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nwegood morning!05:06
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nweit?s soooo funny to convert varnish 3.X vcl -> 4.0 *NOT*07:21
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: [notify] flash-player-plugin: updated to
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cruxbot[xfce.git/3.0]: xfce4-panel: fixed issue with autohide (FS#1007)10:07
j_vI'll have to submit the bug report and fixes/updates for texlive later today. I fell asleep during the last test build and still need to do some clean up. Need to get ready for day job.10:14
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frinnsthehe yeah building texlive will have that effect on you :)10:40
frinnsteew, new keyboard10:40
frinnstcant type for shit10:40
frinnstalso this spam is just me testing it out. I dont really have anything to say10:41
frinnstbut i am stil typing for some reason. I wonder why10:41
teK__go chat (to) yourself10:41
frinnstoh silly you. you know you like it10:42
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frinnstah, work keyboard feels more familiar11:40
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nweis it someone more some got problem with nvidia and chromium, When I trying to start chromium then my X-server crash... segmentation fault on address 0x0..16:24
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dxtrnul pointers everywhere17:51
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nwedxtr: so how should I fix the problem ? :)17:53
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frinnstuse firefox18:11
nweFeigr: I using firefox now :)18:22
nwebut frinnst*18:22
FeigrI also use Firefox!18:23
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nwehmmm my X also crash when I using virtualbox and pushing "settings" button :(19:01
nwethis is the error I get
nweit doesnt matter if it chromium or virtualbox..19:07
nweI got the same error19:07
frinnstnils oscar r�kporter19:15
frinnstholy hell i love this beer19:15
frinnstfuck your IPA, Feigr19:16
frinnstf�rresten, niklas fick en flaska vin av ladys circle.. tycker vi korkar upp imorrn efter lunch :)19:17
frinnstladies circle heter det kanske19:31
frinnstuh right, this is not a swedish channel. sorry about that19:31
frinnstits all nonsense anyways, please ignore19:32
nwefrinnst: heh are you drunk ? :P19:36
frinnstive just had one beer but it really went to my head19:36
frinnstim a cheap drunk i guess19:37
nwefrinnst: do you have any suggestion about my problem with X ?:P19:39
frinnstno clue, i dont run nvidia hardware19:40
nwepare you using intel ? :)19:41
frinnstnah, amd/ati19:41
nwedoes it work well on linux?19:42
nweback in the days ati was horrible :P19:42
frinnstvery well with the free drivers in general19:43
frinnstthe support for the latest chips might lag behind a little since they are so understaffed19:44
frinnstand i dont relly have any 3d requirements. just 2d and xv/vdpau19:44
frinnstand i'd rather give amd money than nvidia :)19:45
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nwefrinnst: which ati card do you have right now?19:46
frinnst01:00.0 VGA compatible controller: Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. [AMD/ATI] Cape Verde PRO [Radeon HD 7750]19:47
frinnstthe crux 3.0 support for these chips are not very good. it will require mesa3d from 3.1 with llvm etc19:47
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nwefrinnst: when will 3.1 come out?19:56
openfbtdOn the full moon19:59
frinnstwe have a rc out. it works well enough for daily useage19:59
frinnstiirc jaeger posted it to the mailinglist19:59
Feigrfrinnst: ohhh vin20:06
Feigrbtw chip in Facit keyboard (c)197720:06
frinnsthaha 197720:09
frinnstnice find :)20:09
frinnsthave you posted pr0n-pics of it yet?20:09
Feigrtaken some pics, gonna upload soon20:09
Feigrswitch for space bar was linear grey instead of black, that was interesting20:10
frinnstoh. still cherry compatible?20:10
FeigrI am very tempted to pick up the monitor tomorrow :D20:10
FeigrI have to see if it all works together20:10
frinnstbtw our internal vcenter is a bit fucked at the moment20:11
frinnstim working on it but it might be a late night20:11
Feigrok :O20:11
frinnststupid sql crap20:16
jaegerwhat happened to it?20:23
frinnstit seems some asshole set it up with an sql express instance (guess who) and it filled up20:24
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frinnsti think i set it up maybe two years or so ago and forgot about it20:25
jaegeroops :)20:25
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j_vI've build tested a pair of patches from NetBSD that fix building texlive. I also bumped the texlive version in my build to 20130530 and refreshed existing patches. I run into a couple of issues. texlive no longer installs both /usr/share/texmf{,-dist}, but /usr/share/texmf-dist only; I added a symlink for backwards compatability. Also, I forgot about the .footprint file, so package build fails on checking the .footprint. The log indicates a gre20:37
j_vat deal of change (besides the texmf/texmf-dist change). Should I test the patches against the texlive version (20120701) currently in ports? Or regenerate the footprint?  Please bear in mind that I'm working off the 3.1 head.20:37
jaegerwow... EMC's Isilon OneFS simulator install manual is chock full of engrush20:40
jaegerengrish, too20:40
jaegerj_v: probably should test against the 3.0 version just to be sure. usually changes to the current release get merged upward20:40
j_vjaeger: ok, I'll give that a run, then. thanks for your insight.20:42
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frinnstits aliiiive20:45
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jaegerFeigr: there's a lot of forehead on that keyboard21:14
frinnstdid you collect the dust for your special keyboard-filth-brew ?21:16
Feigryes keyboard tea21:17
frinnstim starting to get used to my ducky. but still need more typing to get a proper feel for it21:19
frinnstbut it sure is loud :)21:19
joacimordered a cm quickfire rapid. looks like some random gamer type keyboard, but it was a lot cheaper than ducky or filco =)21:20
frinnstwhat switches did you go for?21:20
joacimcherry mx browns that is21:20
frinnstI got my ducky premiere mx blue today21:21
joacimmight go for blues for my other computer21:21
frinnstclickety click21:21
frinnstFeigr sits 2 meters from me and he uses a mx brown at work. its not that loud. totally acceptable21:22
joacimwill have to do some looking around for that second keyboard21:24
joacimwill need custom keycaps for it too. my ocd says i need a norwegian mac layout21:24
joacimcould just buy a blank keyboard i guess =)21:26
Feigrjoacim: custom keycaps you say? get these!
joacimsaw something like that on a chinese website21:29
joacimit was even more rainbowy =)21:30
Feigrfrinnst: I turned off hardware acceleration in Firefox, that may have fixed the crash issue. Some people were saying it's due to graphics driver21:31
frinnstyeah but still strange. you use intel at work right and nvidia at home?21:32
Feigrwe'll see if it crashes again here21:32
frinnstbut yeah, all graphics driver suck ass21:32
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diverseFilco MX Brown here21:44
joacimsame brand.21:46
FeigrI'm on a 1991 IBM Model M at home21:47
novakI actually have a pair of these blank row/column keyboards that I programmed:  No touchpad though, unlike the picture.21:53
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Romsterj_v, send the changes my way for texlive, i've tried a few times and could not get the darn thing to work on new poppler.22:53
Romsternever did look at netbsd for patches though only at gentoo22:54
Romsterbbl work22:54
j_vRomster: no problem... I'm just massaging the patches to apply against 20120701 release22:55
j_voh, missed him22:55
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j_vbackporting the NetBSD luatex/poppler patches to texlive-20120701 are a no-go.23:50
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