IRC Logs for #crux Tuesday, 2014-05-06

timcowchipit lists portix as the maintainer00:00
timcowchipunusual to list the source developer as the maintainer00:01
timcowchipanyway nice port to have00:03
thetornainbowyep, i use dwb quite a lot on my arch install on an old macbook pro, great flash support, adblocker built in, very good managing cookies and very simple vim binds -runs very light for me with < 512 RAM00:04
timcowchipdoes it enable cookies?00:05
timcowchiplike to remember logins?00:05
thetornainbowyep - all manageable in a script in XDG_CONFIG_HOME/dwb/00:06
timcowchipcool :)00:08
thetornainbowyeah i love it.00:13
abyxcosWoot, I think I got pci-passthrough/x-vga working.00:26
thetornainbowi've only been using crux for a few days in a VM, but it's really starting to grow on me. it really is incredibly simple. it has taken some getting used to, but even with compile times what they are in a VM, i feel like i've thought "there must be more to this" several times. httpup is great00:27
abyxcosWhat is the name of that gpt partitioner, and do we have a port of it?00:31
nogagplzgdisk afaik00:33
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abyxcosSomeone has a gptfdisk, but gparted was probably the one I'm looking for. Except today gparted is parted-gnome, not gnu parted with gpt enabled :P00:35
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abyxcosMeh, don't needa read back from this disk anyway.00:35
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prologicI can't stand hexchat01:08
prologicback to X-Chat01:08
prologicDesktop is back with new SSD :)01:08
prologicAlso CRUX 3.1 works great01:08
thetornainbowis there a feature list for 3.1 somewhere?01:08
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thetornainbowprologic: also, i was just looking at some of the things you packaged up, thanks for all the work there're quite a few01:09
prologicit's not so much a feature list per say01:09
prologicbut a list of things that have changed01:09
prologice.g: toolchain changes01:09
prologicupdated software versions01:09
prologicsome dropped packages now obsolste01:09
prologicsee the TODO31 page on the wiki01:10
prologicit lists all that's now a part of CRUX 3.1 going forward01:10
prologicI have a few more updates to my own personal ports repo too :)01:10
prologicjust a bunch of fixes since I had to reinstall my desktop for the 2nd time on this hw :(01:10
prologicSanDisk Extreme 120G SSD died on me :(01:10
prologicbut the re-install has been a bfreeze :)01:11
prologicI've opted to not go for a DE this time around01:11
prologicplain 'ol compiz fusion and nothing else really01:11
nogagplzcompton openbox tint2 what else does anybody need01:12
prologicI haven't tried comptom and/or wayland yet01:13
prologicthe blocker for me is whether or not it has the same kind of full screen desktop zoom as compiz ezoom01:13
prologicotherwise it's useless to me01:13
prologicI think jeager demoed for me a working prototype of comptom + wayland with full screen zoom01:14
prologiclooked nice so far :)01:14
prologicalso google chrome is all kinds of broken on crux 3.101:14
prologicunless there's a later version that's not "stable"01:14
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prologicI need a lightweight terminal emulator I can turn off the borders and titlebar01:18
prologicI used to use Terminal from XFCE401:18
prologicbut since I'm trying to not use a DE that's out of the question01:18
thetornainbowtermite is my favorite one, still being developed but it's great01:19
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prologictried all the ones avaiable in contrib01:23
prologicdon't like a single one really01:23
prologiclxterminal is the best I like so far01:23
prologicbut I can't turn off the borders and title bar01:23
prologici.e: the window decoration01:23
nogagplzisn';t that more the fault of the window manager though01:24
prologicumm no not really01:24
prologicit's not like I want it turned off on everything :)01:24
prologicjust terminals01:24
prologicunnecessary pixels :)01:24
prologiccall it a force of habit :)01:25
nogagplzbind a key to turn off decorations, I do it to turn them off if the title has something important in openbox01:25
nogagplzturn them on*01:25
prologicno :)01:26
prologicI want it turns off for just my terminal01:26
prologicand always :)01:26
nogagplzif you will not compromise I have no choice01:27
nogagplzI respect your opinion01:27
prologicnah I repsect yours too01:27
prologicit's not that I can't compromise01:27
prologicjust trying to get back my desktop to wehre I hadiit01:28
prologicmore or less :)01:28
*** blueness has joined #crux01:28
prologicwithout resorting back to xfce01:28
prologicwhich I had almost none of it's features01:28
thetornainbowtermite for the win!01:29
nogagplzis this your first time ditching a full desktop environment or you weren't using enough of xfce to really count as that to begin with01:30
abyxcosprologic: Have you tried urxvt?01:31
prologicno :)01:31
prologicbefore I lost my sight01:31
prologicI used to use WindowMaker01:31
prologicand I use blackbox on our media pc (mythtv)01:31
abyxcosurxvt is a terminal, not a WM.01:31
prologicbut yeah for some reason I've decided to ditch XFCE01:31
thetornainbowprologic: you lost your sight?01:32
prologicmost of it many years ago :)01:32
prologicI think I tried urxvt too01:32
prologiccan it's borders/title be turned off?01:32
abyxcosprologic: What exactly are you trying to achieve, because you could just launch X with an 'exec xterm' to start it rootless (ie, no decorations.)01:32
prologicnow now :)01:32
prologicmy wife has to use this PC too01:33
abyxcosI forget the flag offhand, but it (and I believe xterm) both have X-flags to turn off titles and borders.01:33
prologicit can't be that arciasc :)01:33
prologicyeah it's funny though01:33
prologicxterm -b 0 -w 001:33
prologicactually doesn't turn off the borders :(01:33
abyxcosYou could also just switch to a virtual terminal (ctrl-alt-f1,) then switch back to X (ctrl-alt-f7.)01:33
prologicinconvenient? :)01:34
prologiclemme install urxvt again01:34
abyxcos(I use the virtual ttys constantly, but that may just be me.)01:34
abyxcos(I also have all my sights though.)01:34
prologicseems I haven't tried that01:35
prologicno ports in opt or contrib for it01:35
abyxcosIt's named rxvt-unicode.01:35
prologicyeah I can't see the text of a tty01:35
abyxcosYou can change the font side on the tty.01:35
prologicthanks :)01:35
prologicyou probably can01:35
abyxcosThey support some large font-sizes, but it's not as convient as X.01:35
prologicbut at the expensive of the total size of things you can display01:36
abyxcosAlso, curious, why do the borders need to go?01:36
abyxcosAnd/or the titlebar.01:36
prologichabit :)01:36
abyxcosI actually enjoy using titles, it lets me sort my terminals easier.01:36
prologiclets me squeeze a little more too01:36
prologicthat's what I use 4 workspaces01:37
abyxcosYou may also be interested in a tiling window manager like scrotwm (it got renamed to something else...)01:37
abyxcosJust start a single window, and it will be full screen titleless.01:37
thetornainbowthat's the one i use. spectrwm. it's fantastic01:38
abyxcos^ that's the new name.01:38
abyxcosIf you still need a web browser, you may also enjoy xxxterm from that same group. Webkit with a sane gtk wrapper.01:39
prologicI don't think many WM(s) work with Compiz Fusion though01:39
prologicthat's the truly frustrating thing01:39
abyxcosIsn't compiz it's own WM?01:40
prologicit is01:40
prologicor it can be01:40
prologicbut yeah01:40
prologicyou can't run blackbox, openbox01:40
prologicor most other wms with compiz01:40
prologiconly works on it's own (afaik)01:40
prologicand/or with kde, gnome or xfce01:40
abyxcoskde, gnome, and xfce have their own compositors, but they are also a full DE, so you can replace their window managers with compiz, but still load the bars.01:41
abyxcosWith an openbox desktop, you can exec objbar, xwallpaper and compiz, and get the same effect (minus the desktop menu?)01:42
abyxcosprologic: I believe 'urxvt -bl' may be what you want.01:42
abyxcosprologic: And window "decoration" is probably the search term you need.01:43
abyxcosprologic: But in the xfce from ports, 'urxvt -bl' starts a terminal without borders and window decorations.01:43
abyxcos(I used to have one with a special launch script to jump to the corner, go transparent, and run IRC.)01:44
prologicurxvt's -bl option makes it well not work01:46
abyxcosHow so?01:46
abyxcos(Other than you probably can't move it easily, so you need to set a default location and geometry.)01:46
abyxcosI have focus follows mouse on, and alt-drag and alt-right-drag bound to window-move and window-resize.01:47
prologicas it you can't type it in01:47
prologicit doesn't respond01:47
abyxcosDid you click in it first?01:47
prologicanyway you were saying something about openbox with compiz?01:47
prologicI've never tried that combo01:47
prologicyes :)01:47
abyxcosYou should also be able to alt-tab to it.01:48
prologiccan't click in it :)01:48
prologicdidn't try that01:48
abyxcosDoes a normal urxvt work?01:48
prologiccompiz doesn't recognize it as a window anymore01:48
prologichow odd01:48
prologicyes with -bl works fine01:48
abyxcosAnd openbox only provides a black background, and hijacks right clicks to the root window (desktop) to give you a menu.01:49
prologicgoing to see if openbox works with compiz01:49
abyxcosYou should be able to set up compiz to run obmenu (or whatever that binary is) on a click.01:49
prologicthat's the other thing I wanted to get working01:50
abyxcosOpenbox only draws titlebars. Compiz only draws titlebars that are transparent.01:50
prologicright lcick on root window01:50
prologicgets me a menu01:50
prologicbut that's kinda tricky to get working in compiz01:50
prologicanyway back soon01:50
abyxcosI've never used compiz, xfwm always worked great with a compositor.01:50
abyxcos(err, it's own compositor.)01:51
prologicwith compiz there's no way to terminate or logout01:51
prologichow do you terminate an X session normally?01:52
prologicwithout kill or CTRL+ALT+BKSPC (disabled by default)01:52
prologicyeah that's not enabled :)01:52
abyxcosor ctrl-alt-f1; ctrl-c.01:52
prologicstarted by slim :)01:52
abyxcosctrl-alt-f2, killall xorg?01:52
abyxcosThe proper way, or the easy way? Cause that's how I do it.01:53
abyxcosYou may be able to -HUP slim too...01:55
timcowchipbuilt --without-xinerama01:55
timcowchipmetacity --replace01:56
timcowchipis the old way to terminate compiz01:57
abyxcosThat just kills compiz, and launches metacity.01:57
abyxcosYou could probably do a 'killall compiz && xfwm4&'01:58
abyxcosI'm off though.01:58
abyxcosI'll leave you to your windowmanager adventures.01:58
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prologicguess I'm gonna stick with compiz + lxpanel03:08
prologicsee how that goes03:08
prologicand for the time being lxterminal03:08
prologicnotice there's a bug in hal too03:08
prologicdon't use it :)03:08
prologicalso slim just decided to stop rendering and just doens't work now03:08
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thetornainbowdo pkgutils have a log file they generate?04:17
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joacimprt-get dumps logs from failed builds in /var/log/pkgbuild05:06
joacimthe tools pkgutils require that you redirect the output yourself05:08
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timcowchip2Gb of memory was enough for qt405:15
timcowchip-- Packages updated05:52
timcowchipprt-get: updated successfully05:52
timcowchipbash-4.3# revdep05:52
timcowchipguess I didn't have prt-get update -fr this entire list:
z3bratimcowch │ unusual to list the source developer as the maintainer05:56
z3braSaw this while backlogging05:57
z3braWhat's the "Maintainer : " line meant for then ?05:57
diversez3bra: the maintainer is for the person who currently maintains the Crux port of said package06:00
timcowchipI thought it would be for your name06:00
z3braI though it was the maintainer of the application, in case you find a bug06:01
timcowchipthat's the way I noticed most Pkgfiles do06:01
z3braand the "Packager : " line was for the person who currently owns the package06:01
diversePackager was the person who made the port, the maintainer is the one who is currently in charge06:02
diverseYou can take someone elses port, but to give them credit, you leave Packager as it is06:02
z3brawhat's the point of knowing who first created the package ?06:02
diversegiving credit, BSD-style ;)06:02
z3braI see ^^06:02
timcowchipI guess it just to give credit06:03
diverseI just said that...06:03
z3braI'll update my packages then06:03
timcowchipok, nice port dwb06:03
z3braBut I noticed many crash on crux06:04
z3bra(more than on arch, for exemple)06:04
timcowchipfor dwb?06:04
z3branot totaly related to dwb though06:04
z3brasomething like "X Bad Window" and such06:05
timcowchiplibpng-1.6 update required alot of ports to need rebuilding06:05
timcowchipso did the libgcrypt update06:05
z3braHow do you find uot which one need rebuilding ?06:05
*** jdolan has joined #crux06:06
z3brasom any useful tools :P06:06
z3brathere is a typo in revdep manpage06:07
z3bra the  RD_VERBOSE  environment06:07
z3bra       varable.06:07
z3brayeah I know what's the meaning here :P06:08
z3brait's just that it's written "varable" in the manpage ^^06:08
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z3braOh, btw. I have a question. How do you keep track of your config.h ?06:27
z3braI mean, like the package for dwm06:29
z3braThe source lists the config.h as a file of the package. So editing it will require the user to either update or ignore md5sum06:30
z3braand updating the package will overwrite the users's config.h06:30
z3braSO how do you guys deal with this ?06:31
diversez3bra: just make a backup, like config.h.backup, like how I do for st06:31
z3braand how do you deal with .md5sum06:31
diverseprt-get update -uf <port>06:32
z3bra-um you mean ?06:32
z3braSo you update the md5sum file to match your configured config.h06:32
z3braokay, thanks06:33
z3braKinda curious to know others pov though :)06:33
z3braI personnaly update my md5sum06:33
z3braBut for my ports, I then push my personnal config to the repo, instead of the default one06:34
z3braWhich is not the best practice I guess06:34
diversez3bra: yeah, not a good idea, because usually the default config is simplier and the user may want to config it different than the way you do.06:35
z3brahence my question: how do people do keep track of their config.h ? ^^06:36
diversethat's their problem, not yours06:36
z3braIt is, in fact06:36
z3braBecause I own the 2bwm package06:37
z3brawhich include the config.h06:37
diversewell simply keep a backup of the changes you mean, and before rebuilding, copy it over the original one and update the md5sum06:38
diverseand let it build06:38
z3brasuch a pain..06:38
diverseoh wait...06:38
z3braI'll dig it06:38
diversesince it's your repo, you need to adjust back to the original after you built it06:39
diverseactually, you can just leave the original port alone and create your own (private) custom port, problem solved06:40
diverseand just use the custom one and let the others use the original port06:41
z3braso have 3 ports tree06:41
z3bra/usr/ports, $HOME/usr/ports, $HOME/usr/myports06:41
diverseno, just have 2 ports of 2bwm, one for you and one for everybody06:41
z3braI don't want something like that06:41
diversewell I guess it doesn't have to be private, you could list it as 2bwm-z3bra06:42
z3brathat's weird06:43
diverseand let others choose between your config and the original06:43
diversewell it's the easiest way I can think of06:43
z3braI'll try to setup something using git hooks06:43
diverseuse the best for the best job, as Linus will say06:44
diverse*best tool06:44
z3brasomething thaht will do "test -f ${file}.orig && cp ${file}.orig $file06:44
z3braor something like that06:44
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prologicDoes no-one maintain lxde ports for CRUX anymore?07:10
*** jdolan has quit IRC07:11
*** timcowchip has joined #crux07:18
timcowchipI heard lxde was going to qt07:20
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: [notify] chromium: updated to 34.0.1847.13207:32
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nwehave someone setup huewi 4g modem on crux?07:42
*** hbekel_ has joined #crux07:50
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prologicdoes it count that I'm using a DE08:11
prologicif all I'm using is lxpanel08:11
*** jdolan has quit IRC08:12
nogagplzyeah actually08:14
prologicbut how eaxctly is lxpanel a desktop environment :)08:18
z3brait's not08:20
z3bralxpanel is a panel08:20
z3bralxde is a desktop environment08:20
z3brathat ships with lxpanel08:21
z3braA desktop environment is a list of default applications you install to get a working graphical environment08:21
z3brather ewill be a PDF viewer, web browser, text editor, panel, window manager, file browser, ...08:22
nogagplzthat's it, only a fist fight will settle this08:23
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prologicyou guys are hilarious :)08:37
prologicin any case08:37
prologicI'm quite happy with this compiz standalone setup08:37
z3braI did it once08:38
z3brathat was a funny experience08:39
z3braIt result in a really beautiful desktop08:39
*** Pingax has joined #crux08:39
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*** Pingax has joined #crux08:39
prologicit's actually not bad right now08:40
prologicjust missing fancy wallpapers08:40
prologicand screensavers08:40
z3branobody needs that :P08:40
prologicbut I really couldn't care less about those :)08:40
prologicmy root window atm is just black08:41
z3braxsetroot -solid \#33333308:41
nwewhat have I miss here..
frinnstoh lovely, chromium now bundles pepper flash?08:57
prologicneed a graphical file manager09:01
prologicspacefm looks good enough09:07
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prologicgeez christ09:09
prologicchromium takes ages to compile09:09
prologicdoes firefox take this lon?09:09
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nogagplzthey both take a while09:22
nogagplzromster has some prebuild packages for them09:22
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frinnstok, thats pretty funny10:05
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prologicI have a working version of google-chrome on crux 3.1 if any wants it12:06
frinnstchromium wont run on my 3.1 box:12:13
frinnst[0506/] Check failed: base::i18n::InitializeICU().12:13
frinnstoh well12:13
prologicyeah I successfully buitl chromium here on my 3.1 desktop12:14
prologictook ages12:14
prologicthen only to find out that half the features don't work12:14
prologichave to have google api keys and go through a whole bunch of crap12:14
prologicso decided I'd fix up google-chrome for 3.1 instead12:14
prologicjust needed an older version of libgcrypt (1.5.3)12:14
*** tilman_ has joined #crux12:39
Romsterlike diverse said i have built packages...12:45
*** tilman has quit IRC12:48
prologicAnyone got any ideas why slim would not render anything remotely useful?12:50
*** pitillo has quit IRC12:50
prologici.e: black nothing12:50
Romsterthe login manager, dunno.12:51
Romstermissing images for it?12:51
Romsterxft and xrander for libslim12:52
prologicthe installation is fine afaik12:53
prologicall the themes and imagery are there12:53
Romsterunless that is part of pam also.12:53
Romsterfinddeps slim12:53
Romsterwould say12:53
prologicwell it was working12:53
prologicI did something to break it :/12:54
Romstercan't remember what?12:54
Romsterboot loader screen resolution?12:54
*** pitillo has joined #crux12:54
prologicyeah not sure12:54
prologicit doesn't report any errors in the X log12:55
prologicor /var/log/slim.log12:55
prologicjust well black and useless12:55
prologica blind login doesn't work either12:55
Romsteri'd reinstall the slim package and rejmerge.12:55
Romstermight help but i'm still doubtful.12:55
Romsterhmm there is no post install and i do see *.theme files.12:57
prologicyeah done that several times12:57
prologicand as this is a new snitall12:57
prologicthere's almost nothing to rejmerge :)12:57
prologic# rejmerge12:57
prologicNothing to merge12:57
Romsterdunno if they need to be regenerated.12:57
z3braAh, I finished it !12:58
prologicthey're hand built afaik12:58
z3braA simple script to manage config.h file12:58
z3brayou can easily switch between default config.h and your personnal one12:58
z3braIt's mostly intended to packager of softwares using a config.h12:59
prologicgah I can't find anything on the web abut this13:00
Romsterwhat was the last thing you did?13:01
prologictoo long ago now13:01
prologicbeen isntalling heaps of stuff13:01
prologic400 ports installed right now13:01
Romsteri guess revdep is of no use here.13:02
Romstersince you didn't sysup13:02
jaegercan you start an X session without slim or does it do the same?13:02
prologicthe preview works inside this X session13:02
prologici.e: slim -p /path/to/theme13:02
prologicoh X is otherwise fine13:02
prologici.e: login on tty13:02
prologicI'm here aren't i :)13:03
prologicwell I could be using irssi13:03
jaegerX isn't required for IRC :P13:03
prologicbut I'm on X-chat :)13:03
prologicthis is true :)13:03
Romsterwell you could be in irssi in the console :D13:03
Romsteri heard you tried hexchat and didn't like it.13:03
prologicyeah it's horrible13:04
Romsterit's mildly different, takes a little getting used too. but at least it's not a rotting corpse like xchat currently is.13:04
Romsterand shame on you your a programmer why no irssi13:04
Romsterins creen13:04
Romsterin screen*13:04
prologicI like my rotting corpse of X-Chat :)13:04
prologicno fancy icons for channel tabs13:05
prologicand it has decent default key bindings that work13:05
prologicI tried to create ^L key binding in hexchat13:05
prologicit would not save it13:05
prologicso I gave up :)13:05
Romsterhmm should reported that.13:05
prologicmaybe I will13:05
Romstershould have*13:05
prologicit's UI is a little too fancy13:05
Romstermaybe a little.13:05
prologicI'll take a screenshot of my desktop13:06
Romsterit's stable it works.13:06
Romsterseen my horribleness
Romsteri since got the conf to work with conky that's a older screen shot.13:07
Romstererr compton i mean13:08
Romsterbeen meaning to ditch gkrellm2 for conky but haven't got around to that yet13:08
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frinnstxine? people still use that?13:41
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z3braany shell script badass here ?13:47
z3braI need a way to make a getopts option take zero OR one argument13:48
*** pitillo has joined #crux13:51
markumanz3bra if (("$#" == 0)); then echo "no argument was given" fi13:55
markumanyou can add elif or && or || ....13:56
z3bramarkuman, no, with getopt13:57
z3braso that ./script -a something, and ./script -a both work13:57
z3bra(using getopts)13:57
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markumannever used getops13:59
z3brait's a tool to manage cli arguments14:00
markumanthis is how i do it14:01
z3bramarkuman, that's one way to do it14:03
z3braI find the getopts approach to be much easiser to read14:03
markumanbut still a loop14:04
z3brato parse all arguments14:05
z3braprologic, here is mine :)
*** pitillo has joined #crux14:11
prologicwhat wm is that?14:12
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z3braX Error of failed request:  BadWindow (invalid Window parameter) Major opcode of failed request:  153 (NV-GLX)17:27
z3braCan it be related to me using nvidia driver on kernel 1.14 ?17:27
frinnstprobably, yeah17:36
*** jdolan_ has quit IRC17:41
z3bradammit :/17:53
z3braI though they was fully working on 3.1417:53
frinnstz3bra: i dont really have a clue - just a guess18:11
frinnstim using amd/ati18:11
nwegood evening18:23
*** tilman has joined #crux18:58
*** timcowchip has joined #crux19:08
joacimwhat are you playing with your bird for19:08
nwejoacim: hehe :) I mean The bird internet routing Daemon :)19:11
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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: tig: 1.2.1 -> 2.0.119:35
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: arpwatch: update source19:39
teK__jue && Romster ^^^^^^^^19:41
AmnesiateK__: could you update wireshark?19:47
teK__seems as if I did not push that :)19:47
teK__% pinfo wireshark| grep Version19:48
teK__Version:      1.10.719:48
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z3braThe mpv package in contrib does not build anymore:20:32
z3braError: Unable to find development files for zlib.20:32
z3braI'm trying to check what's happening20:32
teK__you have to rebuild something20:34
teK__namely: samba :-)20:34
z3braHow do you know that ?20:35
teK__I read config.log20:35
teK__I also ran pkginfo -o '' mentioined by it20:35
teK__you gotta run revdep after 'major' updates. libgcrypt was such a big update.20:36
teK__e17 won't build / run with the new libgcrypt btw20:36
z3braI don't use E, so that's okay20:36
teK__I think evas/ecore needs a bump (by pitillo)20:36
z3brathanks for the advices though!20:36
teK__my gf does and I found out and had to fix that some time around 2am ;)20:37
z3brabtw, how does revdep works ?20:37
tilmanmagic and fairy dust20:37
teK__slowly, that's for sure20:37
cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: nspr: updated to 4.10.520:37
cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: nss: updated to 3.16.120:37
tilmanldd & pkginfo -o20:37
tilmanmore or less20:38
z3braI mean, what does it returns ?20:38
z3brarevdep libgcrypt does not return anything20:38
teK__a list of ports requiring a rebuild/link20:40
z3brammmh.. it does not return anything to me :/20:40
teK__revdep libgcrypt checks gcrypt for broken linkage20:40
teK__which is pointless in your situation ;)20:40
z3braAh, okay20:40
timcowchippkginfo -o mpv?20:40
z3bratimcowchip, why ?20:42
timcowchipI don't know, I am trying to learn also20:43
z3braAh, okay ^^20:43
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thetornainbowwould you guys mind looking at a Pkgfile to see what's going wrong? trying to package up Anonymous Pro (it's a font)21:25
abyxcosDrop a link.21:27
abyxcosWhat error do you get?21:29
jaegerprobably need to escape your spaces but yeah, depends on the error21:29
*** jdolan has quit IRC21:30
thetornainbowjaeger: i was wondering if i needed to escape, the .zip unpacks it with spaces, 'cannot stat 'Anonymous': No such file or directory' probably points to that right?21:30
jaegerIf those 4 files are the only ones you could also do "install *.ttf"21:31
thetornainbowah, escaping the whitespace was exactly it thanks21:33
thetornainbowsometimes it is the simplest things21:33
thetornainbowat what point in the process is the post-install run?21:34
thetornainbowls -a21:34
thetornainbowwoops :)21:34
thetornainbowah, nvm, looks like it's used by prt-get utility, not pkgadd21:43
thetornainbowthanks again for your help everyone21:44
*** jdolan has joined #crux21:48
abyxcosthetornainbow: I don't think prt-get runs post-install by default, but I may be wrong (needa check the manpage.)21:49
abyxcosI believe that's normally left as an exercise to the reader.21:49
thetornainbowwell fwiw, i ran pkgmk -d -i, did not execute script, added ~/ports to prt-get.conf and ports -u, prt-get install AnonymousPro ran the post-install21:52
*** jdolan has quit IRC22:06
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abyxcosMmh, crux-3.1 iso doesn't have virt-io drivers. Something to consider before the release?22:11
abyxcosAlso, a really dumb question, but how does one install crux? I've only ever done it from a chroot...22:11
jaegerIt does have virtio drivers. You install using 'setup', check the handbook for the full docs22:14
abyxcosYea, flipping through that now.22:14
abyxcosIt wasn't able to mount itself in qemu using a scsi virt-io drive. Maybe it's the scsi bit?22:15
jaegerLast time I tested it in qemu it worked fine... I'll take another look when I get a chance22:16
abyxcosjaeger: , used the "virtio" section, added a scsi-hd. An emulated sata controller worked though ("q35 sata" section.)22:17

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