IRC Logs for #crux Friday, 2014-05-23

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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: gst-plugins-bad: added missing dep ladspa02:47
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: clementine: 1.2.1 -> 1.2.302:47
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xveehas anyone upgraded to 3.1 and if so, is it stable enough? my ssd arrives tomorrow and i figure i'd just put 3.1 on there03:02
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prologicxvee: yes03:31
prologicI’m on it (as are many oy uf arleady)03:32
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nwegood morning!05:20
xveesweet. thanks prologic05:30
xveetotally gonna show boot times lol05:30
xveeshow off*05:34
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nwehey xvee06:00
xveehi nwe06:03
nwehow are you man06:04
xveeim doing great! how are you?06:33
nweit?s okey here :)06:51
nweupdating some servers06:51
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cruxbot[core.git/3.0]: curl: update to 7.37.006:59
cruxbot[core.git/3.0]: man-pages: update to 3.6706:59
cruxbot[core.git/3.0]: nasm: update to 2.11.0506:59
xveesounds like fun haha06:59
nwexvee: hehe not so fun :P but must be done :P07:01
xveewhat kind of servers?07:08
nweour production servers07:13
xveewhat do they run?07:25
prologicxvee, with what? :) I have a pretty modern performant desktop too :) Core i7 (3rd gen) 16GB RAM and an Intel 520 series SSD :)07:42
xveeprologic: what do you mean with what? what ill be showing off with?07:45
prologicWell I know there are bootup timing toools that can be used, etc07:48
prologicBut I'm not sure I'd go to that much trouble :)07:48
xveeprobably wont do that either. i just wanna show a few ubuntu users what they're missing out on hehe07:52
xveemy friend loves his setup. but man, ubuntu keeps getting fatter and fatter07:52
xveedid you do anything outside the norm to your setup in regards to your ssd?07:53
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prologicno of course not :)08:12
prologicand I should hope not either :)08:12
prologicyeah CRUX is pretty sweet really08:12
prologicI was gonna say that CRUX is also one of the smallest and most complete distros out there08:13
prologicbut that's largely depends on what you install ):08:13
prologicmy / (wihout /home) is 5G08:13
nwemaybe I should try docker08:13
prologic4G - /home - /usr/src08:14
nweprologic: is it hard to setup docker..?08:14
prologicthat's relative :)08:14
prologicnot hard for me08:14
prologicnot hard for BitPuffin apparently08:14
prologicnor umm can't remmeber who else here has it installed :)08:14
prologicif you just want the client easy as :)08:14
prologicprt-get depisnt docker08:14
prologicif you want a full crux+docker platform08:14
prologicyou need to configure your kernel correctly08:15
prologicwhich reminds me08:15
prologicneed to bump the ports08:15
BitPuffinprologic: I'm still having issues though :/08:27
BitPuffinbut yeah the installation is somewhat easy08:27
BitPuffinprologic: did you take a look? :o08:29
BitPuffindon't know why it works for hlavery though haha08:29
prologicBitPuffin, I will in 1/2hr or so?08:45
prologicgonna go spend time with family before the little one's bed :)08:45
BitPuffinok :D08:50
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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: docker: 0.10.0 -> 0.11.109:36
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BitPuffinhey z3bra11:09
BitPuffinprologic: did you remove the test kernel script? :o11:14
prologicand replaced it with the /usr/share/docker/check-config.sh11:16
BitPuffinhow come? :o11:16
prologicfrom upstream contrib11:16
BitPuffinit's not there11:16
prologictheirs is better than mine11:16
prologicno it should be11:16
prologicit's built as part of the port11:16
prologici.e: it's one of the source uris :)11:16
prologicthe 0.11.1 ports I just pushed11:17
BitPuffinnever mind11:17
prologicshould install a /usr/sahre/docker/check-config.sh11:17
BitPuffinit just isn't chmod +x'd11:17
prologicshould be11:17
prologicI did install -D -m 75511:17
BitPuffinoh it is when it is installed11:17
BitPuffinI ran it from the port dir11:17
BitPuffinjust because it's easy to know where it is :P11:18
prologicoh :)11:18
prologicyeah just: $ /usr/share/docker/check-config.sh11:18
prologicshoudl work11:18
BitPuffinthe only thing it's whining about is btrfs and aufs11:18
BitPuffinwhich is ok11:18
BitPuffinwhy doesn't it work then11:18
prologicgood question11:18
prologicsend me those login details again?11:19
prologicI'll take a look now11:19
prologicadd me to the docker group?11:20
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BitPuffinokay sec11:21
BitPuffinjust gonna try a thing11:21
BitPuffinnow I actually get an error for once11:22
BitPuffinbd8884357abe4cf75d7aed6e86787ebd03: mountpoint not found11:22
BitPuffinyou are now in the docker group lol11:23
prologicahh ofc11:23
BitPuffinthe mount command does output cgroup stuff though11:24
prologicone sec11:24
BitPuffinmaybe it's the crux image?11:26
BitPuffintrying debian11:27
BitPuffinfor giggles11:27
prologicdid you reboot the kernel when fixing some of the missing things?11:28
prologicreboot the server*11:28
BitPuffinI believe I rebooted a few seconds ago11:28
BitPuffinbut I'll reboot again11:28
prologicI can see that11:28
prologicyeah could you11:29
BitPuffinit is rebooted11:30
prologicthis is truly weird11:32
prologicthere has to be something missing :)11:32
BitPuffinyeah haha11:32
prologicyou're missing the cpu cgroup11:33
prologiccan you check your kernel config for that?11:33
BitPuffindo you know what the config is?11:34
BitPuffinsearching for cpu is a bit too general xD11:35
prologicon wait11:35
prologicI'm checking mself :)11:35
prologicI think you're just missing /sys/fs/group/cpu11:35
prologicfor some odd reason11:35
BitPuffinhow do I add it to the kernel?11:35
prologicno no wait :)11:36
prologiclemme go through this :)11:36
prologicthat's not it I don't think11:36
BitPuffinalso shouldn't cgroupfs-mount take care of that? :D11:37
BitPuffincgroup on /sys/fs/cgroup/cpuacct type cgroup (rw,relatime,cpuacct) ?11:37
BitPuffinmaybe that's the cpu one?11:37
prologiccould you try manulally11:37
prologicsu to root11:37
prologic/etc/rc.d/docker stop11:37
prologicand leave it down for a min11:38
BitPuffinwhat about sudo? :P11:38
prologiccgroups-mount should take care of all that11:38
prologictianon wrote it :)11:38
prologicno sudo -i11:38
prologicwell either or :)11:38
BitPuffinit's dead jim11:38
BitPuffin# ps -a | grep docker11:39
prologicdid you sudo /etc/rc.d/docker stop11:39
BitPuffinsudo -i11:39
BitPuffin/etc/rc.d/docker stop11:39
prologiccan you explain why there's a bunch of cgroup mounts till mounted? :)11:40
BitPuffinI cannot11:40
prologicthe /etc/rc.d/docker I wrote is meant to call cgroups-umount when you stop docker :)11:40
BitPuffinapparently it doesn't :D11:40
prologicwell damn11:40
BitPuffinokay let's see here11:40
BitPuffinlet's do like this11:40
BitPuffinI'll remove docker from rc.conf11:40
prologiccan you remove docker from /etc/rc.conf11:40
BitPuffinand then reboot11:40
prologicand reboot the box11:40
BitPuffinand see if it doesn't mount11:40
BitPuffinthinking the same thing :D11:41
prologicjinx :)11:41
prologicjust comparing other things to my desktop11:41
BitPuffincruxing together is fun11:41
prologicalso could you check /etc/fstab11:42
BitPuffinI don't see any cgroups mounted11:42
prologicdo you have /dev/pts mounted?11:42
prologicdevpts       /dev/pts      devpts    noexec,nosuid,gid=tty,mode=0620  0      011:42
prologicuncomment it then11:42
prologicand mount it11:42
BitPuffinI'll just uncomment it11:42
BitPuffinoh wait it is mounted11:42
BitPuffinwhat about /dev/shm?11:43
prologicbash-4.3$ cat /proc/cgroups11:44
prologicyeah confirmed11:44
prologicyou are definately missing the cpu cgroup11:44
BitPuffinhow do I get it?11:44
BitPuffinand why is it missing ;_;11:45
prologicGenerally Necessary:11:45
prologic- cgroup hierarchy: nonexistent??11:45
prologic    (see
prologicsays same on mine11:45
prologicbut mine works :)11:45
BitPuffin [*]   Simple CPU accounting cgroup subsystem11:46
BitPuffin [ ]   Group CPU scheduler  ---- bingo?11:46
prologicthe script doesn't pick that up?11:46
prologicdamnit that's a bug11:46
prologicI'll fix their upstream script11:46
prologicand submit a PR11:46
BitPuffinrecompilig kernel11:47
prologicwait this still doesn't make sense11:48
prologicI can't identify the missing kernel config11:48
prologicbut I do have that enabled though11:49
prologicwhat you just pointed out11:49
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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: go: 1.2.1 -> 1.2.212:00
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: meld3: 0.6.10 -> 1.0.012:00
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: pbr: 0.6 -> 0.8.012:00
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: stevedore: 0.14.1 -> 0.1512:00
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: virtualenv: 1.11.4 -> 1.11.612:00
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: boost: 1.53.0 -> 1.55.012:15
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: sox: dropped12:15
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: Merge branch '3.0' into 3.112:15
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: Merge branch '3.0' into 3.112:15
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: Merge branch '3.0' into 3.112:15
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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: pcmanfm: Taken over (prologic)12:23
frinnstspammy cruxbot!12:28
prologicdid I foobar something up btw?12:30
prologiccould you check the contrib repo?12:30
prologicfor some reason I've got my branches mixed up I think and some updated I made to 3.0 I can't merge into 3.1 :/12:30
BitPuffinrebooting with new kernel12:33
prologicoh hey there BitPuffin12:33
prologicdid that fix it?12:33
BitPuffinI am still half brb'd, just doing stuff while waiting for stuff xD12:33
BitPuffinI'll check12:33
BitPuffinor what do you mean12:33
BitPuffinnew kernel?12:33
prologicI found the kernel option's name12:34
BitPuffinis that the same as what I enabled?12:34
prologici sure hope so :)12:34
prologicalso not sure if it matters12:34
BitPuffinI have a cpu group now at least12:34
prologicbut in that submenu12:34
prologicI have fair scheulding selected12:34
prologicgood good :)12:34
prologicgive it a whirl then12:34
prologicwoot woot :)12:35
BitPuffinor uh12:35
BitPuffinwell I got a shell12:35
BitPuffinbut then ls12:35
BitPuffinor pwd12:35
BitPuffinit just hangs12:35
BitPuffinso close I guess12:35
BitPuffinbut close doesn't shoot the hare12:35
prologicdid you use -i -t ?12:35
prologicdocker run -i -t crux /bin/bash12:36
BitPuffinI just used -t12:36
prologicah yeah12:36
BitPuffinsince crux is installed12:36
prologicyou want both12:36
BitPuffinlet's reinstall it12:36
BitPuffin-i is interactive12:37
BitPuffinthought it was install12:37
BitPuffinyay it works12:38
BitPuffinthanks for the help prologic12:41
BitPuffinand the port12:41
nweprologic: is docker like an lxc container?12:41
prologicread all about it :)12:42
prologicit provides more than just basic lxc12:42
BitPuffinnow I can prt-get remove lxc12:42
prologicyes :)12:42
prologicand yay finished all my port update12:43
BitPuffinit's lxc but with tools12:43
prologicwe have to build porthub12:43
BitPuffinit's basically containers, plus a registry, plus a handy cli12:43
prologicyeah that's a good description actually12:43
BitPuffinyes we have to12:43
prologiclxc + tools + ecosystems12:43
prologicrobustness, consistentcy, portability12:43
prologicit's pretty awesome really12:43
BitPuffinbig data12:43
prologicwell let's not go that far :)12:44
prologictools + ecosystem sounded nice :)12:44
prologiccloud/big-data/nosql is just all bs :)12:44
prologicbefore we get serious about porthub too btw12:45
prologiclet's work out how to do local development12:45
prologicbut docker style12:45
BitPuffingonna rebuild docker with the new go version12:45
prologicso that you're actually (nor me) isntalling or setting up anything special on your dev machine12:45
BitPuffinfor giggles12:45
prologicbut inside a container12:45
BitPuffinwe should def use docker12:45
prologicgood practice for future work where I work too12:45
prologicget rid of the whole notion of12:45
prologic"works for me"12:45
prologicthen you spend hours/days trying to make it work on someone else's PC12:45
prologicuggh :)12:45
prologicI imagine the workflow is something like this12:46
prologicsetup your dev repo with a Dockerfile12:46
BitPuffinAnd now docker works on mac/win as well12:46
BitPuffinand I mostly work on a mac12:46
prologicand setup a volume for say /app12:46
BitPuffinfor work12:46
BitPuffinso that should be fine :)12:47
prologicand bind mount your local clone to your dev container12:47
prologicthat way you get all the benefits of your local dev env12:47
prologicides, editors, what not12:47
prologicbut your "local dev instnace" runs inside a container12:47
prologicand built inside a container12:47
prologicyeah I'm on an iMac at work too12:47
prologicI have two Docker hosts setup on OpenStack VM(s) on our cloud infrastructure12:48
prologicwith firewalled ports to my Mac12:48
prologicso I just essentially use the docker cli (brew install docker)12:48
BitPuffinoh it is in brew?12:48
prologicbut for mac/win tehre's also boot2docker as well12:48
prologicwhich is apparently really nice12:48
prologicit is12:48
prologicthe client that is12:48
prologicwell the client is also the daemon12:48
prologicbut you know what I mean12:49
BitPuffinit can be on a server12:49
BitPuffinbut that's irrelevant12:49
BitPuffindoes it install boot2docker also?12:49
nwea stupid question will I the docker container get own network interface and ip ?12:49
prologicthat's separate afaik12:49
BitPuffinprologic: man I want crux3.1 in docker :P12:49
prologictwo network interfaces?12:49
prologicnormally a conatiner only gets one12:49
prologicdocker takes care of all networking for you12:49
prologicand has to for portability reasons12:50
prologicBitPuffin, I'm working on it :)12:50
BitPuffinoh :D12:50
prologicas in a 3.1 crux image for docker12:50
prologicpatience :)12:50
prologicI'm updating the crux 3.0 image atm12:50
BitPuffinI guess I'll just set up the email server with 3.0 in the mean time12:50
prologicstill sorting out the update process/tools for it12:50
prologicthen I'll build one for 3.112:50
BitPuffinguess it's a good excercise on how to upgrade to 3.1 and 3.2 etc12:51
prologicit won't/shoudln't make a difference to you12:51
prologicbut create a repo for your email server12:51
prologicand a Dockerfile12:51
prologicand a:12:51
prologicFROM crux:latest12:51
prologicdo it properly :)12:51
prologicvim Dockerfile12:51
BitPuffinI didn't think of that12:51
prologicdocker build -rm -t BitPuffin/psotfix .12:52
BitPuffinI thought I'd do run blabla bash, set things up12:52
prologicrepeat and rinse12:52
BitPuffinand then commit the container to an image12:52
prologicyou *can* do that12:52
prologicbut it's not very developer friendly12:52
BitPuffinerr doesn't docker build -rm remove all my emails :P12:52
prologici;e: you won't get a Dockerfile out of that proecss12:52
prologicnor will it be repeatable12:52
prologicall you'll end up with is a nice image12:52
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prologicdocker build -rm12:53
prologic-rm remove intermediarry images after a success fbuild12:53
prologicyou should start reading the docs :)12:53
prologicand the man pages :)12:53
prologicand google some cheat sheets12:53
prologicI've been with Docker since 0.712:53
prologicso kinda used to it all :)12:53
BitPuffinyeah I've read half12:56
BitPuffinit's still on my todo list12:56
prologicdon't worry12:59
prologicall the commonly used stuff is easy as12:59
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prologic/join #cruxlinux13:05
prologiclet's not keep flooding #crux with our crap :)13:05
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frinnstprologic: you seem to have merged 3.1 to 3.0 ?13:34
prologicI sure hope not13:35
prologicit was meant ot be several 3.0 -> 3.1 merges13:35
frinnstor maybe its just me that fucked up thunderbird for 3.013:37
frinnstsurprised nobody's complained about it if thats the case13:38
prologicdunno :)13:40
prologicbut it looks okay here finally13:40
prologicI had to manually cherrypy pick some changes from 3.0 to 3.113:40
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prologicI'm updating the Docker Installation docs and submitting a PR14:33
BitPuffinmy feedback is unable to connect14:36
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prologicoops sorry14:38
prologicI added a section on Issues14:38
prologicand am rebuilding14:38
prologicit's up again14:38
BitPuffinoh you are gonna get this up on
prologicit already is14:39
prologichas been for a while now14:39
BitPuffin"l contrin por"14:39
BitPuffinI think the link should link to the port instead14:40
BitPuffin$ prt-get depinst docker14:40
BitPuffinshould be14:40
BitPuffin# prt-get depinst docker14:40
BitPuffinI would switch the starting docker part to just be14:41
BitPuffin# /etc/rc.d/docker start14:42
BitPuffininstead of sudo -i14:42
BitPuffinjust that14:42
BitPuffinmakes it clear that you start it as root14:42
prologicsure okay14:42
BitPuffinthe (CRUX Mailing List)[] or (IRC Channels)[].14:42
BitPuffinmarkdown is backwards14:42
BitPuffinit should be [IRC Channels](...14:43
BitPuffinother than that fantastic14:43
prologicI hate Markdown :)14:44
BitPuffindon't you also need lo for it to run?14:44
BitPuffinor was that something else14:44
prologicShirt+refresh :)14:44
BitPuffinI always use my Shirt14:45
prologicthat's unrelated14:45
prologicthat's more to do with the CRUX 3.1 upgrade than anything14:45
joacimI like markdown14:45
BitPuffinprologic: I had an alternative idea to the #!rst etc stuff we discussed14:45
joacimbasically the same markup that i used in txt files and emails for years14:45
BitPuffinor should this be in #cruxlinux?14:46
prologicyeah :)14:46
prologicit might get a bit spammy otherwise14:46
prologicfrinnst might get upset :)14:46
BitPuffinfrinnst is upset anyway14:47
BitPuffinjust kidding frinnst14:47
BitPuffinhugs? :D14:47
BitPuffinwe are both swedish14:47
Amnesiaprologic: what're you going to host on that domain?14:47
BitPuffin(I think?)14:47
BitPuffinAmnesia: porthub14:47
prologicporthub for starters14:47
prologicand hopefully later on packages.14:47
prologicand maybe (we should) a clone/mirror of (read-only)14:48
AmnesiaIt'll be an alternative to crux's portdb index page?14:48
prologicfor now I guess :)14:48
prologicmaybe a replacement?14:48
BitPuffinit should be a system to make it easier to maintain and fork ports14:49
Amnesiacheck out flask;)14:49
BitPuffinhe's using something else14:50
BitPuffinthat is also micro14:50
BitPuffinas in not django/railsy14:50
Amnesianever heard of that fw before14:54
prologicI'm not surprised15:11
prologicmy marketing skills suck15:12
prologicbut circuits (the python framework) itself has been in development for over 10 years now15:12
prologicand I'm presneting it at PyConAU this year in Aug15:12
BitPuffinare you the developer of it?15:32
prologicWhat do you think :)15:37
BitPuffinit is possible16:02
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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: Revert "thunderbird: build with system libjpeg-turbo"16:56
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*** diverse has left #crux ("WeeChat 0.4.3")17:05
frinnstso, moving a ~3gb iso via usb to a windows box.. what "#%"� filesystem should one use?17:52
frinnstis ntfs the only option? fat32 has a 2gb filelimit iirc?17:52
nogagplzor exfat maybe17:52
nogagplzwhatever it's called17:52
frinnstah right, exfat17:52
frinnstbut xp doesnt support that :(17:54
nogagplzntfs it is then, dumb xp17:54
nogagplz lol18:00
BitPuffinfrinnst: fat32 has a 4gb limit iirc18:01
frinnstyeah true18:04
Rotwangcould someone run "prt-get fsearch '*/openpty'18:15
Rotwangor something that will find openpty ;f18:15
jaegerRotwang: sorry, no openpty allowed in finland :D18:24
BitPuffinapparently these all depend on openssl??18:24
jaegerRotwang: also, I don't see any executable for it, just a function in openpty(3) for what that's worth18:24
Rotwangjaeger: thanks18:27
Rotwangdebug1: Allocating pty.18:36
Rotwangdebug1: session_new: session 018:36
Rotwangopenpty: No such file or directory18:36
Rotwang/dev/pts wasn't mounted x__x18:39
cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: tdb: update to 1.3.019:00
BitPuffinin 3.1 that is mounted by default19:00
frinnstawesome. the windows 7 installer cant install on a disk that used to have btrfs on it...19:10
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*** jdolan has joined #crux19:13
BitPuffinfrinnst: it doesn't know how to make a partition table?19:14
frinnstnot if it finds something unexpected i guess19:18
joacimdont think their installer is that robust19:19
frinnsthad to boot my crux-stick and run wipefs :)19:19
joacimvista/7 had trouble installing on my drives unless i created one with fdisk and made it bootable first19:19
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*** toriso has left #crux ()19:28
looophello, i'm trying to install crux, i know i did some mistakes, but i just want to log in the xfce desktop, i cant log in its giving me xkb error19:29
frinnstyou cant start X?19:30
looopi did once19:30
looopbut not anymore19:30
frinnstcan you paste the error someplace?19:30
looopXKB: failed to compile keymap19:30
frinnstyou could use wgetpaste to upload it and share easily19:31
looopi did the keymap config in /etc/vconsole.conf19:32
frinnsti dont think that error is fatal19:32
looopkeyboard initialization failed......fatal server error19:32
frinnstdo you use a xorg config?19:33
looopi installed xorg xorg-server xf86vesa synaptics keyboard-config19:33
frinnstbut no driver?19:33
looopwhich driver?19:34
frinnstor evdev19:34
looopi have it19:34
looopand synaptics19:34
frinnstwhat reads /etc/vconsole.conf ?19:35
looopi need another video driver maybe19:37
frinnstwell it would be helpful if you could share the entire error19:37
frinnstits quite impossible to guess otherwise19:37
cruxbot[core.git/3.0]: grep: updated to 2.1919:38
looopok i never wgetpaste, can you tell me how to do it19:39
BitPuffinlooop: prt-get depinst wgetpaste, cat /var/log/Xorg.log | wgetpaste19:39
BitPuffinsomething like that19:39
BitPuffinlooop: were you the one on the mailing list looking for icons? :)19:40
looopnot me19:40
BitPuffinwelcowe to crux by the way!19:41
looopBitPuffin: thank you, i'm far from entering the crux world, but i'm trying :)19:41
BitPuffinhmm does he need to compile kernel with modesetting perhaps?19:44
BitPuffincould you alse paste /var/log/Xorg.0.log19:45
looopthats the one i did19:45
frinnstno, its actually xkb errors19:45
BitPuffinwell weird that it says19:45
frinnstnever seen X bail on that19:45
BitPuffinPlease also check the log file at "/var/log/Xorg.0.log" for additional information.19:45
BitPuffinis that a port?19:46
frinnstremove/rename vconsole.conf, undo any keyboard-related changes you've made19:46
looopcat /var/log/Xorg.log didn't work19:46
looopi have xkeyboard-config19:46
BitPuffinwhat version are you running of crux19:47
BitPuffinif so, is it possible to run?19:48
looopxkeyboard-config, command not found19:49
frinnstits not a binary19:50
frinnstprt-get -fr update xkeyboard-config19:51
frinnstjust to make sure19:51
looopmd5sum mismatch19:52
looopupdate failed19:52
BitPuffinfrinnst: yeah that's what I was gonna suggest19:52
BitPuffinlooop: bingo19:52
looopi know i did make some mistakes though19:54
looopi do have xkeyboard-config since it wont let me reinstall it19:55
frinnstlooop: remove the tarball and try again19:57
looophow i remove it?20:01
frinnstrm /usr/ports/xorg/xkeyboard-config/xkeyboard-config.tar.bz2 probably20:01
looopi cant remove it20:06
looopi removed it, doing ports -u20:08
BitPuffinwell then do the update -fr20:08
looopok it's installing20:09
looopstill the same error20:11
frinnstdid you  remove your configs?20:12
looopin /etc/vconsole ?20:12
frinnstyes and if you have any xorg configs20:12
looopi have no xorg config20:13
looophow to remove xorg-xf86-video-intel ?20:21
frinnstprt-get remove20:21
looopok, ty20:22
looopi have xorg xorg-server xorg-xinit xf86-video-vesa xf86-input-synaptics xfce4....i shouldn't need anything right20:29
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looopi'm trying to reinstall it, but i'm having xfce4 error, pango, prt-get: error while install, pango failed23:03
BitPuffinlooop: what's the output?23:48

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