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z3braHi !06:06
z3brahow are you doin ?06:08
nwez3bra: it?s fine with me thanks, Right now I working @home and taking a coffee :)06:08
z3bracheers then !06:09
z3bradriking mine too (but already @work)06:09
nweoh :) I working from home today, the train company here in sweden has some trouble so all our trains are cancelled06:10
z3braouch ^^06:11
nweyeah they have been canceled in 3 days now...06:11
z3braerf... how long do they plan make it last ?06:12
nweto 8/6 ..06:12
z3bragood luck then06:12
nwe8 june.06:12
z3braAt least, you can work from home :)06:12
nweyupp :)06:13
z3brabtw, I was wondering about how you guys deal with "forking" packages06:44
z3braI means, yesterday, I add to modify the rxvt-unicode package, because the compilation flags don't suit me (lack of --enable-unicode3)06:45
z3braSo I just copied the ports from opt/ to my homedir and went like that06:45
z3braBut I'm wondering how it's gonna go on the long term06:45
z3braeg, new release of rxvt-unicode in opt/06:46
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nweany idea about this... I can mount /data/tv, but I cant mount /data/movies I have exact same permission on both15:39
jaegererror message?15:39
nweJun  3 17:39:23 gateway rpc.mountd[4624]: authenticated mount request from for /data/movies (/data/movies)15:40
nwethats the only message I get..15:40
jaegerno idea there, sorry15:44
jaegerwhat does 'showmount -e gateway' say on the client?15:47
nwejaeger: /data/tv   
nweExport list for gateway15:51
jaegerAnything in the logs on the client?15:52
nwejaeger: nope15:53
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frinnstFeigr: o-rings installed17:29
frinnstfeels great. less travel to bottom out and a much softer & quieter landing :)17:29
frinnstmounting was a bit painful :)17:32
tilmanbtw, if you want to improve on your technique you might find amphetype helpful17:32
frinnstthe joy of non-productive typing \o/17:34
tilmanI've been typing The Heart of Darkness17:34
tilmanit's almost like reading a book ;)17:34
tilmanso something something culture something17:34
frinnstheh, yeah that might actually be fun17:34
tilmanit comes with the pulp fiction script if you want to train how to type 'fuck' and its variations ;)17:35
frinnstooh, kafka17:37
frinnsti read metamorphosis years ago, loved it17:37
tilmannever read kafka17:37
frinnstWho doesnt enjoy waking up as a giant bug?17:37
frinnstheh, just read the intro to it17:38
tilman^ that's about all i know about that book17:38
frinnstit sort of "sets the tone"17:38
frinnstImportError: No module named PyQt4.QtCore17:39
frinnstjoy, you dont happen to have a port for it (with all the deps)? :)17:40
tilmannope, i just checked out the source in my ~17:40
tilmanprobably because amphetype stores its database next to the scripts (ugh)17:40
frinnstsip & pyqt4 were available in the kde repo. seems lightweight enough17:43
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BitPuffinis there any known issues with installing from a USB drive?19:46
BitPuffinbecause i told my friend to dd if=.. of=.. bs=1M and when he boots syslinux has issues19:46
BitPuffinlike it says no default ui or blabla configuration found19:46
BitPuffinSYSLINUX: No DEFAULT or UI configuration directive found19:46
BitPuffincc frinnst19:47
BitPuffinor jaeger actually19:47
BitPuffin(rc 2)19:50
rexichdid he write the ISO to a partition, or to the whole USB drive?19:54
rexichonly the latter will work (dd to whole drive)19:55
BitPuffinto the whole drive19:57
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rexichtell him to try only "dd if=crux.iso of=/dev/sdX" and nothing more, sync after it finishes and once the light on the USB drive stops flashing, let him remove it from the system and boot using the USB drive again plugged in the computer, in case it's a PC may he plug the drive in the USB ports behind, avoid front ports they can cause issues20:09
BitPuffinwill the sync command not return until it stops flashing?20:10
BitPuffinit's a laptop20:10
teK___no it won't20:11
BitPuffinno it won't not return?20:12
BitPuffinbecause he doesn't have a usb drive that flashes20:13
teK___it will return when flushing the buffers is done20:13
prologicthe correct question is20:15
prologicis sync synchronous? :)20:15
prologicyes it is :)20:15
BitPuffinyeah ok20:16
prologicmorning :)20:16
prologicso running late for work :/20:16
prologictrying to drink my coffee as fast as I can :)20:16
jaegersome usb drives can be picky about the block size, though I've no idea why it matters20:17
jaegerI usually use bs=16M for what that's worth20:17
BitPuffinhe did sudo dd if=Downloads/crux-3.1-rc2.iso of=/dev/sdb20:17
opencrabdIf you write directly to a device20:17
opencrabdIt's always synchronized, no?20:17
prologicyes I believe so20:17
prologicbecause you bypass the file system layer20:17
BitPuffinwell it still didn't work20:17
prologicdd should be synced20:17
BitPuffinso he's trying with 16M20:17
jaegerIf that does work, try a different USB drive20:18
prologicas should cat /dev/zero > /dev/sdc20:18
BitPuffinYeah I've never seen dd not be synchronous20:18
jaegerplenty of cheap ones out there20:18
BitPuffinjaeger: do you know what block size the iso is?20:18
opencrabdMe neither20:18
prologichey my USB stick died the other day20:18
BitPuffinor is there a way to know what blocksize the drive wants20:18
prologicI blame water damage from rain in my work bah :)20:18
jaegerThe ISO doesn't have a block size, it's drive-specific20:18
jaegerusually fdisk or parted can show you that20:18
BitPuffineven after formatting?20:19
prologiccyas gotta dash20:19
BitPuffinsee you prologic!20:19
jaegerfilesystem block size and device block size aren't necessarily the same20:19
jaegermost of the time it's going to be 512 bytes on the device itself, though 4k drives are becoming more common now20:20
jaegerwith all that said, dd's bs argument is just telling it how much to read and write at a time, not about the underlying device20:21
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BitPuffinbtw melon is the friend20:24
BitPuffinthe one true friend20:24
BitPuffinjaeger: well hrm, well sometimes the bs has mattered when I've tried to installed stuff with dd20:25
BitPuffinso I don't know20:25
BitPuffin(it's been when installing haiku)20:25
jaegerI think that's just the drive being low quality flash but I could be wrong20:25
BitPuffinI dunno20:25
melonI honestly don't know about the specifics but the build of the drive (SanDisk) is allright20:25
BitPuffinwell if bs does not matter with dd, then what can one do20:26
jaegerIt can matter but the point I'm trying to make is I don't think it's because of dd, I think it's because of the flash20:26
melonI can try another flash but I think those might be even worse.20:27
BitPuffinsame thing again20:39
BitPuffindifferent usb drive20:39
jaegercan it be mounted in a running system and browsed?20:40
BitPuffinlet's check20:40
BitPuffinhave you tried it with rc2?20:40
jaegeryes, I believe so20:41
jaegerdoes the md5sum match the downloaded image as well as the USB drive after writing?20:41
Amnesia :P20:41
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jaegerdd if=/dev/sdd count=$((346030080/512)) 2>/dev/null | md5sum -20:48
jaeger774f001e57e915aeb8deb2e98b197f34  -20:48
jaegerwill see if it boots now20:48
jaegeryep, booted without any issues20:49
BitPuffinwill 346030080 vary?20:51
jaegerno. That's the size of the ISO file20:52
jaegerand I divide by 512 because that's the default bs for dd20:52
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jaegerso count=675840 would work just as well20:54
melondd if=/dev/sdb count=$((346030080/512)) 2>/dev/null | md5sum -20:55
melond41d8cd98f00b204e9800998ecf8427e  -20:55
BitPuffinbtw what odoes 2> mean20:55
BitPuffinI know what - does20:55
jaegerjust directs stderr to null20:56
jaegeranyway, that md5sum should be 774f001e57e915aeb8deb2e98b197f3420:56
melonok. I'll md5 my ISO20:57
melonthen dd again20:57
BitPuffingief the d20:57
BitPuffinto the d20:57
melon md5sum crux-3.1-rc2.iso 3320587ee982b76e411eb99b58be32d5  crux-3.1-rc2.iso20:57
BitPuffinchrome downloader, not to be trusted20:58
melonso the ISO was downloaded incorrectly20:58
jaegerlooks that way20:58
melonShould have checked this first..20:59
jaegerIt happens :)21:01
BitPuffineasy to get lazy with that21:02
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BitPuffinjaeger: btw how did uefi stuff go for 3.1?21:12
melonaven't tried yet21:12
frinnstholy hell, running vm's from spinning btrfs is *not* very fast21:15
BitPuffinbtrfs = snail heaven21:15
frinnstnot at all, most workloads are quite rapid21:15
joacimis it made by the french?21:16
BitPuffinnot in my experience21:16
frinnstbut yeah, i dont think ive disabled cow on that image :)21:16
BitPuffinwell that also matters quite a bit :P21:16
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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: acpid: update to 2.0.2221:30
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: [notify] gnutls: updated to 3.2.1521:43
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jaegerrunning VMs from spinning anything seems slow these days. I'm spoiled by SSDs21:51
BitPuffinpass should be 0 on the partition that has the kernel right?21:55
BitPuffinso if you only have / and swap21:56
BitPuffinor is it 1?21:56
jaeger1 on /, 2 on everything else21:57
jaeger0 on filesystems that don't use e2fsprogs21:57
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thetornainbowhey guys i'm having issues with locales, UTF-8. i have export LANG=en_US.UTF-8 in .bashrc, .profile, and in /etc/locale.conf, and locale shows same. but i'm getting strange errors with special chars, or man pages. here's a screen of a man page22:07
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jaegeris LESSCHARSET set?22:13
jaegerI sorta remember seeing something similar but I don't remember what the cause was22:17
thetornainbowyeah i'm really not sure what i'm doing wrong. i have a feeling it's with my fonts, xfontsel only shows processing fonts, none listed, even though fc-list shows all font paths22:17
thetornainbowbut i'm using terminus22:17
frinnstyes i think i had that22:22
frinnstbut not sure what the resolution was22:22
frinnstis it only in X ?22:23
thetornainbowno, ttys show it as well22:24
thetornainbowit's odd isn't it? it's showing escape sequences22:25
frinnstsorry, i have the memory of a mayfly22:25
frinnstjue's memory is more like an elephant. perhaps he'll remember22:26
frinnstmidnight and work in the morning, zzzz22:26
thetornainbowokay so export LESS=-R fixed it.22:28
jaegerwe removed both LESSCHARSET and LESS, that's probably why22:30
jaegerno, wait, we didn't22:30
jaegerit was CHARSET22:30
jaegerignore me, I don't know what I'm talking about22:30
jaegerLESS is set to "-R" in /etc/profile, though22:30
thetornainbowyeah that might be why. i mv'd profile away when i was trying to understand login shells vs non-login22:32
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thetornainbowi never moved it back :). turns out it's useful!?22:35
thetornainbowi appreciate the work you guys put into this distro. i've only used it for a month or so, but thanks for all the fish!22:37
jaegerGlad you like it so far22:37
thetornainbowi do. writing Pkgfiles are pleasurable after dealing with .debs and PKGBUILDS and others..., i love the pkg utils, and httpup is a really neat tool. all very clean and simple.22:39
jaegerpkgutils still needs some work in my opinion but in general I agree :)22:40
thetornainbowi think that as soon as a tool doesn't need any more work, start suspecting yourself of being insane22:41
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BitPuffinjaeger: is visudo supposed to give you an empty file?22:44
BitPuffinI thought there was a default config22:45
BitPuffinit was when I installed22:45
jaegerit should not, there is22:45
BitPuffinthat's strange22:45
jaegerdoes /etc/sudoers exist?22:45
jaegeris it empty?22:45
BitPuffinno it existed apparently22:46
BitPuffinand contains what it should22:46
BitPuffinis it harmful to just do vim /etc/sudoers ?22:46
BitPuffinbecause they tell you not to22:46
thetornainbowthis incident will be reported22:46
jaegerpossibly. If you enter something wrong you can break sudo22:47
jaegerif you have root access then no big deal, you fix it... but if you don't22:47
BitPuffinwell this is with root access22:47
BitPuffin(I'm helping melon)22:47
jaegeris there a sudoers.tmp leftover file perhaps?22:49
BitPuffinhe misinterpreted22:50
BitPuffinhe typed vi sudo :P22:50
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thetornainbowany ideas why dwb wouldn't be picking up flash-plugin?23:28
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