IRC Logs for #crux Friday, 2014-05-02

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timcowchiplibpng broke everything00:55
timcowchipbut the old fart is back, baby!00:59
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timcowchipurxvt: can't initialize pseudo-tty01:17
timcowchipgood thing there's xterm or I'd be hosed01:19
timcowchiphas anyone used webkit with libpng-1.6?01:20
timcowchipcome on01:21
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timcowchipyou guys suck01:34
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Romstertimcowchip and yeah....02:36
Romstersaying we suck when most of us are AFK just lame02:36
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Romstermaybe we don't wanna say anything or maybe we are busy02:36
nogagplzwhat a turkey02:41
nogagplzI can smell the thanksgiving from here02:41
diverseA really stale turkey at that02:50
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timcowchipRomster: thanks and it was lame02:56
timcowchipI was trying to provoke a response02:57
Romsterits uncalled for.02:57
timcowchipshould have used a :)02:57
Romstersurprised i even replied to be honest the rest are being quiet not caring or away.02:57
timcowchipwell, I deserved the response I got about being lame02:58
Romsterbbl work03:00
timcowchipok, thanks for the webkit update03:01
diverseit's not just saying "lame" part that drives us crazy tim, it's when you don't listen to others and heed their help. When people try to help you, you don't learn from it. This is crude at least to the person who puts his free time (not being paid for) to assist you.03:01
timcowchipfor instance?03:02
timcowchipI wasn't aware that I was getting help and not listening03:02
timcowchipso, if you could explain03:03
timcowchipwas it recently that I did this?03:04
timcowchipwhen you think of an example, please let me know03:09
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diverseIt's something you did a lot in the past here, that I remember, probably not as much now, but all that cause was an unnecessary amount of frustration to build up over time. So when you come in here and act ignorant when, it's intolerable for Romster. And don't LEAVE!! Geez FFS that's annoying!!03:10
diverseAlways leave before anyone can answer, either when they are away or busy, screw it03:12
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timcowchiphad to reboot into crux to install the webkit update that I just downlaoded in gentoo, where I have browsers that still work03:18
timcowchipand I waited 10 minutes for you to answer03:21
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jaegerYou could have rebuilt it in crux, though it would take a while03:22
timcowchip16 hours for me03:23
timcowchipI was reading about /dev/pts causing this error "can't initialize pseudo-tty"03:24
timcowchipbut without mounting /dev/pts, I can't even use xterm03:25
jaegeryeah, /dev/pts should be mounted03:25
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timcowchipI tried rebuilding rxvt-unicode03:27
jaegerare you on 3.0 or 3.1 rc?03:27
jaegerIf 3.1 you need to change the /dev/pts line in fstab as per
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BitPuffinah 3.1rc is out?03:29
diverseBitPuffin: yeah03:29
BitPuffindon't see it on the website03:29
jaegerrelease candidates don't get listed on the website. I was going to send an announcement to the ml yesterday but got pulled away03:30
BitPuffinshouldn't they get an announcement though? So people test it :D03:31
BitPuffinwhich kernel comes with 3.1 btw?03:31
BitPuffinnot .18?03:32
diversejaeger: will that get added in the official release?03:33
jaegerwill what get added?03:34
jaegerIf I have time to test it first03:34
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jaegerthere, the rc1 is announced03:48
diverseBitPuffin: ^03:48
nogagplzso... how's rc2 coming along?03:49
diversethanks jaeger :)03:49
jaegerrc2 is not available in AU due to import restrictions, sorry03:49
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nogagplzoh well, yggdrasil still works at least03:50
diversenogagplz: it's should bother you that much. Don't you have Archery practice to do?03:50
jaegerI also just recently uploaded a 3.0 ISO with updated packages03:51
diversejaeger: I'm curious as to why, since 3.1 is near?03:52
jaegerbecause 3.0 is still active03:53
diversefair enough03:53
nogagplzcurrenly I'm stuck deep in a dungeon and I'm run out of arrows, so no archery for a while03:53
diverseplay with pacman and see if he could spit out some arrows?03:54
nogagplzpacman doesn't work that way03:55
diversehe used too...03:55
diverseI don't know what those archery devs are doing these days.03:56
nogagplzI don't know what they're doing outright until it crosses my path03:57
diversewhat will you do until then?04:00
nogagplzone of these responses three: yay, nay, or eh04:00
diversefacing the devs is like challenging a lvl 60 boss while you are only lvl 20 (and your lvl 20 forever)04:03
nogagplzthat's ok I still have my gameshark04:04
nogagplzwe will see who has the last laugh04:04
diversewhen you use gameshark you break your archery though, so be careful04:05
diverseyou don't want a corrupted gamesave do you?04:06
nogagplzdoesn't bother me really04:09
diverseso what you are telling me is that you don't mind them screwing you over?04:10
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nogagplzwell it's their distro, and they can do what they want04:10
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diverseyou are trying to kill the fun -_-04:11
nogagplzactually out of curiosity how old are you04:13
nogagplzI know Romster is like, 45 this year04:13
nogagplzno you aren't04:13
nogagplzwell that helps04:14
nogagplzone day you reach an age over 9004:14
nogagplzwhere the fun dries up04:14
diversewho knows, it might go over 900004:14
nogagplzthe harshness of reality sets in, you no longer feel invulnerable04:14
diversenogagplz: Sigh, I'm sorry for messing around with you04:21
nogagplzit's too late for sorry04:22
nogagplzI've already been cast as the protagonist in falling down 204:22
diverseoh, heh :)04:22
diverseso still playing around with FreeBSD?04:29
nogagplznah gave it up when the radeon support turned out to be utter shit04:30
nogagplzwouldn't be bad with nvidia though04:30
diversethat's pretty typical of FreeBSD, but I heard they are planning on getting better ATI support in the future04:31
nogagplzI put an ancient ubuntu on with working 3d, when I feel less meh I'll have to do it the hard way and see what versions of things where04:35
diverseironically the ps4 uses FreeBSD for their Orbit OS and yet they use an ATI gpu, so Sony must of written uber third party drivers for the card, to bad they don't release though.04:35
nogagplzwell it wouldn't do any good, this is for the R300 crap in my powerbook04:35
diverseNow that I think about it, they could have written their own gui api, so the driver might not even be compatible with xorg04:37
diverseyeah that would make more sense to make their own gui stack, so they can have their toolkits proprietarized and allow them to sell it to game developers for the system04:40
nogagplzI like that microsoft seems to be floundering04:44
diverseheh, yeah, ps4 sales are sky rocketing and catching up to WiiU sales04:45
diversethe difference between launch price of $400 vs $50004:46
nogagplzthey really cheesed me off with what they did with halo04:47
diverseoh what happened?04:47
nogagplzcontinuing it long after bungie is done04:48
diverseoh, so it's an over bloated franchise04:49
BitPuffinjaeger: on ML or site?04:49
nogagplz4 was a complete turkey, I play it mostly for the story (!!!!) and that wasn't a halo by any stretch of the imagination04:49
diverseBitPuffin: he meant on ML04:49
BitPuffinoki :)04:49
BitPuffinwill check04:49
BitPuffinand upgrade today04:49
nogagplzinnumerable arse pulls and too much darker and edgier just 'cause04:50
diversewell, since it was a money making franchise, they would keep cow-cashing it until it's all dry.04:51
nogagplzyeah, really annoying in hindsight that they got to it04:53
BitPuffinI'm pretty proud, I managed to set up RTCW and simple screen recorder and everything in crux recording audio from the game and recording myself with ardour. Pretty damn awesome. Still gonna try comparing performance in windows though to get the best possible quality in my let's play :)04:53
nogagplzbungie should've just said no04:53
BitPuffinbut it's nice to know that I can now record games in linux pretty well04:53
diverseBitPuffin: with your steam games?04:57
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BitPuffindiverse: nah for RTCW I downloaded the source code and compiled it and grabbed the data from the DVD after installing with wine05:16
BitPuffinwell seems like I can't even set the res to 1920x1080 in windows so linux it is :P05:17
nogagplzis that the native rtcw?05:19
BitPuffinit's open source05:48
openfbtdwhy not ffmpeg?05:48
BitPuffinplus there was a port already05:48
diverseopenfbtd: ?05:48
BitPuffinopenfbtd: for recording?05:48
BitPuffinno gl injection05:49
openfbtd>Faster than VLC and ffmpeg/avconv05:50
openfbtdOk I'll try it05:50
openfbtdWell. It works out of the box nicely, so that's a plus05:53
openfbtdEverything else with a GUI was really weird05:53
openfbtdLike RecordMyDesktop. It behaves like it's on drugs05:54
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BitPuffinopenfbtd: ah you are trying it on arch, I had to make my own port so I thought that was quick :P06:28
BitPuffinthe only downside really is the qt dependency06:29
BitPuffinbut it's not that big of a deal since so many apps use it anyway06:29
timcowchipuse ?what06:29
timcowchipuse what?06:29
timcowchipoh, qt06:30
openfbtdBitPuffin, arch, yeah06:30
timcowchipdid libpng break shit on arch?06:40
openfbtdThere's extra/libpng and community/libpng1206:40
openfbtdSo no, not really06:41
BitPuffinfor the record I haven't noticed any breakage with libpng06:41
openfbtdThis is how binary distros deal with this shit usually.06:41
timcowchipbitpuffin: do you use webkit?06:43
timcowchipor qt?06:43
BitPuffintimcowchip: nope06:43
BitPuffinyes qt06:43
BitPuffinbut installed it yesterday06:43
BitPuffinbecause of simple screen recorder06:43
BitPuffinbefore that I didn't need it06:43
timcowchipI I need to rebuild qt06:43
BitPuffinso do it06:44
timcowchipRomster gave me a link to a prebuilt webkit06:44
timcowchipuse audacity?06:47
timcowchipaudacity: error while loading shared libraries:
timcowchipand I just rebuilt it06:48
BitPuffinno I use ardour06:48
BitPuffintimcowchip: can't you just relink rather than rebuild though?06:48
BitPuffinyeah like link to the newer libpng, ah oh wait they are ABI incompatible06:49
BitPuffinthen no :P06:49
timcowchipI have a feeling I'm going to have to downgrade libpng and lock it06:50
BitPuffinrebuild errthin :P06:51
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timcowchipI'm doing "prt-get update -fr 'revdep'" right now06:52
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BitPuffinfrinnst, jaeger so the upgrade process is the same as in the handbook ye?08:15
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BitPuffinhmm, I need to recompile the kernel to upgrade? o.O08:17
Romsterusually on gcc tool chain changes.08:18
nogagplzshould be able to just keep your config and current version though if you're lazy, and rebuild08:18
Romsteryeah make clean make -j408:19
BitPuffinyeah thought it might be something like hat08:19
BitPuffin-j3 :P08:19
Romsteror something08:19
BitPuffinRomster: you have quad?08:19
BitPuffinit's a good idea to use one more thread than you have cores if one thread is waiting on something, it will utilize the cpu moar08:20
nogagplzjust do -j32 like everybody else08:20
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nogagplzmay as well give it a try and time it08:21
nogagplzwon;t hurt performance that much08:21
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BitPuffinit will08:23
BitPuffinthreads have overhead08:23
BitPuffintheir own stack and everything08:23
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nogagplzthat's just a myth to scare children08:26
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z3brais that me or libsecret footprint is wrong ?08:28
z3bra(missing /usr/share/vala directory)08:28
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Romsterz3bra, new dependencies08:31
z3braokay :)08:31
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BitPuffinthink the upgrade was a success!08:52
BitPuffinit boots and shit08:52
BitPuffinat least08:52
diversecongrats on your successful kernel08:52
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nogagplzah "boots and shit" I use that metric too08:53
BitPuffinRTCW works as well08:53
BitPuffinnow doing sysup08:54
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Feigrim_frinnst: why aren't you at work!09:24
Feigrimjk I just needed to fix a thing09:24
Feigrimgoing now09:26
frinnstim rebooting mgmt now09:26
frinnstsilly windows updates09:27
BitPuffinuh so09:28
BitPuffinthe upgrade didn't upgrade my port files09:28
BitPuffinie they are still 3.009:28
BitPuffininstead of being bumped to 3.109:28
frinnstyou need to run rejmerge09:29
BitPuffinwell I just bumped them manually09:29
BitPuffinfrinnst: do you do that after running setup or what09:29
frinnstpkgadd wont just overwrite stuff in etc09:30
frinnstcheck pkgadd.conf for a list of what does what09:30
frinnstso, yeah09:30
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: mpv: 0.3.7 -> 0.3.909:35
BitPuffinI accidentally said keep on fstab09:37
BitPuffinbut it was probably better to merge09:37
BitPuffinhm weird09:45
BitPuffinmy inetrnet doesn't work09:45
BitPuffinunless I do /etc/rc.d/net stop and then start again09:45
BitPuffinnow it worked09:47
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BitPuffinand now I'm getting problem because could not be found10:05
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BitPuffininstalled in manually from the CD10:07
BitPuffinman things are so easy to fix with crux :D10:07
BitPuffinmaybe that was one of the known issues10:12
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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: crawl: 0.14.0 -> 0.14.110:26
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: crawl-tiles: 0.14.0 -> 0.14.110:26
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frinnstBitPuffin: what program gives that error?10:55
BitPuffinfrinnst: sysup10:59
frinnstand can you verify that lzo is installed? "pkginfo -i |grep lzo"10:59
BitPuffinfrinnst: well now it is installed because I pkgadded it off the CD11:00
BitPuffinfrinnst: however before if I did depinst on it it failed, but now if I do it it doesn't try because it isn't installed11:00
BitPuffinso that should be proof11:00
frinnstcan you paste the output of "ldd /usr/lib/" ?11:00
frinnstwell lzo provides so it suggests something is wrong with that package11:01
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BitPuffinfrinnst: well I mean it went away after I installed it from the cd11:27
BitPuffinanyways, mesa3d-32 fails to build because gbm needs udev11:28
BitPuffinprobably need to depinst eudev-3211:29
BitPuffinwhich implies that eudev-32 should be a dependency of mesa3d-3211:29
BitPuffinguess maybe it is just that the dep wasn't installed because I already had mesa3d-32 and eudev is new in 3.111:30
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frinnstBitPuffin: but you ran the rc1 iso and chose "Upgrade" ?11:58
frinnstand you upgraded from 3.0 ?11:58
BitPuffinfrinnst: yeah12:22
BitPuffinI either fucked something up because I did a sysup before bumping my ports or because I did something wrong with rejmerge, because xorg hangs when starting it lol. So now I'm just rebuilding all of x1112:56
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BitPufiinRomster: Is your vfl-utils package vfl2?14:01
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BitPufiinso now I am getting trouble with libpng15:02
BitPufiingonna try solve that with a prt-get update -fr `prt-get dependent libpng`15:04
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cruxbot[core.git/3.0]: btrfs-progs: updated to v3.14.115:44
frinnstaand crash15:49
frinnst3.15-rc seems like a real winner15:49
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BitPufiinfrinnst: I detect sarcasm16:35
BitPufiinfrinnst: well I guess that's the whole point of the RC. You should report the crash :P16:40
BitPufiinI will probably skip 3.15 anyway16:41
BitPufiinbecause RT patches are only for even numbers16:41
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thetornainbowjust got through my first install without a hitch. granted, it's in virtual box, but nonetheless. i've never configured a kernel before - not too bad17:01
thetornainbowi keep creeping around the system wondering when a mistake will rear its head17:02
jaegerIf something does go wrong there's an opportunity to learn how to fix it :)17:15
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: dillo: update to 3.0.417:17
thetornainbowexactly. :) To upgrade the kernel, just clone the source? or is there a preferred place to get new kernels with crux?17:17
jaegerIt's up to you. I usually just download the tarball for whatever version I want from kernel.org17:18
thetornainbowthanks much17:18
thetornainbowso i'm trying to install the virtualbox guest additions in order to load vboxvideo and modesetting modules for an X session. i found an old Pkgfile on github, updated the sources and things, but i'm getting syntax errors when running pkgmk, although the Pkgfile looks all right to me18:03
jaegeryou don't have to make a package to install the guest additions for what that's worth... with that said, if you want help with errors pastebin (or similar) the exact error output18:22
jaegerin this case the Pkgfile might also be helpful18:22
thetornainbowactually i ditched the Pkgfile and just inserted the Guest additions cd included with Virtualbox... it took me a second, but i got it figured out18:27
jaegerthat's how I install them for what that's worth18:28
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thetornainbowa bit slow on the uptake today i suppose :)18:32
*** arjovr has quit IRC18:32
jaegerYou could do it either way, honestly. I personally prefer letting oracle manage the guest addition versioning, I just install the new ones when virtualbox gets updated18:33
jaegerinstead of maintaining a package18:33
thetornainbowit does make more sense18:33
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*** TechDesk has left #crux ("[Linux 3.14.1-1-ARCH [x86_64/3,00GHz/SMP]")18:50
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timcowchipCrux-3.0>>3.1 day 3 "the reckoning"19:12
timcowchipstill running "prt-get update -fr 'revdep'"19:13
timcowchipsome of the libpng breakages are fixed19:13
timcowchipqt is still building19:13
timcowchipso aside from the new kernel not liking my old config and libpng update breaking the world the only hiccup was how to mount /dev/pts in fstab19:19
timcowchipand that was just waiting for me to read in the wiki19:22
timcowchipdidn't somebody suggest putting fstab hints in the wiki?19:22
timcowchipoh yeah, that was me19:23
timcowchipI should listen to myself more often19:24
dxtrom nom pizza19:31
Romstereudev-32 is there in the dependencies for mesa3d-3219:38
RomsterBitPufiin> Romster: Is your vfl-utils package vfl2? <- no idea i don't see them ports.19:40
*** jdolan has quit IRC19:41
Romsterso it needs to be injected and udev-32 removed.19:44
timcowchipdoes "prt-get update -fr 'revdep'" update alphabetically, like the "revdep" output?20:06
jaegerrevdep may output alphabetically but prt-get tries to update in order of dependencies20:06
Romsteryeah prt-get will do it in deptree fassion starting from all the tips of the tree.20:07
Romsterworking it's way backwards up to the last broken dependency.20:07
timcowchipwill something like "LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/usr/lib/samba RD_VERBOSE=2 revdep samba" work with other ports?20:30
Romsterthis is smarts, there is no permission rules for game controllers in udev.20:31
Romstercreated my own for my girlfriends computer, then it works.20:32
Romstertimcowchip, i can't see why not provided the path to the library is correct for the /other/ ports.20:33
Romsteri thought jaeger updated revdep to whitelist those or add the correct path.20:34
Romstermake sure your using the most recent prt-utils package20:34
timcowchipok thanks20:35
Romster$ RD_VERBOSE=2 revdep samba20:38
Romster** calculating deps20:38
Romster** check linking20:38
Romstersamba: couldn't read etc/samba/smb.conf.default20:38
Romstersamba: ok20:38
Romsteryeah jaeger did fix it.20:39
timcowchipyes I remember he told me to try "LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/usr/lib/samba RD_VERBOSE=2 revdep samba" then he said he fixed samba20:40
Romsteryes but since then jaeger updated revdep20:41
Romstersudo prt-get update prt-utils20:41
Romsterthen use it without the LD_LIBRARY_PATH20:41
timcowchipprt-get: reinstalling prt-utils 0.9.7-120:43
timcowchipuse it without the LD_LIBRARY_PATH?20:43
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thetornainbowfinally got Xorg up in Virtualbox, but i'm unclear as to why i need to run /usr/bin/Vboxclient-all - what does this binary do? load vbox modules when xorg is initializing?20:47
jaegerthetornainbow: it runs the VBoxClient exe to actually start guest services20:50
jaegersuch as seamless windows, drag and drop, etc.20:50
thetornainbowah okay. thanks for all the input, i appreciate it20:50
Romsterthat's quite a list...20:52
timcowchipyes, alot of them are my own ports20:54
frinnstyou probably dont need to rebuild all of those ports20:54
frinnstonly the ports that link directly against libpng, such as qt4 etc20:54
timcowchipok thanks20:55
frinnstonce qt4 is rebuilt i bet most/all qt ports will work20:55
frinnstprt-get -fr $(prt-get dependent libpng)20:56
frinnstnot perfect, because it only rebuilds the ports that *list* libpng as a dep. more ports might link against it anyways20:56
timcowchipI saw Bitpuffin said that's what he was going to do20:58
timcowchipsome of my ports that depend on libpng are working already20:59
timcowchipafter rebuilding20:59
Romsterprobably... that would mean you'd have to do multiple revdep passes to avoid rebuilding unnecessarily..21:02
Romsteron the given ports that are broken.21:03
Romstercould be done but that would be another small script wrapper over prt-get and revdep.21:03
Romsterand how often does that really ever happen anyways.21:04
cruxbot[xorg.git/3.0]: libdrm: updated to 2.4.5421:30
frinnstgod i hate having one lovely IPS panel and one old LCD21:31
Romsteryou want 2 IPS panels <<21:32
frinnstcolours are fucked when switching21:32
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*** jdolan has joined #crux21:51
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cruxbot[compat-32.git/3.0]: libdrm-32: 2.4.53 -> 2.4.5422:04
cruxbot[compat-32.git/3.0]: orc-32: 0.4.18 -> 0.4.1922:04
cruxbot[compat-32.git/3.0]: util-linux-32: 2.24.1 -> 2.24.222:04
nogagplzlol I've got a 24" ips screen and 17" lcd, difference is incredible22:07
frinnsti bet22:11
timcowchipanyone seen Lilyhammer on netfix?
frinnstholy hell. "Frankie Boyle - If I could reach out through your tv and strangle you I would"22:26
frinnsti dont think i've ever laughed so hard22:26
frinnstbit hard to follow that thick scottish accent sometimes22:27
timcowchipFrankie Boyle?22:28
tilmanvery* all the taime*22:36
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timcowchip recipe for target 'udevd' failed22:59
timcowchipI just updated eudev22:59
timcowchipbut can't update gudev23:00
timcowchipoh well the only thing that depends on it is upower23:01
timcowchipand nothing depends on it23:02
timcowchipso what happened here?23:07
timcowchipreplace opt/whois by core/inetutils/whois? the opt port of whois is much more up-to-date than the one that comes with inetutils, even though both are from the same author (are the same progs). Should we ask the inetutils maintainer to update their whois to the lastest version?23:07
timcowchipits all crossed out23:12
timcowchipdoes that mean it happened or didn't happen?23:13
timcowchipsorry for the stupid question23:13
timcowchiplooks like it didn't happen and "    remove net-tools, traceroute and whois first !23:15
timcowchip    httpup sync inetutils " happened instead23:15
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