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cruxbot[xorg.git/3.0]: xorg-xcursorgen: updated to 1.0.600:35
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thetornainbowwow webkit takes a while to compile :)01:33
thetornainbowhow's everyone's {afternoon,evening,night} going?01:34
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Romsterjust woke up.02:00
thetornainbowi should be going to bed. but nah...02:08
Romsterhmm new webkit everyone is going to hate me shortly ;P02:27
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nwe I wondering if I should remove my raid and create it with encryption..08:51
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Pusztitohy all09:25
PusztitoI would like to ask for a little help09:25
PusztitoI want to install a package but writes "pkgadd: package database is currently locked by another proces"09:26
RomsterPusztito, do you have another pkgadd instance running? rebooted? same deal?09:36
Romsterprt-get running?09:36
PusztitoRomster: there is no such command09:42
Romsterwhat do you mean pkgutils has pkgadd09:43
Romsterare you even running crux?09:43
PusztitoLFS system installed in the package manager09:43
PusztitoI want to use a database package crux09:45
PusztitoRomster: how do I unlock the lock?09:51
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Romsterguess he didn't want help10:24
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nrxtx would be happy to get some feedback if it is working correctly :)10:30
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Romsternice work nrxtx10:37
Romsternrxtx, hope it didn't fall over when it parsed my ports collections10:39
nrxtxhonestly on some ports it did ;)10:39
nrxtxbut didn't set the valid/invalid flags yet in the database :)10:41
Romsteri really like the 'Alternative repositories'10:41
Romsterhey duckduckgo for file finding.10:44
nrxtxtheoretically it now updates itself every night at 0:00 UTC10:45
Romsterah neat10:45
Romstermay want to use the md5sum when searching for a file.10:47
Romsteris this in Python still or another language?10:47
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nrxtxits go backend and php for frontend10:48
nrxtxRomster: on the file list search for the md5sum?10:48
Romstermight wanna look at as well. though i don't think many use it. i did add my to it though10:51
Romsterah go neat, probably faster than python.10:51
nrxtxa lot10:51
nrxtxespecially due to the "go" keyword :D10:52
Romsteroh i see what you did can search either with filename or md5sum10:54
Romsterapproves of this.10:55
Romsterif you wanted to get more technical you could include readelf -p on every package.10:56
Romsterbut that requires building everything.10:56
nrxtxthat's a lot more effort :D10:56
nrxtxmore priority for me has the "ports updated in the last 24 hours" feature :)10:57
Romsteroh neat10:57
Romsterthough some ports don't get updates that often.10:58
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nrxtxif it works it won't be hard to see for example the last week10:59
nrxtxbut it requires everything to run for a couple of days10:59
Romsterfew minor cases though, opt/wine is 32 and 64bit.10:59
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Romsterbeing that it has both it does not have a .32bit file.11:00
nrxtxRomster: thats hard to detect i only use the ".32bit" file for detection11:00
Romsteri could add another file for your use if you like.11:00
Romster.multilib perhaps.11:01
Romsterso you can show 32bit and 64bit11:01
Romsterdo you think you'd get this to replace the crux ports page at any point?11:02
Romsteroh and which ports are  you looking at 3.0 or 3.1?11:02
nrxtxusing the xml output of repository list11:03
Romsteran option to choose which branch off git it uses might be helpful.11:03
Romsterah your using that thing that i thik sepen created.11:03
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Romsterconfigure: error:  XCB surface backend feature could not be enabled11:03
Romster=======> ERROR: Building '/var/ports/packages/cairo#1.12.16-1.pkg.tar.gz' failed11:03
Romsteruh oh... investigates11:04
Romster(in crux 3.1)11:04
nrxtxRomster: if there is interest in using it as replacement we can think about it, even though it still requires more work to be done in backend11:05
Romsteri would keep working on it if i were you and see what they say when its more complete.11:06
nrxtxRomster: like now i just will continue it, as i prefer it myself over the official one11:07
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Romsteri'm liking the progress so far.11:08
Romsteri'm still working on my version sort, maybe when its ready you can use that to keep track of updates and put anything out of date in red.11:08
nrxtxdon't expect a lot more features as i will keep it simple11:08
nrxtxyeah that will be interesting11:09
Romsterlast update and seen new version from project site. be the only real other features i'd like.11:09
Romsteri don't want it over complicated.11:09
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nwenrxtx: very nice job wiht  :)11:09
nrxtxRomster: i had an experimental branch with version comparision on
nrxtxbut didn't put any effort in getting a list of versions11:11
nrxtxif you are able to deliver the version numbers that'll make it a lot easier11:11
Romsterwell that's the whole idea of supply list of versions and file locations of mirrors.11:13
Romsterso when i get that done. (it's semi done now) then it'll be easy.11:14
Romsterand i'll add an API for you and others to use.11:14
Romsterand it'll be automated so once it's live it'll always keep checking.11:14
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Romstermy fault no cause for alarm.11:24
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nrxtxRomster: i'm using as reference list for checking out the different repositories for parsing11:31
nrxtxare the 3.1 the same urls just replaced 3.0 with 3.1?11:32
Romsteroh that's another one i wasn't aware of.11:32
Romsterwell i guess the main concern was to keep with the current crux release and that changes when a new release is out.11:33
nrxtxmight it be interesting to choose beetween the releases in the portdb while e.g. searching?11:34
nrxtxand i guess when 3.1 is released 3.0 won't be updated anymore?11:35
Romsterusually not. unless its a security release.11:39
frinnstFeigr: actually I think i've shared that one before11:42
Feigryeah I've seen it :D11:42
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opencrabdHehe, arch's syslinux-install_update failed to install syslinux to mbr on an update11:48
opencrabdHow do you even fail that11:48
opencrabdcat extlinux.mbr > /dev/sda11:48
frinnstautomating stuff like that is scary11:49
opencrabdWell, the script failed, but cat extlinux.mbr > /dev/sda worked like a charm11:49
opencrabdTheir script also leaves people oblivious to the fact that there is no syslinux11:49
opencrabdsyslinux is a project that hosts a lot of different bootloaders11:50
opencrabdMost arch users don't know that11:50
Feigropencrabd: Arch breaking something on an update? I am shocked ;P11:50
opencrabdFeigr, first time since 2008.11:51
FeigrI was not as lucky when I ran Arch, but I was not very good at Linux back then either11:51
opencrabdEvery time I tried blaming arch for a problem after an update, I was the one actually at fault11:51
opencrabdI suspect people just don't admit/realise that THEY BROKE THEIR FUCKING SYSTEM more often than not.11:52
opencrabdLike how I broke my arch with a faulty update to my own service manager recently11:52
Romsterdid i just join arch -_-11:55
Romsterman if that script is faulty imagine what it could do to a multi hard disk system.11:56
Romstertoo much abstraction, get a fault and poof.11:56
Romsteri prefer to do anything disk related myself.11:57
opencrabdI'm even too lazy to figure out why it failed11:57
opencrabdI now have my own script that does the updates :D11:57
opencrabdTook me 10 minutes11:57
Romsterwell i hope you don't come across anymore of there scripts.11:58
Romsteryou should submit a bug report on that11:58
Romsterbefore it hoses someones data.12:03
opencrabdAlready known.12:06
opencrabdWait. Was I banned from #archlinux12:07
opencrabdHmm. No.12:07
Romsterman i'm going though really crappy moods lately. nothing is really helping.12:10
joacimI've been watching seinfeld. it helps seeing losers be ok with their lives.12:14
Romsterpretty much seen all of seinfeld.12:14
Romsteris this file ok in this location /usr/etc/man_db.conf on crux 3.112:15
Romsteri'd expect that to be in /etc/12:15
joacimbeen a while for me. probably a decade or more12:15
joacimI never really think of looking in /usr/etc/12:15
joacimDidn't know it was there until a few years ago12:16
Romsterwe tend to put non-core and non-daemon stuff in /usr/etc/12:16
Romstersince man is a core thing... i think that path is wrong.12:16
Romsteri have a ton of movies and stuff to watch just not motivated.12:18
joacimI've been playing video games. Finished both Dead Space games this week, and Alan Wake last week.12:19
Romsteri did start playing starbound but  really haven't this last week, just been depressed.12:19
joacimcatching up on my backlog. got a whole shelving unit full of games that I never played12:19
Romsteri have more games than i have played myself..12:21
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frinnstlol, ov�ntat15:44
frinnst"Ett ov�der �ver Balkan"15:44
frinnstnice typingerrors15:48
frinnstbtw, ordered some o-rings :)15:49
joacimthose are for keeping it hard for longer, right?15:49
tilmansilencing the damn thing15:49
frinnsti bottom out on every fucking keystroke15:50
frinnstactually, YES!15:50
frinnstmy brain is still adjusting15:50
frinnstand my brain is sloooow15:51
tilmanlearning proper touch typing technique seemed to help with the bottoming out15:51
Feigrfrinnst: ohhh o-rings15:52
frinnstyeah thats probably true. i hardly have my hands in the correct typing position15:52
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frinnsttrying to force myself keeping my hands on asdfjkl� works great. but my typingspeed is soooo low15:53
frinnstWords per minute (WPM)2515:55
frinnstWrong words015:55
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joacimfirst try. 66 WPM. one wrong.16:35
joacimGuess I should play some more typing of the dead.16:36
FeigrI've done 10fastfingers quite a lot, my highest was 102 in this IBM Model M16:47
Feigryou do get faster over time because you start learning the words it uses16:47
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jaegerwhich mechanical keyboards do you guys use? model m or something more recent?19:12
TLHmy attempt :)19:12
TLH(on a laptop)19:12
Feigrjaeger: Model M at home, Ducky G2Pro with MX Brown at work19:12
TLHjaeger: I use the unicomp classic on my desktop, used to have a das19:13
jaegerFeigr: does that g2pro actually support NKRO like they say on the website?19:14
jaegerI'm using a logitech illuminated keyboard now but was thinking about going to a mechanical one when this eventually dies or breaks19:15
jaegerprobably something with brown switches19:15
Feigrjaeger: I am pretty sure it does, can't say for sure19:15
TLHI do not actually touch type properly, never spent time to learn how to type properly19:15
Feigrbut it's always a bit iffy on USB from that I understand19:16
jaegerI'm not the fastest typist in the world but quick enough that switching keyboards makes me relearn19:16
jaegerI was at a friend's house a couple days ago using his filco majestouch brown and made LOTS of typos19:16
jaegerI'm used to the chiclet-style keys right now19:16
jaegerFeigr: yeah, same. I don't need it, myself, was just wondering :)19:16
Feigryeah when I got my Model M my typing speed was pretty slow on it for a while19:17
Feigrnow I think I am equally fast at home and at work, maybe even faster at home because I find MX Browns to be a bit too light now19:17
joacimordered a keyboard with mx browns a month ago19:18
TLHI generally avoid pushing it too much because it puts a lot of strain on the wrists etc.19:18
joacimstill waiting19:18
jaegerouch. from where?19:18
jaegerFeigr: I like the look of that g2pro quite a bit, doesn't have a weird shape or a bunch of extra shit all over it19:19
Feigrthey discontinued it though and have a new model called Ducky Premier19:19
Feigrwhich is very similar19:19
Feigrthat's the one frinnst has19:20
joacimno other stores have that keybaord either, so i'll just have to wait19:20
frinnstFeigr: so how much did you bid on it?19:20
Feigrhaven't bid19:20
Feigr....yet :P19:20
frinnstgood practice driving to malm� :)19:21
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thetornainbowhey guys. i'm having a bit of an issue. after logging in on tty1, .profile is sourced and my aliases, prompt, etc. is found. after starting x server with startx, .profile is not sourced, and every terminal opened i must source .aliases, shell variables, etc. why is this happening when .profile is sourced when i log in?19:37
tilman"login shell" vs "non-login shell"19:37
thetornainbowi suppose i assumed that my user-specific variables were kept in place after starting a login session19:38
thetornainbowso, how would i keep those persistent? should i include lines in ~/.xinitrc? that would bind to X server?19:41
horrorStruckthetornainbow: do you have a .bash_profile file?19:58
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nwehmm any idea about this.. when I trying to start a screen on my WS as normal user I got screen is terminating..20:00
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nweany idea how I should fix it ?20:07
thetornainbowhorrorStruck: i do indeed, i thought that was the issue, so i cp .profile to ,bash_profile just in case it wasn't sourcing correctly20:20
nweafter I upgrade to screen 4.2.1 I cant start screen ethier on my workstation or laptop..  I get [screen is terminating]20:40
jaegernwe: /dev/pts not mounted, perhaps? or not mounted properly? or lacking the right pty/pts support in the kernel?20:41
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nwejaeger: its mounted, I can run screen as root20:43
nwebut not as normal user..20:43
jaegerah, true20:43
jaegernot sure20:43
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nweand I cant figure out why I cant start screen as normal user :(20:45
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nwejaeger: do you know if I must fix something else in the kernel for screen-4.2.1?20:50
tilmani'd run it in strace to find out where it fails20:53
nwetilman: maybe you can help me with it :)
nweI have a strace there20:55
nweit says someting with bad file descriptor.20:56
nweand here is my stace from my laptop..
tilmanthe ebadf isn't it20:58
nwetilman: I have try recomplie it.20:58
nweI running crux 3.1 on the both machines.20:59
nwetilman: okey21:04
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frinnstpermissions on /tmp ?21:17
nwefrinnst: the permissions is right because it create /tmp/uscreens/S-niklas etc..21:18
nwewith permissions drwx------ 2 niklas users    6 Jun  1 22:57 S-niklas21:19
frinnstdid you upgrade this box from 3.0 ?21:20
nwefrinnst: yupp21:20
frinnstwhat are the mount options on /dev/pts ?21:20
frinnstnoexec,nosuid,gid=tty,mode=0620 ?21:20
nwethe option on pts is devpts on /dev/pts type devpts (rw,relatime,mode=600)21:20
frinnstyeah you probably need to change thtat21:21
nwein fstab is devpts /dev/pts devtps defaults 0 021:21
frinnstpt_chown removed. Requires us to mount /dev/pts differently (noexec,nosuid,gid=tty,mode=0620). See
frinnstfrom our todo-3.1 wiki21:24
nwefrinnst: oh brb wil reboot and see if it will work..21:24
frinnstor just remount21:25
nwenow it?s wokring when I using noexec,nosuid,gid=tty,mode=062021:34
nweinstead of default21:35
frinnstyep. you never rejmerged fstab21:35
nwefrinnst: nope :) I  was to lazy to rewrite the stuff :P21:35
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nwethanks frinnst21:48
nweand thanks tilman for the help.21:48
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: git: 1.9.0 -> 2.0.023:23
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