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deus_exjaeger: I have updated FS#1022 with a patch to opt/nvidia and output of few tests I ran.OpenCL/CUDA work fine now.07:19
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: nettle: updated to 3.007:58
cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: xterm: updated to 30607:58
cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: u-boot-tools: updated to 2014.0407:58
frinnstwee, sepen lives!08:02
BitPuffinwoot haha08:37
BitPuffinin the mornin frinnst08:37
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looophello, i'm having trouble installing crux, i cant do an update, prt-get sysup, error directory not writable11:46
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z3bramount -o remount,rw /11:48
z3brahow far are you in the installation ?11:48
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looopz3bra, i added a user, i'm at the xfce4 install step11:49
z3braand you can't install any package ?11:49
looopi cant update prt-get sysup and if i try to install xfce4 it tells me package intall failed dbus11:51
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loooperror: director /usr/ports/opt/dbus not writable11:51
BitPuffinlooop: are you root?11:52
looopmount -o remount,rw / didn't help11:52
looopBitPuffin: yes11:52
BitPuffinlooop: what happens if you `ls /usr/ports/opt/dbus`11:53
z3brait should not be a problem anyway11:53
BitPuffinwell, I just mean if he even has the directory11:54
z3braprt-get should not write anything in this directory11:54
looopBitPuffin: i have the directory11:54
z3bragot to that directory11:54
BitPuffinlooop: is there anything in there?11:54
BitPuffinlike a Pkgfile and stuff11:54
z3braand then `fakeroot pkgmk -d`11:54
looop30-dbus.launch pkgfile post-install rc.dbus11:54
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looopz3bra: it did download11:56
looopfakeroot pkgmk -d -i11:56
z3brait should build the package too11:58
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looopyes it did11:59
looopso i did prt-get depinst xfce4 now it's telling me packages install faile p5-uri11:59
z3branow you should be able to install dbus then12:00
z3bra# pkgadd /path/to/dbus#<version>-<release>.pkg.tar.gz12:00
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looopit will take for ever if i have to do this for every packages12:02
z3brayes :)12:03
z3brabut we'll first see if you can successfully install a single package12:03
z3brathen, prt-get should act just fine12:03
looopwhy it does that, i instaled crux before it went well12:03
looopdbus already installed12:07
BitPuffinmaybe you've messed up your prt-get.conf or something12:07
looopyes it was that bitpuffin, i added makecommand -h -u etc etc12:10
looopbut i took the # off that line...guess prt-get.conf didn't like that12:10
BitPuffinwell there you go then :)12:11
looophopefully i get a flawless update12:12
looopwhy i have to write that line makecommand -H -u etc etc...if i keep the # in front of it?12:13
BitPuffin# means comment12:14
BitPuffinso # this will be ignored12:14
looopright, that line doesn't let me update or install anything, but its in the postinstallation guide12:14
cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: sylpheed: update to 3.4.212:17
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BitPuffinlooop: I rarely do everything in the post installation guide12:50
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frinnstso this is what you need to do in windows to clean up all the windows update rollbacks:13:30
frinnsthow elegant..13:30
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looopbitpuffin, that's something to know13:48
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joacimis this why free space on my c: keeps shrinking?14:16
frinnstjoacim: yeah14:41
frinnstwe usually allocate 40gb for our customers C:14:41
frinnstand its never enough14:41
Romsterwinsxs keeps a copy of everything14:41
Romsterbest way to lower that is to install windows with a already included service pack14:42
joacimmine is at 60GB. I have about 25GB free now14:42
frinnstits still never enough :)14:42
joacimthe whole partition used to be about 30-40GB a year ago14:42
frinnstand you cant just delete stuff from winxsx14:43
jaegermy windows folder alone is 13.9GB right now and this is a windows 8.1 install that's about 5 days old14:43
jaegerdeus_ex: does it cause any adverse affects on any older GPUs? (which are still supported by the main driver, not the legacy one)14:44
joacimthinking about getting a whole 120-250GB drive just for windows14:45
jaegerI'm running a 500GB for everything, nice to only have one drive (with no platters) in the machine now14:49
jaegernot even an optical drive14:49
joacimHad a 500GB partition for my games, but I kinda ran out of space.14:50
jaegerI have ~18GB of games currently. I keep that pruned pretty regularly14:52
frinnstscrew you guys, im going home!14:56
joacimfuck off14:58
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: ncurses-ruby: new download URL15:46
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teK--ugh, the nettle update breaks e1717:13
cruxbot[core.git/3.0]: iproute2: update to 3.15.017:14
cruxbot[core.git/3.0]: tzdata: update to 2014e17:14
cruxbot[core.git/3.0]: which: new source URL17:14
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looopi couldn't install xfce4, had trouble with gudev, it couldn't download it, so i'm on e1819:11
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syncnhi guys, iv added a new path to /usr/sbin/envvars for the web user, restarted php, and print the path from the web user but the path i added is not there. is this the correct envvars file?19:47
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jaegerno idea what envvars is far but if you just want to set a path, look at /etc/profile (global) or ~/.bash_profile20:26
jaegerif it's php-specific rather than shell, try the php.ini file20:26
syncnjaeger: will do, thanks20:28
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looopi cant install gnutls20:41
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pedjajaeger: I don't thinks so, nvidia-uvm is loaded on demand.gt640, which I have, is an older device, and it works just fine, no spikes in temp or smth.22:16
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pedjajaeger: btw, ldconfig should create symlink automagically?but it doesn't, hence that line in the patched Pkgfile.22:21
pedjadarktable flies using opencl acc, which is cool :)22:22
joacimJust got a GTX 660. I think of it as brand new. :S22:28
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nrxtxjoacim: any plans using it with opencl? :D22:43
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jaegerpedja: gt640 is still 600 series, that's fairly new. I was thinking more along the lines of the 400s or even older like 200s23:24
jaegerjust want to make sure we don't break it, you know?23:24
pedjajaeger: wise, keep it safe :)23:26
joacimnrxtx: no not really =)23:27
pedjajaeger: I would suggest nvidia-uvm port, with just module and udev rules, but that would be extra work for something rarely used.I'll maintain my own port, fs task was just a suggestion :)23:30
jaegerI don't mind at all if it's useful, just want to maintain quality :)23:39
jaegerI will take a closer look at it tomorrow, busy with other things at the moment. Thank you for doing the research on it, very helpful23:39
pedjajaeger: just sharing, it is an OpenSourceWay[tm] after all, right :) ?23:52

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