IRC Logs for #crux Sunday, 2014-05-11

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saptechhello all04:01
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saptechI just installed Crux and now stuck on setting up the network. Are there anymore docs on setting it up?04:14
saptechI read the official docs but what I tried is not working at all04:14
jaegerwhat's your network setup? what have you tried so far?04:18
saptechI followed the Doc section using the sample script04:18
saptechinstead of having an eth0, I'm using usb004:18
jaegerdhcp or static?04:19
saptechI guess I really didn't use either04:19
jaegerwell, which do you need?04:20
saptechI prefer dhcp04:20
jaegerthen you can remove the eth0 lines entirely and just use "dhcpcd -t 10" or the like04:21
jaegerleave the lo lines, though04:21
saptechwhat I did was replace the eth0 with usb004:22
saptechso the doc sample is referring to static?04:23
jaegerit has both examples04:24
saptechok, I'm looking at the doc sample now04:25
jaegerThe second example where it says "if you want to configure your system to be a DHCP client" should cover most cases04:34
saptechso I should be able to add it and replace eth0 with usb0?04:35
jaegerIf you take a closer look at the example, eth0 is not mentioned04:37
jaegerthe dhcp client will do the right thing if your interface is working04:37
jaegerfor reference, are you looking at ?04:38
saptechno, I'm not04:39
jaegerah. well, that technically should work, too04:40
jaegerthough you don't need to specify eth0 or usb004:40
saptechthe one I was looking at did specify eth004:41
saptechafter the $HOSTNAME04:41
saptechthe link I used is old i see04:42
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saptechI'm going to chroot into crux and add the script and see what happens04:48
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saptechjaeger, thanks. I'll be back later while I try this04:56
jaegergood luck04:57
jaegergoing to sleep, myself, take care04:57
saptechthnx again04:57
saptechI need to go sleep awhile04:57
saptechi'll keep u informed04:57
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Romsterargh has anyone sucessfully got pulseaudio to work?05:14
Romster$ pulseaudio -vv --start05:14
RomsterE: [pulseaudio] main.c: Daemon startup failed.05:14
Romsteri removed any old traces of pulseaudio then started it again still no go.05:19
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RomsterE: [pulseaudio] module-console-kit.c: GetSessionsForUnixUser() call failed: org.freedesktop.DBus.Error.ServiceUnknown: The name org.freedesktop.ConsoleKit was not provided by any .service files05:37
RomsterE: [pulseaudio] module.c: Failed to load module "module-console-kit" (argument: ""): initialization failed.05:37
RomsterE: [pulseaudio] main.c: Module load failed.05:37
Romsterwhat a prick...05:37
Romsterthis is why i hate pulseaudio05:37
Romsterwell this si smart my ntp is using group 83 and polkit wants that group id05:45
renovaatioPoetering is a piece of shit05:47
renovaatioor whatever is his fuckface name05:47
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saptechI just installed Crux but can't seem to get networking going. I followed the handbook instructions but my ehternet is still not being shown when I type ifconfig -a07:26
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saptechI want to use dhcp07:26
saptechany suggestions?07:28
horrorStrucksaptech: did you build the right kernel module for your nic?07:28
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saptechI would hope so but maybe not. I'm using a usb0 device07:29
horrorStruckthose often require a firmware maybe you should check this as well... + proper usb support07:30
horrorStruckwhat's the device we're talking about?07:30
saptechits one of those mifi usb and allow other wireless devices to connect to it07:31
horrorStruckany model/brand?07:32
saptechmy isp is Clear Communication, they supplied it07:33
saptechcalled ClearSpot07:33
horrorStruckyou got this to work with linux in the past i guess ?07:36
saptechlinux2.x.xx-uc1/vincent 7-udc this is what showing in current OS for net07:36
saptechyep, works with Magiea, Mandriva, SalixOS and some others livecd07:36
prologicsaptech, you still having troubls with your network?07:37
saptechI use other distros default kernel07:37
horrorStruckok so it shouldn't be too difficult then... have a look at loaded modules and check dmesg if any firmware has been loaded07:37
prologicI thought you and jaeger sroted that out :)07:37
saptechprologic, on here we did. But I guess I don't know as much as I thought07:38
saptechhorrorStruck, I wonder if the stock kernel during install would work?07:39
saptechI haven't manually setup networking since dialup days07:40
prologicseems you identified the right driver before?07:40
prologicsome "vincent" driver?07:40
prologichorrorStruck is probably right though :) he's fairly knowledgeable :)07:40
prologicyou may require formware in /lib/firmware?07:40
saptechwhat goes in /etc/resolv.conf07:40
prologicyour name servers07:40
saptechyour meaning who07:40
prologicCRUX is no different to what you've already used before e.g: Mandriva07:41
prologicthe only difference is you have to work a little more07:41
saptechmy isp or internal07:41
prologicalmost nothing is done automagically for you07:41
saptechit works out the box with others07:41
prologicyour isp's name servers07:41
prologicor internal if you have some internal ones07:41
prologicmine has my home dsl router's address07:41
prologicwhich runs a caching resolver07:41
saptechyes I understand no hand holding, and during dialup days I believe I got crux running07:41
horrorStrucksaptech: boot with a distro that works out of the box and check modules+dmesg and we can go forward07:41
prologicI do that myself for new/strange hardware :)07:42
saptechhorrorStruck, what about now, I'm using Mageia livecd07:42
horrorStruckme too :)07:42
prologicnormally I pick Ubuntu since they throw a lot of money behind it :)07:42
prologicso I leverage off their commercialism07:42
prologicboot it up07:42
prologiclspci -k07:43
prologiclook for your usb network device07:43
prologicand see if it required/loaded any firmware via dmesg07:43
prologicthen "copy" quite literally the stuff needed by Ubuntu07:43
prologicwell usually:07:43
prologic#1: go find that firmware or copy it as is07:43
prologic#2: build the kernel module it's ussing07:43
prologicit's also likely your isp actually uses dhcp too anyway07:44
prologicso you'll just want to use dhcpcd usb0 or similar07:44
saptechlspci -k show this07:45
saptech Ethernet controller: Intel Corporation 82566DM Gigabit Network Connection (rev 02)07:45
saptechSubsystem: Hewlett-Packard Company Device 280007:45
saptechKernel driver in use: e1000e07:45
prologicthat sounds like an onboard gigabit ethernet chip07:46
saptechnothing on the usb modem07:46
prologicnot that usb device you've been discussing with us :)07:46
saptechit is07:46
prologicyou'll prbably also want to check lsusb then07:46
horrorStrucksaptech: paste dmesg somewhere07:47
prologiclsusb doesn't have a -k option :)07:47
saptechlsusb not showing it07:47
saptechhorrorStruck you want the complete dmesg pasted07:48
prologicsaptech, does this distro you've booted up show the network interface anywhere?07:48
prologicwhat is it?07:48
saptechusb0      Link encap:Ethernet  HWaddr 72:21:D7:E0:8A:B707:49
saptech          inet addr:  Bcast:  Mask:
prologicthen lsusb should show aht it is07:49
prologicand the above stackexchange q&A shows a way to identify the kernel module used07:50
prologicdmesg should also show this level of infmraiotn if you peruse through it07:50
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saptechwith lsusb, everything is showing the devices except this one07:50
saptechBus 005 Device 004: ID 19f2:170007:50
saptechno name show with it07:50
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saptechsorry guys, using a livecd with 2gb of memory. I guess I locked it up08:04
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Romstereh crux typically uses bugger all until you get a desktop going with the likes of firefox etc08:06
saptechprologic, as I was saying, lsusb have one line that doesn't show what device, maybe that is the usb modem08:07
saptechI guess it's called a modem08:07
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saptechhorrorStruck, are you still here08:08
saptechwell, thanks for the help anyway. It's 3am or so here and mrs. saptech is calling, time for bed.08:10
saptechI'll tackle this after I wake up this morning08:10
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prologicwhat does lsusb -v show abot that one device?08:16
prologicpoint is though08:16
prologicthis livecd you're using08:16
prologichas a working usb0 network device08:16
prologicit hasn't appeared out of nowhere without some kind of kernel modules + some firmware (optional)08:16
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sisel4I've installed crux and xfce but I have some missing icons.13:53
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joacimsisel4: you need an icon theme14:11
joacimyou'll need to run the post-install script for librsvg too14:12
sisel4joacim, fixed ;) installed tango-icon-theme :P14:13
joacimlooks like i was half wrong. elementary-xfce-icon-theme is a dependency now.14:14
joacimbut getting tango is a good move. a lot of themes use that as a fallback =)14:14
sisel4with elementary-xfce-icon-theme some icons was missing14:14
joacimprobably the svg ones14:14
joacimdid you set prt-get to run install scripts automatically?14:15
sisel4I'll try do this.14:15
abyxcosI just had to log out to get most of my icons to show up.14:16
sisel4ok, done it14:17
sisel4configured prt-get to run install scripts and update librsvg14:18
sisel4now I have all icons when i'm using elementary-icon-theme14:18
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saptechhi all14:20
saptechI installed Crux yesterday and for the life of me cannot get my network going14:21
saptechI use one of those mifi/wimax type of USB modem and running ifconfig -a it is not seeing it listed14:22
saptechI'm running a livecd now and the network icon show it as 'linux-2.6.6-uc1/vincent7-udc14:24
saptechany ideas/suggestions?14:26
joacimnot me14:27
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saptechI remember during configuring the kernel, seeing something about USB adapter/networking and included it14:28
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saptechinstead of using eth0 it uses usb0 as the device14:30
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diverseBitPuffin: how is it going with living in emacs?15:12
BitPuffindiverse: I've actually started using it more15:14
BitPuffinI'm starting to get somewhat proficient with editing15:14
BitPuffinbut I haven't had any time to use linux so I haven't "lived" in it :P15:15
BitPuffinbut I was using vim, and the autocompleter was causing trouble so instead of disabling I just jumped in balls first in to editing with emacs instead15:15
BitPuffinand I'm not gonna use completion anymore15:15
BitPuffinmakes you stupid15:15
diversenothing wrong with completion, if it helps you type a long object name that already exists faster, it can come in handy.15:17
diverseor long function/method names15:18
diversethat you know exist15:18
diversejust don't make it automatic15:20
diverseBitPuffin: you use tab completion in the shell right?15:23
diversesame idea15:24
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BitPuffindiverse: well I disagree for a few reasons15:28
BitPuffinand yes I unfortunately abuse tab completion in shell15:28
BitPuffinalthough when launching software and stuff that I can't remember what it is called I am less concerned because I am not architecting software15:29
BitPuffinso the first thing is, in general if you are a decent typist you are interrupting you flow by starting to press tab and stuff instead and it tries to guess between a few choices and you type on character more and spam tab etc15:30
BitPuffinwhen it would have been faster to just type15:30
BitPuffinand when I'm making software, not only is that true, but I should be able to keep everything I'm currently working on in my head15:31
BitPuffinotherwise it is too complicated15:31
BitPuffinand needs to be cleaned up15:31
BitPuffinplus remembering variable and function names etc is a good brain excercise15:31
BitPuffinand if you don't know what function you are looking for, guessing names blindly is bad, you should read the documentation, because the function you find might have a name that makes it look like it kinda does what you want but could turn out it doesn't15:32
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saptechI think I'm making some headway on my network issue16:44
saptechI'm using a livecd at the moment but when I run this command it show the driver I need16:45
saptechethtool -i usb016:45
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saptechdriver: rndis_host16:46
jaegersaptech: you can also search online for the model number and linux. though rndis_host sounds like ndis_wrapper16:47
jaegerIt's been many years since I used that, not very familiar with it anymore16:47
jaegerwhat's the model of the network adapter? or its line from "lsusb" or something like that16:48
saptechlet me check16:49
saptechoddly, when I run lsusb, it show all usb devices connected except one16:49
saptechit only show. Bus 005 Device 004: ID 19f2:170016:49
saptechno name with it16:50
saptechit may be called RNDIS16:50
jaegerwhat adapter is it? from the box16:51
saptechdmesg show it as product clear spot, mfg: linux 2.6.23-uc1-/vincent7-udc16:51
saptechIt's a ISP brand model called Clear Spot16:52
jaegerah, one of those hotspot things16:52
saptechbut connected to my desktop with usb16:53
jaegerI have no experience with those... but you should be able to figure out which driver to use from the livecd16:53
saptecheverytime I get started with this, the wife needs me...lol16:53
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saptechI need to make a run16:55
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sisel4Are you using crux everyday?18:13
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frinnstgeneral question or are to talking to someone specific?18:30
frinnstyes, I use crux at home and at work18:30
sisel4frinnst, general ;)18:30
frinnsti have a harddrive with windows 7 installed on it, i boot that maybe once per month for some wintendo fun18:31
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sisel4mhm. I'm using arch linux but today I installed crux on second partition18:32
frinnstthoughts so far?18:37
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abyxcossisel4: I use Crux and Gentoo about 50/50, Gentoo for games, Crux for work, until I get it set up for games.19:13
diverseGentoo for games huh? :P19:14
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sisel4I have gentoo on 1 laptop19:15
sisel4now it's using less than 500mb of ram (firefox, hexchat, mate)19:15
sisel4+ dropbox client...19:17
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diversemy firefox is using 5540MB19:20
abyxcosdiverse: Yea, I'm slowly reconstructing my setup in Crux.19:24
diverseabyxcos: it's cool :)19:25
sisel4Why i cant boot crux using root=UUID=<uuid of / partition>19:39
jaegercould be one of a couple reasons... 1) I think that syntax is wrong, try root=PARTUUID=<partuuid>19:42
jaegerif 1) you'd need to be using GPT as well19:42
jaeger2) you're not using GPT and need an initrd/initramfs19:42
sisel4but i compiled ext4 and my sata controller support into the kernel19:44
jaegerthose are unrelated to UUID support for what that's worth19:44
sisel4so, to enable uuid support on mbr and normal bios I need initrd?19:45
jaegerAs far as I know, yes19:45
horrorStruckyou can use GPT with "normal bios"19:50
sisel4horrorStruck, I know. This feature is called CSM.19:52
sisel4compatibility support module19:52
jaegernot the same thing... you can use GPT on a BIOS system that has no concept of EFI19:52
jaegerCSM allows an EFI system to boot BIOS stuff19:52
sisel4I know.19:53
sisel4On desktop I booting system using CSM but on notebook I booting via EFISTUB19:54
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timcowchipgot lxqt installed on fedora20:14
timcowchipit conflicts with lxde and razor-qt20:14
timcowchiplibfm and pcmanfm for lxde and libqtxdg for razor-qt20:15
timcowchiplxqtpanel = razorqt panel20:17
timcowchipso its basically razor-qt on openbox with pcmanfm-qt controlling the desktop20:18
timcowchipdon't see why I would uninstall razor-qt for lxqt20:19
timcowchiprazor-qt can run on xfwm, kwin, fvwm and openbox20:20
timcowchiplxqt consists of about 16 sources each requiring its own port and must be installed in reverse order of deps20:22
timcowchiprazor-qt comes bundled in one port20:23
timcowchipit should probably have its own repo to make the dependencies track20:26
timcowchiplike enlightenment20:26
timcowchipI always install all my own ports to facilitate maintaining them20:27
timcowchipI won't be installing lxqt and therefore won't be making ports for it20:28
timcowchipit doesn't look too difficult, though and might make a fun project for someone20:30
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BitPuffinalright so21:30
BitPuffinnow I have time to talk again21:30
BitPuffinhow did people deal with libpng breakage?21:30
BitPuffinI rebuilt all the things that depended on libpng but still couldn't get ardour to run21:31
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diverseBitPuffin: by "depended" you mean the things libpng depends on or the apps that are dependent on libpng?22:09
diverseI'm guessing you didn't rebuild the list from the latter22:12
BitPuffindiverse: apps that are dependent on libpng22:12
diversehmm, strange then22:13
diversejaeger: ^22:13
BitPuffinI'll try again tomorrow22:15
BitPuffinbut yeah probably a thing to look at before release22:16
diverseBitPuffin: when you launch ardour in the terminal, what does the output say?22:21
BitPuffindiverse: it said it was looking for the previous version of libpng I believe22:22
BitPuffincan't remember22:22
BitPuffinit was like 2 weeks ago now22:22
diversesounds like what happened to libgcrypt a while ago22:23
diversejust for shits and giggles, did you try revdep to see if there is anything else that needs rebuilding?22:24
frinnstnot all ports that depend on libpng have # Depends on: libpng22:28
diverseBitPuffin: ^22:29
frinnstif port b depends on port a and port c depends on both it will only contain port b in its Pkgfile dependency line22:29
diversefrinnst: so it would be a good idea to revdep?22:30
BitPuffingood point22:31
BitPuffinI do think I specifically rebuild ardour though22:31
BitPuffinbut I'll try it22:31
BitPuffinhowever I imagine that ardours dep on libpng was through the toolkit22:31
BitPuffinwhich I'm fairly certain has #Depends on: lipng22:31
BitPuffinwell you know22:31
frinnstand stuff that doesnt strictly depends on libpng might still link against it if detected22:32
frinnstfinddeps is your friend22:32
BitPuffinyeah I need to get a better view on what tools crux has22:32
BitPuffinhowever that's not for now, I don't have crux running atm22:32
BitPuffinwill finally boot it tomorrow :D22:32
BitPuffinhmm maybe I should just ask iniz for an iso of the rc, I'm gonna set up my email server this week22:33
BitPuffinbecause otherwise my domain will be renewed with email forwarding which I won't need after I set up the email server22:33
BitPuffinand that costs extra22:33
diversefrinnst: finddeps does a more thorough check to see how the libs are actually linked around?22:33
diverse"finddeps - Find actual dependencies for a port" ... no wonder ...22:41
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diversethe slient but deadly "rtfm" treatment, got to love it.22:47
BitPuffin / ignore add diverse22:50
diverseBitPuffin: yep22:50
BitPuffinhaha I am just kidding XD22:50
BitPuffinnever man22:50
diverseat least it's good to talk with somebody22:51
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diversebtw, I am having hard time updating the perl port because this link doesn't work anymore:
diverseBitPuffin: oh btw, Rust has pretty much removed all of it's builtin pointers besides &23:01
diverseno more ~ and @23:03
diversefor your enjoyment of simplicity23:05
BitPuffindiverse: oh nice23:05
BitPuffingood timing now that I pissed off the author of nimrod lol23:06
BitPuffinno but I won't switch to rust :P23:06
BitPuffinI'll explain in a pm23:06
diverseI just thought I bring up something23:06
BitPuffindiverse: still interesting though, makes me more interested in rust for sure23:07
BitPuffinit has some cool stuff23:07
BitPuffinI like pattern matching23:07
BitPuffinit's one of the things I miss the most from haskell23:08
BitPuffindiverse: my main problem with rust is that its only implementation is llvm based23:12
BitPuffinwhich makes it harder to say if it will run on esoteric platforms23:12
diversewell, llvm is pretty young compared to the gcc suite23:13
BitPuffinwell I also just mean in general when maybe you have to use a proprietary tool chain23:16
BitPuffinlike say the Wii U SDK23:16
BitPuffindon't know how keen that is on .o files23:17
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