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thetornainbowhey guys i'm having trouble adding user contributed repos, like z3bras. where do i obtain an .rsync file or .httpup file? i clicked "get sync file" in the page for a given repo, put in /etc/ports/ but has ROOT_DIR and URL set, rather than host, collection, etc. like the default .rsync files included00:40
thetornainbownevermind, i'm a moron. mv'ed the .rsync files to .httpup, formatted for httpup not rsync - which is why they were different from default .rsync files.00:42
thetornainbownow it works fine00:42
thetornainbowalso, one other question, trying to install midori, error says needed atk > 2.9, 2.6 installed, but atk 2.10.0 is installed, according to prt-get info atk00:46
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frinnstsoooooooooo hoooooooooooooooot06:49
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nogagplzhow hot is so hot08:31
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frinnstonly 28.2C in my office now09:20
joacimI am in heaven. 8C09:40
frinnstnice joacim09:41
frinnstmawo: sweden09:41
BitPuffinfrinnst: where in sweden o_o09:43
pipsHell now, can be rounded up to 666°C.09:45
joacimIt is about 11C in Hell09:47
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BitPuffinis there any plans to move exim to opt?11:20
retardwhat would you like to see replace it?11:25
frinnstnot really, no11:27
frinnstexim is the shit11:27
retardi don't know much about exim11:30
retardbut i learned how terrible postfix is on friday11:30
retardbut i ended up replacing it with opensmtpd though11:30
frinnstheh. yeah i used to run postfix too11:30
retardsrc/util/get_hostname.c looking the way it does and including mymalloc.h drove me over the edge11:31
frinnstthe configuration isnt very nice. I fucked up the routing rules somewhat with it once. I had to route all my mail through my isp since port 25 is locked down. However, postfix decided to route *everything* through it, even the mail it was the final destination for. So a spammer used my domain as a forged reply-to address and attempted to spam a nonexistent user on my domain11:32
frinnstso postfix decided to route the bounce mail back through my isp, resulting in me getting an automated autospam warning in the mail :)11:33
retardthe configuration making a reference to getting the "fqdn" from gethostname() was what led me to check out the code11:34
retardsince it failed completely at getting the domain of the server in question without me specifying it11:34
frinnsthm, isnt that just the default config, you can override it, no?11:50
retardpostfix claims to get the fqdn in comments in the config11:52
retardit fails at this11:52
retardlooking through the source told me why11:53
retardthe why made me decide to never use postfix when i can avoid it11:53
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: mpg123: update to 1.20.013:28
cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: whois: update to 5.1.313:28
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looopi'm adding ports and still having issues installing chromium/midori/firefox....15:17
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joacimthat power supply i replaced a month ago. It died yesterday. =)15:18
joacimthe two bulging caps were rated for 85C15:18
joacimfound some more bulging caps too now15:18
joacimlooop: what do you mean?15:18
frinnstjoacim: nice quality. what brand/model ?15:19
joacimMist. Don't know who made it15:20
looopjoacim, i try to install chromium from opt, doesn't work because i need nss, midori i need libunique, so i go to crux website, so i added ports, and still the same problem15:21
joacimsold by (dead). pretty much everyone recommended them back in the day15:22
joacimyou're not running "prt-get depinst chromium"?15:23
joacimyou shouldn't have to go to the portdb to hunt for dependencies to install ports from opt15:24
joacimwhat does prt-get depends chromium say?15:24
frinnstloop: use prt-get depinst!15:25
looopfrinnst: i'm doing it but it wont let me, because it need other programs15:25
looopi must be missing something, its like all ports are broken15:25
looopjoacim: it says a lot but i have everything expect chromium/nss/speech-dispatcher15:26
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BitPuffinlooop: have you ran ports -u?15:46
looopyes many times15:46
looopeverytime after adding a port15:46
looopbut still the same dependencies missing15:47
BitPuffinand you have added the prtdir in /etc/prt-get.conf ?15:47
BitPuffinplease show us your output15:47
looopall ports are broken15:47
BitPuffinhave you sysup'd?15:47
looopyes i cant update brtfs-progs so i have it on ignore15:48
looopits up to date except that15:48
looophow can i show you the output?15:48
BitPuffincopy and paste from the terminal?15:48
BitPuffinprt-get depinst chromium | wgetpaste might work as well15:49
joacimlooop: btrfs-progs is probably missing one of its dependencies. prt-get depends btrfs-progs will help you identify it15:50
loooplzo is missing15:51
looopprt-get chromium | wgetpaste doesn't work15:52
BitPuffinlooop: run prt-get depinst `prt-get depends btrfs-progs`15:52
BitPuffindo you use btrfs?15:53
looopi dont know why its asking to update it, i dont use it15:53
BitPuffinso remove it then15:53
BitPuffinif you don't want it15:53
BitPuffinprt-get remove btrfs-progs15:53
BitPuffinyou installed it during setup15:54
BitPuffinsince you didn't deselect it from the base installation :)15:54
joacimwell. it is in core. packages can and will expect it to be there15:54
joacimi wouldn't remove btrfs-progs15:54
BitPuffinnot unless you use something that wants btrfs :P15:55
BitPuffinI don't have btrfs-progs15:55
BitPuffinand I don't have exim15:55
BitPuffinalthough I guess if you don't know what you are doing and how to fix it if it ever turns out to be a problem I guess you shouldn't remove it15:56
looopits not a big problem right now, i will remove from the kernel15:57
looopi'm trying to understand what am i doing wrong not being able to install things15:57
BitPuffinwhen all else fails: dd if=/dev/nul of=/dev/sda15:57
BitPuffinI'm kidding15:57
BitPuffindon't ever do that15:57
BitPuffinlooop: can you copy and paste using your mouse?15:57
looopi have opera installed15:58
BitPuffinfor example select all the text output with your mouse15:58
looopand its very speedy, i like crux15:58
BitPuffinand paste it in opera15:58
BitPuffinon gist.github.com15:58
looopoh yes yes i forgot that lol15:58
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looopok, back16:02
looopand a mismatch for libunique16:08
joacimyou can usually ignore new files. man prt-get tells you how to ignore them. you can also edit /etc/prt-get.conf16:10
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BitPuffinlooop: yeah, you should edit prt-get.conf to ignore new16:17
BitPuffinlike joacim said16:17
BitPuffinif you just wanna install you can use prt-get -if depinst libunique16:17
looopsorry, i use irssi and my terminal crashed16:18
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looopi dont get it, brand new install, having so much trouble with "official" ports16:35
BitPuffinlooop: you are not having trouble, footprint missmatches are normal16:37
BitPuffinyou just need to tell it to ignare the new files in footprint16:37
BitPuffinie if I want to go into the container with bash and run mailq16:39
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looopanyone know why firefox needs nss to compile?18:05
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frinnstbecause nss is a major component of firefox. it does all https stuff18:07
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looopok, but it wont let me install it18:18
frinnstwho wont let you install it?18:19
frinnstoh, you cant download stuff via ftp?18:19
frinnstwell, find a mirror then18:19
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frinnsttry this:
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frinnstsearch engines are your friend18:22
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joacimsearch engines spy on you. and then drop your toilet brush down into your toilet.18:41
joacimi meant tooth brush18:43
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looopixquick dont spy on you18:47
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looopi did it :) oh wow, i'm in shock, lol20:01
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looopthank you for putting up with me :)20:01
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looopBitPuffin: thanks for your help20:14
BitPuffinno problem man20:14
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: xorg-font-sourceserif-otf: initial release22:16
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