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diversefrinnst: thanks for updating ^-^03:17
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tilmani just had to reboot my netbsd router because i couldn't make pppoe work anymore07:46
tilmani feel dirty07:46
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prologicreally and a reboot fixed it?07:52
prologichow odd :)07:52
prologicofc my router is a Mikrotik RouterOS07:53
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tilmanyeah, i'm not 100% sure it was the system's fault or if i could have salvaged it with the right commands07:55
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prologicnormally in the past on linux with pppoe client08:37
prologicthere was a tool to reset the line08:37
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tilmanwhat up?09:40
teK__you run
teK__it's a bit out of sync I guess09:41
teK__ lists 2.7.109:41
teK__mind fixing that? :-)09:41
teK__as rsync is b0rked you could do something like:09:41
teK__wget --mirror -nH --cut-dirs=3
teK__need a drink? :>09:43
tilmanteK__: i believe that 2nd A entry in is ... stale.09:43
teK__both are :D09:43
tilmanwhen you update jaeger's(?) entry, can you get mine removed?09:44
teK__but they are under Per's control, dunno if mavrick61 would be allowed to tweak them.09:44
tilmani'll fix my mirror, but i don't want to play master node anymore09:45
teK__first, I will remove the hint at
cruxbot[xorg.git/3.0]: xorg-xf86-input-evdev: update to 2.8.409:50
openfbtdLol. Akinator doesn't know Lennart Poettering09:58
openfbtdAlso Kay Sievers.09:58
openfbtd(it does now)09:59
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prologichappy to provide an rsync mirror too btw10:57
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openfbtdrsync: failed to connect to rsync.crux.nu11:07
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openfbtdSo what mirror should one sync from these days?11:15
openfbtdIf I want to provide a mirror11:15
openfbtdHeh. The CRUX mirror is not small11:19
openfbtdA CRUX mirror*11:19
openfbtdOh. All the isos.11:20
joacimmaster i guess11:44
joacimthat's usually the mirror one should sync with11:44
openfbtdIt's on the bottom11:45
openfbtdAh. That's Which is down.11:46
teK__will fix that statement soon12:08
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cruxbot[core.git/3.0]: perl: Locale-Maketext updated to 1.25, resolves FS #101513:09
saptechhell all13:11
saptechis the download ISO 64 bit only? I'm interested in giving Crux a try13:12
abyxcosI believe so.13:13
abyxcos(If you want, you could install it to a VM, recompile everything as 32bit, then make a new iso.)13:14
saptechI do have a 64bit system but only have 2gb of ram13:15
abyxcosThere are upsides and downsides to running 32bit on low-ram systems.13:15
abyxcosI looked at it a while back, I think x86_64 is faster these days, but uses slightly more ram.13:16
frinnstplease just let 32bit die :)13:16
saptechyou meant upsides/downsides on 64bit low ram systems?13:17
abyxcosI'm about to re-install my 128MB ram VM to 64bit.13:17
saptechyou can install Crux with the basics and then add desktop environment and other programs later?13:18
saptechI think I'll give it a shot. But other distros I would install 32bit OS because of 2gb ram13:19
frinnstbut other distros are generally more bloated too :)13:19
saptechtrue. that's why I'm going to give crux a try13:20
saptechit sounds fun13:20
abyxcosI used to run xfce (and kde 3.1) on 128MB of ram. You'll be fine on 2GB.13:20
abyxcosYour browser will probably end up swapping no matter how much ram you have, everything else will be fine.13:20
saptechyes, I'll put xfce and maybe a Window Manager. I can use WM only but the family will need something like xfce13:21
abyxcosFirefox still swaps here with 16GB.13:21
saptechdo you know if Crux have i3 window manager in the repositories?13:21
abyxcossaptech: You'll find the search site of use:
abyxcosExcept frinnst is faster at pasting than me.13:22
saptechdownloading the iso now13:24
frinnsti suggest you have the handbook handy when doing the install for the first time13:26
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saptechI printed it lastnight while at work13:27
saptechone concern I'm having is with my AIO Brother printer13:29
saptechare printers easy to setup and get going? It does have some linux drivers13:30
abyxcosI've found when you set up Cups, they tend to just work.13:30
abyxcosThe interface to set them up is a little dumb, but once you figure out the closest name, it tends to "just work."13:31
abyxcosI've had the best luck with network printers.13:32
tilmanif they support postscript they will just work13:32
tilmanif they don't, it depends %)13:32
saptechI was able to get it working with Slackware awhile back13:33
abyxcosIf it worked with Slack, it should work with Crux.13:36
abyxcos(And most other Linuxes.)13:36
saptechIt was awhile ago but I think I converted the rpm file to slack format13:37
saptechonce I get it going and running, I'll keep you all informed on the printer setup13:42
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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: bridge-utils: fix includes in presence of kernel source16:40
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saptechhi guys/gals. With a new install, what's a good way to compile a kernel? How can I keep a default type of kernel without answering alot of the options?22:22
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frinnstthe default config (as installed with the source) is usually a sane choice22:25
teK__use the provided default + add drivers / features as needed22:25
frinnstjust use "make menuconfig" for easy navigation22:25
saptechok thanks22:26
saptechI'm ready to start. The wife is gone, no grandkids. now is a good time...lol22:27
frinnsttry "make help" in the kernel source dir22:27
saptechwill do22:27
saptechthanks again22:28
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Feigrfrinnst: cool½22:59
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