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nwegood morning05:12
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prologicAnyone have any ideas how to solve this on CRUX?07:43
prologicFound this forum post(s):
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Romsterprologic, using multilib or pure 64bit?08:33
teK_step 1: use shitty MTAs (sendmail) from 200309:08
teK_step 2: try to link a current clamav to the exact same version of sendmail's libmilter library09:09
teK_step 3: in the process fix numerous stupid errors and manually created a shared milter library because these were uncool in 2003 and thus not built by sendmail09:09
teK_step 4: configure sendmail to use the newly built clamav-milter daemon09:10
teK_step 5: receive _VERSION_ mismatches during option negotiation betweent clamav and sendmail09:10
prologicRomster, avr toolchain10:24
prologicnot your normal gcc/glibc10:24
Romsteroh i need to fix my clamsmtp port too before i forget teK_10:44
Romsteri haven't messed with an avr tool chian before but is that file in the right format even?10:45
Romstersays it skipped it so i doubt it was.10:45
Romsterfile libgcc.a10:45
prologicdunno :)10:53
prologicI'm new to Arduino and avr toolchains too10:53
Romsteryou probably didn't set a --target=?10:54
teK_I suppose you would have to extract the contents of the ar archive before inspecting them with file(1), if you wanted to query the arch of the object files10:54
Romsterbuilding avr 32bit right?10:55
Amnesiaprologic: it's because symbols are stripped by default10:56
Amnesiause .nostrip10:56
Romsteroh forgot about that but, that only strips debug stuff Amnesia10:56
AmnesiaI also stumbled upon the exact same issue with avr-gcc10:57
Amnesiait's a pita^^10:57
RomsterToolchain From Scratch10:58
Romsteri just found that.10:58
Amnesiathat should do the job aswell, there're similar applications10:58
prologicAmnesia, ahh11:00
prologicyou're the one I need to collaborate with :)11:00
prologicI had forgotten who the fellow Arduino CRUXer was :)11:01
prologicthank you :)11:01
prologicI'll modify my port to not strip11:01
prologicwas having a few issues compiling some code I wrote for my Arduino projects11:02
prologicwas getting some __dso_handle__ not defined linking problems11:02
prologicso thought I'd upgrade the toolchain :)11:02
Romstertool chains are so touchy.11:06
Romstereven look at it the wrong way and it'll break.11:07
Romsterand some bugs you don't catch until you recompiled an entire system.11:07
Romsterand get random segfaults.11:07
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prologicAmnesia, so .nostrip in avr-gcc port?11:41
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nwedoes someone has an pkgfile for wsgi ?12:18
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Romstermod_wsgi in contrib13:14
nweRomster: I mean python-wsgi (
nweI have build pkgfiles for it13:17
Romsteroh ok13:19
Romsteralso nwe jsut email me the updated key and i'll change it.13:21
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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: mpv 0.3.9 -> 0.3.1015:58
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