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cruxbot[compat-32.git/3.0]: gdk-pixbuf-32: 2.30.6 -> 2.30.802:42
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cruxbot[xorg.git/3.0]: mesa3d: disable llvm, our llvm is too new to work03:04
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Romster Cyclist's post-race celebration causes crash08:20
frinnstheh, that's been known to happen many times :)08:23
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teK_them safety glasses at 4:59 :D08:31
frinnstwhat, you dont use safety glasses when messing with your computer?08:54
teK_and the anti-static wrist tap, too08:59
Romsterweird spot for the caps lock key09:01
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Romsterfixed disk drive :D09:10
frinnstatleast the keyboard isnt buggy like mine:
frinnsttook me 2 weeks to notice :)09:11
Romsterwho did that...09:11
frinnstheh, the manufacturer somehow.. and it got through all quality controls09:12
Romsteri'd of expected a prank of that.09:12
frinnstthey are sending me a replacement keycap :)09:12
joacimwhy do they print norwegian _and_ danish variants?09:12
joacimcan just swap the keys09:12
frinnstbecause $$$09:12
Romsterthis brings back memories setting sectors heads and size of a hdd09:14
joacimI'll never get it :/09:14
Romsterlong before LBA even existed.09:14
frinnstjoacim: too "gamer-bling" for me09:16
joacimit is cheap, so i'm getting it to see if i like it09:16
joacimi'll buy some new keycaps if i do like it.09:16
joacimthey have a toned down top cover too09:16
joacimmight as well get a filco at that point. it would be just as expensive.09:17
frinnstbuy the regular one (the non rapid-gaming)09:17
joacimthe regular one?09:17
joacimi prefer a tenkeyless09:19
frinnstah, only the rapid is tkl?09:19
joacimthere is this one, but i think i prefer the rapid09:20
frinnstbrown isnt that noisy. i sit next to one at work :)09:22
frinnstyou'll have to ask Feigr how he feels about sitting next to mx blue09:22
Feigrimit's fine09:22
Romsterclunk clink clink caching09:22
joacimmight get mx blues too. i have two computers, so i'd like to have two nicer keyboards09:23
frinnsti think i'd actually prefer mx green. blue feels a little light09:23
Feigrimjoacim: have you considered buckling spring keyboards like an older IBM Model M or new Unicomp?09:23
frinnstbut oh well. i own two identical mx blue boards now. guess i'll have to suck it up09:23
joacimFeigrim: i did a long time ago. i'd get one if i could find a cheap one09:25
joacimthought about the Apple Extended Keyboard II too09:25
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Feigrimwell you can always buy a new one at
Feigrimthe shipping costs are really high though :/09:29
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frinnstServer listening on address
frinnstanybody recognize that port? :)09:59
joacimthose are pretty cheap10:00
teK_quake serveR?10:00
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BitPuffinI wonder where diverse when10:58
BitPuffinfeels like he hasn't been here in days10:58
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: chromium-pepperflash: initial import12:03
teK_@seen diverse12:04
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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: docker: Bumped for update13:35
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nogagplzRomster: are you for real?14:02
nogagplzcan you see what a cretin this diverse is now14:02
Romsternow your bringing the crap in here...14:05
nogagplzjust stop and look at this, and think14:05
Romsteryou fucking think i helped you out and now your giving me shit indirectly... name one god damn thing why your acting like a total fucking retard right now...14:07
Romsteri'm mad and staying away for awhile.14:08
nogagplzI'm not giving you anything Romster14:08
nogagplzjust stop and try to think clearly for a minute14:08
frinnsta dingo probably ate someones baby14:10
nogagplzyeah, we're arguing over who is going to secure meryl streep for a movie about it now14:13
prologicseriously wtf?14:13
prologicI've never ever seen suck colourful language here14:14
prologicand now it's all over the web14:14
frinnstyes the web is known for its political correctness :)14:14
frinnstcolourful language is useful14:15
prologicoh well14:15
prologicI'm going to bed :)14:15
prologicfuck this!14:15
nogagplzfuck off! (night night(14:17
rexichwtf is going on here? :O14:19
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frinnstwho knows, its not related to #crux anyway :)14:25
rexichstrange stuff happens in netland :)14:27
nogagplzdon't worry, for all interested I'll be putting up the theatrical version on in a week14:27
rexichdoes it affect CRUX in any way? I hope not14:29
nogagplznah literally nothing to do with crux, just raging like an idiot precluded pms from the outset :P14:29
rexichalright o_o14:31
Romsternothing it's resolved...14:31
frinnstso all babies are safe? you cant trust those dingos..14:32
nogagplzdon't, only the pc people take offense to them14:32
Romsterprologic, you obviously not seen me a few years ago in here.14:33
Romstersorry for that foul language... was seriously mad.14:34
prologicpunch something :)14:36
prologicfrinnst, and yes babies are safe from dingos14:37
prologicparent watch them!14:37
prologicor at least they **SHOULD**14:37
Romsteri dunno about that,no one will ever know if a dingo really took the baby but why camp with a baby that is seriously dumb.14:38
rexichRomster: people tend to be idiots in unexpected situations14:39
Romsterlike myself just before -_-14:39
Romsterprologic, enough holes i've made in the past even though the door. with my fist.14:41
Romsteri try to not destroy crap anymore.14:42
Romstermany years ago though.14:43
Romstermeh gonna go read in bed or something...14:43
Romsterthat is obviously what i am going to do...14:45
joacimbeing told that I should do exactly what I was about to do just pisses me off even more15:00
nogagplzhulk smash!15:01
joacimI want to rip their spines out15:02
joacimlike predator15:02
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looopi get flash player, i install it, i cp to /usr/lib64/opera/plugins....flash not working, what am i missing16:16
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BitPuffinlooop: isn't three a port for flash?16:33
BitPuffinyeah there is16:34
BitPuffinin opt16:34
joacimthats probably what looop installed16:34
looopsomething strange, i went to adobe's site, with opera and midori, opera was offering me flash 64bit version, while midori was giving me the 32bit version16:36
looopi have flash player installed, but opera/midori cant use it16:36
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BitPuffinlooop: can any other browser use it?17:04
looopi cant install chromium/firefox17:06
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cruxbot[core.git/3.0]: [notify] exim: updated to 4.82.1. Resolves CVE-2014-295717:37
cruxbot[core.git/3.0]: exim: patch fixup17:53
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looopi'll have to learn a lot to maintain crux lol18:55
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teK_I call defacement ;)20:04
jaegerEven if it's defacement it still makes me a bit wary, heh20:07
teK_22:05 < hdmoore> The TrueCrypt 7.2 binaries were signed by the real TrueCrypt GPG key ( via @runasand ). Waiting for details from TCF...20:08
nwegood evening20:14
nwehow are you guys?20:15
jaegerok here, you?20:16
nweit?s okey here too, reading about chef :)20:17
nweso what are you doing jaeger ?20:17
nwewould be nice if ping will support wake on lan..20:18
teK_so that everybody could wake-up your machines?20:18
looopgood evening20:18
teK_put some transparent linux box infront of the last router and make it react on ping packets by sending the WOL-packet(s)20:19
nweteK_: I didnt think of that :)20:20
teK_it requires some effort though20:20
teK_ could be a starting point. Please open source your solution20:21
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nwewhy cant I copy/paste from xter into firefox/chromium :(20:23
teK_try the middle button or left+right from your mouse at the same time or use a good terminal application20:24
nwemiddle button (on touchpad?)20:24
nwewhich terminal are you using?20:25
teK_version 0.4.8-1, though20:25
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nweteK_: okey20:28
nweI can copy from firefox/chromium...etc.. to xterm but not from xterm -> ff,chromium..etc..20:29
teK_jaeger: clamav 0.98.3 is out20:29
teK_ok that's odd20:30
nwein firefox.chromium I just mark it, and to paste it shift+insert20:30
nwewhen I trying from xterm -> another program it taking som old paste20:31
nweif I had usb-mouse connect middle-click (scroll wheel) works..20:31
nwebut not from touchpad..20:31
teK_what about left+right button simultaniously?20:32
joacimthere are applications that synchronizes the different clipboards20:34
jaegerhrmm, wonder why my ck4up check for clamav isn't notifying me20:34
jaegerthanks, I'll check it out20:35
jaegernwe: just working. had to do some HD cloning and mdadm rebuilding for the MRI scanner this morning20:40
nwejaeger: ooh okey20:41
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nwedoes someone has problem with that everything lagging afre you resume from pm-suspend..?20:42
jaegerI haven't used it recently20:46
teK_only doing the calssic sudo su -c 'echo mem > /sys/power/state'20:51
jaegerI wonder if 'echo mem | sudo tee /sys/power/state' works20:52
teK_I think so20:53
teK_why not?20:53
jaegerI just haven't tested it20:53
jaegerwas just thinking of a way that trimmed down the sudo/su usage20:53
teK_I'm calling that from the history with ^R any way ;)20:54
teK_wonder, why I have not created an alias for it already20:54
teK_% alias | wc -l20:54
jaegerperhaps pm-suspend, hehe20:54
jaegerthat's a lot of aliases20:54
teK_saved me around 160k key strokes in the last ~5-6 months20:55
teK_on my desktop alone :)20:55
teK_I did some stats because a DNS and Mailadmin of a very large german domain argued that they were useless ;)20:56
teK_but he was hilarious anyway, e.g. when he opened his fvwm2 menu containing roughly 100 domain.* links to SSH hosts to prove something20:57
teK_not it was cute when he connected to :D20:57
teK_all while some snowflakes were floating around on his desktop :>20:58
teK_they even accumulated on window's top borders :D20:58
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jaegerhard to take that kind of person seriously when it comes to efficiency20:58
teK_but he knows his shit20:58
teK_he and three other people were handling all mail and dns traffic for the company20:59
teK_man.. if you need a port and it's not in core, opt or contrib, Romster has it :>21:02
teK_good man!21:02
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teK_but the URL for clamsmpt has changed, Romster:   and
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dxtr <- I'd rent the shit out of one of those apartments if I could afford it (If the girlfriend had a job :p)22:18
joacimreally nice floor22:42
abyxcosFlash required? What kind of backwards country is Sweden?23:04
joacimworks fine without flash ehre23:05
abyxcosDoesn't show pictures though.23:05
joacimthat works without flash too23:05
joacimin norway at least23:05
abyxcosJust says missing plugin.23:07
joacimI see a charcoal gray square, but it hs a link to the image set down in the corner23:08
joacimi guess you should expect flash-based image viewers when they built their site around frames23:10
abyxcosAlso, my swedish is terible.23:12
abyxcosSo I may just be missing it.23:12
joacimmaybe your "no plugin" thing hides the link23:13
abyxcosYea, it does.23:14
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abyxcosAnd my urxvt loads pink every time I log into xfce. Not in openbox, just xfce :P23:42
abyxcosDoes the same thing on gentoo too.23:42

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