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q5sysjue: jaeger: frinnst: sorry for the highlight but wanted to leave you (specifically a message). I'm one of the Producers of the Linux Action Show, and I'd like to talk to one of you about having one (or all) of you come on the show to talk about Crux and where you guys want to go in the future with Crux.02:12
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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: inkscape: fix build errors02:41
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.0]: nvidia: added uvm kernel module and udev rules, opencl lib symlink (thanks pedja)04:09
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frinnstfuuuuuuuuu microsoft today14:59
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tornainbowyou want to tell us about it?15:08
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teK--s/today/every day/15:13
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joacimLike seriously. What happened.15:34
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tornainbowOP DELIVER15:37
frinnstfirst office365 - an account just stopped working pretty much15:41
frinnstimap and smtp no longer working15:41
frinnstthe mailaccount is used for a customers ticket system, so its *pretty* important. filed a ticked with microsoft. got a typical indian support response: your imap client sucks, use outlook15:42
frinnstreproduced it with their beloved outlook and i've been waiting since friday for a fucking response15:42
joacimI remember having to call their support once to reactivate my retail windows xp15:43
frinnstalso, when filing the ticked I wrote a fucking novel describing it. Hitting submit: "Error"15:43
joacimthe phone call was so expensive it was about the same as a brand new oem license15:43
frinnsthad to restart from scratch. How can they fuck up such a simple thing?15:43
frinnstthen on the afternoon we get exchange troubles on another customer. exchange forefront protection thinks important mail is spam15:44
frinnstone would think that would be easy, no? Open the interface, navigate to the flagged mail and press "release"? nooooooooo, only quarrantined items may be released15:45
frinnstand spam are filed under "incidents" - not quarantine15:45
frinnstso you are fucked. had to ring our clients customer and beg them to resend it15:46
frinnstany germans online?15:50
frinnstsilly question i guess :)15:51
tilmanfrinnst: när spelar sverige?16:16
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frinnstyou are soooooooo funny17:25
frinnst(fuck you)17:25
Rotwangwhy so impolite? :C17:55
tilmani do not know!18:27
tilmani am soooo puzzled18:28
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frinnstyes whyyyy19:23
frinnstw e  a r e  n o t  p l a y i ng19:23
frinnstyou insensitive clods19:23
Rotwangplaying what?19:25
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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: libtorrent: 0.13.3 -> 0.13.419:45
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: rtorrent: 0.9.3 -> 0.9.419:45
teK--thanks for the hint ---^19:45
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.0]: syslog-ng: adjust footprint19:47
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tilmanfrinnst: competition was tough20:04
tilmanfrinnst: i heard football giants such as iran are competing in brazil20:05
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Rotwangso there is this world cup, I've totally forgot about it20:15
nrxtxwrc is more interesting ;)20:15
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tilmanRotwang: so did the swedes :D20:58
tilmani'm done now20:58
nrxtxhell i didn't know i had so many warnings of prtverify in my repo :D20:58
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nrxtxprologic: do you still have "meld" in your repo?21:41
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nrxtxcrawling through all the around 5000 ports is funny :D21:46
nrxtxyou find stuff you never thought off...21:47
abyxcosAnyone know if someone ever put together a lxde-qt port?21:59
abyxcosSomeone was looking into it, then I got distracted.21:59
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joe9anyone using network bonding? Would you mind sharing your network up/down script, please?22:46
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