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timcowchipopenftbtd: all I got outta that was cosby00:58
diverseouch, spacefm is on hiatus...01:51
nogagplzmc is where it's at anyway02:22
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diversemidnight commander huh?02:32
diversenogagplz: can't complain, since it uses ncurses02:37
Romsterthe new firefox layout in 29...02:38
nogagplzused to use norton commander in windows ages ago too lol, ah memories02:38
Romstersame and midnight commander in dos02:38
diverse"Native support for UTF-8 ... as of 4.7.0" not bad02:40
Romsterwelp i was going to install spacefm...02:41
Romsterat some point02:41
nogagplzguess you'll just have to copy explorer.exe from your windows 7 instead and run it in wine02:41
nogagplzor dosshell02:42
diversemc might make a good recovery file manager when I can't use X02:42
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Romsteri probably should make a seperate ccache guide too.02:50
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timcowchipRomster: I used ccache before, at your suggestion, and it did help on rebuilds02:54
Romsterso are you using it now? it would be slower on the first rebuild though.02:54
Romsterbut after that even on updates it'll be an improvement.02:55
timcowchiphorrorStruck gave me a good tip as well
Romsteri stuck my ccache partiton on a SSD I twas on a 2 disk raid0 before.02:55
timcowchipactually I'm not using ccache yet02:55
Romsterwould save time on revdep cases.02:56
Romsteri've been checking ports and the majority take advantage of it.02:56
Romsterand i make sure the ports i maintain do respect CC CXX.02:56
RomsterCC='cceche gcc' CXX='ccache g++'02:57
Romsteri don't use the masked directory method anymore in /usr/lib/ccache in PATH02:57
timcowchipoh, so the port also needs to use ccache, as well as pkgmk.conf02:58
RomsterYour paste can be seen here:
Romsterone of my spidered urls03:10
Romstersee the readme in ccache/03:10
Romsterprt-get readme ccache03:10
Romsterthat also needs an update but back to work time bbl03:11
timcowchipok thanks03:12
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nwemorning rauz06:08
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rauzwhat's up in here06:18
nweit?s okey here trying to fix so I can print out pdf-files with lpr now I got error invalidaccess on the paper instead :/06:21
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rauzprinters are broken by default, i have not used an os where printing worked without trouble06:24
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nwerauz: yeah thats true..06:33
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timcowchipbash-4.3# mount -t tmpfs -o size=1.5G,uid=0,defaults /usr/ports/work07:01
timcowchipmount: wrong fs type, bad option, bad superblock on pkgmk,07:01
timcowchip       missing codepage or helper program, or other error07:01
timcowchipmount -t tmpfs -o size=1500M,uid=0,defaults /usr/ports/work07:03
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timcowchipI can't remember what I used snmp for07:22
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timcowchipcmdiag is what I used it for07:36
timcowchipgoing to have to make port for it for 3.1, I guess07:37
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timcowchipduh net-snmp07:45
timcowchipthat's what its called07:45
timcowchipuh-oh /usr/sbin/snmpd: error while loading shared libraries:
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nwedoes someone have ghostscript-fonts package?08:29
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nwehas someone installing helvetica fonts in crux??09:02
nweand has a package for it ?09:02
alancioI think xorg-font-adobe-75dpi contains that font09:05
nweah okey, must I update the fonts cache or something after I have installed that package?09:07
nweI think helvB0XX means helvetica...09:09
alancioI think running the post-install script should do it09:09
nweah why I wondering is because I got this when I trying open pdf-files with xpdf  Warning: Cannot convert string "-*-helvetica-medium-r-normal--12-*-*-*-*-*-iso8859-1" to type FontStruct09:10
teK__anybode else failing to compile libsdl-32 without pulseaudio installed?09:11
alanciothat doesn't mean the font isn't installed09:12
alanciorun fc-list or xfontsel09:12
alancioit will show you what you have09:12
alancioyou can run: fc-list helvetica09:13
alancioteK__: I have a pulseaudio-32 port, in case you are interested09:14
teK__no, the point is that it is not listed as a dependency09:14
teK__and I dont want to install it09:14
alancioteK__: the problem is you probably have pulseaudio installed, but not pulseaudio-3209:15
alancioso it finds the headers, enables it, but then the linkage fails09:15
teK__in fact I have pulseaudio-32 installed. Uninstalling right now ;P09:15
alancioso you can move the pulseaudio headers temporarily, while you build libsdl-3209:15
alanciook, in that case, why don't you show me the build error messages?09:16
teK__I think steam required it :)09:16
alanciook, I became interested in pulesaudio when I noticed skype was less crappy with it09:17
alancionow I became hooked to the thing09:17
nwealancio: which pdfviewer are you using.. when I trying to install xpdf it says that it conflict with poopler..09:17
alancioI use okular, I love it09:18
alancionwe: you should file a bug report about the conflict09:21
nweor it says pkgadd: listed files(s) aready installed, (use -f to ignonre and overwrite) and that files are from poppler..09:24
nweokey I will bug report that09:24
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nwealancio: do you have any idea when I trying to print out pdf-files the text on the paper is invalidformat.10:56
alanciois that with okular?10:56
nweno it?s a toshiba network printer10:57
alancioI don't know, if I were you I would increase the verbosity in cups config file, and check the logs to find any clue10:58
nweI try to print /usr/share/cups/data/default-testpage.pdf with lp and thats works fine, but when I downloaded a pdf-files I got random text and invalidformat something10:59
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: [notify] xpdf: remove duplicate pdf* binaries12:30
cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: xpdf: remove man pages for pdf*, too12:33
thetornainbowhey everyone, i'm having an issue when starting x, i use spectrwm as wm, no errors in /var/log/Xorg.0.log, however just before X server terminates, i get strange message from spectrwm listing encoding values like ISO-8859-6 ISO8859-7 etc. then "Glyphs from those sets will be replaced b '. Error creating font set structure. connection to X server lost13:05
jaegersounds like spectrwm exits because of that (which causes the "connection to X server lost" bit)13:09
thetornainbowright, but i'm having trouble understanding why it would have an issue with glyphs? my locale is UTF-8, which in spectrwm looks like was supported in 201213:11
RomsterteK__, yeah it's picking up on the pulseaudio headers.13:13
jaegerno idea there, sorry. Never used it13:14
thetornainbowjaeger: okay, wasn't sure if i had done something wrong with locale-def or something13:15
thetornainbowperhaps updating glibc might help - just realized i haven't updated any packages in the new install13:16
jaegerWhich font packages do you have installed? Have you run "fc-cache -f"? Does another WM work?13:17
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thetornainbowi have only installed console-font-terminus and xorg-terminus-font, have updated font cache and have not tried another window manager. after sysup i'll take a look13:18
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nweany idea, when I trying to print out pdf file from cli with lp/lpr the output is this
nwebut when I used epdfview and push print button it works..13:32
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jaegeris there a filter missing or something like that? Does lp understand PDF?13:38
nwehmm maybe I need cups-pdf13:39
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nwejaeger: but If I missing a filter then it shouldnt work from epdfview or...?13:56
nwejaeger: could it be because of this..  /usr/share/cups/data/default-testpage.pdf: PDF document, version 1.5 (this one works from lp command) but this one I got the error message: 030517470115.pdf: PDF document, version 1.713:58
jaegerNo idea there13:59
nwejaeger: its wokring with this pdf-file too 201312311030531151830864.pdf: PDF document, version 1.614:10
nweso I thinks something with version 1.714:11
jaegerOr possibly that specific PDF? Do you have another 1.7 one to try?14:12
nwenope I dont have any another 1.714:12
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juethetornainbow: you haev to define a font in .spectrwm.conf because it cannot find the defaults, try something like 'bar_font = smooth' of a full font spec.15:49
juenwe: cups-filters is installed?15:50
cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: shared-mime-info: updated to 1.315:56
cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: jdk: updated to 1.7.0_5515:56
cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: xterm: updated to 30415:56
cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: dnspython: initial import15:56
cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: mailman: updated to 2.1.18 and new dependency added (dnspython)15:56
thetornainbowjue: thanks, i'll check that out. i have terminus-medium defined in .spectrwm.conf, but right now i'm still waiting for sysup to finish...3 hours and counting :)16:04
thetornainbowperhaps i should have put more cpu cores in this VM16:05
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BitPuffinthought I'd mention that after rebuilding everything that depended on libpng I still had issues with it :/16:21
BitPuffindon't have time to fix it now16:21
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teK__=======> Building '/usr/ports/packages/mpv#0.3.9-1.pkg.tar.gz'.18:06
teK__Error: Unable to find development files for zlib.18:06
teK__this is after the ./old-configure..18:06
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teK__broken libgcrypt. Of course! :)18:12
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markuman"Go to /usr/src/linux-3.6.x, configure and compile a new kernel."  so the setup don't install a kernel?18:43
timcowchipit installs a kernel but you get to configure it your way18:46
timcowchipinstead of a huge kernel with everything enabled18:47
timcowchippkgmk /usr/ports/work tmpfs size=1500M,uid=100,defaults           0      018:49
timcowchip                                           ^^ is this the correct uid, if I'm not using fakeroot?18:50
frinnstno it does not install a kernel, only the source for the kernel18:50
frinnstcorrect uid for what?18:50
timcowchipI'm trying to use ram for compiling18:50
frinnstif your uid is 100, then yes18:50
timcowchipok thanks18:51
diversemarkuman: it only compiles the kernel, but you have to copy it over to a different file path where your boatloader can read it. Also don't listen to timcowchip.18:52
timcowchipI monitoring both /usr/ports/work and ram usage and they don't seem to jive18:52
timcowchipI had this working about a year ago18:53
markumandiverse: ah ok. thx. that's not so well described in the handbook imho18:54
timcowchipand I could see a lot more ram usage18:54
diversemarkuman: perhaps that's an area on the handbook that can be improved. I admit it's not transparent.18:55
timcowchipmarkuman I printed out section 3.2 of before installing, it helped me18:59
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markumanok start compiling (virtualbox, lame thinkpad)...this may take some time19:02
diversemarkuman: what bootloader do you plan to use?19:03
markumangrub, lilo, syslinux...i don't care.19:04
diverseif grub, read all of 3.2 and then skip to 7.219:05
markumank. thx19:05
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timcowchip876Mb used in /usr/ports/work only 235Mb used in memory19:20
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timcowchipThe used and free memory here are calculated from the kernel reported19:23
timcowchipused and free by subtracting or adding the buffers and cache memory19:24
markumanwhat the reason for you to use crux?19:24
timcowchipI use it because I can have more control of the packages I install19:26
timcowchipI can edit Pkgfiles to enable or disable features19:27
timcowchipyou can do this with ./configure make make install19:28
timcowchipbut the packages in crux are managed very intelligently with pkg-utils and prt-get19:29
markumanbut you need a more powerfull cpu because most packages have to be compiled by yourself?19:30
diverseI use Crux to take a giant shit on Arch and systemd19:30
timcowchipI use an intel atom d510 so I feel you19:30
markumandiverse: :)19:31
timcowchipdid you instal AUR packages?19:31
diversemarkuman: yes, having a faster multicore cpu will make your Crux experience much better. However if you have a bunch of machines laying around, you could use distcc19:31
markumani want to take a look at crux and it's rc.conf feelings19:31
markumantimcowchip: yes19:31
timcowchipthey have to be compiled as wel19:32
markumandistcc? what is it?19:32
diversemarkuman: network distributed C and C++ compiler, so you can do more threads like -j2019:32
diverseRomster has all the details about it19:33
markumanah ok19:33
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joacimI compiled stuff on my old C2D E630019:37
joacimit was ok19:37
joacimdont really mind that compiling firefox takes an hour or more19:37
joacimmost doesn't take more than a minute or two19:38
markumani will try it, but first in virtualbox19:41
diversemarkuman: also Romster provides prebuilt packages for ports that take a while to build19:43
diversejoacim beat me to it19:43
joacimthere are also binary packages for certain huge applications19:43
openfbtd>I use Crux to take a giant shit on Arch and systemd19:43
openfbtdThat is not a good reason to do anything19:43
diverseopenfbtd: the point is to make you laugh, if not, at least chuckle.19:46
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diverseassuming you are not an arch zealot19:47
openfbtdAh. Ok.19:47
openfbtdLoyalty to a distro also seems silly :D19:47
openfbtdI disagree with the arch mantainers a lot19:47
diverseopenfbtd: you might as well say loyalty to a web browser is also silly :P19:48
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abyxcosmarkuman: Bit late to the conversation, but I use Crux because it doesn't shove dumb choices down my throat like other distros are prone to do.21:43
abyxcosmarkuman: Plus, the package manager is one of the few sane ones left. I was at the point of resurecting the netbsd's pkgsrc-linux port and rolling my own setup before I found Crux.21:44
abyxcosmarkuman: Overall, it feels a lot like Gentoo, Arch, or any of the BSDs.21:45
abyxcos(Well, before Arch did the whole systemd thing.)21:45
openfbtdThe systemd team is trying to take over the linux ecosystem. Arch doesn't really force systemd22:20
openfbtdIt's in base, yes, but getting rid of it is not that hard22:20
abyxcosThe Arch team is free to tell them to go bugger off.22:21
openfbtdThey are also free to adopt it22:21
openfbtdIf they feel like it22:21
openfbtdI disagree with that decision, but hey22:21
abyxcosThey're a pretty popular distro, they do have the weight to make some critical comments, and get backing.22:21
openfbtdI was surprised it was adopted in a very one-sided way though22:22
openfbtdThere was almost no discussion on it22:22
openfbtdThe team just decided22:22
abyxcosWasn't it all off-list?22:22
openfbtdNot that they _have_ to consider the users' opinion.22:22
openfbtdIt wasn't advertised that there's even a discussion22:22
openfbtdNot even a post on the site22:23
openfbtdMost people didn't know about it22:23
openfbtdThat huge of a decision should either be completely one-sided or very widely discussed. The half-assed approach to only discuss it with the mailing list is weird.22:24
abyxcosWell, most linuxes do their discussion on the mailing lists.22:27
openfbtdAgain, not saying they are wrong22:28
openfbtdIt's their distro22:28
abyxcosWell, it's weird to expect them to hit up reddit.22:28
abyxcosAlthough they should probably float that around their forums.22:28
openfbtdNot reddit, but maybe a post on their own site? :D22:28
openfbtdi.e. “Guys, there is a huge decision upon us, come talk about it”22:29
openfbtdHmm. tar from sbase is interesting22:31
abyxcosI suspect they'll probably start bleeding users over it, like the ubuntu->mint exodus.22:32
openfbtdIt's much simpler than bsdtar22:33
abyxcosThey have a suckbase package?22:33
openfbtdThey have their own implementations of coreutils and util-linux22:33
openfbtdwhich are sbase and ubase22:34
openfbtdafk for a minute22:34
abyxcosWhat does Crux use? I thought it was gnu coreutils?22:36
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openfbtdabyxcos, it is22:41
openfbtdI'm playing with sbase and ubase22:41
abyxcosHow do they compare?22:41
openfbtdTheir tools are a lot simpler generally22:42
openfbtdDesigned to do their job and nothing else22:42
openfbtdI like it22:42
openfbtdLike tar doesn't have any way to compress the archive22:42
openfbtdJust pipe it to gzip you lazy fuck :D22:42
abyxcosHow's it compare to bsdutils and busybox?22:42
openfbtdIt's even simpler than busybox22:43
abyxcosI hate gzip.22:43
openfbtdAnd bsdutils are pretty much the same as gnu coreutils most of the time22:43
openfbtd>The overall SLOC is about 6kSLOC, so this userland is about the same size as GNU ls.22:43
openfbtdsbase :)22:43
abyxcosI read the blurb on the bottom of the site.22:44
abyxcosAlso, are you talking about freebsd bsdutils, or net/openbsd bsdutils?22:48
openfbtdfreebsd ones22:48
openfbtdNever touched net/openbsd22:48
abyxcosBecause both of those are fairly light while preserving some of the conviences like tar lazy flags.22:48
*** timcowchip has joined #crux22:48
openfbtdubase is 3077 lines btw22:49
abyxcosI would argue that isn't the best metric, as gnu coreutils makes an easy target.22:51
abyxcosBut if someone writes a tar with a useful --help and man page, I'll gladly switch over.22:52
abyxcosAlso, busybox rubs me the wrong way, they provide no way to tell what flags they support without looking at the code, and the code is almost never available in an enviornment that you're actually using busybox on.22:54
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abyxcosMy vote would be on using openbsd's bsdutils-portable.22:55
abyxcosBut as I recal, that port needs some loving.22:56
abyxcosXfce repo, and the solarized .Xresource theme, for some reason, xfce doesn't like it, and I get pink terminals on login (probably all the #defines in there.)22:59
abyxcosBut if I re-run xrdb ~/.Xresources manually after logging in, then it's perfectly happy.22:59
abyxcosHaven't been able to find anything on google about this.23:00
abyxcosNot sure if it's just a urxvt bug, or a combined xfce+urxvt bug.23:00
timcowchiptry using both Xdefaults and Xresources23:02
abyxcosI've swapped them back and forth, no luck. You mean cp ~/.Xresources ~/.Xdefaults, then log in?23:02
abyxcosNow that is just a mess :P23:10
timcowchipso I rebuilt qt4 in 1.5Gb tmpfs /usr/ports/work dir and it filled up then the build failed23:32
timcowchipany suggestions as to how big a tmpfs dir I should use?23:33
timcowchipI ha 2Gb of ram23:33
abyxcosI want to say it was over 3gb.23:35
abyxcosNot the best candidate for a small tempfs.23:36
thetornainbowif i run across someone's ports that i would like to add, how do i go about doing that exactly? for instance, z3bra has packaged dwb-git, should i just copy his files and make a package of my own? make a directory and clone it? should it go in /usr/ports/ with the rest and point prt-get to it?23:41
timcowchipIf you copy the port to /usr/ports you can chdir to the directory and sudo pkgmk -d then sudo pkgmk -i23:45
timcowchipor set a pkgmk user to use fakeroot23:45
abyxcosFor one-offs, I tend to just rsync them to /root/src/ports/23:46
thetornainbowtimcowchip: thanks for the link, just didn't know if there was a preferred practice for adding ports23:48
timcowchipwhat abyxcos said23:49
timcowchipI use /usr/ports myself23:49
abyxcosI tend to limit /usr/ports to repos.23:50
thetornainbowyeah i was just going to make a ~/ports/whatever for extra ones i added23:52
timcowchipthetornainbow: which ports were you looking at?23:52
timcowchipor adding23:53
thetornainbowtimcowchip: like i said z3bra dwb-git, zathura, bar23:53
timcowchipoh right, sorry23:53
timcowchipdwb-git you need wbkit for that23:54
timcowchipgot ?webkit23:54
timcowchip looks like z3bra's own23:58

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