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looopBitPuffin: i'm doing prt-get sysup ... and i think it will take a long time00:15
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: bind: 9.9.4-P2 -> 9.9.500:32
looop***Must have at least one backend to build pango.01:05
looopError: building '/usr/ports........pango...tar.gz'01:06
BitPuffinlooop: oh you re-installed crux?01:09
BitPuffinis there a readme for pango?01:09
BitPuffinprt-get readme pango01:09
looopno there's none01:11
looopit needs gtk, and gtk needs pango01:31
openfbtdHaha oh wow01:31
looopBitPuffin: thanks for you help, but i'll be back later01:31
openfbtdTIL MS calls their WM dwm >_>01:31
looopopenfbtd: where is dwm, i was looking for it01:31
looopwhat port01:32
openfbtdI don't know if there's a port for crux01:32
openfbtdBut http://dwm.suckless.org01:32
looopoh ok,01:33
openfbtdIt produces a single binary. + dmenu if you want it (and you do)01:33
looopyes, dmenu is needed, i had dwm before01:33
openfbtdSo if you're too lazy to write a port, won't be too messy to just stick those two into /usr/local/bin or something01:33
looopi wouldn't need pango with dwm lol01:33
openfbtdI really like dwm, but I'm having problems with fullscreen opengl apps01:34
openfbtdThey launch below all windows and ignore resolution settings.01:35
openfbtdWhy do I even look at desktop threads anymore01:36
BitPuffinlooop: dwm is in contrib01:37
openfbtdAlthough that does probably pass for minimalism on Windows.01:37
looopBitPuffin: i added contrib, it couldn't find dwm01:38
BitPuffinlooop: did you run ports -u?01:38
BitPuffinand did you uncomment the line in /etc/prt-get.conf?01:39
loooplet me check01:39
BitPuffinand glib is not gtk (about pango) if that's what you mean01:40
BitPuffinhave you installed fontconfig?01:41
looopi have fontconfig01:43
BitPuffindo you have harfbuzz?01:45
looopBitPuffin: guess what, i'm on dwm now lol01:45
looopi'm using crux yeah01:46
looopbut i cant type, i'll be back tomorrow, thanks for the help again01:49
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BitPuffintype pical02:12
openfbtdFirst place in a round of Fistful of Frags02:16
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retardi just finished my first semi-major port02:50
retardfeels good02:50
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openfbtdI've just taken my first hot shower in two weeks03:27
openfbtdFeels good!03:27
openfbtd(hot water was disabled)03:27
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retardis that a compile time option03:54
openfbtd./configure --hot-water04:02
Romster./configure --enable-hot-water04:03
diverse           --disable-cold-water04:03
Romsteror ./configure --with=hot-water04:03
Romsterhah that would be really hot than warm04:03
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xveeim like the bad luck brian of computers. i get an ssd, and its whining really loudly. have to send it back now :/06:32
diverseuhhhhh... how do ssds whine in the first place?06:33
xveeno idea. it makes this really high pitch sound06:33
xveethen goes away, then come back randomly06:33
diverseSolid State means no moveable parts, period.06:33
xveei know, which is why ill be sending it back06:34
diverseyou probably got a HDD+SSD hybrid drive06:34
xveenope. its a samsung evo. no hdd06:35
Romsteri bet its a inductor for the switch mode power supply it uses internally is noisy.06:36
Romsterwindings can vibrate emitting noise or cracked ferrite former.06:37
Romsteralso can be squealing due to faulty capacitors in the dc-dc converter as well.06:38
xveeoh dang. -____-06:38
Romstercoming from a electronics tech that's seen it all before and herd it.06:38
diversecolor me surprised06:38
Romsterthat is one area i do specialize in power supplies06:38
Romsterand audio gear.06:38
xveeits a laptop too06:39
xveeanyway, what are you guys up to ?06:44
diversecoding, you?06:48
xveemessing around online. just reading about ssd setups on linux, and what changes need to be made06:52
Romsterso the SD is easily removed in most models.06:59
Romsterjust use a FS that has trim support07:00
xveeim on ext4. added noatime an discard to fstab. feel like thats all i need07:09
Romsteryep all i do too07:16
diversenwe: prologic can probably help with that07:24
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diverseinb4 another giant text wall07:25
nwe:) I trying to build graph for my temperature stuff :)07:25
nwediverse: temperature.allow.se07:25
nweI can connect and get the data from postgres, but now I must read how I will draw the graphd :p07:26
diversewell there is probably tons of drawing libs in python, iirc there is one called `turtle`?07:27
diverseyou have to tell the code logic how you are going to draw the graphs07:27
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juebtw, here is a interesting reading about ssd's and discard ->
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: poppler: update to 0.26.107:55
cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: poppler-glib: update to 0.26.107:55
cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: poppler-qt4: update to 0.26.107:55
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BitPuffinopenfbtd: I hope you were still taking cold showers lol12:10
frinnstnwe: what are you using to measure the temps?12:54
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openfbtdBitPuffin, I've defeated my lazyness and was actually heating up some water13:35
openfbtdWhich is far better than quick cold showers13:35
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nwefrinnst: 1 Slice of Radio - Wireless RF transciever for the Raspberry Pi , and 5 Sensor - Temperature XRF development sensor - THERMISTOR , and Explorer Plus - 5 in 1 USB interface for Xbee, XRF, RFu etc EXP+ to configure the sensors15:06
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looophello, i can finally log to xfce but i dont have the right fonts/symbols, i only see empty squares, i'm missing fonts, but which one16:34
looopafter another reinstall, hehe, i need practice anyhow16:35
BitPuffinyou shouldn't need to reinstall so much, this isn't windows :)16:39
BitPuffinwhy you'd reinstall: you want a different partition layout16:40
looopwell, i couldn't do anything so it's ok, i dont mind reinstalling16:40
looopi can log in to xfce now, that's an improvment lol16:41
BitPuffinwell reinstalling takes a lot of time :P16:41
BitPuffinwhen it's really only about missing packages and stuff16:41
BitPuffinlook in the port dir for xfce16:41
BitPuffindoes it have pre/post install scripts?16:41
BitPuffinyou might have to install an icon pack and configure xfce to use that etc16:42
looopmaybe i need xorg-font... ?16:43
jaegerxfce doesn't ship with an icon pack anymore so you have to add one, yes16:43
jaegerer, icon theme16:43
jaegergnome-icon-theme, tango-icon-theme, something like that16:43
jaegerlooks like sepen added elementary-xfce-icon-theme16:44
looopi see some icons, but i dont see any fonts, its just empty squares16:44
jaegeroh, sorry, I misread16:44
looophello jaeger, no problem16:44
jaegeryou did say fonts and I saw icons, heh16:44
BitPuffinwell first off16:45
BitPuffindo you have any fonts installed?16:45
BitPuffinfor example the deja vu fonts16:45
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: nmap: remove nmap-update16:47
looopok i got the fonts, dejavu...and its all good16:48
looopvery fast install, i have to say16:49
BitPuffinit is :)16:50
BitPuffinthe slow part is updating haha16:50
BitPuffinbut it's worth it16:50
looopi believe i followed wrong guides it's why i couldn't install it properly16:52
BitPuffindid you intall it with prt-get at least? :)16:52
looopyes i did16:53
looopbut like yesterday, i did change some settings pkg_sources_dir, according to a guide16:53
looopand if you remember, i couldn't install pango16:54
BitPuffinI remember16:54
looopand i couldn't type on dwm16:54
loooptoday, i didn't change any settings16:54
BitPuffinand suddenly everything worked :D16:54
looopand it went flawless, except the fonts16:54
BitPuffinI'd say the fonts went flawless as well16:55
BitPuffinwhy should crux say which fonts you should have in your xfce16:55
BitPuffinit can function without it after all :)16:55
looopright, i'm happy about it, bbiab i need to do some things, i'm very happy now...i made it16:56
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MNKyDethI saw the posting on the mailing list yesterday and decided to give the 3.1-rc1 iso a test run. I am not sure if it is a known problem, but I used unetbootin to copy the iso to a usb stick. When I started up the machine I forced it to boot from the usb stick like I normally would. It gets t a point where it says Searching for the CRUX media... Then says no media found on the physical drives in the computer but doesn't seem to see the us18:02
MNKyDethIf this is the wrong place to post this I appologize. The final part of the message says, The CRUX media was not properly mounted. Spawning a shell for you to attempt to fix this problem.18:03
jaegerunetbootin isn't necessary, the ISO is already hybrid18:05
jaegeryou can write the ISO directly to a USB device18:05
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jaegerunetbootin may have done something funky to it but not sure18:05
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MNKyDethahh, ok, I only have access to this windows comp for the moment. Are you aware if I can just copy the iso to the usb stick then? ie, drag and drop? I am still getting used to the usb stick installs, I will do more research on a better way to get the usb stick bootable.18:07
jaegeryou'd probably want to use physdiskwrite on windows18:08
MNKyDethok, checking it out now18:09
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MNKyDethI had a hard time with that program, as it wasn't in a language I could read. I tried fiddling with it a bit but couldn't get it to write to the usb stick. A quick search for me pulled up win32diskimager. I used that and am now at a command prompt. Thanks for pointing me in the right direction.18:18
jaegerno problem :) will have to remember win32diskimager, never used it before18:20
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retardthere is also dd.exe20:30
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looopwhat is the latest kernel on crux?22:32
jaegerwhichever you install. there's not an official kernel package22:34
looopwill it update it?22:35
BitPuffinlooop: no you grab it from and build it yourself22:35
BitPuffinthere is unofficial ports for the kernel though22:35
BitPuffinor at least it's conceptually possible22:36
BitPuffindon't know if a lot of people maintain them22:36
looopok, thank you22:37
BitPuffinno problem :D22:37
looopbecause i did a prt-get sysup that last some time, and no new kernel, hehe22:38
BitPuffinbut we cruxers we like to configure our kernel ourselves22:38
BitPuffinjust like you had to do during installation ;)22:38
BitPuffinmaybe you just ran make all or something though22:38
joacimonce you have a config, building a kernel isn't that much work22:38
BitPuffinif so, when you download your latest kernel from make sure you reuse the one used during installation22:38
joacimmake oldconfig; make; make modules_install; make install22:39
BitPuffinI should use make oldconfig22:39
looopBitPuffin: yes i will22:39
BitPuffinI just cp /usr/src/blabl/.config and overwrite though22:39
BitPuffinthen I run make menuconfnig and hold down enter XD22:39
BitPuffinjoacim: does make oldconfig read from /proc/config.gz or whatever the thing is22:41
looopdo i wget the kernel ?22:42
joacimyou have to copy your old config to your new kernel source first22:42
BitPuffinlooop: if that's your command of preference yes22:42
BitPuffinyou can also use the firefox download manager22:43
BitPuffinprobably curl as well22:43
joacimbasically what you're doing, just without pretty graphics22:43
looopthen put it in /usr/src/...22:43
BitPuffinjoacim: well when I run menuconfig it does exactly that before I get to the "gui"22:43
BitPuffinlooop: put it wherever you want22:43
BitPuffinideally you don't want to build as root22:44
BitPuffinand if /usr/src/linux-* is pwned by root and you want it there then i guess chown -R dat dir22:44
BitPuffinI usually hove a /home/user/src dir though22:44
looopso it doesn't matter where i put it, as long i compile it22:48
BitPuffinlooop: yeah, and install it :)22:50
looopyes, hehe22:50
loooponce i have a browser lol22:50
BitPuffin(optional) wget
BitPuffinverifying the signature is probably too much to take in at the moment though22:53
BitPuffinit's just for security22:54
joacimI never do that.22:54
looopBitPuffin: thanks22:56
BitPuffinok np :)23:01
BitPuffinjoacim: I do it on my server at least23:02
BitPuffinlooop: a thing I do when I don't have a browser is that I install elinks lol23:11
BitPuffinbecause it compiles fast23:11
BitPuffin's also a good backup when xorg isn't working23:11
looopi couldn't install midori, libunique failed23:18
looopgood advice BitPuffin23:18

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