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timcowchipit just became friday in greenwich, england00:02
abyxcosIs your system clock set to UTC, and your local widget just displaying localtime?00:06
abyxcosI have bios at UTC, and system clock to localtime.00:06
abyxcosI don't have razor though, so I can't test the widget.00:06
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timcowchipTIMEZONE=UTC IN /etc/rc.conf00:08
timcowchipbios is localtime I think00:09
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jaegertimcowchip: TIMEZONE should be set to your local time, unless you specifically need to see times in GMT/UTC for some reason02:59
timcowchipok thanks jaeger03:00
timcowchipI actually just did that and everythings as it should be03:00
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diverseAlright, going to jump into the Firefox 29 pool, wish me luck05:57
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diverseit's not bad, the water is warm, it actually feels smoother06:33
diverseso why was everyone bitching about this on the internet?06:42
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abyxcosdiverse: Because the new interface is less than amazing. It almost negates the gains the engine provides.10:50
diverseabyxcos: what gains got negated?11:14
diverseSure, the interface is an acquired taste and needs getting used to, but overall I noticed 29 is more responsive than 2811:17
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z3braHi !11:23
diversehey z3b11:23
z3braI have a question regarding packages upgrade11:24
z3braI'm actually in charge of dwb and dwb-git11:24
z3braAnd when I run prt-get sysup, dwb's version is found newer than dwb-git ( against "git")11:25
z3braHow can I prevent it from `upgrading' .11:25
z3braprt-get: updating dwb from git-1 to 2013.03.30-111:26
z3braOne solution would be to change the package name, as archlinux does11:26
z3braBut I have no idea how it's done11:27
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diversewell for example when I want to install an app that was pulled from git, I keep the app's original name with version it with "git-1234567" while "1234567" being the first 7 hex digits of the commit you are pulling11:31
z3braBut I don't pull any specific commit11:32
z3brajust the latest11:32
diversewell that's the point, you get the latest commit by searching or using a script to update the commit version11:32
diverseRomster is the master at this kind of thing, so I would ask him11:34
z3braokay thanks11:34
diversehe probably has better ways of doing than I do11:34
z3brafound this in pkgmk11:34
z3brathat's how package name is made11:34
diversein the Pkgfile, version=git-COMMITVERSION, COMMITVERSION being the commit you want to pull assuming it's the latest11:36
z3brawell, then you're forced to pull the same commit everytime11:39
diverselike I said, ask Romster11:39
z3braI'd just want my Pkgfile to always pull the latest commit, without updating it11:39
z3braYeah I will11:39
Romsterversion="$(cd work/${name}-repo && git describe HEAD)"11:39
z3brathanks for your help though11:39
Romsternot in Pkgfile in my own script that grabs the soruce and tarballs it up and then throws it on my server for use in source=11:40
z3braRomster, I already tried that (in the build() function)11:40
Romsterlook in the emulator repo.11:40
Romsterat least that way you can pull a known working commit.11:40
Romsterand periodically test never commits.11:41
Romsterthat avoids having to have a server and upload snapshots too.11:41
z3braSo your advice is to never use the last commit, and always checkout a known one11:42
Romsterunless your absolutely sure it's a stable branch and not head your pulling from.11:43
Romsteror that head is never broken.11:43
Romsterup to you, just my opinion.11:43
z3braWell, as it's a -git package, I always assume it might be broken11:43
z3brabut it that case, I'd just fallback to a previous version11:44
Romsterbut as the packager you can pick a commit that works.11:44
diversea previous commit, yeah11:44
Romsterand try a later commit later on.11:44
diverseyou gots lots of flexibility11:44
Romsterpulling by commit in version= you have a fall back then.11:44
Romsteror insome ports sverson= is the full hash of commit and version is date- 7 chars of commit.11:45
Romsteror revision number as in subversion.11:45
z3braYeah I noticed11:45
Romsterdepends how you wanna format it.11:45
z3braI was just trying to see if there was something like on archlinux. They use a pkgver() function that uses git log + args to create a specific version11:46
z3braSo that everytime your build the package, it will always use HEAD, and change $version accodringly11:47
z3braBut anyway, fair enough, I'll just hard write the commit hash11:48
Romsterlike i said it's upto you and it depends on the project.11:49
z3brasure, but without this "per commit" approach, the package will always be name <pkg>-git-1.pkg.tar.gz11:50
diverseyou can always make a script to pull the latest HEAD version before you pkgmk11:50
z3braso no fallback to previous version, and a previous "stable" version like pkg-0.1 will always be newer than pkg-git11:51
z3braAh, I'm having the same problem, though11:52
z3braprt-get: updating dwb from git-4214d3a-1 to 2013.03.30-111:52
z3bradoes not occur with --prefer-higher11:58
z3braI have to go11:58
z3brathanks for your help Romster11:58
z3bra(and diverse ;))11:58
Romsterlater z3bra11:59
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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: redis (NEW Port): An open source, advanced key-value store12:19
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diverseno problem z3bra :)12:29
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teK__redis? CRUX just gotmore hip :))15:00
teK__because of the OS?15:07
diverse3G? No thanks.15:07
joacimcheap and the os15:08
joacimi want to try it15:08
diversejoacim: let me know how the interface is15:08
joacimtheyre not shipping to norway tho15:08
diverseoh ffs...15:08
teK__oh look15:09
teK__Munich, in southwest Germany15:09
joacim3g (whatever that means) is good enough i think15:09
teK__ < 1=Munich :p15:10
diversejoacim: it's the mobile satelite connection spec, I thought 4G was standard these days?15:11
joacimLTE isn't everywhere15:11
joacimdont really care about specs. quality is more important i think.15:13
diversejoacim: your country is on the map for available commercial service,
joacimwikipedia is not the way to do it15:14
diverseoh wow...15:15
diverseAlthough it's interesting to see how countries are labeled in Norwegian on that map15:21
diversejoacim: does the "Stor" in "Storbritannia" mean "Great" in English?15:23
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diversejoacim: once I get my upgrade to SG5, I'm thinking of playing around with Firefox OS on my SG315:32
joacimthinking about getting the LG Nexus 5. it is a lot cheaper than other smartphones15:34
joacimjust want an ok camera and calendar/contacts synchronisation really15:35
diverseWhat about this ZTE phone?15:35
joacimso i dont want to spend too much on a phone. Sucks that the battery don't really last on these modern smartphones15:35
diversebattery life can depend on how many services are running in the background, that's why the battery life seems short15:36
joacimi'm not going to babysit my phone15:37
diverseso will the LG Nexus 5 have Firefox OS or Android?15:38
joacimstock android probably15:38
diverseyeah, that's more likely15:42
joacimthinking about moto g too, but i dont know how up2date motorola will keep it with current android releases15:46
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diverseare phone stores starting to advertise Firefox OS on their phones though?15:52
joacimno idea. i dont go to phone stores15:53
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shatMorning ;)17:13
shatHelps that I am already on this network lol17:14
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renovaatiohi, anyone planning to mae a port for lxdwqt ?20:12
jaegeris that part of lxqt?20:13
renovaatioi meant lxqt20:16
jaegerSomeone was talking about it in here a day or so ago so I wouldn't be surprised if ports surface soon20:16
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timcowchipabyxcos was asking about lxqt20:42
jaegermaybe you guys could collaborate on ports for it20:43
timcowchipit doesn't come bundled like razorqt20:43
timcowchipso we could split all the neccesary ports, I suppose20:44
timcowchipI'm still trying to set my timezone to local atm20:46
jaegerSince you have multiple linux installs you should have them all do the same thing for what that's worth20:46
jaegerotherwise your clock will jump when you boot between them20:46
timcowchipI must have a mental block about this, I can't seem to get it right20:46
jaegerdo you have a windows install as well or just the 3 linux installs?20:46
timcowchipno slackware screws it up though20:47
timcowchipits actually salix20:47
jaegerSo in all 3 of your linux installs, I'd recommend this: set the linux timezone to your local timezone and set the hardware clock (bios, rtc, whatever) to UTC20:47
timcowchipI have done that20:48
timcowchipI think20:48
timcowchip/etc/rc.conf says localtime20:48
timcowchipwhere can I put "export TZ=America/Los_Angeles "?20:49
jaegerdoes it say "localtime" or does it say "America/Los_Angeles"?20:49
jaegerin crux, TIMEZONE=America/Los_Angeles goes in rc.conf20:49
jaegernot sure how slack or gentoo does it these days20:50
timcowchipsalix has some kind of hwclock startup script20:50
jaegerafter you fix rc.conf, either reboot or run "ln -svf /usr/share/zoneinfo/America/Los_Angeles /etc/localtime"20:50
jaegerthen run "rdate -n" to set the clock manually20:51
jaegerthen run "hwclock --systohc --utc" to set the hardware clock to match the system clock20:51
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timcowchipok, so hwclock sets the bios time?20:51
jaegerhere's the important bit: if you wanted your hardware clock to be local time, the ONLY part of this you would change is the hwclock call20:52
jaegerTIMEZONE or TZ should always be set to your proper timezone20:52
jaegerhwclock determines what the hardware clock does20:52
jaegerhwclock --systohc --utc <-- uses UTC20:52
jaegerhwclock --systohc --localtime <-- uses local20:52
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timcowchipis that the same as pressing F2 during boot and setting the time in bios settings?20:53
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jaegerI suppose you could look at it that way20:54
timcowchipok so "hardware" clock is on the motherboard20:54
timcowchipis the the way I can remember it20:55
jaegeryes, it's your bios clock or rtc or whatever20:55
jaegercmos clock, etc.20:55
jaegerhas lots of names20:55
timcowchipcomplimentary metal oxide semiconductor clock20:56
joacimI need a new battery for my motherboard20:56
joacimit loses its settings when i cut the power20:57
jaegerthat would be annoying20:57
timcowchipthere cheap I think20:57
jaegerat least you can work around it with ntp or whatever20:57
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timcowchipif you have a remote thingy for your car, they usually use the same kind of batteries20:58
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: f.lux: initial commit21:00
cinnamonpretty sad that there is no cinnamond in ports, is it planned in future?21:00
joacimmy xbox is worse. that one doesnt have a battery at all. microsoft thought it would be a good idea to use a capacitor to hold the time21:01
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joacimmy psp loses loses its time when i leave it in sleep mode for too long21:02
*** timcowchip has joined #crux21:04
timcowchiplocaltime has been accomplished, thanks jaeger :)21:05
cinnamoncinnamon is elegant desktop from mint like blackbox or fluxbox.. i very want to see it in crux :)21:05
jaegercinnamon: have you tried porting it?21:06
cinnamonI'm a newbie only user21:07
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: adust python call according to FS#97521:07
isteecinnamon: it's very similar to gnome2 it looks like21:07
teK__how hard can it be? It's mostly just some work :)21:08
isteeI think you could just get the deps for gnome2 and install cinnamon21:08
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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: trac: 0.12.3 -> 1.0.121:13
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timcowchiptaking my daughter mother's day shoping, bbl22:12
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frinnstso brilliant23:32
abyxcosdiverse: firefox 29 is more responsive, but the UI is terrible, and every control got bigger, with no easy way to revert or configure it; the reason many use firefox.23:36
diverseabyxcos: what do you mean by control? UI buttons?23:42
abyxcosdiverse: Aye, buttons, tabs, everything on the address bar, probably everything but the scroll bar.23:43
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abyxcosThis sort of thing used to be a "theme", and one could uninstall them, or alter it.23:44
abyxcosNow themes can only change the wallpaper on the tab bar, and you have to rip stuff apart with addons to get it configurable again.23:45
abyxcosI also highly dislike firefox's inability to run like a normal program, not churn disk, etc.23:49
abyxcosI'm getting 30-40 second ui lag on actions at the moment :P23:50
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frinnsttry about:memory23:52
abyxcosfrinnst: It's disk access.23:52
frinnstits usually a website that allocates insane amounts of ram making it swap out to disk23:52
abyxcosWell, I just started.23:53
abyxcosEvery other program on my computer excluding this windows VM manages to not hit disk on every single interface action.23:55
abyxcosRight click -> disk.23:55
abyxcosClose tab -> disk.23:55
frinnsthow much ram do you have?23:55
abyxcos16gb, less 6gb or so to the VM.23:55

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