IRC Logs for #crux Sunday, 2014-05-04

timcowchipif I prt-get lock a port, ports -u will still rewrite Pkgfile, .md5sum, .footprint and whatever00:00
timcowchipbut prt-get sysup won't update it, right?00:01
timcowchipit might be useful sometimes to prevent some ports from being rewriten00:03
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teK__then create a personal repo in /usr/ports and configure it in prt-get.conf00:13
timcowchipah, thanks:)00:14
timcowchiplike using my own ports instead of the version in opt or contrib00:15
timcowchipbut without updating00:15
Romsterabyxcos, just what ever fonts you want just don't install any of the adobe ones i think those messed up font rendering in firefox.00:36
Romsterabyxcos, the trashcan if you want that to work i grabbed the gudev port out of mate00:36
Romsteralso the xfce4 missing icons is because it needs the version bumped to 0.400:37
Romsteri want to report all this stuff to sepen but he arn't here yet.00:37
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timcowchipdoes that gudev port use eudev or udev00:44
timcowchipI sent a modified Pkgfile for gudev that works with eudev to the contrib mailing list00:47
teK__< off to bed00:51
timcowchipand hanbrake works after upgrading x264 rebuilding ffmpeg and rebuilding handbrake00:57
abyxcosRomster: Well, no font seemed to install by default.01:00
abyxcosAlso, I'm not seeing a terminus port.01:01
Romsterttf ones are fine01:02
Romsterprt-get search ttf01:02
Romsterjust keep well clear from adobe...01:03
Romsteri'm pretty sure those ones caused my girlfriends pc to show like blurry font rendering01:03
Romsteri can grab a list if you like01:04
Romsterxorg-font-bh-ttf xorg-font-bitstream-vera xorg-font-dejavu-ttf xorg-font-inconsolata-dz xorg-font-larabie-coolvetica-ttf xorg-font-ttf-vlgothic01:05
Romsterthat's what she has but she's added others manually that i need to package up for myself.01:06
Romsterbut that'll get you started.01:06
timcowchipsent the Pkgfile for x264 to the contrib mailing list01:06
Romsteryou realize i am here -_- and i am the maintainer.01:07
Romsteri haven't bumped it in awhile but it's stable and working.01:07
Romsternot a high priority atm unless something is broken.01:08
Romstergudev works01:08
timcowchipin contrib?01:08
Romsterlast i tested01:08
Romsteris this 3.0 or 3.101:08
timcowchipis it built against udev or eudev?01:08
Romsternot tested that.01:09
Romsterwill test it now.01:10
Romsterit's also easier if you do a diff -pruN orig/ new/01:15
Romsteror git diff .01:15
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timcowchipI forgot to remove "--enable-visualize \" from the x264 Pkgfile01:15
timcowchipit works for slackware, but crux ignores it01:16
Romsterwhere is this handbrake port your using so i can test?01:17
Romsterit's not in any offical or semi-official repo's01:18
Romsterassume your using one in your timcow repo01:22
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Romstermissing space.01:22
Romsterand personal opinion, i hate the commas, i just use spaces. it works.01:23
Romsteralso to easy to hit a period instead of a comma and that will break.01:23
Romsterand makes the line needlessly longer.01:24
alanciomore importantly, harder to parse from scripts01:24
Romsteryou probably haven't even built this in a clean chroot/docker/vm and done a findredundentfeps -s01:24
Romsterthat as well alancio01:24
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alancioI saw a message calling for using libjpeg-turbo instead of libjpeg01:33
alancioI have been using libjpeg-turbo for a long time, but my port is just called libjpeg01:33
alanciobecause in fact, the library and header files are the same01:33
abyxcosWell, font works.01:34
abyxcosI just need a gtk theme now, and maybe some icons...01:34
abyxcosForgot to install a browser, does anyone know offhand where clearlooks or whatever is?01:36
Romsterclearlooks engine is in opt/gtk-engines01:37
Romsteryou just need that and a theme01:37
Romsteralancio yeah 3.1 is libjpeg-turbo dependencies need to be updated.01:38
abyxcosI seem to be missing a few icons too.01:38
abyxcosHalf my problem seems to be the xfce port doesn't pre-select the xfce theme (but it is installed.)01:38
Romsteryeah bump the version of the port.01:43
timcowchipactually I used Alan's handbrake because he uses local x264 in his01:43
timcowchipsorry I was AFK again01:43
Romsterwell i'm building yours right now.01:44
alancioRomster, how about keeping the name libjpeg instead of libjpeg-turbo?01:44
Romstertalk in #crux-devel about it to the rest. i think that's frinnst doing.01:45
timcowchipmine will download x264 from handbrake01:45
Romsternow you tell me01:45
abyxcosAlso, does anyone have a solarized-theme port?01:45
timcowchiplike fedora?01:46
abyxcosDunno. Never used fedora. And firefox is still building.01:46
timcowchipwhat is a solarized-theme?01:47
abyxcosIt's a (popular) low contrast terminal theme.01:47
abyxcosFor those of us who don't enjoy black on white terminals.01:48
timcowchipoh right01:48
Romsterabyxcos, if it's not on portsdb it's time to make a Pkgfile for one.01:51
Romsterarch might have one you can use as a template.01:51
abyxcosRomster: Trying to get links installed but I got distracted by sudo. Still now browser here yet.01:52
abyxcosAlso, we don't have links2?01:52
abyxcosWe have elinks.01:58
Romsteri do have a built firefox package
Romsterif ti's not on portsdb then you'll have to make one.01:59
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abyxcosThe circular part here being that I need a browser to check portsdb (easily) to figure out if a browser is available.01:59
timcowchipdillo's in contrib02:00
abyxcoselinks is good enough for now.02:01
Romstersudo pkgadd firefox#29.0-1.pkg.tar.gz02:01
timcowchipthere you go02:01
Romsteryou can do that while the other one is still compiling. if you set custom CXXFLAGS02:02
abyxcosProbably no custom cflags.02:03
abyxcosMainly I wanted links2.02:03
abyxcosWell, firefox compiled faster than I could find and install links :P02:06
abyxcosI'm getting slow.02:06
abyxcosAlrighty, I'm off. I'll write a port tomorrow or some such and mail it in.02:12
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Romstertimcowchip, fixed gudev in contrib/3.103:10
Romstertimcowchip, handbrake works
Romsteri didn't clean up the white space though03:19
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timcowchiphandbrake works in 3.1?03:30
timcowchipwithout upgrading x264?03:31
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Romstercompiled at least see paste03:36
Romsteri'm out bbl03:36
Romsterports -u contrib for new gudev03:36
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cruxbot[compat-32.git/3.0]: libsdl-32: remove share32 and include32 stuff05:18
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: squid: update to 3.4.507:48
cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: whois: update to 5.1.207:48
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Romsterromster/compton is ready for anyone to try it out.08:13
RomsterA compositor for X, and a fork of xcompmgr-dana.08:14
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Romsterhas anyone had this issue?12:19
RomsterSuperblock last mount time is in the future12:19
Romstertune2fs -l /dev/sdb212:20
RomsterFilesystem created:       Sat Apr 12 04:11:02 201412:20
RomsterLast mount time:          Sat May  3 23:05:13 201412:20
RomsterLast write time:          Sat May  3 23:05:13 201412:20
Romsterand current time was when i ran that command Sun May 04 05:57:0712:20
Romsterthis is a ext4 fs12:20
Romsterwasn't there a bug in e2fsprogs that got fixed, relating to this?12:21
Romstersystem time was wrong but got fixed and ntp is keeping it on time.12:21
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abyxcosBah, I forget how to do timezones.14:16
abyxcosSystem setup I want is a UTC bios clock, and a local system. Is the variable in rc.conf the one I want for that, or do I use tzselect?14:17
jaegerset your timezone normally in rc.conf and run "hwclock --systohc --utc"14:18
abyxcosBy normally, you mean locally?14:19
abyxcos(Also, what names does that accept?)14:21
jaegeranything in /usr/share/zoneinfo14:32
jaegerand yes, set your timezone to local14:33
abyxcosYea, I just saw that.14:33
abyxcosI also enjoy the rc script. Probably the cleanest I've read in the last year.14:33
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timcowchipbash-4.3$ gcolor216:15
timcowchipSegmentation faultY16:15
timcowchipI am nomad16:15
timcowchipyou are faulty16:15
abyxcosAnyone bored wanna update libvirt/virt-manager and friends?16:16
timcowchipmy hardware doesn't support virtualization16:18
abyxcosYou don't need virtualization, just the patience to clean up all this stale gtk junk.16:18
timcowchipwho's the maintainer?16:19
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abyxcos60% contrib, 20% xen, 20% nwe?16:21
abyxcosBah, doesn't run in the end :P16:22
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frinnstlibvirt is a *pain*. it depends on the entire internet16:26
frinnsti played with it a year or so ago. gave up after the 5th dep16:26
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abyxcosYea, I may just learn how to set this up manually.16:39
abyxcosI hate doing complicated setups without it though :P16:39
abyxcosBecause qemu/kvm isn't that much better.16:39
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frinnstshared libraries are nice and all... as long as they are *shared*. a unique library for every application is just a pain in the ass17:17
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timcowchipwhy does qt4 output from revdep after it rebuillt?17:33
timcowchipall my qt4-based packages work17:34
diverseprt-get update -fr $(prt-get quickdep qt4)17:37
diversedo that and stop complaining17:37
timcowchipwhy are the Irish prone to using double constanants?17:37
timcowchipthe stdout of prt-get quickdep qt4 includes qt417:41
timcowchipI'm not going to -fr qt4 unless I absolutely have to17:42
diverseFine, go live under a rock and stop complaining.17:43
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diverseOh, and if you want an example of you not listening to others help, this is one just now17:45
timcowchipshould I have just cut and pasted your command in a terminal?17:46
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diverseif you want, sure17:47
diverseit will rebuild everything that qt depends on17:47
diverseincluding qt17:47
timcowchipwould that be considered "listening"?17:47
timcowchipso you want me to waste hours unnecessarily rebuilding qt?17:49
diversewhat do you think old man? I give you a recommendation and you say "Oh no way, I'm not doing that!" that's what I consider when you plug your ears17:49
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timcowchipyou call that "helping", I suppose17:49
diversetimcowchip: people here have been recommending you that you rebuild your shit, which is a good idea on a Crux system. If you don't like rebuilding your ports, you shouldn't be using Crux.17:50
diverseand become an Archer like nogagplz17:52
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timcowchiprebuilt wxgtk, now filezilla works18:51
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joacim-I notice you have to rebuild stuff pretty often. do you have some bad hw components or something?19:05
joacim-I rarely have to rebuild anything here19:05
timcowchipI just upgraded 3.0 to 3.1-rc119:05
joacim-oh ok19:05
timcowchipso far I'm liking the rc-119:07
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timcowchiprebuilt libtorrent-rasterbar, now deluge works19:50
horrorStrucktimcowchip: might help in some cases
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timcowchipso I can add export LDFLAGS="-Wl,--as-needed" to pkgmk.conf?20:16
horrorStrucktimcowchip: yep20:25
timcowchipcool thanks20:27
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timcowchipafter rebuilding libatasmart and udisks gigolo now mounts samba shares22:35
timcowchipdo i have eudev to thank for this?22:36
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