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prologicDid MelonFace sort out his install?01:42
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BitPuffinprologic: he's working on it02:16
BitPuffinalthough he's probably sleeping right now02:16
BitPuffinbut yeah he decided to dual boot with ubuntu02:17
BitPuffinprobably a good idea when you are new to crux02:17
BitPuffinbut he seems enthusiastic, because he's learning02:17
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prologicgreat :)07:58
prologicthe more the merrier :)07:58
prologicCRUX is great, but yeah you have to be prepared to put the effort(s) in :)07:58
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cruxbot[xorg.git/3.0]: xorg-libice: updated to 1.0.911:58
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dxtrHello even15:09
dxtrSo I registered the other day15:10
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hhhhhhhhhas anyone played with dropping glibc in favour of musl on crux17:29
jaegerNot I17:32
Rotwanghhhhhhhh: it seems like a lot of work, alpine is a nice distro with musl17:50
Rotwangso is sabotage17:51
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hhhhhhhhi have a vm which is begging to be killed and i do computer science so i am grossly underestimating how hard it actually is18:06
hhhhhhhhusing another distro would be boring18:06
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dxtrI've considered creating a Linux distro with the GNU userspace replaced with BSD18:34
frinnstoh god, why18:34
dxtrBecause fuck GNU18:34
dxtrAnd for the lulz18:34
frinnstgnu is great18:34
frinnstwhy the hate?18:34
dxtrMainly because GPL18:35
dxtrAnd because BSD is better18:35
frinnstok, so no rational reason then :)18:35
dxtr"I think X is better" isn't a rational reason?18:36
frinnstit was a joke. ergo ":)"18:36
dxtrright :P18:36
joacimdoes anyone happen to have a nice mATX board and cpu? =)18:38
dxtrI have a mini itx18:38
joacimKinda want to upgrade, but don't feel like spending 3000 NOK on a new motherboard, cpu, and ram18:40
dxtrI'll give you my mini itx for 3000 SEK18:41
dxtrIf that feels better18:41
joacimyeah. feels much better =)18:42
dxtrIf you come and get it now we can grab a few beers18:42
joacimI'll be there in about 9 hours18:42
dxtrNothing beats going to the bar at 5 a sunday morning18:43
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dxtrSo I just texted my dad and told him to transfer funds to my brother so he and I can go to a bar18:46
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jaegerno extra mATX but I think my p8p67 pro has died19:13
jaegerstill under warranty, at least19:13
joacimlooks like the prices arent too bad on ebay.19:27
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frinnstnew stable kernels for 3.10 and 3.14 fixing the futex issue21:43
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BitPuffinfrinnst: 3.14 is the one that comes on the iso right?22:20
BitPuffinwe probably wanna ship with the fix one with 3.122:21
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prologic3.12.17 on the 3.1 ISO afaik23:13
prologicUnless it's been updated since23:13
pidsleyso easy to update the kernel, doesn't matter which one ships on the iso, IMO.23:17
pidsleyI almost never use the iso kernel sources on my CRUX installs23:18
prologicthis is true :)23:36
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