IRC Logs for #crux Tuesday, 2014-06-10

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fr0stb1te>This is a movie theater also, everyone’s phone should be switched off, just goes to show how much we respect the rules!04:15
fr0stb1teOh go fuck yourself04:15
fr0stb1tePhones should be on mute04:15
fr0stb1teNot turned off04:15
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frinnstsilly allergies06:24
frinnsti probably look like a baked stoner right now06:24
nwegood morning frinnst :)06:30
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z3braHi everybody06:32
nwehey z3bra06:32
nwehow are you?'06:32
z3brafine and you ?06:32
nweim fine thanks :)06:34
z3bragood =)06:34
nweyeah :)06:46
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BitPuffinhey y'all06:55
BitPuffinohmy ocaml is in opt, who would have known06:55
teK--{prt-get,portdbc} search ocaml07:02
teK--prt-get search portdbc07:13
teK--or prt-get info portdbc07:13
teK--it works using _all_ repositories on crux.nu07:14
teK--while prt-get only uses the local ones from /etc/prt-get.conf07:14
BitPuffindoes it allow you to download the sync file?07:16
teK--I think so07:16
BitPuffinwell damn07:16
teK--also: check out sepen's mpup07:16
BitPuffinI was planning to write such a tool myself07:16
teK--hehe, SOME time safed :-)07:16
BitPuffinwell on the other hand07:19
BitPuffinwas planning to have some porthub integration07:19
BitPuffinso might write one myself07:19
teK--sure, go ahead07:20
fr0stb1teI read that as pornhub integration07:28
fr0stb1teAnd was really confused for a second07:28
BitPuffinopenfbtd: well that's obviously a planned feature lol07:30
prologicteK--, it's actually not. I have to update the ports to 1.0 anyway (just out today) I'll double check whether it compiles without btrfs-progs though but pretty sure it wasn't/isn't since some versions ago08:19
prologicteK--, thanks for reminding me though :)08:19
teK--the current port wont build without btrfs08:32
prologicreally? hmm08:41
prologicI blame upstream docker :)08:41
prologicok well... we'll see what happens with the 1.0.0 bump08:41
prologicI will double check the btrfs-progs deps (it's meant to be optional)08:41
teK--the bump should be seemless otherwhise (did it myself yesterday)09:02
prologicoh good :009:05
prologicsee what's the point of maintaining "official" ports if the user just bumps themselves :P09:05
prologicohw ell :)09:05
prologictis the crux way I guess :P09:05
prologicI guess you're into the whole Docker experience too?09:05
teK--I even could have pushed the bump :p09:05
teK--not that much09:06
prologicfrom a client pov? or full crux+docker paltform?09:06
teK--a) I just read about it _again_09:06
teK--b) I needed something to procrastinate.. exam time is coming (one last more time)09:06
teK--I pull (your?) CRUX image09:07
teK--err container09:07
prologicimage :)09:07
prologicit becomes a container after you do docker run crux09:07
prologicI love it myself as a developer09:07
prologicdockerizing everything09:07
prologicincluding local cups printer services09:07
teK--was afk, sorry09:24
teK--I have yet to discover its potential09:24
teK--can you not only link containers on a network but also the filesystem level?09:25
prologicvolumes + links09:26
prologicyou can also use volumes from other containers09:26
prologiccalled data containers09:26
teK--what I rather liked was Dockerfiles :-)09:27
prologice.g: you create a data container to store your /var/lib/mysql and a separate container that just runs the mysql server software09:27
prologicyes Dockerfiles are almost the most essential part09:27
teK--ok, what would you get out of that?09:27
prologicthey're sort of like a configuration management in thehir own right09:27
prologicwell in general this pattern gets you an upgradable stack without worrying about destroying your data09:28
teK--why? Docker won't do snapshots/versioning of your data, won't it?09:28
prologicso not just software/component reuse09:28
prologicbut data reuse09:28
prologicnovak, that's the whole point of volumes09:28
prologicit lies outside the snapshotting/layering09:29
prologicit's best practice to use volumes for data09:29
teK--yeah right and as MySQL is mostly not read-only you cannot faciliate data reuse in this scenario?09:29
teK--well yeah.. dm-thin is a hard dependency for the new docker versions, btw09:29
teK--the script that checks your kernel config says optional but  dockerd would not run without the module loaded, BTW09:30
prologicI was just using it as an example09:30
prologicas another, data container for storing wp-content from a wordpress site and the sw container only having a lamp+wordpress stack09:31
nrxtxin what language is the current port browser written in?09:31
prologicupgrade lamp+wordpress stack without touching the data09:31
prologicnrxtx, PHP I believe -- you mean the portdb?09:32
nrxtxprologic: yes09:32
prologicBitPuffin and I are *trying* to write/design a new one :)09:32
nrxtxhehe also?09:32
prologicok hg.cruxlinux.org09:32
teK--fork Linux ;-)09:33
teK--it's php + sqlite3 I believe09:33
prologicthat sounds right09:33
teK--but may be mysql, too09:33
teK--after all we have both sqlite3+mysql on crux.nu09:33
prologicnrxtx, can we convince you to join us?09:34
prologicand our efforts?09:34
teK--porthub is a ...09:34
teK--haha :p09:34
nrxtxdepends what you are aiming at with yours the portdb itself or the "browser/interface"09:34
prologicwe need more spare time :)09:34
prologicso we not only want to repalce portdb as such09:35
prologicbut provide a more community driven paltform09:35
teK--another option would be to collect wanted features, discuss, sort out/vote and implement them in the current browser09:35
prologicwe'd love to steal (I mean borrow) your UI :)09:35
prologicI'm a Pythonista :)09:35
prologicyou'll never get me hacking on PHP again :P09:36
prologicdinner time :)09:36
nrxtxteK--: you can have a look at my portdb interface to see my wanted features :D09:36
teK--I like the trusted devs vs. community wording :D09:37
nrxtxprologic: the ui is only the small part, there is a parallized go backend behind, parsing all around 6000 ports in a minimum of time :D09:37
nrxtxteK--: where?09:37
teK--Ports supplied and maintained by the the CRUX team and trusted developers.09:37
teK--Ports supplied and maintained by the community.09:37
nrxtxah the markers :D09:37
nrxtxmostly i use the search for file/in footprints09:38
nrxtxand the alternatives repos when viewing a port :D09:38
teK--I second that there's room for improvement wrt functionality of the portdb09:46
teK--still I'm having a hard time imagining me installing go or python for a new version of it09:47
teK--* on crux.nu09:47
teK--but we will see about that.09:47
nrxtxgo is in contrib09:51
nrxtxfrontend is php09:51
nrxtxthe only thing complicated is mongodb09:52
nrxtxteK--: i'll keep it alive on my server for interested people10:05
nrxtxwhen i come home i'll have a look what prologic started10:07
teK--prologic: you might like
z3braquick question10:39
z3braIs there any plan to replace httpup or not ?10:39
z3braWith something like git for example10:39
teK--no there isn't10:43
teK--I don't know for sure if someone ever tried it but you should be able to rather easily write a new port(1) driver for git10:43
teK--ports(8) that is.10:44
z3braI asked because I noticed archlinux just started switching all the AUR to git10:44
z3braAnd I though it was a smart move (over their shitty tarball system)10:45
nrxtxz3bra: you can do a hybrid like the repos hosted on github10:45
Romsterfor them yeah but we use files already10:45
Romsternot archives.10:45
teK--ohai Romster10:45
z3braYeah I know10:45
Romsterlo teK--10:45
z3bra(also hi Romster)10:46
Romsterhi z3bra10:46
z3braI'm not saying httpup/rsync does not work10:46
Romsteryou could write a git .driver10:46
z3braJust that git could be nice too :)10:46
z3braI see10:46
z3braI see :)10:48
teK--I just noticed that the httpup driver was done in plain sh and is about 10% of the length of the rsync driver which was done in perl10:48
teK--it also is the only 'official' part of CRUX requiring perl, afaics10:49
Romsterdont man pages use perl or something too10:50
teK--man and makewhatis use sh10:53
Romsterthought there was perl in there10:54
Romsterso we only have perl for ports rsync driver and autotools10:54
teK--autotools require perl?10:54
Romstersome stuff uses pod2man and other commands afaik10:55
teK--I could remove perl and see what happens :p10:55
Romsterremove perl from a chroot and see what fails to compile10:55
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teK--everything used to be better11:56
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z3braOh thanks :)12:08
prologicsed -i -e s/hg/git/g *12:12
z3braheh, kinda ^^12:20
z3braanyway, it's not that i want git integration. Just wondering if it was considered =)12:21
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z3braHi again16:26
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rexichhello everyone!17:21
nwehey hey17:29
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cruxbot[core.git/3.0]: gettext: update to 0.19.119:15
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: nspr: updated to 4.10.619:43
cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: firefox: updated to 30.019:43
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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: [notify: thunderbird: updated to 24.6.020:27
frinnstoops, fvckup20:27
jaegeryou're why we can't have nice things!20:28
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: [notify] dbus: updated to
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nwegood evning20:51
nweI really like that you can get json-format ouput from postgres 9.3 =)20:51
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teK--I second that, jaeger.20:53
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horrorStruckfrinnst: CVE-2014-3477 fixed in dbus 1.8.4 (for 3.1)21:05
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horrorStruckfrinnst: sorry :) you did it already21:21
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