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Romsterthetornainbow, LANG is set in /etc/profile02:38
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nwegood morning07:50
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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: wicd: disable acpi scripts, thanks mike_k11:14
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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: Romster port url update: -> crux.ster.zone12:14
cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: Romster port url update: -> crux.ster.zone12:16
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cruxbot[core.git/3.0]: grep: updated to 2.2015:06
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deus_exprologic: any particular reason to set specific gid to docker group in post-install, instead just using next available gid on a local system?19:00
BitPuffincan't update python19:14
BitPuffinprt-get: updating /usr/ports/opt/python19:15
BitPuffin=======> ERROR: Source file 'python-2.7.7-readline-6.3.patch' not found (can not be downloaded, URL not specified).19:15
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nweBitPuffin: Its in the directory /usr/ports/opt/python20:16
BitPuffinwhat's the equivalent of echo modeprobe wl >> /etc/rc.local in crux?20:31
teK___echo modeprobe wl >> /etc/rc.local20:33
teK--oh I hate you freenode20:33
tilmantek hytter med näven20:38
teK--tut mir Leid, aber ich kann nur Englisch und Deutsch verstehen20:38
teK--da ist nix mit hottehue20:39
tilmanenglish please20:39
teK--talking to yourself now? ;)20:40
frinnststackers tek20:50
teK--that's not a verb20:50
frinnstyou are right20:50
teK--I guess I don't want to know20:51
prologicdeus_ex, no I guess not I'll updat ehte post-install :)20:56
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BitPuffinteK--: no it's one version behind21:00
BitPuffinthe patch21:00
BitPuffinthe patch is 2.7.621:00
BitPuffinbut it should be 2.7.721:00
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frinnstyeah romsters merge fucked it up21:17
frinnstthe patch isnt needed21:17
BitPuffinso just change the Pkgfile?21:17
frinnstthats how it should look21:18
frinnst2.7.6 needed a patch for readline. 2.7.7 doesnt21:18
BitPuffinwhen will this be pushed?21:21
BitPuffinI'm not really in a rush21:21
frinnstit was just pushed :)21:22
BitPuffinprologic: missmatch on check-config in docker port also21:26
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Romsterah not my fault the patch didn't carry into opt-3.1 cleanly... for python.22:44
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frinnstRemote-MTA: dns; mail.serverop.de22:49
frinnstDiagnostic-Code: smtp; 554 5.7.1 Service unavailable; Client host [] blocked using; Blocked: Sent spam to spamtrap22:49
frinnstjust blacklisted one of swedens biggest isp's relay server :=22:49 doesn't look very svenskt22:50
frinnstno, its the *remote* mta :)22:50
frinnst195.54.99.196 �r bredbandsbolaget22:51
BitPuffinso blacklisted bredbandsbolaget?22:51
frinnstlate again.. falling asleep on the sofa after work is an evil circle22:51
frinnstno, uses - they blacklisted it22:52
BitPuffinI see22:52
BitPuffinmakes sense22:52
BitPuffinwell damn22:52
BitPuffinnot that strange though22:52
frinnstnope, but a pain22:52
BitPuffinif someone who's using bbb to spam email etc22:52
frinnstremoving the blacklist was easy enough22:53
frinnstblacklisted ip*22:53
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teK--there there23:03
teK--good ol' fredrik sending SPAM and then wondering for the consequences23:04
teK--I replied already23:04
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frinnstright, we are still on 4.823:07
frinnstnevermind then :)23:07
teK--as I wrote.. CVE/update should save us :P23:08
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teK--off to watch cali.. bbl folks23:10
BitPuffinhow do you guys cope with remote servers going down when trying to update your system23:50
BitPuffinit makes me sad23:50
BitPuffinalthough I prefer some outage over outage of the entire repo23:50
BitPuffinso that's nice23:50
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