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diverseThat sounds really effed up01:29
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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: squashfs-tools: updated to version 4.302:23
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nwehas someone setup mopidy and has an pkgfile for it ?05:26
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nwegood morning!06:39
nwetjenare BitPuffin06:39
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BitPuffinhalloj nwe09:34
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BitPuffinprologic: so do I need to modify the Pkgfile or what do I do :)11:13
BitPuffinmaybe I need to configure my kernel11:13
nweBitPuffin: what are you trying todo ?11:20
BitPuffinnwe: install docker11:20
BitPuffinit wants to use btrfs11:20
BitPuffinand I'm like hell no11:20
RomsterBitPuffin, i said earlier you probably on 3.1 and that has a seperate /etc/rc.d/lo for localhost probably not in SERVICES ?11:33
Romsteralso docker can use libdevmapper too instead of btrfs11:34
BitPuffinRomster: That's already taken care of11:34
BitPuffinRomster: I'm wondering how to switch to libdevmapper11:34
Romsteredit /etc/docker.conf11:36
BitPuffinRomster: well I can't do that if it doesn't even compile11:39
BitPuffin.go:8:25: fatal error: btrfs/ioctl.h: No such file or directory11:39
BitPuffin #include <btrfs/ioctl.h>11:39
Romstercompiled for me but i got btrfs port on my system but i configured docker to use libdevmapper11:40
Romsterguess you need to install btrfs for it.11:40
BitPuffinI wonder if there is a way to compile without btrfs11:40
BitPuffinwould be stellar11:40
Romsterstupid hard dependency when your not using it.11:41
BitPuffinlet's fire up the 'ol google machine11:41
BitPuffinyeah very11:41
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prologicBitPuffin, sorry modify it for what?12:17
prologicyou can use devmapper12:18
prologicin fact it's the deafult afaik12:18
prologicI just use btrfs myself :)12:18
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nwehello, what have I miss here.. ?13:39
frinnstremove the file:// crap13:45
frinnstif you ship it with the port, next to Pkgfile13:45
frinnstfile:// expects it to be found in $PKGMK_SOURCE_DIR13:46
nwefrinnst: yupp I ship it with the port14:06
nweand thanks14:08
cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: gutenprint: update to 5.2.1014:37
cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: gutenprint-gimp: update to 5.2.1014:37
cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: transmission: update to 2.8314:37
cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: transmission-gtk: update to 2.8314:37
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nwehas someone of you got this error when trying to start X module abi version doesn't match15:49
nwei have fix it, i recomplie xorg-intel-driver15:57
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BitPuffinprologic: modify it for compiling without having btrfs installed16:45
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BitPuffinprologic: because I don't want to have to have btrfs installed for building docker17:02
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frinnstbtrfs-progs is in core, so its possible more ports assume its installed17:46
frinnstalso dictating "do it like this to please me" is generally not a very efficient method of getting your way17:49
frinnstpro tip17:49
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BitPuffinfrinnst: I know it's in core, and I think it should be opt18:12
BitPuffinfrinnst: what do you mean?18:12
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BitPuffinCRUX is pretty much "do it like this to please me" - the distro18:16
frinnstsure, then change it yourself18:21
frinnstdont try to dictate your own ideas upon others18:21
frinnstfrankly i dont care what you think18:21
BitPuffinSince when have I tried to dictate my own ideas upon anyone?18:23
BitPuffindid I say "you must move btrfs to opt"?18:23
BitPuffinI said I think it should be that18:23
BitPuffindoesn't mean I'm fucking dictating it18:23
BitPuffinI think you woke up on the wrong side today18:24
BitPuffinI'm not dictating that though, it's just what I think18:24
jaeger11:45 < BitPuffin> prologic: modify it for compiling without having btrfs installed <-- he was probably referring to that18:24
BitPuffinjaeger: I wasn't telling him to do that, prologic asked me "modify it for what"18:25
jaegerah. I just got back so I missed most of the conversation anyway. Ignore me, sorry18:25
BitPuffinit's called context, you need all of it before calling someone out frinnst18:25
BitPuffinjaeger: well yeah, I was replying to prologic several hours later, because I had to go to a meeting18:27
jaegerYeah, I see that now, I just read the log18:27
jaegerShows me I should read the log before speaking18:27
BitPuffinwell you really just pointed out what you thought he was referring to. Whether you knew the full context or not is irrelevant, as you weren't really calling me out for anything18:31
BitPuffinI never dictate any ideas upon anyone. The whole reason I use crux is because if I feel like something is packaged wrong and the maintainer doesn't agree, it doesn't feel wrong to spin up my own port. And I am trying to look in docker how to make it build without btrfs, so I don't know what frinnst's problem is. He's making assumptions and it makes me upset :P18:33
frinnstyes i did have a shitty day18:34
joacimIt was more than 20C at your place too?18:34
frinnstand you dont make it a better one. Fine i may be overreacting18:34
frinnstbut it pisses me off to no end18:34
BitPuffinfrinnst: well please do tell me how I am making it worse, you were the one who started interacting with me even so what's up18:35
frinnstand yes, "<BitPuffin> prologic: modify it for compiling without having btrfs installed" was what set me off18:35
BitPuffinfrinnst: alright well then next time check the logs18:36
BitPuffinwho starts a conversation like that anyway18:36
BitPuffinit's obviously a continuation from something previous18:36
joacimLots of people actually. pretty damn annoying.18:36
BitPuffinwell I have at least not really seen it18:37
BitPuffinespecially not in here lol18:37
BitPuffinthat's like if someone has a problem but nobody is here to respond but the person keeps on idling and then someone going "build the kernel with driver x enabled", would you assume that the person is just trying to push an agenda that all shall have this driver?18:38
BitPuffinwell whatever18:39
BitPuffinlet's move on18:39
deus_exhumble Atom based netbook CAN play 1080p video, with a bit of magic :)19:00
deus_exsoftware rendering only, and video is upside down in smplayer, but that is easy to fix :)19:02
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deus_exHas anyone managed to build contrib/go?19:19
jaegernot I19:23
deus_exNew nvidia driver has a rather short changelog.19:23
jaegerwell, I haven't tried to, I should say19:23
deus_exjaeger: it always fails at test stage.weird.19:24
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BitPuffindeus_ex: yes19:28
BitPuffinyou need to configure the kernel to do it19:29
BitPuffinI don't know if prologic has added it to the readme yet19:29
BitPuffinbut it should be in yesterday's log if not19:29
BitPuffinso look :)19:29
deus_exBitPuffin: Would you mind sharing your .config :) ?19:30
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BitPuffinsure pedja19:41
pedjaBitPuffin: Thank you :)19:41
BitPuffinterminal is acting up :P19:43
BitPuffinkeep in mind that it's configured to not have btrfs support19:44
BitPuffinso if you use that19:44
BitPuffinremember to turn it back on19:44
pedjaBitPuffin: Thanks again.19:46
BitPuffinno problem mate19:47
BitPuffinfrinnst: note that I'm not forcing him to use my config :P19:50
BitPuffinpedja: also if you are on a laptop or something, note that all wifi is disabled19:51
BitPuffinor maybe not all but most19:51
pedjaBitPuffin: It's a desktop machine, so no wifi here.19:53
BitPuffinokay :)19:55
BitPuffinI'm currently on wifi19:55
BitPuffinwhat a pain it is19:55
BitPuffinpedja: but yeah basically other than adding settings for go and docker, removing wifi and most file systems it's pretty much stock crux kernel20:00
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BitPuffinprologic: what's with the docker-bin package? I can't install it because I already have the files20:44
BitPuffinfrom the docker package20:44
BitPuffin(I gave up and installed btrfs-progs :/)20:44
BitPuffinI guess it should be listed as a dependency20:45
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frinnstyeah BitPuffin sorry for flying off the handle earlier21:09
frinnstnot your fault i had a shitty day and i shouldnt take it out on you21:09
frinnstbbf again? :)21:09
joacimI'm kinda pissed off now tho21:09
joacim"let's move on"21:10
joacimyet s/he kept talking about it21:10
BitPuffinfrinnst: bff* but yes21:13
BitPuffinjoacim: well wasn't specifically talking about that was just tounge n cheek preventing it from happening again. unless you mean talking about docker21:15
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BitPuffinbut sure it was unnecessary21:28
joacimmeh. I'm just looking for some cartoons instead21:28
BitPuffinthought you were pissed haha21:29
joacimFigured it'd be a waste of time21:29
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BitPuffinit is21:42
cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: nvidia: updated to version 331.7921:42
cruxbot[compat-32.git/3.0]: nvidia-32: updated to version 331.7921:42
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prologicBitPuffin, afaik it's not possible to disable btrfs support (yet) I'll look into it and perhaps submit a issue on their upstream issue tracker -- for now just enale the btrfs file system in your kernel regardless of whether you use it or not22:07
prologicBitPuffin, I'm pretty sure they link against the kernel btrfs headers and not btrfs-progs22:07
BitPuffinprologic: it didn't look like you could disable any features really22:22
BitPuffinprologic: well it worked when I installed btrfs-progs, so I guess that includes the headers22:23
BitPuffinat least I haven't had to recompile the kernel22:23
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openfbtdsystemd-212 doesn't build with gcc-4.923:15
openfbtd and setting -fno-lto doesn't help23:15
openfbtdArch's own PKGBUILD from ABS fails23:15
_maliciousI'm trying to get away from gentoo. Crux sounds like everything I want, except it appears to not be rolling release. Can that be worked around on crux, or do I have to look elsewhere? Any suggestions?23:25
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prologicBitPuffin: great :) shall I put that in the README too?23:49
prologicBitPuffin: the port does depend on btrfs-progs does it not?23:49
prologicBitPuffin: So Do you have a CRUX+Docker platform now? :)23:49
BitPuffinprologic: it does depend on it23:54
BitPuffinI have it installed23:54
BitPuffinbut I haven't tried it23:54
BitPuffinthe command runs23:54
prologicwell more importantly23:55
prologicdoes the daemon run :)23:56
BitPuffin/etc/rc.d/docker start23:56
BitPuffindidn't say anything23:56
BitPuffinalthough I don't find a ps for it23:57
prologicand did you remeber to run /usr/share/docker/ ?23:57
prologicyou still have a bit of work to do :)23:58
BitPuffinI did check23:58
prologicseems you did not read the README very well :)23:58
prologiclooks like you’re misisng nat modules23:58
prologicyou need several nat modules23:58
prologicbridging support23:58
prologiccgroups (obviously)23:58
BitPuffinoh wait23:58
BitPuffindid it get updated?23:58
prologicand a few other bits23:58
BitPuffinbecause it was ok23:58
BitPuffinbut now it isn't23:58
prologicyes I’m shipssing the upstream script to check the kernel config23:58
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prologicI ditched my own23:58
BitPuffinis there a non painful way to fix the configuration?23:59
BitPuffinbecause I *did* configure it until it said ok23:59
prologicThis is mine :)23:59
prologicnon-painful? no23:59
BitPuffinwell I mean the script would be more helpful if it outputted everything I needed to add to my .config23:59

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