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BitPuffinjaeger: are we gonna have another rc?10:29
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: sxiv: 1.1.1 -> 1.210:40
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teK_sxiv looks a lot better then feh12:35
teK_any feh users here? (thinking about dropping it)12:35
pidsleyi use it, but i can use other things12:37
openfbtdteK_, well now I do use it, thx :D12:42
horrorStruckteK_: i made the feh -> sxiv switch months ago and i'm happy with it. it has to be noted that i have an horribly basic usage of it.12:43
openfbtdI've changen so much about my environment lately12:43
openfbtdAll in a few days12:43
openfbtdSwitched to dvtm + abduco, switched my wm to dwm, my browser to dwb12:44
openfbtdThis feels weird12:44
openfbtdIt's like I'm using linux for the first time again12:44
openfbtdUsed to switch things around a lot back then12:45
frinnsti use feh as well12:45
openfbtddwb is awesome btw. It fills the niche between firefox and surf nicely for me :)12:46
openfbtdsurf is too spartan.12:46
openfbtdI always wanted a simple browser with adblocking, vim hotkeys and tabs12:47
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nrxtxteK_: <- feh user13:04
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jaegerBitPuffin: most likely13:11
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diverseteK_: meh is also an image viewer15:40
openfbtdfeh also can set the root window background image15:49
openfbtdI forgot about the fact that my script used that >_>15:50
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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: powertop: update to 2.618:15
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timcowchipjaeger: will the probable rc2 have a newer kernel?18:19
nrxtxhell still a lot of ports to parse on crux :)18:20
timcowchiptek: I've been using feh since hsetroot rolled over in its graveyard, but sxiv sounds good18:22
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nrxtxdamn it why yre some using different foldername and different name in pkgfile :/18:46
timcowchipnrxtx: who are you talking to?18:49
nrxtxtimcowchip: just in general, are multiple repos18:49
nrxtxshouldn't they be kept the same? (folder and package name)18:50
timcowchipI think that is the usual way18:50
timcowchipif the source has an unusual spelling however, like HandBrake18:51
timcowchipthen the $name might need to be different18:52
nrxtxportx and portx-git both references portx as name in pkgfile is that "valid"?18:53
timcowchipI have 2 ports razorqt and razor-qt razorqt is th 0.5.2 release and razor-qt is git18:55
joacimrazorqt-git would've made sense18:57
nrxtxjust rewriting my port indexer and thinking about what to use to identify a port: repo/foldername or repo/namefrompkgfile18:58
timcowchipyou're right18:59
jaegertimcowchip: 3.12.19 at the moment19:00
nrxtxwhat's prt-get using when installing a port, the foldername or the name defined in pkgfile?19:02
timcowchipjaeger: thanks19:05
timcowchipnrxtx: I think its folder name19:06
timcowchipI'll change razor-qt to razorqt-git and find out for sure19:07
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jaegerit does, and gets confused if the folder and $name don't match19:07
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nrxtxtimcowchip: you have that in public ports?19:17
nrxtxjaeger: timcowchip: mostly they are typos or missing -_
jaegernobody's perfect :)19:19
nrxtxmost of z3bra and nwe ;)19:19
joacimtime for a public execution19:20
nrxtx4962 ports total19:22
nrxtx756 maintained by Romster :D19:26
frinnstyeah that dude is crazy19:30
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timcowchipwhen updating xf86-input-synaptics " checking for LIBEVDEV... no", package xorg-xf86-input-evdev is installed20:01
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frinnstyeah [notify] emails are not sent out to the mailinglist for 3.1 yet20:02
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frinnstmake sure xorg-libevdev is installed20:10
frinnstits a new dep for 1.8.020:10
openfbtd bye, transmission20:11
openfbtdI won't miss ya20:11
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timcowchipfrinnst: worked :)20:33
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BitPuffinjaeger: ahh, when do you think? Ilm setting up my server this coming week22:40
BitPuffinearly this week22:40
BitPuffinmaybe I should just use rc122:40
jaegerrc2 will just be small fixes and newer packages so you could use rc1 if you like. not sure when22:43
BitPuffinokay :)22:45
BitPuffinI guess the fixes will be added as updates anyway?22:45
jaegeryeah, ports -u will get you to the same place in the end22:45
jaegeryou'll need to install xorg-libevdev and xorg-dri3proto if you use X on it22:49
BitPuffinI won't22:50
BitPuffinbut on my desktop22:50
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timcowchipcan sxiv set the background?23:12
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abyxcosNot sure where to ask this exactly, but does anyone know some decent noob friendly and cheap web hosting (probably shared.)23:45
vlnxabyxcos: I was looking through this today:
abyxcosIsn't lowendbox normally VPS?23:48
vlnxYes, so you can still host stuff on port 8023:48
abyxcosOn that front, I can recommend, but they're not entirely noob friendly.23:48
abyxcosI have a few friends that need hosting, and I just realized I don't know where normaly people put websites anymore.23:49
abyxcosI use prgmr and joyent, but neither of those are sites for normal folk.23:50
abyxcos(Other than dreamhost.)23:50
vlnxI have used before I knew what I was doing23:52
abyxcosSpace there seems a bit small. 2.5GB and 5GB?23:56

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