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deus_exI am playing with nvidia-337.25 driver, since 331.x seems to break win8 vm, and I noticed bunch of EGL/GLES libs in the package.Should I include them in the port?They are for Wayland, right?05:40
BitPuffincould be05:47
deus_exBitPuffin: From what I've read, EGL/GLES are teh future of Linux desktop :)05:52
BitPuffinwell yeah05:53
BitPuffinit's not glx05:53
BitPuffinbecause the x part05:53
BitPuffinwe are moving from x05:53
deus_exBitPuffin: that might take a while :)05:54
deus_exnext major verion of xorg will have wayland support.what that means exactly, I do not know.rootless xorg, what?05:56
BitPuffindeus_ex: probably like xwayland but reversed05:58
BitPuffinso like instead of running x clients in wayland you run wayland clients in x05:59
pedjaBitPuffin: xorg runs wayland as a client, and wayland runs its clients?smth like that?06:02
BitPuffinbasically, a compatibility layer if you are using either06:02
BitPuffinso you can run apps for wayland in x and applications for x in wayland06:03
pedjaBitPuffin: cool :) And Mir ('peace' in serbian, btw) is Ubuntu having NIH tantrum, or ?06:05
BitPuffinNIH tantrum?06:07
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BitPuffinI think the Mir name comes from the space station06:09
pedjaBitPuffin: Bad choice of words, sorry about that.06:10
BitPuffinno worries06:10
BitPuffinI just don't know what the question was :)06:11
pedjaBitPuffin: ah, the joys of english as second language :)06:12
BitPuffinhehe, well, english is a second language for me as well06:13
frinnst8 am and 29C in the office06:13
frinnstlooks like a lovely day06:13
BitPuffinI don't know what the temperature is here06:14
BitPuffinbut it's sure as hell not 2906:14
BitPuffinget that ventilation on06:14
frinnstwont lower the temp06:15
BitPuffinwhere in sweden are you?06:15
BitPuffinopen the freezer06:15
BitPuffinwell in gothenburg we have pretty reasonable temperature06:16
BitPuffinlive there instead ;)06:16
frinnstin the old office last year I had the heater on at this time06:17
frinnstold bunkers ftw06:18
frinnst15-16C all year round06:18
BitPuffinalso pretty safe if the world explodes06:19
nwegood morning06:37
nwethis one looks good
frinnst"Start your free trial"06:40
nweyeah execpt that :)06:41
nwewould be nice if it was opensource...06:41
frinnstWe use veeam one to monitor our customer cluster06:46
frinnstworks nice but not free06:46
frinnstand zenoss to monitor misc devices and other servers06:47
BitPuffinwhat about that nagios fork?06:48
nweBitPuffin: you mean icinga?06:51
frinnstnagios requires agents, right?06:51
nwefrinnst: you can use nagios with snmp06:51
nweor you can use nrpe-agents.06:52
frinnstzenoss just relies on snmp/wmi and/or ssh/windows login thingy06:53
nwefrinnst: you can also use ssh on nagios.06:53
nwefrinnst: do you know why you must have a specific version of mysql to get zenoss to work?06:54
frinnstyou do? :)06:54
frinnstworks with the standard mysql that comes with centos06:54
nwefrinnst: hmm when I trying their auto-deploy you have wrong version of mysql- mysqllibs etc etc06:56
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frinnsthmm, I might be remembering incorrectly07:09
frinnstand that the shipped rhel mysql is too old07:09
frinnstyou could try and remove the installed mysql stuff and let the autodeploy script handle it07:09
nweI have try that, and it continue to installing but after a while it got aborted because it cant install some zenpacks..07:11
nweso I will do it manualy instaed..07:11
frinnsthave you looked for updates to the install script?07:13
frinnstits on github iirc07:13
frinnstpedja: opengl es / egl is not related to wayland07:15
BitPuffinfrinnst: well it's independent from wayland but it's related in a way that it's relevant to the topic of wayland07:20
pedjafrinnst: but only wayland requires/uses them atm, right?I am curious why is nvidia shipping egl/gles libs as part of the driver.07:21
pedjafrinnst: it makes sense if xorg running wayland as a client needs them.07:23
pedjafrinnst: This all xorg/wayland thing confuses the hell out of me, as you may have noticed :)07:26
frinnstwell nvidia ships its own mesa libs iirc07:37
frinnstNEW       -rw-r--r--      root/root       usr/include/GLES3/gl31.h07:38
frinnstmesa 10.207:38
frinnstlooking at the nvidia footprint, maybe not :)07:39
frinnstonly libGL.so07:39
BitPuffinI think fglrx comes with some mesa alternatives07:40
BitPuffinbut they don't conflict07:41
BitPuffinso it's more like07:41
BitPuffinglxgears-fglrx or something07:41
pedjafrinnst: libGL,libEGL,libGLESv1,libGLESv2.mesa-10 also ships those,iirc07:45
pedjathis in nvidia 337.2507:46
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prologicAmnesia, ping?09:09
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BitPuffin "yes?"10:10
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Amnesiaprologic: pong11:21
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prologicAmnesia, how much Arduino do you do?12:25
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Amnesianot that much, I've just tinkered around with some electronics12:26
prologicknow anything about the uno and optiboot?12:27
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joacimThought they sold a Pentium 4 at 4 GHz13:06
joacimbut it looks like it was never released13:06
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Romsterdone 3 upgrades and 1 fresh install so far. all flawless other than some mild PEBKAC issues.14:55
nrxtxwhat happened 4 days ago :D
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nrxtxRomster: now included in the main page15:42
nrxtxany other ideas what might be of interest displaying?16:01
Romsteri can not think of any atm.16:03
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nrxtxi also could lookup errors like non-root footprints16:08
Romsterstuff that prtverify does16:09
nrxtxafter having it downloaded?16:12
nrxtxinformation available is this per port:
nrxtxenough changes for today :)17:21
nwenrxtx: nice work!17:23
nwelooks really nice17:23
nrxtxthx hope it is useful :D17:27
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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: mercurial: 3.0 -> 3.0.120:45
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teK--prologic: btrfs-progs is a dependecy of docker21:20
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