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cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: unrar: 5.1.5 -> 5.1.600:01
cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: boehm-gc: 7.4.0 -> 7.4.200:01
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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: ncmpc: 0.21 -> 0.2200:09
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: p5-net-dns: 0.76 -> 0.7700:09
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: syslog-ng: 3.4.7 -> 3.4.800:09
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jaegerpedja: against what ports tree does your nvidia patch apply? It deletes a patch that doesn't exist00:36
prologicpedja, the recent ports I have inc ontrib pretty much do this now00:38
prologicexcept the bash completions :)00:38
prologicI'll add that00:38
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BitPuffinoi maties08:40
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nrxtxhi Romster08:43
Romsterhi nrxtx08:55
nrxtxYou might have a look at for comparison08:55
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pedjajaeger: sorry about that, opt tree on my system is unclean, for some reason.resyncing it now.10:02
pedjanow is all good10:04
pedjajaeger: I can redo the patch, if you want?10:05
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abyxcosDamnit, half of my icons went away. Why is that even a thing.13:53
abyxcosWhat's the recomended icon-set to install for xfce?13:53
fbtThey left because you treat them badly.13:53
abyxcosI just had them though before I rebooted. Unless kernel version, gcc, or firefox effects icons, they shoulda stayed :P13:55
abyxcosAlso, dhcpd takes 200-300% of my boot time right now. Any way to optimize that?13:56
abyxcosAlso, running rxvt after xfce loads causes it to go all pink, I have to xrdb ~/.Xresources manually. Even having both a ~/.Xresources and a ~/.Xdefaults file doesn't seem to fix that.13:58
fbtDoes CRUX's rc do parralel boot?13:59
abyxcosNot by default.14:00
abyxcosAnd I don't think rc files have the concept of dependencies.14:00
fbtLaunching dhcpd in background would help14:00
abyxcosI could just fork dhcpcd, but not sure what that would do to all the net services starting behind it.14:00
fbtAFAIR it was pretty easy to do last I saw CRUX14:01
fbtOr you could do what I did and write your own service manager with dependencies!14:01
abyxcosAlso, what's the difference between dhcpcd and dhclient from a user perspective?14:01
abyxcosOr I could just use openrc.14:01
fbtFrom a user perspective? None I guess14:01
fbtI use a combination of these: and sinit from suckless.14:02
fbtBut you don't really need to change your init to do what you want.14:02
fbtBut then someone probably has a set of openrc scripts for CRUX14:04
abyxcosI assume ntpd will be able to figure out what to do if it starts without a network.14:04
fbtWhile you will have to fix mine to work woth crux14:04
fbtntpd does well if started without network, yes14:04
abyxcosHrm, wonder if it's trying to do ipv6.14:06
abyxcosGonna have to play with this a bit.14:06
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abyxcosI'm highly curious about the pink rxvt though. Not sure why xfce doesn't source my .X* files.14:16
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tilmanabyxcos: on some weird environments, i have to manually run xrdb in my ~/.xinitrc14:16
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tilmanabyxcos: to avoid the pink terminal =)14:17
abyxcostilman: What do you qualify as weird?14:18
abyxcosAlso, did anyone ever get lxde-qt ported?14:18
tilmandon't remember specifics14:18
abyxcosWell, pfft.14:19
abyxcosThis actually happens to me on gentoo with xfce, but not with openbox. Probably just xfce broken.14:19
nrxtxnormally it depends how x startup is done14:25
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abyxcosWell, I've just been running startxfce4, maybe their script is broken.14:27
nrxtxin .xinitrc?14:30
abyxcosNah, manually.14:31
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nrxtxabyxcos: you can try adding "exec startxfce4" to ~/.xinitrc and use startx to run it, at least it avoided graphical glitches with rxvt with other window managers14:34
abyxcosOk. I'll give that a shot at some point.14:40
jaegerpedja: no need, the rest of it applies fine, I just wondered14:49
nwedoes someone using networkmanager here? and know a good applet for it ? or have get nm-applet to work?14:49
jaegernot I14:50
nweare you using init-script for all your wifi-settings?14:53
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: remove redundant .html from homepage14:53
abyxcosnwe: I just run dhcpcd in rc. Don't have wifi though. Prefer to just use wpa_supplicant from the command line last I had to use wifi.14:55
jaegerdhcpcd has a hook for wpa_supplicant, too, so you don't even really need to call it manually for simple configs14:57
abyxcosHow do you recompile/reinstall a port?14:58
abyxcosCan prt-get do that, or just pkgmk?14:59
nwe abyxcos you can use prt-get update -fr port14:59
nwejaeger: right know I have alot of wpa_passphrase configuration in /etc/wpa-config for all network I need..15:01
abyxcosI think you can pass those manually on the command line for one-shot things.15:05
nweright now I using wifi-script in rc.d/ and when I need to change network I change row in the script and restart15:06
abyxcosHow do I get qemu to use alsa? It managed to compile oss support but no alsa :P15:08
abyxcosOr will it automatically do that?15:08
Romsterabyxcos, SERVICES=() array is left to right order list net before ntpd and you'll be fine15:09
abyxcosRomster: Was gonna fork the dhcpcd call, so ntpd will start before that finishes.15:10
Romstermay as well grab runit or sinit or use some other init.15:11
Romstercan't wait 2 seconds?15:11
abyxcosRomster: It's taking ~4-6 seconds, 2-3x longer than boot.15:11
jaegernwe: yes, you still have to configure wpa_supplicant. dhcpcd just runs it for you15:12
nweRomster:  A question.. I have installed terminator but I still get about python-vte bindings.. I have both vte and pygtk installed15:12
Romsternwe, i never finished updating that15:12
abyxcosRomster: I've had dhcpcd start up in under 2 seconds, so I'm curious why it's taking so long. Plus, I want 2 second boots, 4s into a desktop.15:14
Romsteri should of done that but in among other stuff15:16
Romsterabyxcos, how often do you reboot your machine anyways.15:17
abyxcosRomster: Until I get this pci passthrough junk working, more often than I should.15:17
nweRomster: I rebuild vte package with --enable-python15:18
nweand now it works15:18
Romsterpci passthrough with?15:20
abyxcosRomster: Passing a few devices into a VM.15:20
Romsternwe, ah maybe need to either have vte enable python or have a vte-python port15:20
Romsterah VM use.15:21
Romsteryeah thats fun15:21
abyxcosRomster: vga devices are still kinda quirky.15:21
nweRomster: I vote to add --enable-python in the vte package :)15:21
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: testdisk: 6.13 -> 6.1415:25
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: ddrescue: 1.17 -> 1.18.115:25
Romsternwe, have to thin how many ports depend on vte and who has python on there system15:26
Romsterbut your probably right since xorg pulls in python15:26
Romsteri'm in the process of pruning stuff i don't need anymore. so a heads up to clone stuff before i remove it.15:27
Romsterbut i can always get it out of git if need be.15:27
Romsterjsut too many ports i have in romster15:27
horrorStruckRomster: libdvdnav, libwebp, libxvid need a version bump. using latest versions here without issue. thanks15:59
horrorStruckteK--: rtorrent 0.9.4 and libtorrent 0.13.4 are now considered latest stable versions16:01
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cruxbot[core.git/3.0]: traceroute: updated to 2.0.2016:18
pidsleywhat port contains stubs-32.h?16:19
frinnstprt-get fsearch stubs-32.h16:20
pidsleythank you16:21
pidsleyboth ;)16:21
abyxcosIs jaeger running a bot to respond to chat prt-get commands?16:24
abyxcosOr does he just memorize header files?16:24
jaegerI spent a LOT of time building the multilib toolchain16:24
abyxcosAhh. I'm sorry.16:24
cruxbot[compat-32.git/3.0]: llvm-32: updated to version 3.4.116:33
jaegerno worries16:33
abyxcosI mean sorry for your pain.16:34
jaegerIt was useful and informative. :)16:35
abyxcosSo is scooping eyeballs out. Once.16:35
abyxcosI hate toolchains.16:37
jaegerThey can certainly be a pain16:38
abyxcosThe linux one is particuarlly annoying, too much magic involved.16:38
abyxcosAlso, I dislike gcc.16:39
cruxbot[core.git/3.0]: kmod: update to 1816:43
cruxbot[core.git/3.0]: dhcpcd: update to 6.4.016:43
cruxbot[core.git/3.0]: man-pages: update to 3.6916:43
Romsterlol abyxcos17:06
SiFuhScooping eyeballs is useful and informative?17:23
Romsterabyxcos, we have clang but not everything likes that.17:24
RomsterhorrorStruck, later. getting ready to retire to bed.17:25
abyxcosRomster: I do embedded work; as far as I know clang isn't used for that (yet.) Seems like most microcontrollers have standardized on gcc.17:29
abyxcosRomster: So I run into gcc twice as much as recommended :P17:29
SiFuhMy wife doesn't understand why I laughed17:31
jaegeris she in favor of eyeball scooping? :)17:32
SiFuhI don't think so. When I explained what it means she went "Ewwwwww"17:33
abyxcosMuch like setting up (multilib) toolchains; no one actually wants to do it, yet some people insist on doing it every now and then just to check.17:41
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horrorStruckRomster: np, that's for others more than for me :)18:04
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abyxcosSo, I got distracted, but adding 'exec startxfce4' to .xinitrc doesn't fix my pink terminals, and I still haven't found my icons.19:54
jaegerno idea on the pink terminals but have you installed an icon theme? might also want to run something like "for D in /usr/share/icons/*; do sudo gtk-update-icon-cache ${D}; done19:56
abyxcosI have xfce and xfce-dark. What are the cool kids using these days?19:58
jaegerare those themes or icon themes?19:58
jaegerno idea here, I'm not an xfce user19:58
abyxcosUnless someone misfiled gtk themes into /usr/share/icons, then they're likely icon themees.19:59
abyxcos(I won't discount someone buggering up though.)19:59
jaegerlooks like elementary-xfce-icon-theme is in the xfce repo20:00
abyxcosAye, I believe that's the one I'm using. I had icons before, they just disapeared after a reboot. Probably corelated with not reading post-install on an update.20:00
jaegerah, ok. I missed that part. Weird.20:00
abyxcosYea, that's why I was confused. I had icons at one point :P20:02
joacimlibrsvg is usually the cause20:02
jaegerIf you run startxfce yourself and log it are there any errors?20:02
jaegeryou could also try updating gdk-pixbuf's cache (which is what librsvg's post-install does if I remember right)20:03
abyxcosNo popups, but some spam regarding the pink.20:03
jaegerI meant on the console, actually, should have clarified20:03
abyxcosHow do you update gdk-pixbuf?20:03
abyxcosYea, tty spits out some errors about bad colors.20:03
abyxcosBut a manual xrdb ~/.Xresources will clear that up.20:04
jaegergdk-pixbuf-query-loaders --update-cache20:04
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pedjaabyxcos: rxvt runs fine here, no pink :) (xfce)20:41
pedjaabyxcos: try this
pedjasolarized theme, I use it with xfce4-terminal20:43
abyxcospedja: I'm using the stock solarized. I suspect it has issues with their use of #defines to set up the colors. But after xfce starts, manually merging ~/.Xresources fixes it.20:44
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