IRC Logs for #crux Wednesday, 2014-06-11

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diversethanks frinnst06:46
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frinnstdiverse: ?07:06
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diversefrinnst: for firefox update07:14
frinnstconfigure: WARNING: Floating-point textures enabled.07:29
frinnstconfigure: WARNING: Please consult docs/patents.txt with your lawyer before building Mesa.07:29
frinnstmaybe we need to strip stuff from the iso :)07:30
teK--you have to get a law degree first07:31
z3braThere's a problem with ffmpeg08:33
z3brait requite libvpx to be >= 1.9.3, but the version in contrib is 1.3.xx08:33
Romsterit built for me and linked to it in crux 3.008:36
Romstersepen port... this is getting out of hand08:37
Romsteri'll just bump it myself don't care anymore.08:37
z3bramisread the error08:37
z3braERROR: libvpx decoder version must be >=0.9.108:37
z3braAh, it was not installed ^^08:37
z3braI though sysup would grab dependencies too08:38
z3braMy bad !08:38
Romsteroh... yeah new dependency08:38
Romstergit commit messages say that stuff. guess i should also post to the contrib ML as well08:39
Romsterah libvpx 1.3.0 is current..08:39
Romsterwhich i thought was weird because it built for me -_-08:40
z3braNah that's my fault08:40
Romstermake -j24 soon as i get a couple more leads i forgot to get today.08:43
Romsterwas hoping i'd be near 30 by now but oh well.08:44
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: [notify] flash-player-plugin: updated to
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FonegrimFrinnst: three people there :D17:08
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frinnstwanna get a lift to work tomorrow?18:00
frinnstif you walked home that is18:01
FeigrI walked to my bike and then biked home, so it's ok18:01
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horrorStrucki'm having display issues with man-db (works fine with man), anyone else?
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teK--I think that is related to  your env (ie. exports and locales/pager) but I never bothered to investigate these any further19:01
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frinnstyeah, its the pager variable in /etc/profile iirc19:17
frinnstbash has been changed to fix this, check out core/bash/profile19:18
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horrorStruckthanks guys, export LESSCHARSET="latin1" in my /etc/profile was the culprit19:26
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^7heohey people19:59
^7heois Crux using glibc or musl by default?19:59
jaegerheyo. glibc.20:00
^7heono plans to change? :P20:00
jaegernot so far, no20:01
^7heoAnd any plans to switch to systemd?20:01
jaegernope :)20:01
^7heothat's a good point :P20:02
^7heoCRUX is not present on the musl wiki ( page listing the projects distributing musl, so I suppose that if I want to use CRUX with musl, I have to do it myself, and support it myself, right?20:05
jaegerYeah, it would definitely be unofficial, but no reason you can't do it. I've seen it come up once or twice in here in the past, maybe someone has already done it20:05
^7heoI have no time to do that right now, but if I want crux with musl, I'll do it.20:07
frinnstwhats the benefit of musl?20:08
^7heoaside from not being GNU, and the advantages listed here:; it's saner, smaller, and adapted to static compilation.20:11
frinnstnot being gnu is not a benefit20:12
frinnstwhats with all the anti-gnu hate?20:12
^7heoIt is.20:12
frinnsti have yet to hear a sane reason for it20:12
^7heoIt's not hate, it's how to get safer :)20:12
^7heothe glibc is one of those reasons20:13
^7heoBut I'm not here to troll.20:14
^7heoIf GNU is good for you, I'm fine with that.20:14
^7heoHowever, it's not good for me, and I would like to have alternatives.20:14
frinnstneither am i. i am curious. we've had a couple of people joining, asking questions about crux, asking if we'd consider changing xxx to something non-gnu20:14
^7heoproblem is, most stuff isn't coded correctly, and is dependant on GNU, a LOT.20:14
^7heoso if I want to have non-GNU stuff, I don't just have to replace all of what is GNU20:15
frinnstand i've yet to hear a satisfactory reason for it20:15
^7heoI also have to patch 99% of the rest.20:15
^7heoand that's my main problem.20:15
^7heobut that's not a reason for disliking GNU, it's another problem.20:15
^7heoSo anyway, I don't want to give reasons, but I want to be GNU-free. :)20:16 /
frinnstenjoy :)20:16
^7heoAnd I don't want to be Microsoft or Apple either.20:16
^7heo(if the twitch stream didn't crash at the same time, you wouldn't have had the time to write this)20:17
^7heoBut so, it's like that?20:17
^7heoIf you do ANYTHING it has to be either Microsoft, Apple, Google, or GNU?20:18
^7heoI'm sorry mate, but this is bullshit; we're not going to get freedom by branding everything.20:18
tilmanjust install bsd20:19
^7heo(and yes, my reason for using Linux/UNIX is freedom, otherwise, I would stick with what works)20:19
^7heotilman: that is a very good point.20:19
^7heohowever, if I want to earn money, I have to provide something for other people, for their money.20:20
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^7heoAnd that is where GNU comes in play.20:20
^7heoEven if I stay out of it myself.20:20
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teK-->be ISC20:24
teK-->claim leadship in critical internet software20:24
teK-->provide downloads at 17KB/s tops20:24
teK--</suddenly: rant>20:25
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