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looopI'm on kernel 3.14.400:01
looopnow, how do i add a port, like for gnome-icon-theme00:04
BitPuffinread the guide on :D00:07
BitPuffinor how do you mean00:07
BitPuffindo you want to make your own port00:07
BitPuffinor install a third party one00:08
looopthird party00:08
looopprt-get gets stuck in chromium/firefox in nss-3.16.1.tar.gz00:17
prologicdiverse, help with what? :)00:18
BitPuffinlooop: so you download the port colliction file, put it in /etc/ports, then you add the prtdir in /etc/prt-get.conf and then you do ports -u and prt-get depinst <package>00:24
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looopi dont get it, i think i'm too tired to think now01:08
BitPuffinthat's ok don't worry :)01:14
looopi get the file, move it to /etc/ports, i fail to add it to prt-get.conf01:14
looopi'm out, thanks for the help01:36
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diverseprologic: nwe needs help writing his python program02:32
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xveehey jaeger, im not sure i remember correctly, but you said you use a script to record your gameplay for twitch right?04:58
jaegerIt's been a LONG time since I used that, don't have it anymore. <--- some info here, though05:18
jaegerbasically it boils down to ffmpeg supporting capturing from X and broadcasting to an rtmp destination05:21
xveeoh, so you used windows to stream the last time you were on?05:36
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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: rtmpdump: enable CFLAGS use05:50
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prologicdiverse, ahh yes I can help with that :)06:20
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nweif you want a special chassi :)
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joacimkinda want a silverstone tj08, but the stores i usually buy from dont have it anymore08:39
joacimonly dustin have it. dustin have everything it seems08:39
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nwehello :)12:04
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looophow come i cant install chromium, it stucks in nss-3.16.1.tar.gz14:43
nweprt-get depinst chromium..14:46
nweor if you need more help giv us more information :) log etc.14:46
looopi did prt-get depinst chromium, but it stucks at pasv...done. ==> nss-3.16.1.tar.gz14:49
looopor maybe i just have to wait14:49
looopit just hang there14:56
nwewhen it trying to download it or?14:57
looopPASV ... done. ==> RETR nss-3.16.1.tar.gz ...14:58
looopit hangs at that ^14:59
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BitPuffinfull log please15:09
looopits trying to download it15:10
BitPuffinmaybe the server is down15:10
BitPuffintry pinging it15:10
loooperror in server response, closing control conection. retrying15:12
BitPuffinyeah seems to be an issue with that then15:12
BitPuffinwhat's the URL for the downlad?15:12
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nweany idea about this... ERROR    Host does not support virtualization type 'hvm', but I can connect with virsh -c qemu:///system list17:44
looopi need a browser :)17:59
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BitPuffinso what was the tool from prt-utils to use to find everything that depends on libpng again?19:27
BitPuffinso I can rebuild them all19:27
BitPuffinnot prt-get19:27
BitPuffinbecause it depends on the # Depends On: part19:28
frinnstfinddeps ?19:28
BitPuffinhow will that help19:29
BitPuffinfinddep lists dependencies, not thing that depend on the port19:29
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BitPuffinbasically I want prt-get dependent19:30
BitPuffinbut without prt-get19:30
BitPuffinrevdep so far returns ardour and cairomm19:31
BitPuffingtkmm, libgnomecanvas libgnomecanvasmm, pangomm and vlc19:37
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darfoupgraded to 3.0 to 3.1 rc20:13
darfonext time print the upgrade instructions20:13
darfogot caught on devpts20:13
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darfothank you Crux Devs for another job well done20:15
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prologicdevpts? really?20:31
prologichmm I guess so :)20:32
prologicI didn't go through an upgrade path20:32
prologicmore a complete reinstall :)20:32
darfoon upgrade it doesn't overlay /etc/fstab so the devpts options were wrong20:36
darfodocs warned me but I didn't follow them :)20:36
darfowell, I did follow them, eventually20:36
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looopdarfo, what doc?20:38
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darfoTODO31 on the wiki21:29
darfolooop ^21:30
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looopdarfo: thanks21:49
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