IRC Logs for #crux Thursday, 2014-05-08

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prologicOh serious?01:45
prologicWe created a /etc/rc.d/lo01:45
prologicand separated out loopback from net?01:45
prologicMan :)01:45
prologicOkay I remember we were talking about this01:45
prologicThis needs to go into a Release Notes for CRUX 3.1 too :)01:45
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jaegerdiverse, abyxcos: my usb wireless thingy came up as wlp0s26u102:05
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timcowchipno port for os-prober?02:06
prologics26 == slot 26?02:07
prologicu1 == ???02:07
prologicwip0 == wireless interface protocol?02:07
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jaegerI don't know exactly, check the code02:09
prologicI might do that :)02:09
prologickinda curious where all this comes from02:10
jaegerit's wl, not wi, for what that's worth02:10
jaegerwl for wireless, presumably02:10
prologicI’m sure it makes perfect sense to whoever wrote the code02:10
prologicmy bad can’t tell the difference between l and i02:10
prologicQ: Do we have a pre-install for ports?02:31
prologicAnd can it fail the install/build by returning a non-zero exit status?02:31
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penguinfanhi guys, could it be that is down?03:35
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timcowchipwhat part of pkgmk actually creates the *.pkg.tar.gz07:23
timcowchipwhat does pkgexport do?07:28
timcowchipI should probably know better than to ask for help in here anymore07:36
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timcowchip  No volume groups found09:27
timcowchip/dev/sda1:Gentoo Base System release 2.2:Gentoo:linux09:27
timcowchip/dev/sda2:Slackware Linux (Slackware 14.1):Slackware:linux09:27
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frinnstoh he left10:43
frinnsthow surprising10:43
frinnstno answer for you then10:43
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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: midori: 0.5.7 -> 0.5.813:06
Romstertimcowchip> I should probably know better than to ask for help in here anymore13:12
Romsterda faq13:12
frinnstwe are mean and unhelpful i guess13:13
Romsterwe don't mind helping but an attitude he has...13:13
jaegeryeah, that pisses me off13:13
jaegerbeing a whiny asshole is not the way to get help13:13
frinnstim unsure what he needed help with13:13
jaegertyping "man pkgexport", I think13:13
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Romsteri've never even used pkgexport but i knew it existed.13:14
Romstermaybe he wants that script change someone did that kept backups of Pkgfiles and source and patches of every installed package? *shrugs*13:15
Romsterwhere the heck is trench and mike and the old guys that used to hang out in here...13:16
thetornainbowis that guy always like that?13:17
Romsterseems that way...13:18
Romsterhonestly sick of the attitude we all have tried to help him he fails to listen.13:18
Romsternope not doing that... i'll do this instead.13:18
Romsteroh still not working -_-13:18
Romsteri wonder why.13:18
frinnstor pasing random crap and expecting us to understand what problem he has13:18
Romsterdoesn't that sound like me frinnst :D13:19
thetornainbowor asking a question and then getting angry <10 minutes13:19
Romstersometimes thoughts and what i type arn't coherent.13:19
Romsteryeah and rage quitting...13:19
Romstersaying bbl and then back on in 10 minutes13:19
frinnstheh, i have that problem when reading out loud13:19
Romsterattention whore.13:19
frinnststuff i say dont really match what my brain is reading13:20
frinnstfucking annoying :)13:20
frinnst+ makes me sound like a retard13:20
Romsteri could think something say something and others are like huh i'm like oh not enough context.13:20
Romsterrofl eh i suffer that.13:20
jaegerThe pasting of random stuff is just to show off his work, I imagine... like that os-prober port/output. That doesn't bother me. What bothers me is the "fuck you guys for not helping me" attitude13:22
Romsterditto jaeger13:28
Romsteri wasn't here to read that at the time he was on. you don't see me saying stuff like that.13:28
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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: tig: include man pages again15:05
teK__jue ^^^^^^15:05
juenice, thanks teK__ :)15:28
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jaegerabyxcos: tested qemu and 3.1-rc1 just now, virtio drive and NIC are working fine.16:00
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jaegerabyxcos: launched like so:
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FrazierCraneI'm listening18:27
FrazierCranejaeger: does grub2-mkconfig -o /boot/grub/grub.cfg work?18:33
FrazierCraneI would like to install grub.cfg from crux on my mbr18:36
FrazierCranethen sometime I might want to install another distro on say my gentoo partition18:37
FrazierCraneit would be nice to use os-prober and grub2-mkconfig -o /boot/grub/grub.cfg to boot it18:38
FrazierCranewhat I should ask is why doesn't "grub2-mkconfig -o /boot/grub/grub.cfg" work?18:41
FrazierCraneprt-get depinst grub218:43
FrazierCranepackage grub2 is installed18:43
FrazierCrane grub2-mkconfig -o /boot/grub/grub.cfg18:43
FrazierCranebash: grub2-mkconfig: command not found18:43
frinnsttype grub and double tap tab18:50
frinnstdouble tap again18:52
markuman_grub sucks18:52
timcowchiplists "grub-*"18:53
frinnstknow of any other bootloader that can reliably boot btrfs ?18:53
frinnstyeah, so the command is "grub-mkconfig"18:53
timcowchipah no "2"18:53
timcowchipthanks frinnst18:54
timcowchipI left last night after my last post because it was 2:30am here, went to sleep18:55
jaegertimcowchip: was out of the office but yeah, grub-mkconfig works if your kernels are in the right place and named reasonably19:01
jaegeralso consider that being a snide asshole is NOT the best way to encourage people to help you19:01
timcowchipconsidered and agreed19:06
timcowchipI had to create a /boot/grub folder and /boot/grub/grub.cfg file before the command actually worked19:07
jaegergrub-install should create the folder for you, for what that's worth19:07
jaeger"grub-install --no-floppy /dev/sda && grub-mkconfig > /boot/grub/grub.cfg" or similar is what I usually do to install it on MBR systems19:08
timcowchipoh ok, I usually create the grub.cfg file 1st and check it over before I wipe my mbr19:09
timcowchipwould that be an example of me not listening or doing it my own instead of what I was told?19:11
timcowchipmy own way19:11
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jaegerIt's fine to do it that way, that's just why /boot/grub wasn't created19:12
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timcowchipInstallation finished. No error reported. brb19:14
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frinnst21:23 and its still not dark out. Daylight savings is so fucking pointless19:23
markumanwhere are you living? europe? germany?19:25
timcowchipis 21:23 really 20:23 then?19:25
markumanhere it's 21:23 too (germany)19:26
tilmaneurope was a good guess ;)19:26
timcowchipmy crux grub didn't display my crux partition19:27
timcowchiponly gentoo and slackware19:28
timcowchipand gentoo wouldn't boot19:28
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jaegerhow odd19:32
timcowchipmaybe I should have done grub-install 1st19:34
jaegertimcowchip: what was the stdout from grub-mkconfig? what it displayed that it found rather than what it wrote into grub.cfg19:34
timcowchipit showed gentoo and slackware only19:34
timcowchipI can re-install grub from slackware then boot into crux19:35
diversejaeger: can you give me a pastebin of your lspci output? I want to see if I can match it to the wl device you show me19:36
jaegerif you know where your kernels are stored you can technically boot any of them from either install using the command line but it would be nice to know why19:36
jaegerdiverse: that machine is turned off at home and I'm at work but I could give you one from a different machine here if you like19:37
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diversejaeger: do you have the usb wireless adapter too?19:38
jaegeryes, brought it with me to test this morning19:38
diverseawesome, that's makes it convenient then19:38
jaegerIt had a much different and odd name on the machine here but I didn't investigate too much19:38
jaegergive me a couple minutes, working on something else currently19:38
diversesure, no problem19:39
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timcowchipgrub-mkconfig stdout
jaegerdiverse: that's lsusb and iwconfig output, it doesn't show up in lspci output19:46
jaegertimcowchip: is that using os-prober?19:46
jaegertimcowchip: A guess is that os-prober doesn't know what to do with the crux install - does it use lsb-release or something like that to check what's installed?19:47
diversejaeger: so on lspci, it doesn't show that 00:1a.0 is a USB controller?19:50
timcowchipI'm not sure how it works, but it always finds crux and lables it "unkown linux distribution"19:50
timcowchipwhatever distro I run os-prober from19:51
timcowchipit usually boots fine too19:51
jaegerdiverse: yeah, it does. I can go ahead and paste that if you like. I meant it doesn't show the USB adapter itself19:52
diverseactually, that's all the info I need19:52
jaegertimcowchip: so it does create a crux entry as unknown but it isn't bootable?19:53
timcowchipyes and no19:53
timcowchipits in the grub.cfg file, but doesn't show up in grub menu when booting19:54
timcowchipmaybe if I grub-install then grub-mkconfig19:54
diversejaeger: so technically the wl device still follows the pci position, with p0s26 to exactly 00:1a, but the `u` I'm trying to figure out...19:55
openfbtdSo I was stupid.19:55
openfbtd3.14* didn't boot because when updating the config it set KMS for intel enabled by default19:56
jaegerdiverse: perhaps related to how the USB bus entries are added to the PCI device tree?19:56
openfbtdAnd the intel driver was complied in19:56
jaegeropenfbtd: oops19:56
openfbtdSo on boot the kernel tried to enable KMS and died19:56
openfbtdBEcause I don't run an intel card :D19:56
jaegertimcowchip: I looked back at the paste, is it in the "advanced options for slackware" entry submenu?19:57
openfbtdMoved the intel driver to a module19:57
openfbtdBoots like a charm19:57
diversejaeger: the first 'u' as 'u1' might match with the bus number as with "Bus 001 Device 004: ID 0cf3:9271 Atheros Communications, Inc. AR9271 802.11n", but the 2nd 'u' is confusing.19:58
timcowchipyes probably when I ran grub-mkconfig in slackware it put crux in the advanced options list19:59
openfbtdAlso finally added vbox modules to my rc.conf >_>19:59
openfbtdMy laziness sometimes surprises even me19:59
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jaegerdiverse: it shows up in dmesg as usb 1-1.2 and the /sys/bus/usb tree backs that up20:03
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diversejaeger: could you plug the usb adapter into another port and tell me what dmesg says then and the new wl name?20:09
timcowchipdo I need to set the bootflag for my crux partition?20:11
timcowchipits set for my slackware partiton now20:12
timcowchipthe only one that actually boots20:12
jaegerdiverse: this machine has 4 usb controllers, it seems, with 2 ports on each. moving it to another port on the same controller showed usb 1-1.1 in dmesg and the device became u1u1, which follows expectations20:12
jaegertimcowchip: probably20:13
timcowchipok brb20:13
diversejaeger: just for fun, plug it into a different usb controller and see how the naming scheme changes.20:14
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jaegerplugging it into one of the usb3 (xhci) ports caused it to show up in dmesg as 3-4 and rename to wlp0s20u4, heh20:16
jaegerI guess the xhci and ehci enumeration methods are slightly different20:18
diverseSo it follows as this then using A-X.Y for wlp?s?uXuY20:18
diverseif Y doesn't exist, then only uX20:19
jaegereither A-X.Y or X-A.Y?20:19
diversejust A-X.Y from my observation.20:19
jaegerIf I could find the second controller that might illustrate more but it seemed they were all on 1 or 3 for some reason20:19
jaegerperhaps it's used internally because the external ports are all on the #1 EHCI or the #3 XHCI20:22
jaegeror I was wrong about the 4 controllers and the numbering just doesn't match my expectations20:22
jaegerlooks like it in reality has 2 controllers (or 3 possibly since EHCI shows up twice in lspci) with 6 ports each20:23
jaeger6 physical EHCI ports and 4 physical XHCI ports20:23
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diversehere is a guess I have. Following the A-X.Y formation, A is would be the controller number, but since the new naming uses the pci formation for p?s? and links to a usb controller anyway, A is ignored for p?s?20:26
jaegertimcowchip: is your crux kernel on the same partition as your slack kernel? the grub.cfg seems to think so20:27
timcowchipI saw that too, no it isn't sda1 is gentoo sda2 is slackware and sda3 is crux20:28
diversejaeger: does my guess make sense20:28
jaegerdiverse: it's as good as any :) I don't know for sure, though. Would have to read the code, I guess20:28
jaegertimcowchip: you might want to try writing a grub.cfg manually, see if grub-mkconfig is just flubbing the detection somehow20:29
jaegertimcowchip: or alternatively, let grub-mkconfig do its thing, then edit that entry specifically20:29
jaegertimcowchip: give me a few minutes, I'll make a test config20:31
timcowchipthanks jaeger20:32
timcowchipI see there is a blank in the 10_linux field20:33
timcowchip### BEGIN /etc/grub.d/10_linux ###20:33
timcowchip### END /etc/grub.d/10_linux ###20:33
timcowchipthat's where I think crux should be20:34
jaegerany questions about that config? That's as minimal as I think I can get and still be useful20:36
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diverseprologic: maybe to help you understand the new naming scheme better, my guess is that wl = wlan, pCCsDD = CC:DD from pci formation like lspci, and uX,uY is for the ports from usb controller pCCsDD.20:37
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abyxcosjaeger: I think it was the virtio-scsi then. I haven't looked at it since.20:42
abyxcosjaeger: I'm assuming the default kernel isn't scsi enabled?20:42
jaegerof course it is :D the SATA layer wouldn't work without it20:43
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abyxcosjaeger:  the virtio controller section.20:44
abyxcosAnd I thought scsi was separate from sata :P20:44
abyxcosOne day I'll pay attention to how disks work.20:44
jaegerVIRTIO_BLK is module rather than builtin in the defconfig so I'll probably fix that for the 3.1 release... but that's still enough to do an install, you just have to fix it when you compile your own config20:44
jaegerThe kernel's libata code all uses the scsi base for what that's worth20:45
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jaegerso you need SCSI support for pretty much everything these days20:45
timcowchipthanks again jaeger your grub.cfg worked20:45
abyxcosAnd yea, it's not a lasting problem, it was just something I hit that I figured I'd mention.20:45
jaegertimcowchip: glad to hear it. seems grub-mkconfig was somehow misdetecting the proper location20:45
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jaegertimcowchip: though I wonder if it's actually os-prober because it did end up under the slackware advanced options - if you have the patience for it, try it without os-prober installed, maybe?20:45
jaegerabyxcos: fair enough20:46
jaegertimcowchip: you don't have to replace the grub.cfg that works, just run grub-mkconfig to a new file and see if it does the right hing20:46
abyxcosjaeger: I'm not sure it exactly makes sense to enable it by default.20:46
jaegerabyxcos: well, the defconfig is meant to be a useful "out of the box" setup - if you want to customize it and strip it you can but the idea is to make it easier to get an installation going20:47
abyxcosjaeger: Indeed. That's why I have no strong ideas about how to handle this. It can be fixed by not installing onto an accelerated qemu drive, but it's something thats annoying to hit if you're not paying attention.20:48
jaegerYeah, agreed20:49
timcowchip# grub-mkconfig > /home/timcowchip/grub.cfg20:59
timcowchipGenerating grub.cfg ...20:59
timcowchipthis is with os-prober uninstalled20:59
jaegerinteresting. it generated no linux entries at all :D21:00
timcowchipI know21:00
jaegermind testing one more thing for me?21:00
jaegerleave os-prober uninstalled, rename your vmlinuz to vmlinuz-$(uname -r), and run grub-mkconfig -o /home/timcowchip/grub.cfg again21:02
jaeger(or copy it if you prefer not to rename it)21:02
jaegerI expect it to generate the crux entry but not the gentoo or slack entries21:03
timcowchip# grub-mkconfig > /home/timcowchip/grub.cfg21:04
timcowchipGenerating grub.cfg ...21:04
timcowchipFound linux image: /boot/vmlinuz-$(uname21:04
timcowchipFound linux image: -r)21:04
timcowchipbasename: invalid option -- 'r'21:04
timcowchipTry 'basename --help' for more information.21:04
jaegeroops, the rename was a bit too literal21:05
jaegershould be vmlinuz-kernelversion, for example: vmlinuz-3.12.1721:05
timcowchipGenerating grub.cfg ...21:06
timcowchipFound linux image: /boot/vmlinuz-3.12.1721:06
jaegerok, that's what I expected. os-prober is required if you want to find linux installs on other drives/partitions21:07
jaegerand either way, grub-mkconfig expects the kernel to be named with a certain amount of information21:07
jaegerso "vmlinuz" tell it nothing but "vmlinuz-3.12.17" tells it enough to generate an entry21:07
timcowchipand when I did cp arch/x86/boot/bzImage /boot/vmlinuz21:08
*** jdolan has quit IRC21:08
timcowchipI should have cp arch/x86/boot/bzImage /boot/vmlinuz-3.1221:08
jaegerfor grub-mkconfig to find it, yes. though you can see from the minimal example config that I made it works any way you like if you do it manually21:09
jaegerI'll make a note to add something about both situations to the grub2 readme21:09
timcowchipthank you21:10
jaegernp, thanks for testing21:10
timcowchipnice to be useful21:10
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timcowchipI have a razor-qt widget on the panel called world clock23:13
timcowchipI wanted to set the time to agree with the time that my browser shows in the irc log23:14
abyxcosSo, GMT, or london?23:15
timcowchipI couldn't find any in Australia, Davis, Antartica agrees23:15
abyxcosMy server runs 9 minutes fast :P23:15
timcowchipanyway I noticed Eucla, Australia has its own timezone:
timcowchipprologic does the irc log so I thought it would be somewhere in Australia23:18
abyxcosMost people set their servers to GMT.23:18
abyxcosWhat's his offset from GMT anyway?23:19
abyxcosHe could also be renting out of one of those colos in Antartica.23:19
timcowchip+8, 9 or 1023:19
timcowchipor +8:45 if he's in Eucla23:20
abyxcosOh, I thought you knew the difference between his timestamps and GMT.23:20
timcowchipmy browser shows +7 for the irc log23:21
abyxcosNew Zealand?23:22
timcowchipthat's what I thought23:22
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abyxcosIs he running irc on his computer, or a remote server? Because he might have gotten a good deal on a mainland server.23:24
abyxcosWouldn't discount something in Japan.23:24
abyxcosIt's showing GMT for me.23:28
timcowchipaccording to the map he's in Brisbane, Australia23:29
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timcowchipstill +7 for me23:30
abyxcosProbably has his server configured to GMT.23:30
abyxcosjdolan quiting has a timestamp 2329 to me, and 2338 on my +9minute server.23:31
timcowchipregardless, I need to agree with my browsers23:31
timcowchip23:29 here as well23:31
abyxcosThat timestamp is GMT.23:32
abyxcosSo, +0.23:32
abyxcosYou in the middle of America/Canada?23:32
abyxcosYou're giving time offsets from yourself, not from GMT.23:33
timcowchip16:32 here23:33
abyxcosYou're at -7.23:33
timcowchipthat much I know23:33
abyxcosSo you would see Australia as +17.23:33
prologictimcowchip: sorry what?23:33
abyxcosSpeaking of :D23:34
timcowchipI no Australia is a day ahead of me23:34
prologicmy server(s) are based in US, SG and UK23:34
timcowchipwhat about
abyxcosprologic: Your irclogs have GMT timestamps though, no?23:35
prologicServer is set to UTC time23:35
prologicI don’t think so23:37
prologicthe logs are highyl dependent on a tool called irclog2html23:37
timcowchipmy world clock widget is the problem23:37
prologicthe files that are generated are YYYY-MM-DD.log (and *.html)23:37
prologicand [HH:MM:SS] ...23:37
prologicper line23:37
timcowchipit already compensates for -723:37
prologicirclog2html compatible logs23:38
prologicit’s a really simple logger23:38
timcowchipwhen I set it to 0 it adds 723:39
timcowchipprologic: nice23:40
timcowchipand many thanks for doing that for #crux23:41
prologicit wasn’t a lot of work :)23:41
prologicit works and that’s the main thing23:41
prologicI do need to fix one other thing though :)23:41
prologicit doens’t log actions23:41
prologici.e: /me blah23:41
prologicNB: I’ve already fixed it :)23:44
prologicjust needs a restart :)23:45
*** ph4n70m4s has quit IRC23:49
timcowchipcrux thinks its utc time and adds 7 for where I am23:58
timcowchipnot just my world clock widget23:59

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