IRC Logs for #crux Thursday, 2014-05-01

abyxcostimcowchip: That is a terrible name for a piece of software.00:00
timcowchipjaeger: thanks00:00
timcowchipisn't it?00:00
timcowchipits qt version of k9copy00:01
timcowchipk9copy use to use hal to find the dvd drive00:01
abyxcosThat should be trivial to patch out and allow the user to pass a hard path.00:02
timcowchipbacklite has a window to select a folder instead of the dvd00:03
timcowchipjaeger: so eudev in udev out?00:03
jaegerpulling udev out of systemd is a pain in the ass now and may be impossible in the future00:04
timcowchipand net-tools traceroute out inetutils in?00:04
timcowchipthanks :)00:04
jaegerman -> man-db was a very recent change but everything else should be on that list00:05
timcowchipI just saw a cosby rerun where he says "when I say who is it, you say who it is"00:07
timcowchipso rudy knocks, cosby says "who is it" and rudy says"who it is"00:08
abyxcostimcowchip: Isn't k9copy the qt version of k9copy? Did you mean backlite was the gtk one?00:12
abyxcostimcowchip: Because k9copy already has a (free)bsd port.00:12
abyxcosjaeger: Is udev required? Or can you go the bsd route and port their devd?00:14
jaegerudev is required by quite a few other things. no idea on devd, you could try00:17
abyxcosI got along for years without udev. These days I just use it for voodoo to symlink zvols and /dev nodes into pretty names.00:20
abyxcosMy requirements could be rewritten using a sed script (or shell and grep for the lazy.)00:20
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timcowchipabyxcos: backlite is qt not gtk00:40
timcowchipand the k9copy port for freebsd was pretty much broken last time I checked00:41
abyxcosFile a bug report?00:41
timcowchipits no longer maintained00:41
timcowchipanyway I don't use freebsd anymore00:42
timcowchipfor that matter, except for gentoo, I don't use backlite either00:44
abyxcosNot sure when you last used it, but it looks like it's had steady updates since it's import in 2010
timcowchipthe source is no longer maintained00:44
timcowchipthis is what I now use on crux
abyxcosI assume it would have been moved to the attic if it's functionality stopped working.00:45
timcowchipyes it is00:48
timcowchipand it probably can't find your optical drives00:48
abyxcosI wouldn't see why not. Pretty sure hald has been ported to bsd.00:50
abyxcosI'm not sure about freebsd's standards, but openbsd won't let a program whose primary function doesn't work into ports.00:50
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timcowchipif [ `is_installed mesa3d` ]; then01:10
timcowchip115         inject_packages llvm01:10
timcowchipI have llvm blocked on my gentoo installation01:10
timcowchipit doesn't like my hardware01:10
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timcowchipone more thing, I am probably going to want to " prt-get update -fr `revdep`"01:31
timcowchipwill samba behave?01:31
timcowchipthat's ok "prt-get lock samba" will work for now01:46
jaegerwhy do you expect that it won't behave?01:47
timcowchipit rebuilt the last time I did "prt-get -fr 'revdep'"01:50
timcowchipand I know it was updated01:50
timcowchipon the 17th of this month01:51
timcowchipbut there was something you fixed awhile back01:52
timcowchipdid the update unfix that?01:52
timcowchipreadline got updated in 3.1 so........01:55
timcowchipsamba needs to be rebuilt anyway01:55
timcowchipnvm, I guess01:56
jaegeryou can always run revdep by itself to see what it wants you to rebuild01:57
timcowchipyes, I should01:57
timcowchipgive me an idea of how long it will take01:58
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timcowchipsysup updated readline already, but not boost02:02
timcowchipdoesn't readline depend on boost?02:02
timcowchipno wait, boost depends on readline02:03
timcowchipthat's it02:03
timcowchipdoes romster have a new webkit built against libpng-1.6?02:32
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timcowchipf'ing libpng02:59
timcowchipits like f'ing ffmpeg03:00
timcowchipall it does is break shit everytime its updated03:00
timcowchipmy installation will be lucky to make it out of this alive03:02
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timcowchipupgrade fail07:01
timcowchipthere's supposed to be a /tmp/*.log, but I can't seem to find it07:02
timcowchipit looked like a lot of xorg packages failed to be found or installed07:06
BitPuffinRomster: building ardour \o/07:08
timcowchipI know what you're thinking "this is our chance to get rid of him"07:11
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timcowchipwonder if the md5sum not matching has anything to do with it failing07:16
timcowchipthis is interesting
timcowchipexcept for the systemd part07:23
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BitPuffinmeh :P07:26
timcowchipyou're right, of course07:31
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BitPuffinwarsow in contrib is quite outdated07:34
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Romsteryeah my stuff needs going over.09:06
pitillohey Romster, not much lately (this last weeks only by phone/mail)09:16
Romsterah how are you going yourself? i haven't heard much of your projects and stuff.09:18
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pitillopretty busy Romster10:27
pitillocurrently only playing with crux-arm and trying to look for some time to give a try to django10:27
Romsterah still on that. that is good.10:28
pitillosure, I hope we can put hands on it when crux 3.1 will be out10:30
Romstershould not be too far away i have a ton of ports to check as well.10:31
Romsteri always do.10:31
pitilloI've tested t under vbox and I follow -dev to see what's going on10:31
pitilloas always, you have lot of work to do with that amount of ports10:32
Romsteryeah to be expected.10:33
Romsterchat to you later on sometime pitillo your probably busy and i'm gonna go sleep barely staying awake here.10:35
pitillonot much, today is holiday here (the worker day) and the only thing to do is house tasks. Have a good night Romster10:37
Romsterah ok enjoy your day off :)10:37
pitillothank you :D10:43
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joacimI had no idea worker's day was an international thing10:47
joacimif someone didn't tell me yesterday, i'm pretty sure i'd get up at 6 today and go to work10:48
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pitilloI didn't know it was international... I thought it was here only10:52
cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: radeon-ucode: updated to 2014050111:20
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cruxbot[xorg.git/3.0]: xorg-xf86-input-evdev: updated to 2.8.311:37
cruxbot[xorg.git/3.0]: xorg-xf86-input-synaptics: update to 1.7.511:42
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BitPuffinbless my heart, I'm building qt411:49
BitPuffinKinda funny, one of the things that made me ragequit arch is identical in crux11:49
BitPuffinie qt4 being one huge ass monolithic package11:49
BitPuffinhowever in crux it doesn't feel as wrong to create your own custom package so I'm not as bothered11:50
cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: samhain: update to 3.1.111:54
cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: [notify] php: update to 5.5.1211:54
cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: php-fcgi: update to 5.5.1211:54
cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: php-fpm: update to 5.5.1211:54
cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: php-mysql: update to 5.5.1211:54
cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: php-sqlite3: update to 5.5.1211:54
diverseBitPuffin: yeah! :)11:55
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BitPuffindiverse: altohugh it does kinda mean that you have to package everything and not just what you need :P12:07
BitPuffinwell I guess it depends12:07
BitPuffinon the server it's not too bad to just pacagke qt4-core12:08
BitPuffinand on the desktop I might as well install it all12:08
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BitPuffinwas it jaeger or Romster who was working on a steam port12:16
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Romsterboth but jaeger deleted his and i couldn't get one to work so i used steam-32 in portsdb.12:52
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Romster/usr/bin/ld: warning:, needed by /usr/lib/, not found (try using -rpath or -rpath-link)13:00
Romsterdamn it and webkit failed -_-13:00
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BitPuffinRomster: ah13:11
BitPuffinRomster: hrm, well dayum13:11
Romsterso i have to build it again...13:15
BitPuffinRomster: i've been getting footprint missmatches on some of your ports13:17
BitPuffingraphviz was the latest one13:17
BitPuffinand lv2 as well13:17
BitPuffinjust installing them with -fi13:17
frinnst"MISSING" or "NEW" ?13:17
Romsternew files are fine missing is bad13:17
BitPuffinnew on graphviz13:17
Romsterextra functionality.13:18
Romsterin prt-get.conf13:18
Romstermakecommand      nice -n10 pkgmk -in13:18
Romstertake your pick13:18
frinnstonce you get out of the golden cage of core you will start to see this stuff more and more frequent13:18
Romsteri like it in prt-get as then when i'm packaging i am forced todo -uf as i package.13:19
frinnstergo, if you install cups more and more packages that might support printing will use it and you'll start seeing "NEW"13:19
BitPuffinyeaoh I added it in pkgmk.conf13:19
BitPuffinhaha it's so annoying when you make ports and have set up to build in a separate directory as an unpriveliged user13:20
BitPuffinthere is probably a flag though I'd imagine13:20
BitPuffinto pkgmk13:21
BitPuffinhm, apprently not13:21
BitPuffinon the other hand it's kinda nice I guess because you don't need to worry about the ignore stuff with httpup13:22
BitPuffinups and downss13:22
Romsterprt-get -im13:22
Romsterand -im to pkgmk13:22
BitPuffinRomster: that's not even related13:22
Romsterprt-get passes it to pkgmk actually.13:22
Romsterignore new files in footprint13:22
BitPuffinRomster: What I mean is when I cd src/ports/mypkg, and do pkgmk, it builds it in like /usr/ports/build etc13:23
Romsteroh sorry it's -in13:23
BitPuffin-im is not a good idea haha13:23
Romsterno but -in is ok13:23
BitPuffinbut it's in pkgmk.conf now13:23
Romsterthat's the workdir thing in pkgmk.conf13:24
BitPuffinRomster: yeah I know, but there is no flag for ignoring that, it's easy to debug ports when it's in the same dir, but I want it to build in that directory when I install things for real13:25
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Romsterwhats so hard with cd /us<tab>/po<tab>/wo<tab>/....13:28
Romsternot ei have t in work instead of build.13:28
BitPuffinRomster: never said it was hard, but it's a bit annoying :P13:29
BitPuffinthat instead of cd pkg it's cd /usr/ports/build/pkg13:29
BitPuffintrying stuff13:29
BitPuffinand then cd -13:29
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: libsecret: 0.15 -> 0.18, new dependencies gobject-introspection and vala13:31
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: libsecret: fix URL13:32
diverseBitPuffin: btw, what WM did you go with?13:42
BitPuffindiverse: currently trying out evilwm13:50
BitPuffinit's okay but not perfect13:50
BitPuffinmight try stump but that's tiling, however it doesn't have to tile I think13:50
BitPuffinso who knows13:50
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Romsteri'm insane got 2 chroots compiling webkit at the same time13:57
*** toriso has joined #crux13:58
diverseRomster: nice13:58
RomsterBitPuffin, make an alias cdpkg='cd /usr/ports/build'13:58
Romster23:58:41 up 12 days,  3:21,  1 user,  load average: 12.10, 12.00, 9.8813:58
Romsterone day i'll turn this phenom II into a windows box for gaming and some stuff i need todo in windows. and make a 12 core amd system for crux. or maybe i'll look at a dual cpu solution from intel dunno yet.14:00
Romsterdo want triple channel ddr3 on it though.14:00
Romsterbasicly my 4 core is fine for windows but in linux more cores with shear power. but not as many as jaeger had in one of his systems. makes no sense going to 24 cores with less power than a say 12 core system can do14:01
Romstergot steam on linux now but i can't play all my games on this.14:04
Romsterbut it's nice that some work.14:04
Romsterheh even at this load my UPS says 16% load...14:06
Romsteri may have over sized it to much.14:06
Romsternot to worry i can make it cover 2 machines.14:06
diverseyou have enough power to farm your own computer cluster -_-14:07
Romsterit was cheap so i got a decent one14:08
Romsterand it'll give me more run time.14:09
BitPuffinRomster: well yeah you will still need to figure out which libs your game needs and stuff :P14:11
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BitPuffinhmm, shouldn't /dev/shm be 1777 by default?15:04
BitPuffinfrinnst: maybe this is something that should be fixed for 3.115:07
BitPuffinI had to chmod 1777 /dev/shm because applications need to be able to write to that15:07
BitPuffinsuch as jack15:07
Romsterjust enablng shm was enough for steam15:14
Romsterpersonally i hate shm such a security risk15:14
Romsterbut for my use i'm the only user on my pc. it don't really matter15:14
BitPuffinRomster: well what do you mean enabling shm?15:15
BitPuffinRomster: either way, it's the way some applications expect it to be15:15
Romsteruncomment shm line15:15
Romstersudo mount shm15:15
BitPuffinbtw got 2 missing when trying to install vlc15:16 and .so15:16
BitPuffinyeah that fixed a problem I had15:17
BitPuffinafter chmodding15:17
BitPuffinall I got was a bus error15:17
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: webkit: 2.2.6 -> 2.2.715:17
Romsteryeah not everyone builds there ports in a clean environment.15:24
Romsteruploading webkit#2.2.7-1.pkg.tar.gz for those that cringe on rebuilding webkit
*** dkoby has quit IRC15:26
Romsteralso a 3.1 will be up shortly too15:26
diverseThat's good news!15:26
BitPuffinRomster: is it safe to ignore?15:27
BitPuffinor is it a missing dep15:27
RomsterBitPuffin, it's just a plugin so safe to ignore.15:27
Romsterunless you really need faad support in your vlc15:27
Romsterthen install faad then rebuild vlc again15:27
BitPuffinwas thinking it was something like that15:37
BitPuffindafuq is /etc/securetty15:41
frinnstless /etc/securetty ?15:43
Romsterfirefox uses so much space to compile15:48
Romsterspecasilly when it links libxul.so15:49
BitPuffinfrinnst: is it supposed to be spelled like that? xD15:58
Romsteryes its proper erglish :D16:12
Romsteras in a terminal getty16:13
jaegerIt's "secure" and "TTY" together, not "security"16:14
diverseheh security is not secure-tty :P16:14
diversejaeger: beat you16:14
tilmanit's tty as in teletype16:15
tilmannot as in getty. which would be ... backwards16:15
Romsterah d'oh, thanks for the correcting tilman16:15
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BitPuffinI see16:24
BitPuffinthought it was mis-spelled security16:24
BitPuffinlike because the distro is swedish or something :P16:24
Romsterhey drijen16:45
drijenhey rommie16:45
drijenlook how hot you are16:46
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z3bra─── ip addr17:18
z3brabash: ip: command not found17:18
z3bracan someone explain me this?!17:18
Romsternot in PATH unless your root. see /etc/profile17:19
z3braoh, okay17:19
z3brawhen did this changed ?17:19
Romstereh it was always like that17:20
z3braah, I know17:20
z3brathat's my fault17:20
z3braI decided yesterday to version my .profile17:20
z3brabut used the one I have on an archlinux box, where /sbin is already in path17:20
z3braOh, by the way17:22
z3brasince the last libgcrypt update, my webkit browsers don't work anymore17:23
*** pitillo has quit IRC17:26
BitPuffinz3bra: ARCH?! :O17:27
z3brayeah, I still use it for my home serv and pro laptop17:27
z3braI can't afford tinkering with those two boxes17:28
*** pitillo has joined #crux17:28
jaegerI add it to my path so I don't always have to type full paths when using sudo17:29
z3braand some commands just don't need sudo17:29
z3bra$ ip addr show17:30
Romstertrue but then to change settings you do.17:36
jaegerThe point is it's nice to have consistent commands for both situations17:36
jaeger(in my opinion)17:36
*** AlexKraken has joined #crux17:49
BitPuffinjaeger: yeah, well isn't that why so many distros have ditched sbin?17:51
*** pitillo has quit IRC18:05
*** pitillo has joined #crux18:10
Romsterz3bra, new webkit and you need to update libsecret18:13
Romsteror update it on your machine and wait several hours.18:14
*** AlexKraken has quit IRC18:17
*** AlexKraken has joined #crux18:18
z3braRomster, okay, thanks a lot18:20
Romsterz3bra, np18:31
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: mpd: 0.17.6 -> 0.18.10 (close FS#1006)19:20
nogagplzdrijen too bad that outfit couldn't save the series from turning into a very bad hercules in space19:27
jaegerI thought that was the point of it :) (note I haven't seen it)19:30
nogagplzif you ever do the show only has 2 seasons, the last 3 don't actually exist, and never will19:35
*** timcowchip has joined #crux19:41
*** timcowchip has quit IRC19:41
*** timcowchip has joined #crux19:50
timcowchipupgrade succeeded19:51
timcowchipbut I get an "i915 module not loaded" error when I startx19:51
timcowchipI'm still booting the 3.10.28 kernel19:52
timcowchipI don't think my hardware has the stomach for this distro19:55
timcowchipits suffering from crux reflux19:56
*** timcowchip has quit IRC19:59
teK__too bad that the kernel stems from Not :)20:03
jaeger"success! except this one thing, I give up."20:03
*** timcowchip has joined #crux20:11
thetornainbowteK__: i'm sure linus wouldn't mind if crux took over kernel development20:12
*** timcowchip has quit IRC20:12
frinnst3.15-rc2 seems stable and nice20:13
frinnsttotally crashed earlier20:13
*** timcowchip has joined #crux20:14
frinnstrc3 even20:14
teK__thetornainbow: but Lennart would :x20:14
teK__frinnst: my laptop (thinkpad 201x) wont run properly on 3.14.x20:15
teK__so i may give the .15 series a try20:15
frinnstyeah i had issues with 3.14 on my backup box20:15
frinnst3.15 looks like a dud also20:16
thetornainbowhaha, poor Lennart20:16
timcowchipI guess if I was a dev with the latest hardware, crux would be a good distro for me20:18
jaegerIt boils down to this: "Will linux run on my hardware?"20:18
jaegerThis is the same question as "Will CRUX run on my hardware?" or "Will Ubuntu run on my hardware?"20:19
timcowchipllvm doesn't run on my hardware20:19
timcowchipI had to set "-llvm" use flag in make.conf20:21
frinnst? ?20:21
timcowchipmaybe linux won't run on my hardware20:22
frinnstwhat on earth are you on about?20:22
Romster$ sudo ntpd -s20:22
Romsterfatal: stat: No such file or directory20:22
Romsterdispatch_imsg in main: pipe closed20:22
RomsterLost child: child exited20:22
Romsterwhy me...20:22
jaegerAre we being trolled now? I'm no longer sure20:22
Romsteropenntpd failure20:23
Romsternever had this message before.20:23
timcowchipRomster: its about 1:25 in the PM20:23
Romster6:23am here20:23
timcowchipso who needs ntpd20:24
Romsterif i had ops i'd so kick timcowchip -_-20:24
frinnstnow you can REALLY SHOUT20:25
*** linXea has joined #crux20:25
*** doomicide has quit IRC20:25
frinnstwas it a fresh install of ntp?20:25
Romsteryeah totally fresh20:26
frinnsti use contrib/ntp20:27
linXeahi Romster =)20:27
Romsteropenntpd is on my firewall and works.20:27
Romsterhey linXea20:27
nogagplzhey romster did you ever get anywhere with reenabling nls20:27
Romsterdon't you start as well -_-20:28
nogagplzno I was asking seriously20:28
Romsteron what eveything in general?20:28
nogagplzI remember it was annoying the shit out of you at one point20:28
Romsteryeah on the emulator ports and stuff, no hadn't got far with it. been on other projects.20:29
Romster/var/run/nscd/socket does not exist20:30
Romsterbut then i don't have that on my box that runs openntpd either.20:30
Romsterguess it hates the newer kernel or something strace shows nothing really out of the ordinary.20:31
frinnstopenntpd looks for a nscd socket?20:31
Romsterit's in the strace20:32
teK__I maintain the ntpd port, so you're safe to use that instead20:32
Romsteryeah gonna try that instead.20:33
*** pitillo has quit IRC20:33
Romsternot as light weight though20:34
frinnsthave a look at chrony20:35
teK__use cron and call ntpdate regularly..20:35
*** pitillo has joined #crux20:36
Romsternah it's ok ntp is running now.20:36
timcowchipcan I "cp /usr/src/linux-3.10.28/.config /usr/src/linux-3.12.17/.config" then "make all"?20:37
teK__yes and no20:38
teK__1. copy20:38
teK__2. change to 3.12.17, do make oldconfig20:38
teK__3. make all20:38
Romstertimcowchip, yu'd need to make silentoldconf20:38
Romstereven then you may need to do make menuconfig and edit it.20:38
*** timcowchip has quit IRC20:40
Romsterdoens't tim only need xorg-xf86-video-intel20:41
Romsterwhat is he doing in gentoo20:41
nogagplzricing the only way he knows how20:41
nogagplz-O99 -funroll-loops ...20:42
thetornainbowi wondered when i saw /etc/portage20:43
jaegerhe's mentioned before he also runs gentoo20:44
Romsterhmm k20:44
joacimI'm just ricing in crux these days20:44
Romsterthanks teK__ your port works fine so far.20:44
teK__you are mostly welcome20:45
nogagplzwhy only mostly?20:45
Romstermostly :P20:45
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*** phant0mas has quit IRC21:09
*** jdolan has joined #crux21:38
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*** pitillo has joined #crux21:48
*** AlexKraken has quit IRC22:01
*** jdolan has quit IRC22:18
*** jdolan has joined #crux22:19
*** timcowchip has joined #crux22:20
timcowchipstill get "i915 module not found" when startx22:21
*** jdolan has quit IRC22:23
teK__did you install xorg-xf86-video-intel?22:26
timcowchipthinking about doing a re-install instead of an upgrade22:27
timcowchipdoesn't the installer do that?22:28
timcowchipit did alot of x86-video stuff22:28
teK__you may also have a look at /var/log/Xorg.log for a more detailed error description.22:29
timcowchipthat stuff isn't in my .config22:30
timcowchiplet me try menuconfig again22:31
diversetimcowchip: you got to stop ricing the kernel :P22:31
timcowchipis the 915 drm stuff in drivers graphics?22:32
jaegeruse / to search22:32
timcowchipin menuconfig22:33
jaegerin menucofnig you can hit / and type i91522:33
diversetimcowchip: yes, type / and the module name you are looking for to get you there faster22:33
jaegermenuconfig, even22:33
*** timcowchip has quit IRC22:33
teK__or even (partially) the greped config items from my paste22:34
teK__don't laugh. I had to configure some 2.4 series kernel some weeks ago. They lack the searc function. It was horrible :-)22:35
teK__whatev, I still managed to make it work because I'm awesome :P22:36
diverseoh Romster got voice? Why not op?22:36
nogagplzso he could only yell and scream but not change anything22:37
nogagplzbrilliant commentary by frinnst on something22:37
diversethat old fart really knows how to make people crazy...22:39
*** jdolan has joined #crux22:49
*** jdolan_ has joined #crux22:53
*** jdolan has quit IRC22:55
diverseHow is 3.1 coming along?22:55

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