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deus_exGreetings from flooded Serbia :)00:44
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deus_exone of these days I'll try to make vagrant port01:01
prologicplease don't01:07
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frinnstoh my god. back to a rubber dome keyboard at work06:32
frinnstnever imagined i'd feel the difference this much06:32
nwegood morning06:36
nwehow are you frinnst ?06:40
frinnstim alright06:40
nweit?s okey with me, just a little bit tired :P06:42
nweso what are you doing?06:42
frinnstdrinking coffee and waking up as well as messing with sql200806:48
frinnstfucking problem i've created for myself. why cant my brain simply switch from one keyboard to another?06:55
frinnstmore coffee is the solution to everything06:57
nwefrinnst: hahah :) new keyboard at home or on the office?07:00
frinnstat home07:01
frinnstI used to have the same keyboard at home and at work before. works great07:01
frinnstthis.. not so much07:01
nwewhich keyboard do you have at home ?07:03
frinnstducky premiere mx blue07:05
nweis it something special with that keyboard or+07:07
frinnstmechanical switches intead of rubber dome07:07
nweah :)07:08
frinnstits one of those clickety clak keyboards :)07:08
nwesound like the old IBM keyboard07:08
frinnstyeah, sort of07:08
frinnstyou got one of those?07:09
nweI had a old IBM keyboard before in (2000 - 2004)07:10
frinnstnice, what happened to it?07:10
frinnstscrew it, heading home to fetch it07:10
nwegot broken :(07:14
nwehaha cya later then :D07:14
frinnsti live quite close, luckily :)07:23
nwefrinnst: which wm are you using?07:41
nwefrinnst: can you send me screenshot? :)07:44
frinnstjust need to make sure nothing secret is in the shot :)07:46
z3brafocuses on usability :P07:50
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nwethanks :) will take a look08:28
nwegaah I hate this fucking copy/paste function.. why cant I paste link into firefox/chromium sometimes :(08:29
frinnstwrong clipboard?08:30
frinnstmiddle mouse/ctrl+v ?08:30
z3branwe, FYI, urxvt can open URL in your browser08:31
nweit doesnt work I using touchpad now, and for the most time it?s working with shift+insert08:31
nwebut no now, shift+insert working on another terminal08:32
z3braAh, I get the same behavior sometimes08:33
z3bramiddleclick works, but no shift+ins08:33
z3braa bit weird08:33
nweand what is middleclick on toucpad then :P08:34
frinnstmouse1 + mouse2 ?08:34
z3braleft click + right click08:34
frinnsthm, i wonder what password i set on this server..08:34
nwehehe oops :P08:37
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frinnsthm, isnt flash included with the latest chromium port?09:18
teK_do you mean Adobe's or the pepper one?09:19
frinnstTo view this page ensure that Adobe Flash Player version 11.5.0 or greater is installed.09:19
frinnststupid vcenter09:20
teK_I dont think ours does09:20
frinnsti remember the commit said it did09:21
teK_Warning: Since version 34, Chrome/Chromium does not support the Netscape plugin API (NPAPI) any more, the flashplugin package cannot work any more. You have to install the Flash Player Pepper plugin version (see just below).09:21
teK_WRONG :D09:21
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frinnstholy hell i hate this cpu09:23
frinnststupid dualcore i309:23
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: murrine: renamed to gtk-engine-murrine09:23
frinnstsysup sucked today: chromium and thunderbird09:23
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RomsterteK_, i read about the pepper API what happend to that?09:26
nweyummie tacos :)09:28
frinnsthm, where are chromium plugins supposed to live?09:33
BitPuffinfrinnst: on ze web?09:35
frinnstno, on ze filesystem09:36
BitPuffinze s s? d?09:37
BitPuffinprologic: I can't seem to build go09:38
BitPuffinand you are ze maintainer jaa09:38
frinnstchromium --ppapi-flash-path=/path/to/ --ppapi-flash-version=override-version09:45
frinnstchromium --ppapi-flash-path=/usr/lib/PepperFlash/  --ppapi-flash-version=
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RomsterBitPuffin, is this crux 3.1? if so you need to add lo and start it for localhost.10:43
Romstergoing to sleep. had a really late night last night.10:44
frinnstfucking hell, just ordered another identical keyboard10:46
FeigrimI've ruined frinnst for life now with my keyboard propaganda10:48
frinnstyes, FUCK YOU10:48
BitPuffinadd lo?10:49
BitPuffinand here I say that crux has a wonderful community xD10:50
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frinnstyeah add "lo" to rc.conf10:54
frinnstservices stuff10:54
BitPuffinno need to install anything?10:54
frinnstyou are using 3.1 ?10:55
frinnstso do /etc/rc.d/lo start10:55
BitPuffinexactly what I did10:56
BitPuffinand yes I am10:56
frinnstthe iso you are using might be older than that commit10:56
frinnstand/or you never ran "rejmerge" after sysup10:56
BitPuffinyeah it was the rc10:57
BitPuffinI haven't ran rejmerge indeed10:57
BitPuffinshould do that10:57
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BitPuffinstill doesn't build10:59
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prologicBitPuffin, send me an email to remind me to add a note to the README :)11:13
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BitPuffinprologic: what's your email address?11:23
prologicshould be on the Pkgfile :)11:24
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nwemust I do something special to get host-only Networks in virtualbox to work?11:39
nweit says /dev/vboxnetctl no such file or directory11:40
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BitPuffinprologic: sent12:28
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frinnstwat wat in the butt12:55
BitPuffinsuddenly my kernel etc was gone lol13:02
BitPuffinoh well13:02
BitPuffinit works now13:02
BitPuffincan't seem to install grub13:03
BitPuffinbecause it's missing files13:03
BitPuffinre-install grub13:03
BitPuffinwell finally kernel configured for docker13:18
BitPuffinmost tedious process ever13:19
BitPuffincd -13:19
BitPuffin./testblabla /blabla13:19
BitPuffin*copy configuration missing*13:19
BitPuffincd -13:19
BitPuffinvim .config13:19
BitPuffin*add configuration*13:19
BitPuffinrepeate a million times :)13:19
BitPuffinprologic: can't compile docker because I don't use btrfs woot13:22
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frinnst&#!/�&"# java14:02
frinnsthow can one process steal so many resources yet do so little?14:02
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BitPuffinfrinnst: don't you just love it?14:07
BitPuffinI read on the internet that frinnst loves java14:07
BitPuffinlike, a lot14:07
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joacimdo businesses use a lot of java or something? java is pretty much the only language schools around here teach15:17
z3braThere is way too much java out there15:19
z3bra'cause java doesn't need developpers15:19
teK_ugh, what did I do wrong?15:26
teK_Requested 'fontsproto < 2.1.3' but version of FontsProto is 2.1.315:26
teK_=======> ERROR: Building '/usr/ports/packages/xorg-libxfont#1.4.8-1.pkg.tar.gz' failed.15:26
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jueteK_: update fontsproto, was downgraded recently16:07
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nwehmm I wondering if I should upgrade to crux 3.1 on my work laptop..17:00
nweor wait..17:00
frinnstno reason for waiting imo17:01
frinnsti run 3.1 at work17:01
frinnstjust make sure you have time over to rebuild everything infested by libpng :)17:02
nweI think I will do it this weekend or over the night..17:02
nwefrinnst: how did you do with libpng to find all deps to rebuild?17:03
nwefrinnst: did you do like this prt-get update -fr $(prt-get listinst) -im -if ?17:05
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nwefrinnst:  can you access ??17:23
frinnstno, is that even a thing? dont they use ?17:44
nwefrinnst: nope17:45
frinnstah, yes it is a thing17:45
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frinnstElektronisk f�rhandsinformation har mottagits17:47
frinnstlooks like i'll be clickety clacking both at work and at home tomorrow17:47
nwefrinnst: did you use finddeps for fix libpng?17:54
cruxbot[core.git/3.0]: e2fsprogs: updated to 1.42.1017:54
frinnstIt wasnt too difficult for me. i just rebuilt the base stuff17:56
frinnsthm, seems pango doesnt list libpng as a dep17:56
nwefrinnst: I rebuild cairo,gtk,gtk3,atk17:56
frinnstah, sorry it depends on harfbuzz -> cairo -> libpng17:57
nwefrinnst: do you have pkgfile for despotify ?17:57
frinnstno, dont use spotify17:57
nwewhat are you using then ?17:57
frinnstsshfs :)17:58
frinnstand youtube17:58
nweand you buying music on cd?17:58
frinnstahem "yes"17:58
frinnstdu -sh17:58
nweoh :)17:59
joacimmine is bigger18:02
joacim46 GB18:02
nwemine is 0 GB18:06
nwefrinnst: do you use virtualbox?18:08
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nwehmm strange after I upgrade firefox, then image/video on random website doesnt shows up :(18:10
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frinnstnwe no, not these days18:11
frinnstqemu at home and no workstation virtualization at work - i just rdp/ssh18:12
nweqemu on hp microserver ?18:12
frinnstno on my desktop18:12
frinnstI dont run any vms on my servers18:12
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openfbtdOoh. Guilty Gear Isuka on humblebundle18:13
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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: password-store: added missing tree dependency18:31
joacimif i had a girlfriend, i'd aim to kill 6 billion people19:05
joacimoverpopulation is bad19:05
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deus_exwould someone with docker-friendly kernel .config paste it somewhere, please?It seems that I am too stupid and/or blind to find all the relevant options...19:13
openfbtdI hate the fact that Steam has its own runtime. But at least they don't force it.19:14
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z3brahello !19:57
z3bracan somebody tell me how to build mpv successfully ?19:58
nwehmm wtf I have problem with both and
z3braError: Unable to find development files for zlib.19:59
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prologicBitPuffin, you don't need btrfs20:11
prologicBitPuffin, you can use devmapper storage backend20:11
prologicBitPuffin, yes it's a bit of a PITA20:11
prologicBitPuffin, but only because well we don't ship a CRUX ISO or Kernel config ready to go :)20:11
prologicyou know how it is with CRUX20:11
prologicno hand holding :)20:11
prologicfrinnst, because Java is a POS20:12
z3brawhy does mpv require samba ?20:12
z3braI mean, by default..20:12
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deus_exprologic: i can't build go, it just fails at test 'unsafe'.both 1.2.1 and 1.2.220:13
BitPuffinprologic: yeah I know, I'm fine with that though :) it's better20:14
BitPuffinprologic: so how do I fix it?20:14
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: libva-vdpau-driver: added symlink for nouveau22:02
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prologicI think you want /quit23:14
prologicor /exit :)23:14
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diversehold shift at the wrong time huh?23:39
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openfbtda guy I know wrote a simple ircd as an excersize23:43
openfbtdThere was an easter egg23:43
openfbtdIt would sever the connection with you if you wrote ””23:43
openfbtd“Feed me seven penises” in any context23:44
openfbtdI don't rememeber if the first word started with a capital letter or not23:44
openfbtdSo we would use that to quit for as long as that ircd was up :D23:45
openfbtdThe ammount of penises is actuall a reference to another story about the guy. But I don't remember the specifics.23:51
openfbtdAnd without the details it's boring.23:51

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