rebuilding uzbl07:20
diverseplease try that07:21
timcowchipI just did07:21
diversetimcowchip: I meant in a progressive sense07:22
timcowchipbash-4.2# prt-get dependent libgcrypt07:22
BitPuffinokay so is core, x11 AND opt non rolling? or is opt rolling07:23
diversetimcowchip: there is no anymore, it's just .so.20 now07:23
diverseBitPuffin: I think everything is (potentially) rolling except for some parts of core07:24
diverseof course, you have to roll your own kernel as well :P07:25
diverserolling rolling rolling07:25
timcowchipdiverse: yes that is what happened when libgcrypt got updated to 1.6.107:26
BitPuffindiverse: well I mean x11 is frozen, in terms of version at least07:26
BitPuffinMaybe if there is security updates or bugfix releases of xorg it gets put in there07:26
diverseBitPuffin: I have seen cases where xorg-server got updated07:27
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BitPuffinwell then render me confused07:28
diversefrinnst: verify me here, please07:31
diverseor jaeger or Romster07:37
diverseBitPuffin: I don't think there is anything to be confused about, I think it's like I said.07:38
BitPuffindiverse: well I don't understand why I had to upgrade to 3.1 to get later x11 versions, is it just because 3.1 is so closed to being released? Or will I have to set the repo to 3.2 in order to get the lastest xorg stuff07:39
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diverseBitPuffin: 3.1 only does core changes, like replacing udev with eudev and consolidating network tools like removing net-tools and using the maintain tools in inetutils and similar stuff. Version 3.2 might include PAM support if frinnst is not lazy enough. ;)07:42
BitPuffindiverse: well yeah that's what I thought, but I had to change the xorg ports tree, not core07:43
diverseCheck out the TODO31 on the wiki for what's being changed. And at some point, the core team will stop maintaining the 3.0 git branch once 3.1 is in placed07:43
diverseFor xorg, it was mainly updating the dependencies for mesa3d and xorg-xf86-video-ati. Also Romster is trying to remove the pthead support in xorg, so I think that's why the xorg branch changed.07:45
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Romsteroh nice ABI breakage07:48
BitPuffinRomster: where?07:48
diversehey Romster07:48
BitPuffindiverse: ah, so I guess it's sort of rolling until we reach the end of a release07:48
diverseRomster: the libgcrypt thing?07:48
diverseBitPuffin: I'd say it's like 98% rolling07:49
RomsterBitPuffin, all but core is safe to bump to 3.107:49
BitPuffinI'm confused, is Romster a dev? he's not an op :P07:49
Romstercore needs specal care id you not gonna do it from the iso07:49
BitPuffinRomster: does the upgrade on the CD deal with that gracefully?07:50
diverseBitPuffin: Romster has been here enough that he could be a dev :P07:50
BitPuffinor maybe it just writes it I guess07:50
BitPuffinRomster: Well we weren't really discussing upgrading, just how rolling crux is07:50
BitPuffinRomster: because I had the impression that the crux maintained repos where non rolling07:50
BitPuffinas I had to bump07:50
Romsterbacklog on ligcrypt07:51
diverseBitPuffin: 98% rolling07:52
RomsterBitPuffin, yes it does you can do it by making a chroot bootstraping core 3 times inside the chroot then upgrade core that way. but is more effort.07:52
Romsterbut i have done that before and works07:52
BitPuffinRomster: yeah I saw that07:53
BitPuffinon the wiki07:53
BitPuffinwill probably just do the cd07:53
Romsternon rolling between major gcc tool chian breakage up grades07:53
BitPuffinso rolling when it works basically? :P07:54
diverseyou are making this too complicated -_-07:54
nogagplzthat's the crux of the matter I guess07:54
Romsterpretty much all the other times except a major release like 3.0 -> 3.107:54
Romsterif oyu o itthe chroot way you need to now what packages to remove and inject new dependencies07:54
Romsterif you do it the chroot*07:55
Romsterjust eaiser to use the iso unless you been following the changes07:55
RomsterBitPuffin, i'm in contrib compate-32 xorg and opt ports trees. i'm basically a maniac packager :D07:56
diversewell the changes are easily noted on the TODO31, how hard can that be?07:56
Romsternot hard at all07:56
Romsterto someone expeareanced with using cru's tools07:56
Romstereating while typing07:57
BitPuffinnogagplz: badum sch07:57
nogagplzthanks BitPuffin, I value my fans07:58
BitPuffinnogagplz: :P07:58
diversenogagplz: go back to playing with your bows and arrows07:59
Romsteran arrow to the knee except this time the arse08:07
diverseWell the truth is, I used to be Archer, until I took an arrow to the knee. Never shot another bow again.08:08
diverse*be an08:08
BitPuffinRomster: lol08:09
BitPuffindid not expect arrow to the knee references in the crux channel08:09
BitPuffindiverse: bows are dangerous08:09
diverseBitPuffin: nah, they are pretty easy, which is why nogagplz went to that route.08:10
Romsteranything can happen in here08:12
diverseBitPuffin: of course they too can break as well, you have to rebuild them again anyway08:12
diverseso much for bows -_-08:14
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diverseRomster: so how is the version sort?08:21
nogagplzhey I did my time in the crux slammer08:22
Romsterwell its sorting about 60-70% so far08:29
Romsterand i have a spider to go over urls.08:30
Romsterall i need todo is sort out how i'll parse Pkgfiles08:30
BitPuffinsort out :D08:30
diverseRomster: are you using python or shell?08:31
Romsterpython now08:31
diverseI guess just read the file, iterate thru each line until you get to "# URL: ..." and extract the url with regex08:32
Romsteryeah and source maybe.08:33
diverseyeah, source is better08:33
Romsteri still need to use a whitelist and patttern to limit the spiders searching.08:34
Romsternot always some source lines don't actually work on dynamic urls.08:34
Romstergo up a directory and get a 404 ir a 403 like google code. then there is some that the source is on another site than the url is set too.08:35
Romsteri would prefer not having to maintain list of urls to search over.08:35
diversewell yeah, you want to parse the Pkgfiles08:35
Romsterso some sort of logic with the already available Pkgfile sources url08:36
Romsterso some thinking there and i could just keep going up a directory level until i get a listing then spider from there.08:37
Romstersine some ports use the same url i could also narrow the spider down to group all the interested files off each of those.08:39
diverseRomster: by spider you mean thread each task?08:39
Romsterby like transverse all interested projects in one session then later separate the results for each Pkgfile08:40
Romster being a good example spider that for all the gstreamer gst-* stuff08:42
Romstersave all the results then list them for each Pkgfile.08:42
Romsterdo a diff of current vs not the same version like ck4up does now.08:43
Romstercrawl -v --blacklist=".*" --whitelist="^http\:\/\/gstreamer\.freedesktop\.org\/src\/.*$" --pattern ".*/gst-plugins-.*" --pattern ".*/gstreamer/.*" --pattern ".*/orc/.*" --pattern ".*/gst-ffmpeg/.*" --pattern ".*/gst-libav/.*" --pattern ".*/gst-ffmpeg/.*" |tee /tmp/list08:48
Romsterlike so08:48
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frinnstBitPuffin: xorg is rolling. But if there are major changes (as with mesa3d in 3.1) we usually hold off until the next release10:00
frinnstit depends on timing as well10:00
frinnstif a major port (libpng, linked everywhere) breaks abi we also may hold off10:01
Romsterbecause it causes major rebuilding headaches10:26
Romsteri updated icu one time oh boy did i cop it10:29
RomsterABI breakage like 15 ports10:29
BitPuffinfrinnst: sounds very reasonable10:30
Romsterunless it's security related10:31
Romstercooked dinner and the spider is still going.10:31
Romsterthink i need to white list it a bit better10:33
BitPuffinRomster: well if it's really huge breakage I guess backporting the fix is an option10:33
Romsterthat's what debian does and look at there breakage and bug reports.10:34
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BitPuffinRomster: well I mean in the worst case10:55
BitPuffinRomster: and perhaps the fix is a oneliner :p10:55
pitillothat's fine diverse, but make that kind of comparision... is the same as flame the project10:59
Romsteri personally use stuff based on my needs. which may not suit someone else but i may suggest if i think it might be11:29
Romsterpitillo, do you see sepen much?11:29
frinnstsepen finally got his connection the other day11:30
frinnstwhat has it been? a month without an internetconnection11:30
frinnsti struggle with short outages :)11:30
Romsterwas like 5 weeks 5 days i think11:31
Romsteras see he was on 36 hours ago11:31
Romsteri struggle with any outage even if i'm like, oh what was i gonna do11:45
frinnstthats why i have redundant connections :>11:47
frinnst+ 3g obviously if things get desperate11:47
Romsteri should be doing that11:47
Romsteri got the power side covered11:48
frinnstthe problem is usually the routing when you are forced to use dhcp11:48
frinnstrequires advanced scripting. or you can do as I did, get a simple wireless router and close it down and serve a static ip instead11:48
Romsterah yeah 3G stuff is a pain11:52
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diversepitillo: well, talking about my experience and expressing my opinion, had negativity, so I contradicted myself there. But it was not flaming. Flaming would be saying something derogatory enough to piss of other people.12:20
diverseLike one time when I was on #rust on, I pissed off this one dude who was a systemd zealot (wasn't apparent to me at first) after I was talking about all the things that made systemd a pile of shit. ;)12:23
diverseI did felt sorry, so I went to apologize with the person when he came back on the channel.12:25
diverseafter he rage quit I mean12:26
Romsterwouldn't be too fussed.12:32
Romster hmm pre directory does make it hard to deal with in the spider. probably have to filter those out.12:38
Romster with --head 112:39
Romsterdiverse, ^12:39
Romstermost of that failer is i don't have any rules to match .md5 and .sha256 yet.12:42
Romstermatter of databaseing the results then12:45
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diversedespite the 48% success rate, it's looking pretty good12:46
Romsteryeah most of that is .md5 and .sha25612:47
Romsteron that run12:47
Romsteri nw it sorts because i've on purpose scrambled the input up before and it sorts it perfectly.12:48
Romsterand did a diff of before and after12:49
Romsterjust a matter of perfecting the massive regex list12:50
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Romsterwhats a good mini wifi pcie card for windows and /linux/ compatibility?13:12
jaegeranything with an intel chipset, probably13:13
Romsterath9k works in linux it worked on windows that was bundled with the laptop but with a fresh windows copy installed the driver just keeps dropping out. so anything intel.13:14
diverseyeah intel is always a good choice for wifi13:15
Amnesiaba dum tsssss:
diverseAmnesia: what's this?13:15
jaegerJust make sure the laptop supports replacing the wireless card13:15
Amnesiaa vulnerability in fbsd's tcp/ip stack13:15
jaegersome are locked to the one that came with13:15
diverseAmnesia: ouch, this makes what the OpenBSD guys said about FreeBSD, correct.13:16
Romsterthe retched whitelisted by bios thing?13:16
Romsterfreebsd ouch....13:16
teK__scrub in all13:17
Romsterand that's a critical component too13:17
teK__reads interesting ;)13:17
diverseI have to show this to my friend who uses FreeBSD13:17
Amnesiadiverse: linux isn't that much better imo..13:17
Romsterman that is major13:17
diverseAmnesia: even so13:19
jaegerI don't think I've ever seen a pf config that didn't scrub13:22
jaegerthough obviously not every freebsd user actually uses pf13:23
diversepf is more OpenBSD related?13:23
frinnstteK__: you noticed that your libgcrypt update broke a lot of stuff?13:23
teK__break as in rebuild things?13:23
jaegerit's openbsd's packet filter (firewall)13:23
jaegerused by others as well, now13:23
teK__I rebuilt gnupg  dmcrypt and mplayer13:24
diversejaeger: does the linux kernel support it too?13:24
jaegerNot as far as I know. There was a "pf on linux" or some such project years ago but I think it's dead (haven't checked on it in a long time)13:24
teK__nftables received a lot of love, I guess13:25
diverseAmnesia: thanks for showing that :)13:29
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frinnst--note to self: dont edit iptables rules remotely14:16
*** BitPuffin has joined #crux14:23
diversefrinnst--: I hope it's done remotely through openssh...14:26
frinnst--no, telnet14:27
diversefrinnst--: btw, why the decrementing `--` in your name?14:30
diversechange it to `++`!14:32
jaegerbad karma for breaking iptables :P14:33
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Romsterok so how does steam work?
Romsterdo i need to download all them binary file packages manually?15:21
RomsterteK__, texlive was building someone broke it...15:23
Romsterfailed to load just lovely...15:34
joacimthat power supply i was talking about earlier. took it apart now. The two big capacitors are bulging a little15:34
Romsterwatch out for those they could still be charged up.15:35
joacimi'll lick em15:35
joacimbought this thing in 2006. been running pretty much 24/7 since then15:36
Romsterthe caps do bulge a little over time.15:36
joacimmaybe it was heat that did it. removed a lot of dust from it last year. it was packed full15:36
Romsterthat wont help15:36
Romsterand usually the main caps are the last to ever fail. it's usually the smaller ones that go first15:37
Romsterlow ESR not so low anymore15:37
joacimwouldnt be surprised if they're capxon caps. everything i own from 2006 with capxon caps is dead now15:37
Romsterso i have them packages in /home/romster/Steam/package/15:37
joacimis a good psu tho. 45A on the 5V rail15:38
joacimwill give it some new caps and put it in an old pc15:38
cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: [notify] screen: update to 4.2.115:43
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teK__Romster: the 2013 version fails with the same error msg15:54
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tilmanfrinnst: sleep 30 && sh; but i guess you know that trick and you were just NO WAY ITS GONNA BREAK16:00
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Romsterdid that trick after i locked myself out the first time of a headless server...16:02
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deep42thoughtHi, I did a kernel update to 3.14.2 and a "prt-get sysup" and now my cryptdevices won't open. The problem seems to be, that "depmod" can't open /lib/modules/3.14.2, which is funny, because module-loading is turned off (has been in the old kernel too).18:15
deep42thoughtyeah, and the second problem resides between my keyboard and my chair: I don't know where to look ...18:16
deep42thoughtok, it doesn't seem to be connected to the kernel-update: with the old kernel, I get the same messages about depmod and that cryptsetup cant find
jaegerprobably need to rebuild things due to the gcrypt update, looks like. check with revdep18:29
deep42thoughtsry, can you be a little more specific?18:29
jaegerI think I saw teK__ mention something about an update causing that issue. If the gcrypt library's name changed then you need to rebuild things that link against it. running 'revdep' will tell you which packages need a rebuild18:32
frinnsttilman: yeah :)18:34
deep42thoughtok, thx18:34
deep42thoughtis it common for revdep to take long for checking for the libraries?18:38
deep42thoughtok :-)18:38
nogagplzgeez Romster you're up early, no work today ?18:39
Romsternevermind things like jre and libreoffice they always list.18:39
Romsteryeah i have work18:39
deep42thoughti don't have a desktop ...18:39
Romsterwhat are you doing up nogagplz <<18:39
nogagplzwent to bed at 718:39
Romsterwell i'm hopping back in bed to nap before work18:40
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deep42thoughtok, my crypt-problem is solved18:41
*** jdolan has joined #crux18:42
deep42thoughtcan anyone tell me, what depmod tries to do, when it fails reading the directory /lib/modules/3.14.2?18:42
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deep42thoughtshould I simply deactivate it in /etc/rc.modules?18:44
jaegerdepmod should be able to read that directory. If it can then you should probably check the permissions on it19:06
deep42thoughtthe directory doesn't exist19:06
deep42thoughtI think, because I don't have modules or the support for modules compiled into my kernel19:06
jaegerIf you didn't build module support then it won't exist but there's also no need to run depmod at that point19:07
jaegerIf you did build module support then maybe you skipped "make modules_install"19:07
deep42thoughtthe first is true19:07
deep42thoughtand I simply forgot to disable depmod in the startup-script19:08
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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: libvdpau-va-gl: 0.3.3 -> 0.3.421:04
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timcowchipso I just edit /etc/ports/opt.rsync from "collection=ports/crux-3.0/opt/" to "collection=ports/crux-3.1/opt/"21:42
timcowchipthen "ports -d"?21:45
jaegerNOT the recommended way to upgrade21:45
timcowchipthen "ports -u"21:45
timcowchipwhat is21:45
jaegerDoing the upgrade from the 3.1 CD/USB21:46
jaegerIt's not released yet21:46
timcowchipI installed your test iso21:47
timcowchipis it close to the released version?21:47
timcowchipthe soon to be released version?21:48
jaegerMostly, might not reflect some things like man->man-db or whatever... you can always look at the setup-helper script in gitweb and see what needs to happen in an upgrade21:48
timcowchipbut editing /etc/ports/opt.rsync from "collection=ports/crux-3.0/opt/" to "collection=ports/crux-3.1/opt/" is just not recommended21:49
timcowchipbut possible?21:50
jaegerThe packages on the official ISO are bootstrapped properly. If you upgrade manually by switching ports repos you run the risk (not guarantee but risk) of breaking your toolchain or something like that due to ABI incompatibilities21:50
jaegerYes, it's possible. If your upgrade isn't successful, though, it can waste a lot of your time fixing it21:51
jaegerI'd recommend just waiting for 3.121:51
timcowchipyou know me.......I'm going to try it21:52
timcowchipwill 3.1 be released today?21:52
jaegerno, though there's an rc1 to test21:56
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timcowchipthanks :)22:00
timcowchipso this will wipe my 3.0 installation22:02
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abyxcosjaeger: Are you the local EFI expert here?22:33
jaegerI can't claim expert but I use it quite a bit22:34
abyxcosjaeger: (or anyone else awake who loves EFI) followed, but system won't boot, if I hit the crux entry in the EFI menu, it returns instantly (of course without an error.)22:35
abyxcosSo it would seem that grub isn't even loading.22:35
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abyxcosefibootmgr was happy to do it's thing though, does that give errors if you point it at an invalid file?22:37
abyxcosYa know, it's likely I buggered up my path in efibootmgr...22:39
jaegeryou can give it a bad path, it does no error checking22:41
jaegernor does the UEFI itself, most likely22:41
jaegerat least I have yet to see one that does22:41
prologicwoot woot22:41
jaegerso double check the path and partition, etc.22:41
abyxcosRe-reading the notes at the bottom of the page, I believe I gave it in relation to /boot or /.22:41
abyxcosprologic: What's the practical application of that?22:42
abyxcosprologic: Also,
jaegerthe path should be relative to the root of the ESP so will look something like "\EFI\grub\grub2-x86_64.efi" or "\EFI\boot\bootx64.efi" or "\EFI\elilo\elilo.efi"22:44
abyxcosWhat is the ESP?22:44
jaegerThe EFI system partition22:44
abyxcosI may have done something wrong then.22:45
abyxcosI put mine in /boot/EFI/grub/grub2*.efi, where /grub/grub2*.efi would be the path.22:45
abyxcosOr is that just a silly EFI convetion to double up on EFI directories?22:45
jaegerThe mount point isn't particularly relevant, actually. you could put it in /srv/nowukkaz if you wanted to. It's just that the UEFI has to have a path relative to that partition22:46
abyxcosAlso, more for conformance than anything, is it /boot/efi or /boot/EFI?22:47
jaegerFor most UEFI implementations you definitely need to use GPT disk labels and have an ESP22:47
abyxcosMight as well move it now while I'm chrooted.22:47
prologicabyxcos: less dependencies are always a good thing22:48
jaegerUp to you. grub's mkimage tool expects it to be in /boot/efi if I remember correctly22:48
prologicIIRC OpenSSH only depended on a handful of crypto functions from OpenSSL anyway22:48
prologicso the dependency are/is overkill ihmo22:49
*** timcowchip has joined #crux22:49
abyxcosWell, grub is rather sad about a missing ) symbol.22:58
abyxcosAlso, it can't find my partition(s.)22:58
jaegercan't see them with ls at the prompt?22:59
abyxcosNo, every command at the prompt errored out on a missing `)' symbol.22:59
jaegerhow odd. a command prompt should be separate from the config file (which is likely where that error comes from)23:00
abyxcosOh, well fack, it was a missmatched set of ( } in $PREFIX23:01
abyxcosAlso, what does the linux line expect these days?23:01
jaegerusually sufficient to specify root=whatever23:02
abyxcosI currently have a "linux (hd2,gpt1)/boot/vmlinuz-3.14.2 root=/dev/sdc3", the (hd2,gpt1) at the start is new to me.23:02
abyxcosDid they roll the old set root command into that?23:03
jaegerthat should be ok as long as the layout is correct23:03
jaegerno, you're just explicitly specifying it there23:04
jaegerif you want you could do this instead: set root=(hd2,gpt1)23:04
abyxcos/dev/sdc3 is 3,2 Or 2,2?23:04
jaegerthen linux /boot/vmlinuz-whatever23:04
jaegersdc3 is 2,323:04
jaegerdrives are 0-origin, partitions are 1-origin (don't ask me why they chose that)23:04
abyxcosI get confused by their constant 0 and 1 indexing.23:04
jaegerhd0=sda, hd2=sdc23:05
abyxcosOk, let's try this again.23:05
abyxcosBy the way, does dhcpd start automatically on boot? Or should I turn that on while I'm here?23:05
jaegerbefore you reboot, question: is /boot a separate partition from / ?23:06
jaegerthen you probably want "linux (hd2,gpt1)/vmlinuz-3.14.2 root=/dev/sdc3"23:06
abyxcosWorst case I should be able to ls it now that I fixed my () {} problem.23:06
jaegerunless you actually have your kernel in /boot/boot23:06
jaegerdhcp isn't the default, check /etc/rc.d/net23:06
jaegerif you want to use dhcp instead of static just replace the eth0 lines with dhcpcd invocation23:07
abyxcosWouldn't that be (2,2) for /dev/sdc2==/boot?23:07
jaeger(I assumed you meant dhcpcd rather than dhcpd for what that's worth)23:07
abyxcosNormally it's just dhc<tab>, but yes.23:08
jaegeryes, I just went with your hd2,gpt1 above23:08
abyxcosdhcpcd automatically brings it's device up, right?23:10
abyxcosDo I needa do anything special for stop?23:12
abyxcosAnd/or will a dhcpcd -k bring the link down?23:12
jaegerdhcpcd -x23:12
abyxcosDo I want to release first?23:13
abyxcosOr does no one care?23:13
jaegerNot sure, I guess it depends on your DHCP server. -x is the recommendation from dhcpcd's author but I'd think -k would be more friendly23:14
abyxcosAll I can tell from the manpage is that -k releases first, then calls -x.23:15
abyxcos(Networking is not my strong point.)23:15
abyxcos(Also, man pages don't seem to work in chroot...)23:15
jaegerIn reality it probably doesn't matter much23:15
*** jdolan has quit IRC23:21
abyxcosIt seems like grub won't let me use *any* commands if there's a config error.23:24
abyxcosNow it just keeps spitting back "disk `hd2,gpt1' not found."23:24
teK__I accomplished quick success by using elilo...23:25
abyxcosI have a handful of grubs installed that mostly work.23:25
abyxcosThis is one of the dumber installs though.23:25
timcowchipcan't find the setup script23:27
timcowchipis it part of pkgutils#5.35.6-1.pkg.tar.gz?23:27
*** jdolan has joined #crux23:27
abyxcosWell, bugger this all. Today /dev/sdc2 is (3,2).23:30
abyxcosI think I may just use UUID...23:31
timcowchipI always use another distro's grub.cfg to boot crux23:32
abyxcosMy other distros are all bugger too.23:32
abyxcosAnd which setup script are you looking for?23:32
abyxcosThat tarball is just pkg-utils. pkgadd, pkgrm, etc and the man pages.23:33
timcowchipjaeger said it would show me what's diff 3.0/3.123:33
timcowchipI changed all the rsync files in /etc/ports from 3.0 to 3.123:34
abyxcosIs 3.1 even out yet?23:35
timcowchipthen did ports -u, prt-get sysup23:35
timcowchipI locked packages that weren't newer:23:36
timcowchipno 3.1 isn't out yey23:38
abyxcosYou could also just check git.23:38
timcowchiphas crux-3.1-rc1.iso23:39
timcowchiptaking awhile to build glibc23:40
timcowchipfreebsd doesn't have glibc23:41
timcowchipthat's why alot of kinux stuff doesn't work for freebsd23:41
abyxcosA lot of linux stuff doesn't work on bsd because they hardcode everything.23:42
abyxcosOf phrased differently, a lot of ubuntu software doesn't work on bsd nor linux.23:43
timcowchipthey don't use udev they use devd23:43
abyxcosThat's simple to port though.23:43
abyxcosIt's crap like having your login manager hardcoded to init.23:43
timcowchipor glibc23:43
abyxcosYou can rewrite the udev-specific parts. Or the glibc stuff.23:44
timcowchipI wish23:44
abyxcosPorting over a handful of libc functions is trivial.23:44
abyxcosThe fine folks at openbsd make a habit of rewriting udev implementations to the proper abstraction.23:45
abyxcosMost of my time is hunting down which unix libc funtions Linux has been too lazy to impliment in the past 8 years.23:46
abyxcostmux; full of shims for standard libc functions the glibc team can't be arsed to add.23:47
abyxcosOf course my kernel also segfaults :P23:51
abyxcosI need a new kernel.23:51
abyxcostimcowchip: Was there anything in particular you were looking to run on (free)bsd?23:54
timcowchipabyxcos: backlite23:59

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