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Romsternogagplz, diverse ^01:24
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Romsternow i can resize01:38
nogagplzthat's pretty cool01:43
Romsteri found that when i couldn't resize my steam gui's01:44
timcowchipmust be nice to have good hardware01:44
Romsteri just switched over to lxpanel too so don't mind the horribleness01:44
Romster3.4GHz quad core 8gb ram not too shabby but only got gts250 video cards atm.01:45
nogagplzromster use tint201:45
Romsterthe panel?01:46
timcowchipuse tint2-svn with launchers01:46
Romsteroh that looks nice01:47
Romsterwhat's different in the svn build timcowchip ?01:48
Romstersee it's packaged01:48
timcowchipthe launchers work01:48
Romsterreleased 2010 for tint2 version 0.1101:48
timcowchipI don't know what diff about then svn source, but the 0.11 version doesn't do launchers01:49
Romsterand is quite old.01:49
Romsterthe problem with your port is it does not specify a known working commit.01:49
Romsterlike that01:50
timcowchiplet me check01:51
Romsteror is there trunk branch guaranteed to never break?01:51
Romsteron another note i seriously feel like adding scm support to pkgmk...01:51
timcowchipI could host it myself01:52
Romsterand why not -DINSTALL_MANDIR=man or mv $PKG/usr/share/man $PKG/usr/man01:53
timcowchipits hard to get the svn vresion sometimes01:53
Romsteryur way is killing the manual page.01:53
Romsternot really got a easy way for that01:54
Romstersvn info --revision 'HEAD' "$svn" | grep -e 'Revision: ' | sed 's/\Revision: \(.*\)/\1/'01:54
Romsterhmm not sure why i stuck '' on HEAD01:55
timcowchipI'll get on it as soon as I'm thru legitimatizing 3.101:55
Romstersvn info --revision HEAD | grep -e 'Revision: ' | sed 's/\Revision: \(.*\)/\1/'01:56
Romstereasy way to grab it.01:56
Romsterand check new builds and git push when it's ok.01:56
timcowchipits on your server, feel free to modify it and put in contrib01:57
timcowchipI just made the port to have the launchers01:58
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Romsterthat's your bitbucket account. i could. i'l probably fork it and do them changes for myself.01:59
Romsterbut stuck a tarball on my server from generating it.02:00
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timcowchipno I mean on cruxter02:01
timcowchipis that stuck in a tarball?02:01
Romsteryou can still push to both targets if you like.02:02
Romsterwhy do you need todo a screen shot for that.02:02
timcowchipto show off the launchers02:03
Romsterscroll down a bit -_-02:03
Romsterdamn that is nice02:03
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nogagplzlight as hell too, should be fine on your commodore 6402:04
timcowchipor even on my atom02:04
timcowchipsupper time brb02:05
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timcowchipuhoh -- Packages where update failed02:16
timcowchipoh its the old "get your clock fixed" thing02:18
timcowchipI just have to wait until after 2014-05-02 21:09:3202:21
Romsterprt-get depinst ntp ; sudo /etc/rc.d/ntpd start ; add it to /etc/rc.conf02:25
timcowchipyeah but the file's age is 2 hours in the future02:26
timcowchipsome source developer needs to fix his clock02:27
Romsteror there in another timezone to you02:28
timcowchipbut doesn't my system automatically adjust for that?02:30
timcowchipI realy don't know, but I always assumed that it did02:31
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jaegerIt should, yes.02:52
Romsterah maybe the web browsers do when downloading off a server in another time zone does.02:57
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timcowchipdoes gudev work with eudev?03:14
timcowchipi think handbrake needs gudev03:21
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Romsterwell got tint2 going and compton03:47
nogagplznow ditch X03:48
Romsterwhen wayland is ready03:48
nogagplznouveau is doing pretty well too actually03:49
Romstereh not 3d accelerated yet is it?03:50
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nogagplz3d acceleration is there03:54
nogagplzsome cards have trouble with chnging the clocks though03:54
nogagplzprobably your 200 card will be ok03:55
nogagplzno sli support though if yiu use that03:55
Romstergts 250 yeah but i wanna get a later card at some point.03:55
Romsternah no Sli03:55
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Romsterok i just changed the panel width and did tint2 after killing tint and no panel...03:57
Romsterunless it don't like being ran in sakura03:57
Romsternope not even in pekwm's run box03:57
Romsterahh seems to not like 100% on panel_size03:58
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nogagplzdo you have yours on the bottom or on the side04:04
Romsterbottom usually.04:04
nogagplz1920x1200 it works better on the side I found04:05
Romster1920x1080 here04:05
nogagplzand automatically hide on 1280x102404:05
Romsterlooking for the height atribute04:06
Romster#The panel's width is 94% the size of the monitor04:06
Romster      panel_size = 94% 3004:06
Romsterwhats withthe 30 is that the monitors inch size?04:07
Romsteri assumed it was and made it 2704:07
Romsternope it's really the height...04:08
Romsterin pixels04:09
Romsteri do have another lcd monitor sitting here i'm thinking of adding that and sticking irc and menu on that and any other monitoring stuff.04:12
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Romster so far...04:19
timcowchiparch wiki has a good page on tint2 launchers04:36
Romsterany wiki but crux's wiki does04:45
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diverseyeah, tint2 is a good panel05:21
Romsterdefinitely liking it now messing with compton05:22
diversebecause of having true transparency?05:25
Romsteryeah if i can05:25
Romstertrying to find if i can make out of focus windows more transparent.05:27
Romsterbut not sure if it's even possible.05:27
diversedoesn't compton have a flag for that type of thing?05:27
Romsterlooking though it but i think that's more a WM thing to set depending on focus?05:28
diverseI guess pekwm needs to support more EWMH standards?05:28
Romstermark-wmwin-focused = true;05:28
Romsterah there05:28
diverselooking at your screenshot, giving your windows a backshadow will look nicer05:29
Romsterand make out of focus GUIs more translucent05:30
diversealso, get a good theme for your gvim. I recommend molokai05:31
nogagplzgvim looks best as the default though05:32
diverseeach to their own I suppose05:33
diverseRomster: just to give you an idea of what it looks like:
diversedamn that url05:36
nogagplzromster wouldn't compiz and gnome be more up your alley05:37
diversenogagplz: come on, don't tease05:38
nogagplzwas a constructive suggestion05:38
Romsternogagplz, has style though05:38
Romsternah i like my minimal setup05:38
Romsterthis is just candy but eh nothing wrong with that05:38
diversewell it makes programming a little nicer for me ^^05:39
diverseif Romster wanted compiz, he could run it as standalone05:44
nogagplzromster only wants what I say he wants05:45
diverseRomster: looks like you got a BDFL05:46
nogagplza badass driver for life05:47
nogagplzanywhere you want to go I'll get you there05:47
Romster--inactive-opacity 0.806:17
Romster0.4 really shows the desktop though06:17
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Romsterdiverse, that looks pretty cool but what languages does it support.06:34
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timcowchipso, no love for gudev?07:24
timcowchipwhat's the policy for non opensource ports07:26
timcowchipI have this package on gentoo07:29
timcowchipthere's a renewawble key for the beta release07:31
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timcowchipthis is faster than handbrake, probably because it doesn't use compression07:32
timcowchiprather it just decrypts dvd's and outputs an *.mkv07:33
nwegood morning07:42
nwehow are you guys?07:42
timcowchipgood morning nwe07:43
nwehoware you timcowchip ?07:43
nwehow are*07:43
timcowchipgood and you?07:43
nweit?s fine with me :) sitting and waiting on my kvm guest to be finished.07:45
nwewill try cloudstack... so what are you doing?07:47
timcowchipmaking a port for makemkv07:47
nweoh okey07:48
timcowchipI don't think I'll publish it though07:53
nwewhy not ?07:54
timcowchipthe license is scary07:54
nweoh, which license are they using?07:55
timcowchipits not opensource07:55
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timcowchiproot: are you the one from the "person of interest" tv show?07:59
timcowchipdirect link to the eula08:01
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timcowchipmy dog whizzed on my chain link walk gate so much that it broke08:06
timcowchipit corroded right thru the galvanized steel08:07
timcowchipI replaced the gate, but now we have to supervise him when he takes a leak, so he doesn't go to the same spot08:09
timcowchipI've heard pouring bear whiz on your roof will keep squirrels out of your attic08:10
timcowchipprobably because squirrels recognize the smell of bear whiz08:11
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nwetimcowchip: where do you live?08:12
timcowchiplots of squirrels08:12
timcowchipa few bears08:12
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timcowchipmaybe if I pour other dog whiz on another spot, he'll start whizzing there instead08:13
timcowchipI was just thinking about will ferrell collecting dinasor urine in land of the lost08:15
timcowchipwhere will I get dig whiz08:16
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tilmanoold and all, but.09:15
cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: wireshark: 1.10.2 -> 1.10.709:15
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cruxbot[compat-32.git/3.0]: libsndfile-32: added dependency libsndfile, clean up11:37
Romsternever seen that before tilman11:40
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abyxcosWho doesn't even compile extfs into the kernel anymore?13:43
abyxcosI mean why is that even a thing...13:44
abyxcosDebian stock kernel config; no ext2/3 support, ext4 is a module.13:44
rexichabyxcos: maybe because Debian's kernels use initrd?13:48
abyxcosThey also can't seem to find a devices, filesystems, or all whatnot.13:51
abyxcosI have some unkind things to say about the kernel configuration process.13:53
abyxcosAnd why is there not a `make localconfig`13:53
rexichwhy not simply compile the needed file system and IDE/SATA/SCSI/SAS drivers inside the kernel, instead of modules? problem solved :)14:02
abyxcosBecause I'm not really sure (nor do I care at the moment) what's needed.14:03
abyxcosI wanted to start with a stock config so I can figure out if grub works, then trim out all the crap.14:04
abyxcos(I have too many moving parts to test.)14:09
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abyxcosIs there anything else important I need to make sure is compiled in other than sata and extfs?15:22
frinnstscsi-disk support15:23
frinnstthose are usually the big 315:24
abyxcosSomeone really needs to re-sort menuconfig.15:25
abyxcosDoes anyone provide base .configs for standard systems?15:26
frinnstthe config that follows the kernel source is usually pretty standard15:27
frinnstfrom the crux-iso15:27
frinnstnot the default config :)15:27
abyxcosThere's a kernel-sources package on the iso?15:27
frinnstthe installer installs it under /usr/src15:28
abyxcosOr you mean pull the source from the bootable kernel on the iso?15:28
abyxcosI have yet to use the installer :P15:28
abyxcosMaybe one day.15:28
abyxcosWhere is it at on the iso? Or does the installer just copy /proc/config.gz?15:29
frinnstoh i dont remember15:29
abyxcosOh, maybe it's this crux/kernel folder :P15:30
jaegerI'd recommend the defconfig from the 3.1 rc1 iso rather than the 3.0 iso for what that's worth15:30
abyxcosDon't spose you have a link to it in git?15:30
abyxcos3.1-rc is a working EFI system?15:30
jaegerit works on all the EFI hardware I have to test15:31
abyxcosThis has ext and everything? Or do I have to go poke menuconfig?15:32
jaegertake a look at it and see. it's got quite a few things enabled already15:32
abyxcosLooks good enough for me. Lets see if I can break it.15:34
abyxcosWoot, it booted.15:44
abyxcosOf course, as a side note, one shouldn't create two different partitions with the same DISKLABEL.15:44
abyxcos(Is there an xfce port?)15:47
abyxcosOr is /usr/src/ports/xorg just base xorg?15:48
frinnstits just xorg packages15:48
frinnstxfce has its own repo15:48
abyxcosThat makes sense.15:49
frinnstplace that in /etc/ports/15:49
abyxcosI do miss having a second computer to ssh in from.15:53
abyxcosIs there any real difference between running on ports and 3.1?16:05
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frinnstim not sure i follow your question16:46
abyxcosWell, I guess what's the difference between 3.1 and 3.0? Is everything covered by ports/packages?16:48
abyxcosAlso, if I'm using dhcp, in the /etc/rc.d/net script, do I need the ip route add default via line?16:49
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frinnstthe biggest diff between 3.1 and 3.0 is the toolchain17:25
frinnstyou'll still have more or less the same packages17:26
jaegertake a look at TODO31 in the wiki for more info on changes17:26
frinnstand you dont need a manual route if you use dhcp17:26
abyxcosYou know, this'll be the fourth time I've looked over TODO31, I think I'll actually *read* it this time :P17:28
abyxcosDo I need anything in particular to get a mouse in xorg? Should just be evdev, and -input-mouse, no?17:32
tilmanShould just be evdev17:34
abyxcosWeird. Maybe I'm missing one of the usb kmods.17:34
abyxcosAlso, xfce/gtk can't find a font...17:36
abyxcosMmh, looks like I don't have enough usb. Probably need some usb3 stuff.17:40
abyxcosBunch of read errors in dmesg from usb* and hid stuff.17:42
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timcowchipcould someone please explain to me the diff from udev 182 and eudev 1.618:08
timcowchipI see the source for gudev is udev-18218:08
timcowchipcan I change it tp "$name/$name-$version.tar.gz18:09
timcowchip        81-crux.rules start_udev18:09
timcowchipfrom "$version.tar.xz"?18:10
timcowchipsure I can18:10
timcowchipI can do anything I want18:11
timcowchipI can't upload the changes though18:11
timcowchipminus the 81-crux.rules18:16
abyxcosYou can send a patch to the mailing list, or a new Pkgfile.18:22
timcowchipit worked18:27
timcowchipI'll send the Pkgfile, I guess18:27
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timcowchipand handbrake works19:15
timcowchipnerd power!19:15
timcowchipoh shit, I did "port -u" before I copied the gudev Pkgfile19:33
timcowchipI hate when that happens19:33
timcowchip/usr/bin/google-chrome-stable: error while loading shared libraries:
timcowchipthis didn't happen with 3.0 after the libgcrypt update19:41
timcowchipI was using prologics package in 3.019:41
timcowchipI'm trying nwe's package in 3.119:42
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timcowchipoh well who needs google-chrome?
timcowchipwhat? dead link? that's better20:23
diverseRomster: you mean gvim? Any language that a syntax file for highlighting will work.20:28
diverse*has a syntax file20:29
diversejust like with any colorscheme20:30
thetornainbowshould xorg-xinit package be installing contents to /etc/skel? or do i need to make those files myself?20:41
timcowchiphandbrake's not playing nice with x264 codec20:53
frinnsti dont think ports should install stuff to /etc/skel/ as a rule. it should be up to the sysadmin20:55
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thetornainbowyeah i was just wondering - the Arch wiki states the xorg-xinit package populates /etc/skel when it's installed21:09
thetornainbowbut i wasn't sure whether that was an Arch thing or an xorg thing21:12
thetornainbowthanks :)21:12
timcowchipI see a x264.pc file in /usr/lib64/pkgcfg21:12
timcowchipI mean I don't see one21:12
timcowchipanyway this fixed the x264 problem with handbrake in salix21:17
timcowchipI'll try modifying the x264 Pkgfile and send it to the contib mailing list if it works21:19
timcowchipturns out there was x264.pc in /usr/lib/pkgcfg22:05
timcowchipupdating x264 from 20130201-1 to 20131106-1 didn't fix handbrake22:06
timcowchipmaybe I need to rebuild handbrake?22:06
timcowchipoh crap: bash-4.3$ prt-get dependent x26422:18
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timcowchipdouble crap: bash-4.3$ prt-get dependent ffmpeg22:50
timcowchipadd mjpegtools a dep of libquicktime22:51
timcowchipsure hope this fixes handbrake22:52
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timcowchipall the work I do for this distro..........geez!22:53
frinnstwtf is handbrake?22:54
timcowchipits a dvd to video file converter23:20
timcowchipsorry about the delay was AFK23:20
timcowchipand the newer version of x264 didn't fix it23:21
timcowchipmaybe I need to re-re-build handbrake after re-building ffmpeg23:26
Romsterabyxcos> (Is there an xfce port?) xfce repo has a few minor issues but i can help out with those.23:38
abyxcosRomster: Just using the xfce repo.23:49
abyxcosRomster: Seems like my mouse thing was a hardware bug... Weird bug...23:49
abyxcosRomster: What font do I want to install to "make things work."23:50
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timcowchiplcms2 depends on libjpeg but libjpeg-turbo is installed23:53
timcowchipanother Pkgfile to modify23:54
timcowchipprobably have re-re-re-biuild handbrake after re-building lcms223:57

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